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This story was born from several factors, first was a general love of crossover, of having one group meet another group and seeing how things would change. The second was by annoyance that Starship trooper the granddaddy of Warhammer 40k, star craft and arguable halo has just been forgotten. There about 50 stories here counting crossover. Third was boredom brought on from needing a break from my current story. Final factor was reviewer on my other story who stoked the fires of this story. *Shakes fist at said reviewer* Darn you Lord Asmodeus.

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Terran Federation: Contact

East Federation Territory, Shanxi system, TFS FF-400 John D. Sloat April/7/2329 AD

Commodore Erica Chavez sat at her desk in the captain's cabin and watched the stars. She had been there for the last hour trying to decide on giving the go ahead to the "Mass Transporter" project, or in words that most people would understand, allow the scientist to mess with the big gun they had found at the edge of the system, after one of the defense ships in her squadron had decided to use a small moon for target practice. Sighing Erica considered what to do, she had sent a message to the nearest sky marshal but he was 4 weeks back and forth travel across the Guilder wave relays.

That had been three weeks ago so by rights she should wait at least one more week, but one of the scientists on her ship had done something stupid last week. He activated the device and when everything didn't blow up he sent a scout drone through.

Currently the aforementioned scientist was locked up in the brig, but she wasn't sure what to charge him with. The Federation didn't have any rules against messing with alien tech since the Skinnies pretty much stole all their techs and the bugs… were biological war machines. So keeping him locked up for general stupidity was not going to work and the stupidity had paid off.

The info from the drone sent back by Guilder Wave had been coming in bits and pieces for awhile now and if it was to be believed it had traveled over 100 light years in minutes without turning into a pile of melted dust, or into its atoms that had once been its components. That was over a four week journey for the Cherenkov drive. This meant the idiot had possibly found the greatest discovery of the century, something that could turn both the tides of the Bug and Skinnie wars. If of course there were more of these "Mass Transporters" Just floating out there.

Sitting back in her seat Erica sighed, brushed her short dark hair back and said "Sloat".

"Yes captain?" A green line appeared on a nearby computer screen indicating the she had the ship's A.I.'s attention.

"Send a message down to the brig to free the idiot scientist, and have him transferred to the Ragnar Lodbrok and inform her captain that she is to prepare to travel through the mass transporter. This means a skeleton crew and at least four weeks of supplies in case they cannot find a mass transporter for a quick way home."

"Yes captain". The A.I. said in a mechanical tone.

"Also send a message down to Brigadier General Williams and tell him we're going to be testing the device."

"Yes captain". The A.I. repeated in a mechanical tone.

"One more thing". Erica stated getting up and walking over to her bed and unbuttoning her grey coat.

"Yes captain". The A.I. agreed.

"I'm catching some sleep, unless we're under attack, keep the crew away". Erica said taking her jacket off and sitting down on her bed.

"Yes captain". The A.I. affirmed.

She pulled up her right pant leg past her knee and deactivated her prosthetic lower leg pulling it off. She then reached over to her left shoulder and did the same. She couldn't get a good night sleep with those things on her. They just felt like an anchor holding her in one place when she slept.

Laying down on her bed she closed her eyes.

TFS FF-400 John D. Sloat, Shanxi system, April/7/2329AD

Andrew Selvo yawned as he was led by several power suited troopers on to a waiting Slingshot drop boat. He had been roused from his sleep by his guard because his efforts to find out what the device at the edge of the system had paid off. With him now being the foremost "expert", he was going to be sent over to the ship being sent through it because… because if it went wrong he would pay the consequences as well as the crew of the ship he was on.

Yeah that part kind of sucked but was the standard operation procedure for the Federation. If you want to fuck with something new for manned craft, you better have all your notes on a computer somewhere. Because the first time it was tested, you're going to be on board.

Andrew yawned again as the boat was lifted off the ground by a crane and the docking bay sealed and depressurized. The boat was then maneuvered out though the bay doors and dropped into space. Looking out the window at the TFS FF-400 John D. Sloat, wishing that the commodore had been more willing to go explore and take her ship. The John D. Sloat was a frigate, laid out in the classical lines of a corvette class which was the most common class out there.

There were at least a 1000 of them under fleet command, and in service, ranging from frigates and transports, to fuel tenders and hospital ships. There were at least another 500 in mothball or under the control of private business' as well, because the corvette, and by extension the escort corvette classes were just the most reliable platforms to build a ship from. And the frigate version had some pretty big guns. At 550 meters, the grey almost cyclical ship sat in space orbiting the moon of Shanxi, her four engines glowing blue on their pylons and her radio tower standing tall overlooking her hull, with the eight high density laser cannons that sat upon it.

Sighing and wishing again for the comfort and protection of the frigate he looked out the window at the ship he was going to be traveling on now. There were in total nine ships in the Shanxi defense force. The frigate, being the command ship, was escorted by three destroyers. Also the standard grey, they were only 250 meters long and were more sleek and flat compared to the corvette class, with only a three engine pylon. But they carried four high density laser cannons on two turrets and eight high density laser turrets on the superstructure, making them almost as lethal as a frigate.

He would glad to be on one of them, but he could tell the slingshot was going to go right past them. The slingshot headed further back in line and the next ship was a corvette fuel tender and he was glad to pass her. The next two ships were the 250 meter escort corvettes and looked like a smaller variety of the corvette, one having the three engine pylon configuration the other having two pylon version, but both sported four high density lasers cannons. There was no real difference in performance supposedly, but he knew captains that swore the two engine configuration was more agile while the three had more power. Either way he would never get to find out if it was true as they passed them by heading to the last ship in the column…

"FUCK this."

The last ship in the column was a Cortez class scout cruiser a 150 meter long metal box with a big ass engine strapped to the back. Yes she was the fastest ship in the fleet. But her armament was four outdated high density laser turrets. That was enough to knock an asteroid off course but taking on a bug transport was way beyond the ship power.

Resigning himself to his fate, Andrew waited for the boat to land in the docking bay of the ship and let his guards lead him to the engine room. Obviously the captain just wanted to get underway, rather hear how the mass transporter worked.

TFS CS-298 Ragnar Lodbrok, Shanxi system, April/8/2329 AD

Captain Mike Bowman groaned as he read over his orders. It seemed to be a simple exploration mission, with additional help of a Space Gun to get there. Well great to hear, but he had been on missions into the Petelomaic Hegemony, every single first contact with even the most backwards and lost planets there had taught him that this was going to go fucking south fast. There were no friendly aliens, yes there were Skinnies in the Mobile Infantry but most remained for revenge against the bugs who had destroyed the leadership of the hegemony a thousand years ago, and cast their empire into the chaotic dark age they now enjoyed.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend, unless I can make them my slave", was the Skinnie way. Hell, the first "first contact" the Federation had ever had with another species ended with the TFS Reynold's crew blowing their own ship up to prevent the aliens from stealing it. They still didn't know who that race was or what the Federation did to piss them off because they never met them again. Leading theory was it was a race already near extinction due to the arachnid empire hunting them down but there was no proof. To him, that meant they were still out there waiting for the right moment.

Letting out a tired grumble, he stood and saw the ship carrying the so called scientist had just landed. "Lieutenant Maxwell take us out of formation and head for the anomaly please."

"Aye aye sir." In response to his order, the helmsman's hands moved to take control of the ship. He felt the engines come to life and the ship began the hopefully short, but not deadly, journey.

Mobile Infantry Barracks, Shanxi, April/8/2329AD

Sergeant Major Erich Hanna Wald lay in his cot, flipping a coin. "Heads." He muttered and it came up heads, "tails" and it came up tails. He had been at this for at least half an hour and every time he had called it right. He had come from a backwater colony that had been founded by a mining business, and had brought in German colonists to have a local work force, so he had never gone through the psychic testing most Earth brats did.

But inside, he knew, he was a psychic, the most rare and difficult to prove variant of all, a luck man. The official term was "probability control" but that just meant you were a lucky son of a bitch that could come back from hell if you were "Lucky". He had thought about telling his commander, but had decided against it since he would just end up behind a desk in Military Intelligence, unable to help his friends when they needed it. Though the "heads" he muttered had come up tails, he could be putting them at risk, if his luck failed him at the wrong moment.

General Office, Shanxi, April/8/2329AD

Brigadier General Alexander Williams picked up the latest report from the defense fleet, and muttered one or two unpleasant things about the commodore in orbit. He really was not a fan of messing with the big gun they had found. For many reasons, the most serious of them being it was a big ass gun and you only built a big ass gun if you needed to shoot something that was just as big.

He was afraid that they were attacking some ancient alien race with their experiments and they could easily figure out where the attack was coming from if they survive it. Another major one was that if they had a first contact as bad as the others, he didn't think his troopers would hold the planet long enough for help to get here. This little backwater was not near any major enemy staging ground so they got scraps of what could be spared, and most of the scraps were light infantry units and whatever kind of power suit units they managed to get out there were in short supply or at the end of their tour of duty to cash out their papers and settle down on this little backwater. He commanded a brigade, which to get to the point should be made up of sixty-four companies. In reality he only had about forty, none of which were at full strength. Thirty-one of them were light armor, eight more power suit, and the last company was a Marauders unit, his only heavy armor.

On paper he had about a division's worth of men with the necessary support units and infrastructure, which would total out to 16,715 soldiers. Meanwhile in reality he had no dedicated support units, and only around 4,379 troopers if he really scrounged, and somehow made them full companies. The only thing he did have on the paper was the infrastructure, and everyone knew that they wouldn't last in a dedicated siege thanks to orbital bombardment.

He would kill for some more troop types here. Preferably the power armor unit that had been deployed against the bugs, or at best a pathfinder team. Hell he would love some exo-suit units before he would mess with that damn gun. But that wasn't going to happen now. Sighing he reached for piece of paper and penned several orders. The first of which was to hire local construction companies to shore up and improve the defenses around the city and space port. The second was to prepare the civilian population for evacuation at a moment's notice and to stop and hold all trade ships until the crisis passed. Third was a note to be sent to all able bodied citizens to re-enlist for a period of three months. Thankfully he was most certainly not in short supply or retired soldiers and they each had some form of firearm and armor.

Finally a note to Jim Morris, the "owner" of the southern continent and representative of the Morita arms company on this planet, asking for him to pull his little private army and workers back to the safety of the mainland until this was over. He really didn't care that much about Jim's safety but he worked for the biggest weapon manufacture in the Federation, so Williams just assumed his private army would have some good weapons, a whole stockpile of firearms, and plenty of ammunition to supply all the new soldiers he was calling up, that could help if things got dire.

TFS CS-298 Ragnar Lodbrok, Shanxi system, April/8/2329AD

Captain Mike Bowman watched the front window as the Big Gun came into view, the hairs on back of his neck prickling at its sight. It looked like a giant fucking tuning fork, and he assumed the big glowing clitoris of energy in the center was its power source or something. He reached over and activated a screen to the engine room, "Alright so who's the man with the dumb plan?"

A middle age man with dark hair came into view, "That would be me sir, Andrew Selvo."

Sizing up the civilian for what he was, Mike continued, "Alright, so you think this thing is like a giant slingshot and will throw us a great distance?"

"Well no, I think it opens a corridor of space a ship can travel through at great speed." Andrew said. Blissfully simple.

"Alright, so do we just fly towards it or does it require extremely complicated math that will make even my resident navigator stroke?" Bowman asked.

"Oh god no! The Device needs to know the mass of the object it sends through... I wouldn't want to find out what happens to a ship that goes through without that step! It's thankfully simple, I'd imagine even a child could do it. If he could understand what mass is. The device seems to have been made with user friendliness in mind."

"Neither would I, how long until it's ready?" Mike asked, ready to get this mission over with.

A beeping sound could be heard from the screens speakers and the scientist looked off to the side. "It appears to have been ready the moment I activated it. Calculations are done, we can be on our way whenever you ready captain."

"Alright." Bowman sighed as he shut off the screen and looked at the helmsmen. "Lieutenant Maxwell, take us in."

Vanker, Unnamed system, 2657GS(April/8/2329AD)

Canus Albiraka of the Turian Hierarchy, commander of the Cruiser Vanker, groaned and stretched his back as they passed through yet another system on this endless patrol. It was a boring, thankless job he did for the Citadel, searching this empty region for trouble, but he was Turian, and it was a job that needed to be done so he didn't complain. Spirits knew he wished something would happen, nothing of real worry of course but maybe some fool pirates trying to branch out of the traverse or some trade ship that had an accident and needed help. Just something to break the monotony for a little while.

Sighing Canus asked his helmsmen. "Bolarius, what is the next point of interest on our patrol?"

Ulteia Bolarius looked up, "A system with the inactive relay, 314. It should only take a few moments captain."

Canus nodded, sighing as if heavily burdened, "Set course." Then sat back in his seat, bringing up his omni tool he had months ago finished even the most boring of paperwork he could, and now he and most of his bridge crew were busying themselves by a variety of means. He himself was trying to beat Sweet Destroyer Level 1337.

TFS CS-298 Ragnar Lodbrok, Unknown system, April/8/2329AD

Bowman stopped holding on to the sides of his chair with a death grip and released the breath he had held in for his life, "Fuck… That was interesting to say the least." He looked around at his bridge crew most of which seemed to be in same state of thanking their patron deity for a safe trip. "Alright boys and girls, someone tell me if my ship is still in once piece, where we are, how far that is from Federation space, and if there is another Space gun to shoot us back home."

"Captain." Lieutenant Gergo Kamilla said from her position to the left of him at sensors station. "We're about four weeks from where we started."

"Good we packed the right amount of supplies then. How about my ship?" He looked to the right.

"Ahh, le'see 'eer, everything's checking out. No injuries have been reported. Dare I say that Allah has not decided to smite us today. Maybe in a few minutes sir?." Lieutenant Ad Roffel said from his position.

"Well then ladies, gentlemen, we just made history. Faster than light travel at speeds that have never been attempted before and safely survived. This is going to change everything. Now the other question is …"

"Sir, I'm detecting a Space gun in system. It seems to be activated and in good working order. I also detect the probe sent through previously. Or what's left of it, I detect about two thirds of it smass left, seems the Device sheared off the rest of it when it didn't put in a high enough number. I wonder what would happen if we put in over our mass?" Kamilla said from her seat. "Should be a matter of simply retransmitting our mass to it and then going through. May I suggest we hurry before something investigates?"

"Today just gets better and better! Hey if we get out in one piece, drinks on me on Shanxi! Take us towards it and have the good scientist ready! With any luck we will be home for breakfast." Bowman smiled as he sat back and watched the Space Gun get bigger in the window. Everything was going great. And was everyone cheered out in joy at free drinks.

"Huh, I wonder what alien built this thing." Thomas Maxwell said from the helm, only to have Gergo's shoe hit him in the back of the head a moment later.

Mike overlooked it, even as Kamilla sneered, "Idiot, don't say things like that. That's just asking fate to screw us! If shit goes down I'll kill you harder than Rasputin."

"Sorry." Maxwell said from his seat and then an sounded.

"Lieutenant Kamilla, what is going on?" Mike nearly shouted in surprise, knowing he would hate the answer.

"Captain we have detected four ships entering the system via unknown means. One frigate sized ship at 500 meters and three destroyer sized ships at 236-37 meters." Kamilla said before giving Maxwell a death glare. "Ya vypotroshit' vam vam bestolkovyy cherv'!" She whispered in russian.

"Great, I doubt we'd be lucky enough to run into Skinnie's all the way out here, so we have a first contact situation… Get the space gun revved up and get us out of here! Ignore all hails and don't respond in any way, better to not piss them off." Captain Bowman said in a flurry of orders, hoping this was the correct actions.

Vanker, Relay 314 system, 2657GS(April/8/2329AD)

Commander Canus Albiraka yawned as they came out of FTL, as he relaxed comfortably in his chair, waiting for the scan to reveal nothing like normal. He had decided to nap in his chair for their time in FTL. Best to get his sleep while he could. The most dangerous enemy to an officer when doing monotonous work was a lack of sleep.

"What the… check it again… What do you mean you already did? Uh, sir, we have detected a small corvette length ship near the mass relay. The relay is also activated." The sensor operator Lieutenant Luius Mutimus reported.

"Oh good, helm- wait WHAT!?" Canus said sitting up. Starting to immediately wake up from his pleasant stupor

"I'm also picking up a transmission being sent to the relay, they're trying to go through it." Luius said

"Send out signal to tell them to halt immediately!" Canus barked to his communications officer, then turned to Luius. "Where is the ship from? What Race is stupid enough to try and break the law?"

Luius looked over his screen "Sir… the ship doesn't appear to be any known designs."

Canus got worried at that as this was either a private company trying to break the law… or this was a first contact. If this was the former then he was in the clear but if this was first contact….. Thinking it over, it dawned, the activated relay, the unknown design, the so far refusal to speak. It was most certainly a first contact, but his military mind decided to worry about that after he stopped them. He couldn't let the law be broken unchallenged. "Send two of the frigates in close to buzz that ship and block its escape. Once we have stopped them, we'll worry about the implications.

For all he knew these were undocumented explorers of their species, or pirates or worse, but they could also be registered explorers, or even a high level government ship carrying their most holy leader of their species, whose death would spark a genocidal war that would bring an end to all Citadel life!

Opening a relay on its own was not a crime if it was a first contact, however he needed to detain the ship and establish communication if he was to ever have a hope of explaining that they must stop all such activations until the diplomatic team arrived. He could get his ass grilled out if this went sideways and if it was determined to be his fault he may even face severe consequences and those who promoted him as well.

All of this and more went through his head as he speed through all the possibilities and problems that each and every single action he could take from now would affect him and the men under his command. He watched as his crew got to work sending orders and the frigates moved to block the ship's escape. Fidgeting nervously, he looked to his comms officer, "Are we receiving any messages of compliance? Or for that matter any transmissions at all?" He asked.

"No Sir. Not even a peep beyond the continual sending of their ship's mass. They look desperate to get out of here." The comms Turian said just before the frigates made a micro FTL jump and proceeded to drift close to front off the ship, "buzzing it" in Turian parlance, close in astronomical terms meant tens of thousands of kilometers. "Sir we're getting a variety of radiological signals from the ship!" As the first turian frigate pulled ahead of its target, both took the signals as a possibly hostile action and they proceeded to turn it themselves so that only the most narrow point of the shape faced the unknown, to lessen the chance of any broadside fire from the other hitting it. Prepared to fire back.

Canus was about to order the frigates to pull off when Luius spoke in alarm, "I'm picking up a power spike in what appears to be one of its Starboard turrets!"

"Direct to connect to Frigatespull-!" He didn't get to finish as the second frigate moved to buzz the small ship, closer by a few thousand kilometers, a crimson beams shot out from the turret along the ship hull. The bigger ship to its flank were damaged heavily by a single beam. He didn't know if surprise, a slip of the talons, or what caused it, but the Frigate Ignoble, its spinal cannon melted, and the pilot's compartment compromised, returned fire, what should have easily been reflected by a corvette of its size, the hypervelocity slugs of the frigate slammed straight into the unknown corvette, and he saw great blossoms of fire and armor plates ripped from its Starboard superstructure, including the rear engine nacelle of the corvette, starting to send the spaceship spiraling out of control in space towards the mass relay, "Frigate Ignoble! Frigate Causation! HOLD FIRE!" Canus finally screamed into his microphone

In retaliation, the corvette fired back with all its starboard armament, even with its uncontrolled spin, the accuracy of the turrets was to be commended, unknown to Canus it was the work of a nearly decade long battle hardened gunner. More of the Frigate was damaged, and was soon rendered inoperable, the beams not even activating the kinetic barriers. Leaving it a floating, burning wreck, escape pods ejecting from the Ignoble. "…Directed energy weapons…" Canus uttered in awe and fear.

TFS CS-298 Ragnar Lodbrok, Unknown system, April/8/2329AD

Captain Mike Bowman looked on in horror as the bigger ship was sliced up. "I thought you said there was only ONE coming toward us?!" He screamed, looking to Kamilla. He had sent a video message to the aliens to move away and to fire a laser over the first ship's aft as a warning, but the second had flown in front of the beam at the wrong time.

Kamilla looking on in equal terror, eyes wide as saucers, "They must of been flying right behind the other ship, in close formation. Don't even ask me how the fuck they managed to jump millions of kilometers in a few seconds!"

"Well fuck we're at war now, there's no way they would take a 'sorry we fucked up' after that. I want a damage report! Ready all weapons, we'll nuke our way out of here if we have to. And Helm stop making us spin like a fucking top. I'm getting sick through the inertial dampeners." Mike ordered, then his ship jerked underneath him, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"Sir we have hull breaches in every deck on the starboard side, and power failures in the engines. No belay that sir, we HAVE no engines." Ad said from his seat. "I've initiated the micro thrusters on our port side to arrest our spin, but that's all we can do. We are dead in the water for all intents and purposes. On the bright side we have no fatalities. Can't say the same for the other guy. We're detecting what has to be lifeboats."

"Do we have enough power to take them with us?" Mike asked.

Ad looked over his screen, "No Sir, all starboard turrets have lost all juice in their last salvo, and the port guns are... Well on the port side, the aliens would only need to stay on our starboard side and there's nothing we can do."

"Well hell… always knew I'd get fucked by exploration, give me ship wide." Mike reached over to the comms and spoke what everyone in the bridge feared. "We're dead in the water and our weaponry will not be sufficient with an unknown alien at the gates. I'm enacting the Reynold protocol. Everyone is to move to the escape shuttles. Do your best to make your way towards the mass driver! All pilots be forewarned, you are to input your mass of your ship to the device! Nuclear timer is 5 minutes! Good luck and godspeed you squids!"

Vanker, Relay 314 system, 2657GS(April/8/2329AD)

Canus Albiraka watched as the other frigate reacted, pulling away carefully in order to avoid impacting the lifepods jettisoning from the Ignoble. He watched as the alien ship was ejecting shuttle like craft and pods as well. Seeing the state of the unknown snapped the fear out of him; even though these aliens may have developed directed energy weapons, they seemed to have no defense against mass accelerators, or at least none that had protected them from the Ignoble's. Now knowing what must be done he snapped, "Tell the Causation to intercept those lifepods and to dock that corvette. We need to capture that ship and find out everything we can and rescue its crew."

"Sir several smaller vessels are launching from the ship and are headed for the relay." Luius reported. "They seem to also be docking with the spherical pods as they go."

"Set course for the relay, we'll intercept them. And please for the love of the ship's spirit, do not fire upon them, I want fighter teams to be deployed and to engage tractor beams." Canus ordered. His ship and the other frigates moving to do so. It took a few minutes to get to the relay but once they were there, there was nowhere for the escaping vessels to go. It had almost been trivially easy to outpace the smaller ships. Although as his helmsmen reported, they did have a certain spunk to their movements, moving gracefully and erratically to avoid any incoming fire as best as possible if it ever would come. Some of them headed back toward the damaged ship the others stopped in space and seemed to surrender to whatever fate his ship judged necessary.

"Sir, I'm picking up a lot of power that ship again. I'm also detecting one final escape sphere ejecting and moving top speed away from the ship." Luius reported.

Canus looked out the window, he knew what was to happen, and so did the Causation, "Tell our ship to back o-" He was cut off by a bright flash of light that enveloped the alien ship and the frigate moving desperately away. Seeing sunspots in his vision for a moment, Canus looked away until the light faded, and then at his tactical interface saw the corvette gone with no debris, and the Causation drifting in space, its heat sinks overloaded and life support barely functional.

"Sir, they appeared to have activated a self destruct device." Luius explained unnecessarily. "Emergency transponder from Causation, activating… Oh thank the spirits, only injuries."

"Spirits." Was all Canus could say.

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Fednet News Update


Right off the bat I have to address the universe in which these Starship Troopers (SST) elements come from. As you are no doubt aware there in the Book, the TV show and the film franchise including one videogame at least (Seriously you should go try it out, pulls off old style shooters well), and several board games and roleplaying games, but there is one more you may not be aware of the mongoose publishing SST universe (MPSSTU or MPU). The MPU used elements from the book, movie 1 and 2, the television show, and their own imagination to produce a miniature game, comics, and a Role-playing game that did very well in its first years. Then movie 3 came out and it died, I don't know if the events were related but the movie was not the best. Anyway in addition to the MPU I will be using elements from movie 4 as I feel that it has more in common with MPU then the film franchise.

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Beta reader Timed Raven's Author's notes:

Do NOT be intimidated by the extensive timeline below, it is NOT necessary for future reading, but will be useful for people who wish to know of the background story of the federation. Especially for people who have ONLY seen the movies. It is subdivided by subject, and not strictly in chronological order.


Russo-Anglo-American Alliance-Chinese Hegemony War

February 21, 2041 – The Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony go to war, touching off the Disorders. The combatants being the European Alliance (1970), Russian Union (formed 1946), and the North American Republic (formed 1959) on one side in the RAA Alliance. With the Chinese Hegemony(formed 1950) which had grown to control most of Southern Asia all the way to the Middle East. During the war no nuclear weapons, or weapons of mass destruction were used as both sides did not believe the war to have ever reached the stage where their use was considered necessary. But this war was not a pleasant affair, tens of millions died, more than any previous war, and lasted for over half a century .

November 1, 2125 to April 17, 2126 – The Revolt of the Scientists. The Intellectual elite in multiple nations attempt to seize control of the government in a non violent coup.

July 21, 2130 – The Treaty of New Delhi is signed. Its afterthought approach to the problem of prisoners of war enrages veterans worldwide. It has since been later amended multiple times.

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Rise of the Terran Federation

August 14, 2132 – The newly-formed Aberdeen militia agitates for Emergency Measures.

October 19, 2132 – The Aberdeen militia succeeds in overthrowing the gangs and criminals in Aberdeen, Scotland. Now celebrated as Federation Day.

December 26, 2132 – Declaring the Aberdeen militia a dangerous and unlawful vigilante force, the government of the European Alliance begins military action against the militia. Debate still ensues about the lawfulness of their decree.

April 19, 2133 – After several months under assault and riots by its own enraged population, the European Alliance ceases to exist as previously concealed splinters in the alliance form into rifts.

May 4, 2133 – The Federation hastily forms from the ashes of the old European Alliance. It is marked as a day of immense panic and worry world wide from both the people of Europe and the other nations across the globe.

August 30, 2134 – The RAA Alliance officially becomes part of the new Federation.

February 11, 2145 – The Pu Yi Massacre, a crackdown against democratization riots in Beijing, finally spurs the long politically and ethnically splintered population of the Chinese Hegemony to unite to rise up against their government. It is noted many parts of the military revolt, primarily being a conscript army fighting its own people.

June 7, 2146 – The government of the Chinese Hegemony is overthrown, bringing the last of the great powers beneath the umbrella of the Federation.

April 7, 2147 – In order to communicate effectively with its population, the Federation launches FedNet, a worldwide computer and broadcast network to disseminate information to the people. Anyone may use it to upload information and spread their voice, for good and ill.

January 1, 2150 – The Federation, with the introduction of sovereign franchise, renames itself the Terran Federation.

January 5, 2150 – The Federal Council announces ambitious plans to provide for the housing, health, education, safety, and freedom of all its people. After more than half a century of war, some regions even longer, many nations had remained war torn without even basic utilities.

March 11, 2169 – The Federal Council reconstitutes the space programs of the pre-Disorders Superpowers beneath the Federal Stellar Authority.

October 7, 2178 – The FSA launches the Galileo.

April 3, 2182 – Luna Base, the first Federation installation outside Earth, goes online. The world marvels as they see a bright light upon the moon.

November 20, 2190 – Olympus Base, the first Federation colony on Mars, goes online.

December 2, 2191 – FSA explorers discover primitive plant life on Europa.

October 1, 2193 – Federal scientist find an alien base hidden deep beneath the surface of Mars on the south polar region of Promethei Planum, but before they could begin delving it to it secrets the team becomes infected with a viral bio weapon. The act was committed by an extremist Scientology terrorist group that believed that the evidence there would harm their religion. Fear of the virus spreading spurs FSA into action and getting permission from the Federal counsel they are forced to nuke the facility several times, wiping out the virus and all technology in the underground base. Later scientists would ask if this was overkill, but the Federal Council released a statement to the effect that, "it values human life over a possible scientific advancement".

January 1, 2196 – The Jovian resource stations of Io and Europa simultaneously go online.

March 10, 2199 – A small Secessionists sect on Jupiter's moon of Io seize control of Io complex.

April 21, 2199 – Despite attempts to reach a peaceful solution, the secessionists overload the station's reactor core, destroying the station and killing nearly one million innocent colonists after the majority of the colonists attempt to force their way into the complex. Conspiracy theories posit the Federation actually destroyed the facility on purpose.

June 2, 2199 – In the wake of the Io incident, the Federal Council extends nationhood to all off world colonies in the new colonial charter.

January 1, 2200 – A young civilian named Jon Forrest is proven to be a psychic, the first documented, verifiable instance of a human with psionic abilities.

May 31, 2204 – The Special Services are established to monitor and govern the psychic resources of the Terran Federation.

March 4, 2216 – Pavel Cherenkov, an FSA scientist working at the Kazakhstan Space Facility, creates a revolutionary new engine that will allow a spaceship to travel faster than light. It is named the Cherenkov Drive. This is the culmination of decades of controversial research.

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The Colonization period

March 9, 2216 – With the Federation's psychic program increasing in strength, Special Services relationship with Military Intelligence is strengthened as these two agencies become largely integrated.

May 7, 2229 – Utilizing the new Cherenkov drive, the FSA dispatches the Magellan, a survey ship, to the Alpha Centauri system.

August 20, 2229 – The Magellan reaches the Alpha Centauri system.

July 17, 2238 – The new colony on Hesperus, the TF's first stellar colony, receives its first colonists. This opens up an era of Colonization.

May 14, 2240 – An alien vessel from an unknown race enters Alpha Centauri space and destroys the FSA Cruiser Sun Tzu before crippling and boarding the Corvette Reynolds. The crew of the Reynolds destroys their ship, bringing the alien vessel down with them. This marks humanity's first contact with an intelligent alien species.

December 20, 2240 – In the aftermath of the disaster at Hesperus, the Terran Federation rolls the Military Intelligence, the army, and the FSA into a single entity, thus creating the Strategically Integrated Coalition of Nations (SICON).

November 29, 2248 – The Mobile infantry is formed and at the forefront of this new military is the Cap Troopers, the most advanced solders ever produced. They are equipped with early power suits and Exosuit armor. They are deployed to clear planets of alien non sentient life forms for colonization.

October 13, 2287 – The TFS Ozymandius survey mission to the Beta Cygni system in the north of earth discovers evidence of intelligent life on a planet dubbed Scylla. However on closer inspection all traces of alien inhabitants appeared to have been swept away in one of the planet's numerous and violent storms.

September 3, 2300 – A spate of raids and attacks plague southern colonies. These raids have subsequently been attributed to the enigmatic race, colloquially and widely known as the Skinnies. But formally known as the Petolemaic Hegemony.

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The First Bug war

February 20, 2317 – Arachnids are discovered on Pluto and are initially thought to be an indigenous race that had been in hibernation beneath the surface of the planet.

February 28, 2317 – Cap Troopers are sent to Pluto to exterminate the hostile Arachnid presence.

December 7, 2319 – SICON announces that the extermination of the Arachnid threat on Pluto has been a success.

December 8, 2319 – The SICON observation post on Charon reports anomalous readings, seemingly departing Pluto in the wake of SICON's departure from the planet. These reports are met with widespread skepticism.

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Second Bug war

December 24, 2319 – The SICON observation post on Charon again reports anomalous readings, this time heading towards the heart of the Sol system. Fourteen hours later, before Charon's reports can reach Earth, Buenos Aires is destroyed by a mile wide meteor, killing over ten million people, and reducing the historic city to rubble.

January 21, 2320 – SICON Cap troopers return to Pluto to destroy the bugs that have reappeared there and investigate what's going on.

July 17, 2320 – Razak's Roughnecks, a Cap Trooper platoon, finds evidence of the Bugs not being native to Pluto, when they detect a Bug ship escaping the planetoid.

November 29, 2320 – Exploration of the space to the galactic west of Federation territory begins to find bug colonies on other planets and discover remnants of buildings from other civilizations. This leads to a belief that the bugs are a plague that is spread by civilizations that did not realize the threat and that the bugs have only recently developed space travel. The area of space that has a heavier bug population is declared a quarantine zone and prevents any colonization in the region in order to not provoke the bugs.

September 2, 2320 – The western edge of Skinnie Territory is discovered in the galactic southwest of Earth at Tophet, and after some brief and confused fighting, several Skinnie worlds are cleared of bug influence and infestation. In gratitude, colonists from the Federation and SICON forces are allowed to move in by the local population in return for future protection and chance at citizenship.

January 15, 2301 – The Skinnies, now known as the Petolemaic Hegemony are revealed to be the raiders that were attacking Earth colonies. The fate of those who had been taken from the Federation was revealed as well. They had been taken as slaves for blood sport, hard labor, and servants. Previously cohabiting planets faced tensions, but have recently been eliminated.

September 28, 2321 – The TFS Cortez returns from a deep space mission into the Quarantine Zone, though she had taken fire from bug plasma fire, she returned with the location of the Arachnid Homeworld, Klendathu.

December 5, 2321– In preparation for a strike on Klendathu, SICON develops a new type of Soldier to deal with bug numbers. The light infantry platoon. Not only can they field more soldiers than a standard power suit platoon by more than double the usual complement, but can be trained in half the time by skipping the extensive and thoroughly exhaustive powersuit training in favor of physical exercise to accommodate the troopers with their more primitive "Light armor". This results in tripling their manpower for the operation. Some military Theorist speculate the mass quantity approach for training and lighter armor will hinder soldier effectiveness.

February 6, 2322 – The Mobile Infantry launches an invasion of Klendathu and fails, partially because the majority of the Mobile Infantry units deployed are not up to power suit level of equipment that most field commanders are used to, having commanders misusing their new soldiers in actions they are not suited for or at a severe disadvantage in. But mostly because the Mobile Infantry have never dealt with what would later be called a level five bug colony. Many soldiers are left behind on Klendathu, most that are, are never rescued. The 2nd West Edge fleet is formed solely to attack bug planets in the quarantine zone, while the 1st West Edge Fleet would be used to protect earth and her colonies from bug aggression.

October 7, 2322 – The Gobicahn system on the border of the Quarantine Zone is attacked by a wave of bugs. Gobicahn being rather remote is left to the 18th Battalion "Mad Dogs", a light infantry unit. The reserve platoons of "White's Khans", a powersuits unit, are ordered to hold three planets by themselves. It takes 2 months for the 1st fleet to arrive and provide support for evacuation of the planets and a victory over the bug foe. It is the first major success over the bugs since Klendathu, though it comes at a cost as the Gobicahn colonies never fully recover and are eventually abandoned by the colonist themselves fearing another attack.

April 5, 2323 – The western edge of the Skinnie hegemony declare their independence from the rest of Hegemony, and the 3rd Southern Edge fleet is created to protect those worlds and attack the East Hegemony.

May 7, 2323 – The 4th fleet is assembled to map and explore the Northern frontier while the 5th is reorganized to map, explore, and safeguard the Federation on the eastern frontier.

July 8,2324 – after years of protecting them from the bug threat and now having to deal with the Eastern Hegemony, the Western edge Skinnie Hegemony is officially annexed into the federation. While done democratically by the populations on the planets, this decision is met with some resistance, as some skinnies and humans do not wish for their independence to be lost, but fear of becoming slaves of the Eastern Hegemony, or the arachnids again, keeps the peace. What military the skinnie planets had is folded into the Mobile Infantry.

September 20, 2325 – 7 planets in the galactic north west of Federation territory rise up in an event that would be called The Sprange Rebellion. Though there had been rebellions before, they had usually been put down quickly or only been across one planet by a minority. This Rebellion led by General Sprange, a veteran of Klendathu, was different, as his entire army, the garrisoning force upon the world's, went rogue with a majority of the planets. The reasons for the rebellion were many, from political ideology and religion, to taxes. But it was believed that it was Sprange himself who caused the rebellion, by not addressing the concerns of the people with the Federation Council. The 4th fleet moved to put down the rebellion and a bloody war that lasted three months broke out. It finally ended when pathfinder units killed off most of the command staff of the rebel army and when Kellerman's Kodiaks Exosuit Division wiped out forces stationed on four of the planets in Rebellion. The remaining forces either surrendered or fled out of Federation territory. Most of, if not all of the forces that escaped have been accounted for one way or another.

May 30, 2326 – An unknown race is seen using planets in the galactic north to attack the Arachnid Empire. After research into where they seem to be coming from, Federation Sky Marshal Keats personally leads a large contingent of the 4th fleet to investigate it. They find a battleship on the surface of the planet Venos VII. In curiosity he takes a sizable force down to the planet to meet the aliens. The aliens mistake this for an invasion and fight the troopers deployed to the planet. In the action that followed The Sky Marshal and his guards the Elite Guard Pathfinders, "Sacroix's Spears" are killed in the attack as well as most of the troopers. The fleet takes the survivors on board and begins to fire on the planet but the ship vanishes like it was never there. When the Military intelligence go over the reports they find three things of interest, one: the unknown aliens looked like human with black hair and blue skin, two: they had incredible psychic powers and were even able to deflect bullets and able to unleash nightmares from deep within a soldier's mind, manifesting into the real world, three: they were all women or had features that made them most likely women. This leads to the name, The Coven, when referring to them.

June 15, 2326 – A Coven force attacks and takes nine Federation colonies, with minimal loss of life on both sides. It was unknown why the Coven did not murder the human population at first, leading to one scientist formerly theorizing that the Coven had a male deficit and were coming to enslave the men of the Human race. While widely panned, the physical visual similarities could not be denied. It was not until a few weeks later a member of the military Intelligence connected the dots and noticed seven of the worlds were part of the Sprange rebellion and the other two were contested worlds during that time frame. Using the idea that both could be related as his working theory, he checked over the reports and found several soldiers and ships that were involved in the fighting reported seeing humans fighting alongside Coven forces. This led to the theory that either the aliens had somehow been involved, or possibly behind, the rebellion (an idea that was beloved by Fed Net conspiracy theorists everywhere), or that the aliens had allied themselves with the remnants of the rebellion.

October 10, 2326 – the first experimental Powered Armor defense system, known by the code name Marauder 10 or X, is field tested on Hesperus when the planet is invaded by bug forces once more. It is also the first field test of trying to control bugs to fight bugs, this ends badly with a queen the federation had genetically altered taking command of the Bug forces and nearly destroying the Mobile Infantry deployed there. Thankfully for the Marauder X program and the planet, a soldier code named Spooky armed with his power armor led a Light Infantry force to assassinate the bug leader and saves the planet. The armor is approved for full battlefield use soon thereafter.

January 3, 2327 – A cease Fire with Coven forces is achieved when a Coven ship bearing a message appears near Federation territory, in the message they reveal that they are an Expeditionary force from the other side of bug territory sent to open up another front with the bugs. It also reveals that their last leader believed humans to have been a lost tribe of their kind, and decided to help out a band of them they found beyond Federation borders take back their home from what they thought to be a foreign dictatorship. Upon examination and investigation, the leader stepped down and the new Coven commander called for peace.

January 8, 2327 – The bugs unleash a virus, Culath, that is spread by blood contact with firefry eggs which are often implanted underneath the skin of soldiers, this virus starts off by causing split personality disorder, then as it progresses begins to change the human physically into a hybrid of bug and man. It is contained and after some testing treatable, but many soldiers who were infected end up either dead or defecting to the bug leadership. Many of these hybrids become top lieutenants of Bug forces.

April 3, 2327 – The first brain bug is captured by former drill instructor Charles Zim attached to "Blackie's Blackguards" on planet P.

August 5, 2328 – Tarthis, a jungle planet, is taken from bug control after years of bloody jungle warfare. The final victory is credited to "Merrill's Marauders" who dove deep into the bug tunnels, destroying the queen. And to the Battle cruiser Erwin Rommel, who destroyed over half the planet's jungles in bombardment.

September 12, 2328 - The fourth planet of the Saddarka system in the galactic north east, a mining operation is attacked by an unknown alien force in massive ships and bearing large armies of mechs. The aliens savagely attack all humans on the planet until they are all killed. Investigation reveals that the planet is considered territory of an ancient race of short grey aliens with snake like tails that have been watching the humans for a long time. Their math skewed, says that humans would not last as a galactic power, but in their time they would cause the extinction of their race if they do not do something to stem their power. SICON names this race the Fourth. The Fourth takes the name and calls themselves, Fourth: The True Democracy, since every Fourth has access to almost all information gathered. Their military begins preparing to create an ironclad border to prevent Federation expansion into their territory, but one member of their race calling himself a Prophet of War rallies a small independent army and launches a campaign of terror on the north eastern colonies to stop their advance and push them back from the area now called the Fourth Expanse. Officially the Prophet is declared a heretic of the Fourth and all ties are "officially" cut.

April,7 2329 – Current Date, we live in interesting times.

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Space Travel

The main form of FTL is called the Cherenkov Drive, and relies on a form of magnetic phase shift that protects a vessel and insulates it from the mass-increasing effects of relativistic speeds in physical space. A ship in this shift cannot be harmed by debris unless it comes across something with more mass then the ship, as gravity is the only thing that can affect a ship in this state.

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Power generation

A starship requires hydrogen fuel as its main source of energy generation. While this is stored in large tanks that run along the armored underside of most vessels, a starship's primary means of fueling itself for any transit is the atomic scoop mounted to all ships that are expected to make voyages between stars (as opposed to intersystem ships that never leave the orbital rings of a given star). This induction device takes in stray elements in the form of gas, and fractures the atoms into hydrogen atoms. In this way, starships in motion generate some of their own required fuel, but this is not always possible.

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The Milky Way

The Federation use the Andromeda galaxy as the North Star for mapping and in all the Milky Way is thought to be 100,000 Ly in diameter.

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Ship Armor

Federation ships have armor designed to take a hit from a plasma bug using a steel alloy frame with 2 inch panels, above that there is a 4 inch panel of Ceramic armor running the length of the ship, layered on top of that is a coating designed to dispel the heat from plasma and laser based attacks. While sufficient against micrometeoroid and small meteors, large scale kinetic attacks like ramming have proven... Disastrous.

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