Elphaba shot up in bed, heart racing. She calmed that down, but her mind was still racing. What? What in Oz was that about? she asked her sub-conscious, lying on her side. A few tears pooled in her eyes. A small sob escaped her lips.

"Elphie?" Galinda called from across the room. Elphaba tensed. "Elphie are you alright?" Elphaba took a shaky breath to steady her response.

"Yes. Just a nightmare." But it hadn't been, she thought. It was a dream I can never have. In it, Fiyero had asked her to the upcoming Lurlinemas Ball.

"Fae," he had said, "Galinda and I broke up. We both knew I wasn't there. I was here, with you. Fae, I- I love you. I asked for her permission, and now I need yours. Will you go to the Lurlinemas Ball with me?" She had tearfully accepted, and right as they were leaning in, she woke up.

Recalling this, she wondered briefly what it would be like to kiss him. Stop that, she scolded herself. You've been over this. You're not that girl. She wiped her eyes and got up to start the day. She took a shower, got dressed, and brushed her teeth. She sat down at the vanity to start working through the tangles in her hair. Fiyero had once said he liked her hair.

"Elphie? You're grinning like a mad man," Galinda said, flinging open the green girl's closet doors. Elphaba used up two drawers, Galinda used up both closets and the other six drawers. Elphaba replaced the grin with an eye roll. "Bi-polar," Galinda muttered. The grin came back at her roommate's remark. She wondered if Fiyero would be in classes today after what happened the previous day. She groaned inwardly. He was just trying to be nice, and was doing extraordinarily at it. She didn't even think Galinda would've helped her with rescuing the lion cub, even if she had been in her class. Then she HAD to say something snarky and blow it all. And on top of it, she grabbed his wrist. WHY did she have to do that? Did I scare him off? He'll probably hate me now. After two months of friendship, Elphaba hoped she hadn't spoiled it all in one night. Oz dammit Elphaba, pull yourself together. She pulled on her boots and grabbed her book bag.

"See you in class, Glin," she called to her roommate, who was busy curling her hair at the vanity.

"Bye Elphie!"

"Hello, Fae!" Fiyero greeted her cheerfully. Color rose into Elphaba's cheeks. That's stupid. You're GREEN, she chided herself. But the color of her skin didn't stop the pounding of her heart.

"Hello Fiyero," she mumbled. Fiyero looked concerned.

"Fae? Are you alright?"

Elphaba tried to gather herself to reply yes, fine thank you as curtly as possible, but Fiyero beat her.

"Aww Fae. Is this about yesterday?" Elphaba gulped. "Because if so," he lowered his voice, "then you should know it escaped safely. You may not think you made a big difference, but you made a big difference to one guy." Two guys, Fiyero mentally corrected himself. He wondered if he'd ever noticed the way her lips pursed a little when she was worried, making her cheekbones even more dramatic.

"Thanks Yero. Now pay attention, brainless," she said, her tone turning sharper as the professor walked in. Fiyero just kept looking at her. She only called him Yero when he was useful. Or when she was surprised. Or happy. Or-

"Fiyero!" Elphaba hissed. "Pay attention!" Secretly, she was overjoyed she'd caught him staring at her.

"Brainless," she whispered under her breath, this time thinking of herself.

Yeah, Fiyero thought. Because I haven't asked you out.

"I'VE GOT IT!" Galinda shrieked. Nessa jumped, Elphaba choked a bit on her coffee, and Boq spilled a bit of milk on the table. The five were sitting in their corner booth at the Primrose café, two weeks after 'the incident', as Elphaba now referred to it.

"Got what?" Fiyero asked, equally shocked at the break in quiet chatter.

"Well," Galinda said, smoothing her skirt, "you know how I've been thinking of team names? And you guys shot down Team Flinda, which is actually probably a good thing-"

"Glin. What is it?" Elphaba asked, apprehension written all over her face.

"The Fabulous Five!" Galinda squealed.

"Umm-" Elphaba started

"Sounds great!" Fiyero interrupted, sending her a look that said just let her.

"Fab Five for short. Works better than Team Flinda because if Fifi and me-"

"I," Elphaba corrected.

"Fifi and I, ever broke up, I wouldn't want our friends to drift apart."

The conversation continued, but Fiyero was lost in thought. Lost in thought. Oz! What's happening to me? Does Glin suspect? Would she break up with me? He tried to suppress his hopefulness. No. if you're going to break up with her you have to do it like a man-

"Fiyero? Did you do your homework? Hello? Are you ignoring me because you didn't do it?" Elphaba pestered.

"No time like the present," Boq muttered, making Nessa giggle.

"Thanks Boq," Fiyero said, realizing that there was no time like the present to break up with her. "Galinda, will you go on a walk with me?" He stood up and offered his hand to her.

"Sure, Fifi!" Galinda giggled. They walked through the door, arm in arm. Elphaba looked away, feeling stupid and ignored. He probably was just staring off into the distance two weeks ago. He DOESN'T like you, she ordered her heart.

"Well it is a nice day," Boq commented. "Would you mind if I took Nessa for a walk?"

"No problem. I was just going to read anyway." To emphasize this, she pulled out a book. "Bye, Nessa. Bye, Boq."

"Bye, Fabala!" Nessa greeted cheerfully. Boq grabbed the handles and pushed her out the door. Elphaba buried herself in the book, hoping to bury her feelings, too.