"Galinda, I have to tell you something," Fiyero said tensely. Here it was. They stood on the bridge over Suicide Canal.

"I have something to tell you to, Fifi," Galinda said, slightly somber

"I'm going first," Fiyero blurted, wanting to get it out. "Galinda- We need to break up."


"I'm sorry, it's not you, it's me."

"No, no, Fifi, it is me, and you- This is amazifying!"

Now it was Fiyero's turn to be shocked. "Why?!"

"Well, umm," Galinda stuttered, probably the first time she had ever been at a loss for words. "I met someone… He's really, nice, and sweet- Not that you're not nice and sweet, but you can be a bit sarcastic at times- and he makes me feel like a lady. He asked me out Fifi, and I said I'd think about it."

"Galinda, are you serious?! That's great! Go tell him yes right now!"

"What about you, Fifi?"

"I have to go talk to Elphaba!"

"Oh Fifi, that's perfectified!" They both took off in opposite directions across the bridge.

"Fae! I-"

"Fiyero! There you are," Elphaba chided him. "Where in Oz have you been?"

"Well, I-"

"Never mind! We're going to be late for class!" She stood up; gathering her books, then began walking out the door. She grabbed his wrist (ignoring the tingling) and dragged him out the door. "Come on!"

She speed walked across campus, towing poor Fiyero, who was trying to keep up. They walked into one of the many grandiose buildings; only to find there were only two seats left, one in front of the other. Elphaba sat down in the front one and began pulling out books and paper and pens. Fiyero plopped down behind her and tried again.

"Fae, we have to-"

"Later Yero! Class is starting."

Fiyero harrumphed at this, but he obeyed. The teacher starting droning monotonously, making Fiyero sleepy. Not to mention there was a hot girl in front of him. Between the two, Fiyero had an incredibly difficult time concentrating. He stared at the back of her head. Her hair really was pretty. He wished she would wear it down more as he concentrated on the thick plait of night black hair. He longed to reach out and stroke it, as he had for so many weeks. He dreamed of how soft it would be, the waves of ebony under his fingers as they passionately ki-

"Yero? Oz Yero, you've been really out of it lately. Class is over. If we hurry we can catch up with the others for dinner."

Fiyero focused on her words. Registering their meaning, he got out of his chair and picked up his un-opened bag.

"Hurry up, I'm starving," Elphaba fussed as they walked back into the warm sunshine that dispelled the goose bumps on her arms from the cold classroom.

"Actually, Fae, I wanted to talk. Could we go somewhere for dinner, like, just you and me?" Fiyero hoped she wouldn't put him down right off the bat.

"Um, Okay? Yero what's this about?" Elphaba felt mildly concerned. What could this possibly mean? She tried to keep her imagination in check.

"We'll talk when we get there. Don't worry," he assured her. She really is good at that, worrying.

"Where is 'there'?" she pressed.

"No where too fancy, I promise." Oz dammit Fiyero. You're scaring her off like a winged buffoon, he silently cursed himself.

See? Elphaba told her wild imagination. It's probably something stupid, like more homework help. He always needs more of that. Or maybe he wants to ask me- no stop that. Maybe?! Maybe he want to end our friendship, because it's too hard to be around me. Or maybe-

"Fae? You've got goose bumps all down your arms! Why didn't you tell me you were cold? Here," He said taking off his jacket and putting it around her before she could stop him. But not before she could protest.

"You don't have to do that. I'm not cold." It's just you. It occurred to her how not cold she was, walking by Him, wearing His jacket, and capitalizing His name in her thoughts. Cut that out, she chastised herself. It's not even proper grammar.

"I insist," he said. They walked down the street, and Elphaba couldn't help but notice the usual stares. This made her shrink into Fiyero's jacket a little more. They walked into a restaurant. Nice, but not fancy, silently thanking Fiyero for keeping his promise. They sat down in a corner booth, and a waitress came over.

"May I help you?" she asked, looking mostly a Fiyero.

"Yes. I would like a water please. Fae, do you want anything?"

"Same," she mumbled.

"And a water for her too, please."

"Alright, those will be right out," the waitress smiled tauntingly at Fiyero. When she left, Elphaba chuckled a bit.


"Do you even realize the effect you have on women?" She teased him.

"What? The waitress? Fae, you're ridiculous."

Elphaba laughed more. "Fiyero, are you kidding? She was practically throwing herself on top of you!"

At this point Fiyero was laughing too. The waitress came back with the water and a little more cleavage showing.

"I see your point," Fiyero assented, making both of them laugh some more. The rest of the meal passed in the same kind of easy chatter. At the end, Fiyero paid the bill despite Elphaba's complaints. They walked out, and slowly made their way back toward campus. As they passed a park, Fiyero's face turned serious.

"Fae, we need to talk." He sat down on a bench, and gestured for her to do the same.

Here it is. He's going to tell me it's too awkward to be around other people with me, she thought as she sat.

"Fae, listen. For, for a while now I've- well, I've um- well, what I wanted to say is, um-"

"Yes, Fiyero?" Elphaba asked, trying to keep the uncertainty out of her voice.

"Do you know why I talked to Galinda today?"

Oh Shiz, it's worse than I thought. Galinda was right that very first night. Their getting married. She shook her head, sadness in her eyes.

"I broke up with her."

The sadness turned to shock and confusion. "What?! Yero, why would you do that? I thought you liked her?!"

Fiyero was on edge with the mention of his nickname. She called me Yero! She's happy! Or nervous? Or annoyed? Or- he rolled his eyed inwardly. To Oz with it! Just tell her already!

"I do like her, Fae, but I love you… I love you."

Elphaba was jolted, confused, elated, worried, a hundred things at once, but something rang true about the sentiment. He wasn't lying, or joking, so that left only one question.

"Why?" she whispered, incredulous.

"What?" Fiyero was confused. He had said he loved her and all she could ask was why?

"Why would you like me?" She said a little louder, a little more doubt in her voice.

"Why?! Because, Fae! You're amazing! You're beautiful, smart, funny, there's nothing about you I don't like!"

"I'm an ugly sarcastic know-it-all. Don't sugar-coat it," she said, but sounding less sure this time.

"Fae…" he pulled her to sit a little closer, a look of hurt that she would feel this way on his face. "Fae, I love you. I just wanted to know if you could possibly feel the same."

"You make it sound like you're the lucky one."

A look of utmost sincerity like Elphaba had never seen came on his face. "I would be." He looked deep into her rich cocoa eyes, filled with wonder, yet worry. "So. Could you?"

Elphaba sighed as she looked into his intense blue eyes. She had read about sky blue eyes, but his were deeper than anything she could imagine.

"Yero, ever since that day… well, probably ever since the first day, though I would've never let myself admit it- but then when you helped me, and I was so overwhelmed and excited that I HAD to go and say something stupid, and you wanted to go but I asked you to stay and then I grabbed your wrist and I just knew and- Oh Shiz, I'm rambling. But Yero? I- I love you too."

A look of tremendous relief settled on Fiyero's handsome features. "Thank Oz! I was so worried Fae! I tried to think what I'd do if you said no, but I just couldn't! Elphaba, you may not believe it, but I couldn't be happier with anyone else in the world! Fae I'm so happy I could kiss you! If that's alright with you…" His eyes gleamed with hope, silently begging her. She looked into those eyes, drowning in blue again, but found it rather pleasant for drowning.

She didn't really say yes, she didn't really say no, but when they touched, she couldn't think of a better decision. She couldn't really think at all. The kiss was slow and yearning, soft and heart-felt. She put her hands on his shoulders, and his moved to the back of her head, keeping her to him. His fingers gently massaged her scalp, tangling in her luscious waves as he'd longed to do for so long. When they broke away, they kept their noses just touching, holding each other's hands between them.

"I still have a hard time believing this is real," Elphaba whispered.

"You have a hard time? Fae, do you realize how long I've been wanting to do this?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "As far as I've noticed, you go take what you want when you want it. How long?"

Fiyero pulled his head away, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. "Fae, when I quite literally ran into you that first day, you came over and yelled at me. But even though you were I clearly furious with me, all I could see was how beautiful you were. Yes, your skin was green, but it was a deep, smooth, beautiful jade, and your eyes were big and round and warm, and when I looked at your lips- sure they were yelling at me, but all I could think about was kissing them. I scolded myself, saying of course that's ridiculous, she's probably the outcast, but I couldn't find it in me to care right then. So I pushed you away, not wanting you to find out what I was thinking. I teased you and mocked you, and now I hope you can forgive me for all that. And then- we became friends! I was so happy even to be friends with you! And while we were friends, I discovered that besides being gorgeous, you were talented, smart- and not just smart, but wise- and you always had me laughing. And then that day cam, and I saw you were also passionate about what you loved, and I wondered if you would ever feel that passionate about me. And then when you grabbed my hand, it took all my willpower not to kiss you right there and never let go. But as I lay in bed that night, I realized it was stupid of me to think you could ever feel the same. So I acted- well, tried to act- normal around you for the last two weeks, but it only got harder. So I finally told Glin today, and she said she agreed, she even had somebody else she wanted to see too. It made me so happy that everything was working out perfectly, and I wanted to tell you right away, but then there was class. You had never been more right when you said I was out of it, because all I've been thinking about is you."

Elphaba was quietly crying into his shirt at this point. He looked down, alarmed.

"Aww, Fae, I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?"

"No, no! Yero, you're perfect. But no one's ever said anything like that to me." She looked up at him with teary eyes. Fiyero leaned down to kiss her on the forehead.

"Fae, that's terrible! What about Nessa?"

"Nessa loves me because she needs me. If she didn't need me, she would hate me too."


"Galinda loves me in spite of my skin. No one, and I mean no one, has ever said they loved me because it. I thought I was trapped in a world of hate, and you saved me. You're my hero… Yero my hero." She smiled at this.

"Aww Fae…" he didn't get much farther because Elphaba reached her arms around his neck and kissed him. He rested his on her waist as their lips moved together. A small sigh escaped the green girl, causing Fiyero to smile. Eventually, they broke apart, grinning and breathing hard. Fiyero stood up, offering his hand to her. She took it, a soft smile still dancing on her lips. He put his arm around her waist, and she put hers around his shoulders as they walked back to the dorms. He kissed her one last time outside her door.

"Good night, Fae. I love you."

"Good night Yero, I love you too." He kissed her in her hair, then walked away.

Elphaba went in, expecting to be drilled by Galinda, but instead found a note shoved under the door that read: Elphie- I lost my key and I don't know when you'll be back. I'm going to sleep at Pfannee's tonight. See you in the morning! Galinda. Grateful for the brief reprieve, Elphaba got ready for bed. However, as she climbed in around ten, she felt lonely. She tried to shrug it off with the thoughts of her wonderful night. Soon she slept.

Elphaba woke up, a strange feeling of regret about facing the day hanging over her shoulders. She hurriedly readied herself and met the others downstairs for breakfast. She beamed when she saw Fiyero. He gave her the strangest look, she couldn't really put a finger on it. Undeterred, she sat down next to him.

"Elphaba, we need to talk," he said, sounding as strange as he looked.

"Okay," she said, feeling as worried as he looked strange. They got up and went outside, Fiyero pushing Nessa out behind her for some reason.

Fiyero took a deep breath. "Listen. I'm breaking up with you. I'm sorry, Elphaba, but Nessa is just so much better. I know she's in a wheel chair, but our love will help us work around that. But what makes me furious is that you put her there. Really Elphaba. If it weren't for you, my Nessa could walk," Fiyero growled. His face softened as he reached down to kiss Nessa on the forehead.

"Please! Yero, stop- I –I can change, I'll do anything!" Elphaba pleaded.

Fiyero scoffed. "You can't change that mucus slime you call skin." He turned to Nessa and got down on one knee. "I'm sorry about that my Nessa. Some people are just bitter."

"And I'm sorry she'd so embarrassing," Nessa said with a furtive look at her sister.

"My Nessa, I would be the lucky one if you would marry me."

Elphaba was in tears as she cried, "Yero, NO!"