A gentle purr and tiny needles needing into my throat woke me the next morning. I felt the warmth of sunshine on my skin as it came softly through the curtained lined windows.

"Fitzwilliam, do you need breakfast?" A tiny mew filled the silence and I laughed. "Alright kitty, let's get our shit together and get some food."

I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings, startled for a minute before remembering where I was.

"But how did we get into bed, kitty?" Absent-mindedly I ran a finger over the kitten's soft fur at his cheek until he started chewing at the digit. "Alright, alright, food." I laughed.

Fitzwilliam wiggled in my arms as we made our way to the kitchen where Edward had left the little bag of cat food and dish. I scooped a handful of the dry bits into his bowl and set it on the floor and laughed when the cat immediately attacked the dish as if he hadn't' eaten a meal in a week.

"Silly cat, don't make yourself sick. I'm going to go brush my teeth and this rat nest hair, you just sit here and eat and don't make a mess."

On my way back down the hall I paused at Edward's room. The door was open enough that I could see the bare skin of his back and the very subtle movement from his soft sleepy breathing. One bare arm lay reached up toward the headboard, his hand disappearing under a pillow. His face was turned away from the door, but his hair was a mess in the best kind of way.

He was beautiful, I mused, as I stood stone still watching him sleep.