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Weekday updates. Painful Angst. Gut-wrenching Heartache. Intoxicating, Happy, Never-Ending Love.

Summary- He once told me I stared at the sun too long. "You keep looking, Dimples, and you're gonna miss the one thing that rises and shines for you." He was right.


Chapter One: Prologue

"What's it like?"

"What is what like?"

"Knowing you crushed my heart into a hundred and one pieces?"

He's quiet. He just sits there, wrapping that stupid wildflower around his finger again and again.

I can't stand to look at him.

He knows I like wildflowers.

He knows how I love to smell them and braid them into my hair. He knows I've kept every single one he's ever given me.

He's smart about it too, 'cause he didn't pick the ugly ones. No, they're all purple and pretty, with fluttering ladybugs still on them.

Yeah, he knows.

I ignore the flowers 'cause just like his words they don't mean shit. He's always telling me empty stories, like I'm a baby that needs pacifying.


"It's like fallin', Dimples. It's like seeing the ground from way up high and knowing you still have a ways to go."

I scoff. "Doesn't seem that bad."

"It's not. Except when the person who pushed you is the same one who told you that you could fly, it's worse."