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Something Happens in My Heart

Written by the Infamous Goku's Daughter

Chapter One: Misery

"The sky has lost its color, the sun has turned gray, at least that's how it feels to me, whenever you're away."

            Goten sat down solemnly, waiting for his older brother to arrive. "What's taking him so long?" Goten whined and pouted as he lay back on the grass. "…And tomorrow's my birthday!" Goten almost sniffed in sadness as he stared up into the sky. For some reason it seemed sad to him. Soft colours swirled within each other in a gloomy dance as time suddenly froze in wait.

Now everything seemed so passive, so peaceful for once. There were no heed of fighting or threat. For once everyone can live in peace.

Two clouds passing by really startled him as he almost sat up. It reminded him so much of his parents. Although he didn't know much of his father, it just looked like him. As for the other one, it reminded him of his late mother. "Mom…if only you were here…" He could feel the tears burning his eyes, waiting to be released any time soon.

            He remembered of a time when everyone was genuinely happy. Although his father wasn't with them, he was content… his brother seemed content and even his mother. Unfortunately, things changed. Maybe it changed too quickly for this young man to handle as he felt everything breaking apart. Slowly, yet surely, something, or someone, was falling into pieces. 

            Goten continued to stare at the sky as the sun was setting. He spoke in his head, thinking his mother could hear him, "It wasn't fair you had to die when I was nine. It wasn't fair at all. Now Gohan and I are all alone…" In deeper thought, he finally allowed two transparent tears of sadness fall freely on his somewhat tanned yet pale face. "I miss you mom…" He sniffed once again as he wiped away the tears. It was a rare thing seeing Son Goten cry.

A large hand rested on his shoulder. "Hey Goten!"

            Goten didn't need to turn around to see who it was. "Hi Gohan," he responded dully. He languidly got up, standing beside his brother. Frowning, his mood had changed as he snapped at his brother, spitting out, "What took you so long? I've been waiting for two hours!"

            Gohan rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment and in guilt. "Well Goten, you see…"

            Goten pouted and rested his fists by his waist with a big scowl on his face. "Yes dearest brother, I'm waiting…"

            "You see…I was in this IMPORTANT meeting…"

            Goten tried not to grimace further when noticing the exaggerated 'important' in Gohan's phrase. "…And you FORGOT your one and only brother!"

            "I didn't forget…but I couldn't get out of it!"

            "So you neglected me!" It was very evident that Goten was very angry now. He was so indulged in his anger that he even ranted out, "If mom was still alive she would have made sure I was home and safe! She would have been here in time! But…" He stopped in mid-sentence when he realized what he said. He abruptly shut his mouth.

            Both males froze in uncomfortable wake.

            After a brief moment of silence, Goten was the fist to speak. "I'm so sorry Gohan." Goten's eyes became watery. He was honestly sorry.

            Gohan tried to smile, desperately tried. "It's okay squirt. I know how much you miss mom. I miss her too." Speaking in a guilty, yet genuinely apologetic voice he continued with, "I'm sorry I didn't come here in time." He also took notice of his constricted throat. Gohan then crouched a bit so he was eye level to Goten. "If I was like your father for many years, why can't I be like you mother?" Gohan paused and forced a smile. "You know I will take car of you. You know I love you, right?"

            Goten also tried to smile as he gave his brother a hug. When he was gripped-free, he saw his brother hold his fist out for their props. Goten smiled inwardly as he hit Gohan's down and braced himself for Gohan's punch in the arm, as he would also punch his brother at the same time. After this was executed he said, sounding kind of guilty, "Uh Gohan, the teacher was waiting for us for at least two hours. I think we should go inside."

            Gohan made a genuine smile and followed Goten's lead. Oh the joys of Parent's Night.


The teacher sat sourly at her desk with a large scowl planted on her face. She was long past their tardiness, and now bitching on them for something else.

"Do you know that your brother has been sleeping during class most of the time when I teach?"

Gohan and Goten both sweat dropped in response. Gohan managed to say out loud, "Err; I'm sure he's doing well though…"

The teacher glared at the naïve man as her forehead wrinkled up. "Oh, of course he is, but my biggest problem is the tardiness, the sleeping in my class and the lack of participation! I will not tolerate this!" It was hard not ignore the vein popping up from her forehead.

Goten looked at his brother's somewhat frightened face and tried to coax this lady down. "Uh, I'm really sorry, it's just that…"

"…Just what?" the teacher rudely spat.

"I get bored during class! I already know most of it anyways!" Living his life in a forest for most of his early years sure gave Goten some time to study—especially with Chichi around.

The teacher glared at Gohan once more as another vein popped on her forehead. "Well Mr. Son, do you have anything to say about Goten's performance, or should I call your mother or father?"

Both males stiffened at her sudden outburst. Goten was to argue but Gohan held him back. "That wouldn't be necessary."

The teacher raised a cocky eyebrow, as she threateningly reached the phone to tattle. "And why is that?" she challenged.

Gohan took in a big breath, "Because I'm the legal guardian for Goten."

The teacher face was still readable, but now confused.

Gohan straightened his tie as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "My parents…our parents are d-dead."

The teacher's features softened a bit in pity. "I'm so sorry."

Gohan shook his head. "It's okay; they were gone for a long time now. I've been raising Goten for quite some time."

The teacher began her inquiry. "Well doesn't Goten have a female touch around the house?"

Gohan looked up for a minute, "Well, I do live with my father's long time friend. She's like a second mother to me."

She didn't lose her gaze on him, "That's not what I meant"

Gohan thought about it, trying to ignore Goten's stare at the same time. His face turned red. "No, I'm single, and I'm not gay."

She smiled a bit, finding questioning diligently on Gohan's life was somewhat fun and amusing. "…and when are you planning to find this young lady?" She intended to know something about him. He just seemed interesting.

Gohan shrugged.

She broadened her smile. "How will you know when you find her?" It was evident that she was very curious of this man's life. Aren't all women curious?

Gohan sat back and relaxed a bit. He stared back at this old lady's eyes. It kind of reminded him of his own mother. It made it easier for him to open up to her. "Well, my mom said when she met my father, sparks were flying. Something like that is supposed to happen when I meet that girl. She also told me when I find the right girl I'll never be able to let her go, never want to see her hurt, never want to see her cry. She said she'd be my best friend." Gohan paused a bit as he frowned in sorrow, also feeling remorse and uneasy. "She often said 'love is friendship'. I only laughed at her then. Now I realized what she meant but it's was too late." The frown that he displayed was very heartbreaking.*

Goten stared at his brother with curiosity and interest. He had never seen his brother so open and un-secretive before.

Gohan's voice went softer as he almost choked on his words. He barely managed to speak loud enough for the teacher to hear. "I'll know when I'm in love…" He made a short paused and tensed up a bit.

"…When something happens in my heart…"




            It was almost noon as Son Goten woke up from his deep sleep and ran downstairs. "It's my birthday!" His speed increased as he eventually flew to the family room of the household. Ignoring Trunks best wishes and Bulma's wails of congratulations, Goten finally arrived to the table. Quickly, he went through the numerous scattered presents, searching for the letter. Before Chichi had died she had made four long letters to Goten so he would never forget her and learn more of Chichi and her father… Sadly, this was the fourth, the last. Letter four on his thirteenth birthday. Goten took in a deep breath as he safely found it.

He and his brother lived in Capsule Corp. with Bulma, Trunks and Vegeta since Chichi had died. He found living in this grand house that things could easily get 'misplaced'. Or maybe sometimes, Goten just never trusted Bulma with these sentimental things, like the letters she took care of for years.

            "Hey Goten, are you ready for cake? I'm starving!" Trunks asked happily. Why shouldn't he be…it was cake!

            Goten slowly slide the letter in his back pocket as he equally happily replied, "Yeah sure!" He didn't want Trunks to see the letter.

            Goten walked into the kitchen where Bulma, Puuar, Roshi, Krillin, 18, Marron, Piccolo, Oolong, Mr and Mrs. Briefs and Vegeta were waiting for him. He didn't know why Vegeta was there…oh right…it's cake, but even so Goten was happy he was there. He again looked around the room. "Where's Gohan?" A sudden sadness filled his heart. Again with the work, Gohan? Why do you always drown yourself into your work? Live you life!

            "Here squirt!" Gohan came walking in cautiously with a big, and I mean, big cake. It was twice the size of what is considered 'huge' wedding cake. All of the Saiyans in the room began to droll.

            Goten looked at Gohan with the same sad eyes but with forced a smile. "Can we cut the cake now?"

            Gohan looked at Goten with a big honest smile, "Anything you want to do is fine with me!"

            Lights dulled, candles burning with a vivid flame, Goten shut his eyes to make a wish. "Oh Kami, Mother, and even you Father, if you can read my thoughts down here, please help me make my wish come true. Make my brother happy. Happy… just like how he was seven years ago." With a short and soft breath he blew the candles out effortlessly. Goten smiled to himself at his wish. "Just make Gohan happy…"

            The lights were flicked on again as someone asked him a question. "Goten?"

            Goten looked at Trunks with a blank expression.

            "What did you wish for?"

            The room suddenly became quiet as all eyes were on his. Goten looked at Gohan and crossed his arms. "If I told you, the wish wouldn't become true, right?"

            Everyone in the room laughed, except for Vegeta, Piccolo and Goten.

            As his fit was over Trunks asked Goten one more question, "Goten?"


            Vegeta was tired with prolonged dialogue here so he decided to cut him off, knowing what the boy would ask the other. Hey, it was obvious, especially when Vegeta saw his son's drool reach his chin. Almost spitefully he sputtered out, not caring if he was rude or not, "Can we cut the blasted cake yet?"


            "Well Goten seems happy, doesn't he?" Bulma asked Gohan as she was cleaning up the kitchen.

            Gohan, who was busily typing away on his laptop, murmured something, "Well it IS his birthday, Bulma."

            Finishing one of her many tasks, Bulma dropped her towel in the sink. "I know, I know, but sometimes it just seems…" She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts.

            Gohan caught onto Bulma's gloomy tone of voice. "Seems what?" He shut his laptop.

            "It just seems that…you're not happy." Bulma stated, being very frank.

            Gohan stuttered, "W-what are you talking about! Of course I'm happy! I have Goten, you, Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo…even Vegeta!"

            Bulma gave him look that could kill. "You don't go out! You don't even have a girl friend! Why don't you try to go out once and a while? You know a girl would die to go out with you? Gohan…Son Gohan, are you listening to me!" Bulma roared as her slender hands griped at her tiny waist.

            "Yes Bulma," Gohan mumbled. His courage grew once she was silent once again. "I don't need a girlfriend, I'm fine the way I am!"

            "Well Goten needs a female around, someone like a mother, better yet, a sister!"

            "He has you doesn't he?"

            "I'm not here forever you know, I can't just take over Chichi's job. Goten doesn't trust me like Chichi. Besides he cares for you, not me. He can see you're unhappy; he wants you happy you know. His face says it all Gohan." Her voice softened a bit, "Every time he looks at you, his face becomes so gloomy and sad." Bulma didn't find any comfort staring back to Gohan's dark eyes.

            Gohan was slightly shaking. He didn't want to believe this. She was not right. This was just some female thing that Bulma had to do on occasion. "He's happy Bulma. I'm here for him. He'll be fine and I don't need a wife. I don't need a woman to DICTATE my life." He tried to keep his anger under control. He then stared at Bulma for a moment, reading her now calmed face yet giving her an angry glare. He abruptly grabbed his laptop, sourly saying, "End of discussion." then sourly headed upstairs.


            Goten ran to his room and locked the room, not like any lock can withstand the force of a Saiyan, but he felt it was necessary. He looked around for a moment, checking if anyone were around (like under the bed), after all he wouldn't want any rude intruders to butt in his reading.

            Goten sniffed the paper on instinct and then hurriedly opened the letter. Agitated, he positioned himself cross-legged as he excitedly began to read the writings of his mother…


 My Dearest Goten,

            Oh Goten, it's your thirteenth birthday isn't it? How is my son doing? I hope doing well and especially doing well with your studies…

            Goten found it hard not to feel that rolling sweat down his neck…

            I can't believe my baby is all grown up! I'm so proud of you, no matter what you do. I love you and you should know I am watching over you right now.

            Goten smiled a bit and found comfort in her words.

            Are you happy? Do you have a girlfriend? How are Bulma, Vegeta and Trunks doing? I hope they are treating you well. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Oh I wish I were alive to see how my two babies' looks like right now!

            Goten looked at himself in the mirror, only to find himself blush a little. It was so uncanny how he looked like Gohan when his brother was eleven-ish. "I guess I'm handsome…"

            What about Gohan, is he happy? Doing well? Well I guess you can't really answer that, can you?

            Goten whispered softly, "Only if you were here mother… if only you were here…"

            Did he get married yet? Did Bulma intervene with his 'social life'? If I know him well enough he's not married. He doesn't even have a girlfriend, does he?

            Somehow the writing looked 'gloomy' as it was thicker in font. She was paying more attention to detail now. Goten could visualize clearly of her mother saying this and suddenly her voice become remorseful and sad. He couldn't help but nod to the paper as his mother predicted correctly. He didn't hesitate to continue.


I'm guessing he's drowning himself into his work. Well what else does he do? I know he doesn't have much of a social life… or a lover for that matter…

There was a big gap on the page. On the bottom it said…

"…not with Videl gone…"

            Goten stiffened as he fairly remembered who Videl was. He hesitated but soon found the courage to turn the page over.

            Goten, my son, what I'm about to tell you could change your life. Actually it depends what you're going to do with the information that matters. I guess I should start in the beginning huh?

On the top of the page, after that little paragraph, it was neatly printed: Gohan and Videl         

            Underneath the heading was a picture of Gohan and Videl as teenagers, happily holding each other, playfully at least. Goten observed the picture closely as he softly smiled. Wow, Gohan looked so cheerful… Goten titled his head on the side, inspecting the picture with more care, especially at the way they were holding each other. If he learned anything from movies and television, they didn't look like a couple. It was more like friendship…a really good friendship…

            Goten swallowed a bit and wondered what his mother was talking about. He studied the picture once more, savouring the happy faces of Gohan and his brother's (ex) best friend, and put it beside his lap. Goten looked at the page once more and began to read the story of his brother's past…

            Maybe, just maybe, I can help him to be happy again...


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