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She watched the ocean passing by several thousand feet below in the darkness. After everything that had happened she felt no grief in leaving Britain and Europe far behind, she had lost everything there. Her fiancé in and adopted parents in Britain and her blood family in Russia. That had been such a massive shock, she had never even suspected h Granger's weren't her biological parents. It was then that Ron and the others had turned their backs on her. Only he hadn't. He had stuck by her just like she had always stuck by him and their friendship had become so much more. Her Harry had been everything to her. He had been her rock, her love, her life. Even her family in Russia had approved of him. But now all of that was gone because of those stupid, inbred, backward wizards.

It had all started with the so-called final battle at Hogwarts. Harry had done it, he had fulfilled the prophecy and killed Riddle. It should have been all over then. But the Death Eaters kept fighting, somehow getting even nastier. She'd been dealing with three and hadn't seen the fourth but Harry had. Without a second thought he had thrown himself between her and the approaching curse. That was when the Boy-Who-Lived's luck against the killing curse ran out. She had caught his dead body, once vibrant emerald eyes empty and fixed and for the first time in her life gave into her heritage. By the time she had come back to herself all of the Death Eaters were dead and she was covered in their blood. After that she had fled the school grounds, not wanting to see the reactions from the surviving Order members and student. Her parents had welcomed her home with open arms and she had spent several years in their home, learning everything she should have if she hadn't been kidnapped as a baby and given to the Grangers. She had just started learning to feel happiness again with them when it had happened.

No one had noticed at first, even they could get killed in an accident after all. Immortal did not mean un-killable. But then an entire family had died in Spain and that had sent up major warning bells. But it had been too late. The only reason she had survived the massacre was because she had been in the muggle world at a shopping mall of all things. Thankfully she had been sitting down when she had felt her parents' deaths. She knew who was behind it too, the wizarding world had actually lowered themselves to work with muggles for once, a special breed of human called 'Hunters'. By the time she had been able to sneak into her home the castle had been empty of life. She had found her parents and their personal guard spread around the throne room, all dead. Everyone in the castle was dead. She was the only survivor of her entire species in Europe and she knew they had never spread to the Americas which was why she was on an airplane headed for New York. Hermione Granger would have stood her ground and fought against the injustice, Princess Hermione Vaclav wasn't. No she was cutting her losses and starting over somewhere with no Ministry.

Oh America had 'vampires', mongrels her tutors had called them. Barely more than beast ruled by their hungers they were looked down on by her people. But her people were gone and the American mongrels still existed. She had also learnt that it was possible for them to be altered into one of them. The process was apparently rather painful but it came with many advantages. It would also be a faster way of building a population than finding appropriate candidates to change herself. All she had to do was find some of them that were worth altering. She would re-create her race and this time they would not become so complacent. She would make sure their homes were far more guarded against humans. In fact no human would be able to enter without the permission of whoever was in charge of each home. Yes, she had learnt her lesson from the war and massacre. She may not have ever wished to rule but she would make sure she was a good Queen to her new people.