No trees grow upon the world of Tirfeyne. There are many tall bushes and a great variety of flowers, most of which can be found on Albion. Homes are built of stone and metal, not wood.

Fairies, Genies and Leprechauns dwell upon Tirfeyne. So do Pixies, Trolls and Gremlins – but they do not live in Avalon, for they have their own countries.

Orville Gold, Genie Historian of Avalon

My mum didn't even know she was pregnant when my father disappeared.

I didn't even know what a father was until I went to school for the first time. My mother never spoke of him, I don't even know his name.

It wasn't unusual though, it's been 10 years since the purge began, and still Avalon hasn't returned to normal.

I'm just one of the hundred orphaned fey. Almost every family has lost someone to the Pendragon family.

Uther Pendragon is the King of Camelot. A kingdom in the mortal realm.

His Godmother, Nimueh, is to blame for all our suffering. She was blinded by her godchild, she forgot the risks of such powerful magic.

My mother, Hunith, tells me I would do well to ignore Albion, humans are dangerous, baffling creatures.

When I first asked my mother why we weren't to go to Albion, and why humans were so dangerous, she froze; her indigo wings shivering like those of a frightened child.

Sighing dejectedly, she beckoned for me to sit by her, "Listen Merlin, and listen well. For I will only tell you once, my dear child. It isn't a tale for young ears, are you sure you wish to know?"

Nodding hesitantly, "Please, I wish to know," I whispered.

"Very well then," leaning back, she brushed her long dark blue hair away from her gleaming azure eyes, before beginning her story, "Once upon a time, humans and the fey walked side-by-side on Albion. Living in harmony, the fey promising to protect the children and granting wishes, and bearing gifts.

As you know these were the first godmothers and godfathers. Then, one day the human king Uther Pendragon and his wife, Ygraine, discovered they were unable to bear a child. Ygraine turned to her Godfather Gaius, my brother, and begged for his help. He tried everything, but found no remedy.

However, Uther turned to his own godmother Nimueh. She knew of a way, warning her godson of the dangers, she used her position as High Priestess to give the royal couple a child. Nine months later, Prince Arthur was born.

Yet, as the young prince took his first breath, the Queen took her last. Greif-stricken the King turned on Nimueh, but she cowardly ran. Leaving the King to take out his anger on the remaining fey.

He declared every Fey was to be executed for treason, and magic was to be outlawed. The Purge had begun and as the Fey were burning, the most powerful dedicated themselves to making a safe realm for the remaining Fey. They created Avalon and warded it from humans, using the last of their radia to protect us.

Unfortunately, not every fey made it…"

I was horrified, we had been told of cruelty of humans at school, but not why.

To this day I hate Uther Pendragon for reducing my mother to this (her radiant wings having stilled, but still dark with grief), taking my father, and stealing Albion away from us.