A force knocked Mina down onto the floor, knocking the wind out of her. She gasped for breath. Opening her eyes, she was surprised to find a very red-faced, panting Teague on top of her.

"Ah! Mina!" He scrambled to his feet, pulling her with him. "Sorry! Are you okay? I wasn't watching where I was going!" Mina nodded, still unable to catch her breath. Teague put his hands on her shoulders. "Have you seen Jared? He's missing!"

Mina looked at his face, still red for running all over the place, and saw the honest worry and concern in his eyes. Her own eyes widened. Since when...? However, she shook her head, and Teague was gone in a flash down the hall. Mina slowly followed him, trying to find out what exactly was going on. She had just regained her breath when one of the hall doors opened, and Jared came out. "Jared?" Mina asked. He turned. "Hey Mina!"

"Um, I think Teague is looking for you. He said something about you disappearing?" A puzzled look etched its way onto his face. He looked as puzzled as she did.


They were quiet as Teague's voice reached their ears. "If you come back I'll give you carrots!" Jared raised an eyebrow.

"TEAGUE! I FOUND JARED!" Mina shouted. They heard a loud bang and what sounded like a wild buffalo charging towards them.

Glancing in the room Jared had just come from, Mina saw a colorful ball on the floor. As Jared went into the hall to find Teague, Mina picked it up. "What's this?" It was a good sized green ball, the kind you could buy at the pet store for your pet to play in. Inside was a small hamster. What was a hamster doing in the Fae castle?

"Mina!" Teague's voice sounded from the hall. Mina went out, standing behind Jared. "Where is he?" He asked, with an expectant look and a happy smile on his face. He came around Jared to see her. Mina was baffled. "He's right in front of -" "JARED!" Teague shouted, grabbing the ball from Mina's hands. He quickly opened it and placed the animal in his palm, holding it up to his eye-level. "I missed you! Where were you?"

Mina and Jared's jaws were hanging a few inches from the floor.

Teague turned back to Mina. "Where was he?"

"Um... Teague… Why did you name your hamster after Jared?"

He looked confused for a split second, then shrugged. "I didn't name him. Ever did."

Mina's eyebrow twitched as Jared coughed loudly. Teague walked off down the hall, taking 'Jared' with him.

There was silence for a few moments between Mina and Jared. Finally Mina spoke.

"Well that was… odd."