"You can just put your stuff in the guest room." Edward walked down a short hall in front me, Fitzwilliam tucked into the crook of his arm.

"You have a guest room?" I walked slowly behind him, Fitzwilliam's' tail swooshed back and forth at me as if beckoning me to follow.

Edward held the door open for me and flipped a switch on the wall, the small room lit up and I grinned. Floor to ceiling shelves covered one entire wall, filled with comic books, records, novels, and an old encyclopedia set. Above the queen size bed hung a large painting of Harley Quinn, baseball bat slung over her shoulder and a mischievous grin on her made-up face. The wall opposite, at the foot of the bed, held an oversized black desk and hanging above it was a painting of Batman and the Joker. That would be a scary one to wake up to in the middle of the night.

The wall that held the closet door was painted grey and had several framed comics on display. It was official; Edward was my favorite kind of dork.

I dropped my bag on the bed and touched the bobble head Stormtrooper that was sitting on the desk.

"I think you've lured me into your secret nerd lair." I grinned when he stepped inside the room and put the kitten on the bed. Fitzwilliam looked us both over for a long unblinking moment before curling up in a ball on the blue comforter.

"And would that be so bad?"

"I suppose not."

Edward stepped closer, not close enough to touch, but close enough that I couldn't help but breath in a little deeper as the scent of his cologne wafted through the air. God he smelled amazing.

"How about a midnight snack and some Netflix." His long fingers pushed through the top of his hair.

"Netflix and chill?" I couldn't help myself, my eyebrows both ran up my forehead at the same time and I groaned.

"Whatever the lady wants."

And I didn't doubt that he meant it.


I just wanted her around all the time. Bella's laughter was infectious, she was smart and easy to talk to and she didn't judge my comic collection. The woman was cool as hell. She even started reading Spiderman comics on the side, how could I not want to be around her?

"Your pick." I handed over the remote and held my breath as she scrolled through the movie selection.

She looked at me from the corner of eye; a mischievous smile lifted one side of her mouth.

"Is this a test? Because this feels like a test."

I laughed, "Let's just see what you pick."

"Great, a test. I have test anxiety. I'm going to pick wrong. Look," she held up her empty hands, "Sweaty palms already."

She looked so sweet staring at me with those wide brown eyes; I grabbed her hands in my own, "Not sweaty. I think you're lying to me."

"Or maybe my plan worked."

The woman was going to kill me.

I pulled her into my lap and kissed her laughing mouth. Her fingers ran through my hair and tugged at the back of my neck.

"I like kissing you." Her voice was quiet, almost shy.

"Huh, funny, I feel the same way."