Author's Note: Chapters 1 - 4 are not in the usual format i write in when i plan out scenes for video games, as such from Chapter 5 it'll be in the format i'm used to. with that said i may sometime rewrite Chapters 1 - 4 expanding on them however for the time being they serve their purpose of setting things up ready for the main plot which begins at Chapter 5. (if these were an anime the current Chapters 1-4 would be more of the first/second episode)

Volume 1: Lover's Reunion

Chapter 1-a: Yearning Heart Fate Side

Fate collapsed onto her bed and placed Bardiche on the bedside table

"Sir! Is everything alright"
"Yes...Bardiche" Fate replied pausing in between
"The 1.02 second pause in your reply suggests otherwise"
"I'm sorry, I'm just tired"
"Very well sir"

Bardiche's glow began to die down indicating that he was going to sleep while Fate rolled over facing the wall and took a photo out of the pillow case. The photo was of her and Nanoha, Nanoha was hugging Fate's arm resting her head on Fate's shoulder. Fate gripped the clothes on her chest tightly, her nails digging into the fabric.

"Why, why I am so cruel" she sobbed referring to her namesake. The photo was a year old having been taken the last time Fate had seen Nanoha face to face. Because of her current rank in the Time Space Administration Bureau she rarely had time to return to Mid-Childa. The very few times she did however Nanoha wasn't around.

Fate untied the ribbons holding her hair and brought them to her face sniffing them, Nanoha's lingering scent remained in them however it was not as potent as it was a year ago. As she let herself become lost in the trace aroma Fate remembered the Paradox Hourglass.

It had been 4 years since the JS Incident; strange anomalies were appearing everywhere and were growing more intense. The TSAB learned that these anomalies called "Paradoxes" were naturally occurring however their appearance rate and severity were increasing. Fate and Nanoha had been tasked to discover the cause of this and in the process they discovered the location of a Lost Logia known as the Paradox Hourglass, a device in which sand flowed from the top and bottom into the centre and twisted like a double helix.

The device was created by a civilization which had mastered inter-dimensional travel, they discovered that constant travel gave birth to more Paradoxes, the device was created to absorb all Paradoxes created though inter-dimensional travel and use them as a form of energy which powered the device, the problem was however that inter-dimensional travel during the time of the civilization that created the Hourglass was far greater than the current era.

In the course of their investigation Fate and Nanoha learned of a terrorist group had wanted to topple the TSAB. By tampering with the energy flow of the Paradox Hourglass it would seem that the TSAB was responsible for the increasing Paradoxes, after removing the TSAB they would them harness the power Paradoxes had to create a new form on magic and fill the void left by the TSAB.

When Fate and Nanoha discovered this they were attacked while trying to fix the hourglass. After a long gruelling fight the terrorists were stopped, arrested and the TSAB took control of the hourglass, monitoring it to ensure that their actions didn't strain it. As the result of the mission both Fate and Nanoha was given promotions, however as always Nanoha refused hers to remain as an instructor.

Fate on the other hand would have gladly accepted the promotion however this time there was one issue holding her back, Nanoha, or more precisely her feelings for Nanoha. Since the two first met a children fighting one another for the Jewel Seeds Fate began to develop feeling for Nanoha and as they grew up together those feeling grew.

Whenever she was given a mission which meant leaving Nanoha for quite some time she began to feel as if daggers was stabbing into her heart, that feeling would soon be gone the moment she returned. Her next promotion would however see her separated from Nanoha and she won't have the freedom to see her again until Fate was able to become a Mobile Enforcer, which would be quite some time away. Becoming a Mobile Enforcer was Fate's dream cause then she could act more freely and do more good and this promotion was the first step in that path, but if she refused, it may be years before the opportunity could come by again.

3 nights after the promotion was suggested to Fate she went to see Nanoha, she resolved to confess her feelings hoping that by doing so she may be able to discover if she wanted to take the promotion or not. Fate had arrived at the former Section 6 H.Q which Hayate had repaired and to be used as a training facility for Nanoha, since it also doubled as living quarters Fate, Nanoha and Vivio were living here together aswell.

Fate moved though the building looking for Nanoha only to find her at the jetty out the back; Nanoha had her shoes off and was gently splashing the water with her toes. Fate slowly approached Nanoha as to not disturb her but Nanoha felt Fate's presence.

"Oh, Feito-chan, good evening"

Fate's heart jumped hearing Nanoha call her Feito, a name only Nanoha used for Fate. Vivio too would copy Nanoha by calling Fate Feito-mama which Fate couldn't help but love.

Nanoha patted a spot next to her "come on, sit down"

Fate took of her shoes and sat next to Nanoha and mimed Nanoha's splashing, the sea breeze caressed the wet portions of her legs. The longer she sat there the faster her heart raced. There had been many times that she had wanted to confess to Nanoha but her nerves got in the way, the fear that by revealing her feelings it may destroy the friendship they have. Fate stole herself as she took a deep breath

"You do this often" she asked; in her mind she was beating herself for once again not doing what she had committed in doing.

Nanoha nodded "yeh, it's quite relaxing, Vivio joins me on occasion but she has homework to do, staring at this gentle sea make me remember these peaceful times and how it would be great if everything just remained as they are, and not just places or events, but people too"

Fate felt something suddenly crush her chest; Nanoha had just said she wanted people to remain as they were. The words echoed in Fate's head intensifying the pain in her, had Nanoha just said that she had wanted to remain as just friends? Fate frantically tried to think of different meanings to her words.

In the corner of Fate's eyes she saw Nanoha lean towards her "however, then nothing will progress"

As Fate went to face Nanoha to ask what she meant, Nanoha's face dominated Fate's field of vision and something soft and warm was pressed against her lips. it was Nanoha's lips, Nanoha was kissing her, the woman who befriended her many years ago who Fate fell in love with, the woman who Fate wanted to confess her true feeling for but was scared of the worst case scenario, was kissing her, not just a small peck or an accidental kiss when going for her cheek but an actual passionate kiss.

As Nanoha leaned away she saw that Fate was in a state of shock, to Fate this was not how she had anticipated things to happen, however Nanoha read her face differently.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't...excuse me" Nanoha stuttered. She quickly stood up and picked up her shoes to leave. Coming over her initial shock Fate reached out and grabbed Nanoha's arm.

"Wait Nanoha"
"I'm sorry, I did something selfish and didn't take into consideration how you felt"

Nanoha tried to pull away but Fate pulled her back into her and held her in her arms before kissing her, Nanoha's eyes began to close as they continued to kiss.

As they broke their kiss Fate gazed into Nanoha's slowly opening eyes "Nanoha, I came tonight to tell you that I love you"
"So it wasn't just me"
"Apparently not" Fate giggled. However it was a hollow empty giggle as the moment she stopped Nanoha saw tears begin to well up in Fate's eyes.

"Feito, what's wrong?"
"I wanted to confess to you tonight because I need to give my answer about my promotion in the morning, but now I can't decide now if I want to stay here by your side or take the promotion and work to become a Mobile Enforcer" Fate sobbed.

Nanoha knew Fate was stalling her decision and was planning on telling her tonight her own feelings towards Fate; however when Fate appeared at the jetty Nanoha pushed her plans ahead. She dreaded that Fate would accept the promotion and without knowing her feelings and end up finding someone while she was away. This scared Nanoha however it seemed her confession caused Fate to become confused in what she wanted to do.

"Nanoha, what should I do" Fate sobbed looking into Nanoha's eyes
Nanoha put her hand to Fate's cheek and using her thumb wipe away Fate's tears while caressing her "take the promotion Fate, weather it takes a few months for a few years, know that I'll be waiting for you to come back as a Mobile Enforcer" she said smiling gently "and anyway, it's not like you'll never get a break" she laughed.

The two of them began to kiss again, Fate now had her choice, Nanoha loved her in the same way she did and would be here for her waiting. The best thing Fate could do now was to become a Mobile Enforcer quickly and come back to her, but for now until morning she wanted to remain like this with Nanoha in their own little world.

"Nanoha-mama, Feito-mama, what are you doing"

Then came a sudden intruder into their world, Fate had to look around Nanoha to see Vivio standing behind her.

Nanoha turned her head "ahhh, Vivio, well you see"
"You two confessed?"
"Yes" Fate replied.

Vivio rushed up to them and hugged them "yay, we can finally be a real family now"
Fate let go of Nanoha and squatted down to be at the same level as Vivio, "I'm sorry but I'm probably going to be leaving sometime tomorrow and I don't know when I'll be back"
"But why, you love Nanoha-mama, if you leave you'll make her cry" Vivio sobbed obviously trying to guilt Fate in staying,
"But I would be sad if Fate gave up on her dreams for my sake" Nanoha squatted down as well and rubbed Vivio's head "we'll see Feito-mama again"

Fate turned to Nanoha "why don't you accept your promotion, sure your rank is lower than me but you've passed up promotions all this time their bound to bump you up to my level, that way the 3 of us can be together"

Nanoha shook her head "I have to stay and train the new forwards, if I don't they'll just do what I did, also it would be unfair on Vivio, you'll be stationed on a ship and Vivio has just started school"

Nanoha knew it wasn't what Fate wanted to hear but Fate fully understood the reasons; it affirmed her resolve to become a Mobile Enforcer sooner.

The next day Fate accepted her promotion and was given 12 hours to get her thing ready for transfer to the TSAB headquarters. After packing the time she had left was spent with Nanoha including getting Hayate to take a photo of them together. Nanoha saw Fate off at the station and before leaving handed Fate her ribbon.

The promotion Fate received was Ship Enforcer which was just an Enforcer who is stationed on-board a ship. Her goal was to become a Mobile Enforcer which would allow her to be the master of where she is stationed, so long as she registered with the local forces of her presence. This way they would know that she is in the area and where she was previously if she was in transit. This would allow her to always be with Nanoha while on standby.

Her current rank of World-Shift Enforcer, this which meant she had to be stationed on a ship but could be on call by any local force of any world within the vicinity of the ship's patrol. Her next promotion would be Mobile Enforcer but she had to have enough accolades and duty honours to get the promotion.

as the year dragged on Fate felt the days getting longer and longer, had it not have been for Bardiche reminding her to keep her concentration she would have lost her focus in the middle of battle many times.

Fate kissed Nanoha's face on the photograph "Nanoha, this separation is more than I can take, I just want to see you and hold you in my arms again", Fate wrapped her arms and legs around a body pillow and held the photo on the pillow with her forehead "I want to be able to feel your gentle touch upon me as I give you my body." Fate said to herself as her fingers sat between her breasts.
"That would make thing problematic if your moans wake Vivio"

Fate quickly let go of the pillow and sat up, standing at the door was Lindy Harlaown, Fate's adopted mother.
"H, ho, how long have you been standing there" Fate stuttered.
Lindy warped her arms around herself and began to twist her up and body back and forth "oh Nanoha my love, this separation is more than I can take, I want to be able to feel your touch as we press our hot naked bodies together" she laughed.
Fate began to furiously blush remembering what she said and hearing how her mother interpreted it "you shouldn't be eavesdropping on someone's private thoughts"
"True but you was saying them out load and your door was open"

Fate had just remembered, she had wandered into her room like a doll and forgot to close and lock her door so technically her mother wasn't in the wrong. Lindy entered the room sat down on the bed "it's ok, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be with a woman like how men and women are together"
"I was not saying that there was anything wrong and even if there was I wouldn't care" Fate replied.
"What's the matter then" Lindy asked, looking down at the photo Fate had.
"I miss her so much, and every night I have nightmares that she's hurt and I don't know about it and am unable to save her"

Lindy leaned over and put her land on Fate's shoulder "I know, you don't have to worry, Nanoha is the Ace of Aces; if anything happened to her we would hear about it. Hell, more than likely an entire army would be sent in retaliation and I would be demanding we take the front lines"

Lindy's words reassured Fate as there had been no news of the Ace of Aces being attacked. Still, the separation was crushing Fate and she couldn't help but wonder if Vivio's presence was just staving off the same thing for Nanoh. Even if Fate was away Nanoha had Vivio to raise and Vivio would do anything to make sure her mama wasn't sad.

"I had a feeling when I heard you were slow in accepting your promotion a year ago was because of someone, and when you finally was on board you worked long and hard to climb the ranks as if you was possessed. I knew you were trying to become a Mobile Enforcer so you could be with someone without the TSAB telling you where to be stationed" Lindy commented as she caressed her daughter's cheek. "And even now with this loneliness eating away at you, you still work your hardest; just keep at it and your efforts will be rewarded"

Lindy left Fate's room and closed the door allowing Fate some time to herself. The Ashinra's next patrol wouldn't take them anywhere near Mid-Childa which meant even if there was a call for an Enforcer there, Fate wouldn't be called in. Fate wasn't her own child like Chrono however she still saw Fate as her own daughter and her maternal instincts told her to do something.

Lindy disembarked from the Ashinra which was currently being resupplied ready for its next patrol. She made her way to Chrono's room but as she went to knock she noticed the door wasn't locked so she just walked in.

"Chrono, I wa..."
"Mother!? christ!" Chrono yelled as his fixed his coat closing it and got up out of the chair he was leaning back in.
"You...wasn't" Lindy shyly tried to ask.
"What? Oh dear god no", Chromo Saluted "Forgive me Admiral for not giving you the proper welcome, I was relaxing and was unaware you wanted to see me"

Lindy laughed, despite the fact he was an Admiral like her he always saw her as a superior "Chrono dear you don't have to be like that when it's a personal visit"
"Oh it is?" Chrono asked.
Lindy nodded "I want to talk to you about your sister"
Chrono slumped back into his chair "oh great, what has Melly done this time"
"No, your other sister"
"Oh no don't tell me Julia is in hospital again"
"Not on Amy's side of the family"

Lindy sighed "are you doing this on purpose"
"Just joking with you mother. But in all seriousness, is this about Fate spacing off in the middle of a mission?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, on the last patrol I saw her just standing there as if she was distant. Bardiche snapped her out of it but it's worrying when Fate of all people starts to space out"
"Well you see she's sick"

Chrono slammed his fit into the table as he sat up "don't tell me that bitch purposely designed some flaw in Fate" he said, his rage directed at the woman who perfected Project F to create Fate to be her slave.
"No, no, no, she's love sick"
"Love sick, as in missing some she's fallen for to the point of despair"
"Oh, who's the lucky man?"

Lindy scratched her head "Takamachi, Nanoha?"
"Nanoha's not a guy" Chrono laughed. His laughter subsided when he notice that Lindy didn't laugh. "Your serious, Fate's fallen in love with Nanoha?"
"Don't tell me you have a problem with it"
"No I don't, it's...well I knew they were close and Fate did agree to become Vivio's Godmother, but I didn't know it was developing in that direction...does Nanoha know"
"I would assume so, what I overheard Fate say to herself would suggest so"

Lindy took a seat opposite Chrono while leaned back in his chair once again smirking "I guess this sucks for you huh, oh all those suitors would have broken hearts"
"What are you talking about?"
"You forced me to marry Amy when I got her pregnant"
"Oh, and I suppose you thought you could just ditch her"
"No! I had all intention of marrying her after I found out. Thing is I found out she was pregnant from you and you said right after that 'you better take responsibility as a man and marry her now'. Honestly I'm really disappointed you saw me like that"
"I was more concerned that because she was the first girl you had been with and you always focused on work. Though I am glad that you two did have sex out of love and not as a stress relief from work"

Chrono got up and began to fix up some tea "can we get back onto Fate"
"Yes of cause. It seems like Fate is trying to become a Mobile Enforcer so she can have the freedom to be with Nanoha and to accomplish her own duties"
"And you came to me because?" Chrono asked as he set Lindy's cup on the table
Lindy thanked Chrono slightly nodding her head before took a sip "she's still got a long way to go and I'm worried that unless she is able to meet with Nanoha soon she'll lose too much focus and end up getting hurt or even killed"
Chrono sat back down and began to think "the Claudia's next patrol route does include Mid-Childa; I could have her reassigned to me and give her a break when we reach there"

Lindy shook her head "they've been separated for a year and the Ashinra has had been in Mid-Childa space a few times. I have given Fate leave to visit her friends but I'm assuming Nanoha has unfortunately not been available"
"What do you suggest?"
"Maybe there's something Fate has done which people have missed, some crowning achievement which could warrant enough of an honour to grant her her final promotion"

Chrono began to think. Fate's position had her change ships on a regular basis when their patrol ended and she had been on the Claudia a few times. He tried to think back to anything Fate had done, "would saving a few squads and a town while she was given official leave count"
"Of cause! Wait, she would have been given an honour for that"
"Not if it was embarrassing to the point where I and the entire squad had to swear to secrecy"
"What was it?"
"I tell you but I better be given protection, she'll kill me for this"
"She's that love sick I doubt it if it allows her to become promoted"

Chrono prepared himself knowing what he was about to say could seal his fate, "Ok. Well there was this one mission to clear out a monster nest I had sent a squad in to deal with. The planet however had these highly recommended natural hot springs, so I told Fate to take some leave and enjoy them since you know what she's like about her privacy. The squad got into some real trouble and even 2 more squads with me leading them wasn't enough. Then came Fate in with only a towel, she handle the hordes while we got the injured out and it wasn't just the original squad but the 2 extra I lead in. our attack however riled the nest and the monsters charged off at a nearby town. Fate went to head them off and held off the horde until we could set up a defensive perimeter and get the ship into position for an orbital strike. Had it not been for Fate's actions many brave men and women would have been killed, the monsters would have attacked the town and god knows how many would have died then"

Lindy scratched her head "that's the first I heard of it. Why would she not have it reported?"
"You remember I said Fate was in a towel. Well she heard the fighting and took off leaving her clothes behind to aid us but after it was all over...her towel came off"
"What did you do?"
"What do you think; I gave her my barrier jacket and helped her back to the hot spring to get her clothes"
Lindy nodded "ok, we'll need people to collaborate the evidence of her deeds. If you could rework the story to skip of what happened in the end then Fate should get her promotion...we just need to hope that Fate doesn't try and correct us"

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