Fiyero strode down the hall, determined not to even look at Her door on the way to his dorm. He had just heard the news that she was leaving, and that sent him into a flurry of panic. Wondering what he was going to do, he considered asking for her back. But he didn't want to seem jealous, and he knew she never would take him back. So he decided to throw himself into what he did have, which was school, friends, and now, a girlfriend. He directed his thoughts to Galinda. Their date last night had gone really well, talking about everything except their green skinned friend. After picking her up, they went to a nice restaurant, and when they were done, he escorted her back.

He rounded the corner into the corridor with Her room and closed his eyes. This was a trick his Mother had taught him when he was littler and some of his cousins had come over. They were small and rambunctious, and, fearing they would ruin his things, he asked his Mother for advice. "Out of sight, Out of mind, Yero. If you hide your things, they won't think to take or break them."

So, he closed his eyes and stalked by, ignoring the shadows in his mind that threatened to annihilate whatever this was that he had built out of the ashes. Until he ran into someone. His eyes flew open and widened as he realized who it was.

Elphaba wasn't ready for this. Here she had been, minding her own business and locking her door, when He just barreled into her. Not sure what to do, she stood there staring at him. Again, the annoying urge to kiss him came, but she pushed it away as she had grown to do whenever He was nearby. They stayed there for a minute, just staring at each other.

"You're leaving," he said. Was it just her imagination, or was there a bit of sorrow in his voice? No no, it was likely sorrow that she would be there for another day.

She held her head a little higher and shifted her weight. "What's it to you?"

He thought about his previous conviction to be aloof as a flash of pain and frustration clawed at him. It was so unfair; all he wanted to do was be there for her. If she would only just believe he loved her. Couldn't she see that? And now she was acting so distant. He realized what his lips were doing as they spoke of their own volition. Oz dammit, he thought as the words tumbled out. "Well, if this is our last moment…"

Suddenly, he pushed her against the wall, causing her to drop her books, and crashed his lips hungrily onto hers. In the week and a half since their break up, he hadn't realized how much he missed touching her, his hands grasping her shoulders, his lips moving against hers.

Elphaba's mind was saying no no no stop no no no cut that, but her treacherous body couldn't stop kissing him. Even with all her walls up, she'd been taken off guard, and all coherent thoughts were obliterated by this abrupt advance. She wanted those sweet lips to stay on hers, his strong hands keeping her pinned to the wall, her head tilted slightly upward to be able to make full contact with his mouth.

"Yero no," she managed to gasp in between the tender touches.

He broke away and looked deep in her chocolate brown eyes, bright and yearning. Silently grateful that he hadn't been wrong in kissing her, he attempted to assure her. "After this, we'll part ways, likely not to see each other again soon." He moved his hands to hold her cheeks. "Make it last."

With this, they met in the middle, this time with a new kind of kiss. It was unlike any previous kiss they'd shared, making up for all the time they'd been apart and all the time they would be. His tongue invaded her mouth, and it broke the last barrier between them. They poured their whole souls into it, until they had to break away, utterly breathless.

Before he left, he grabbed her hands and whispered, "As long as you're mine," leaving one last lingering kiss on her lips. Then he left, both of them wondering what in Lurline's name just happened.

Chalexwa stood in a dark alley in between two random shops in town. One was an old Glikkun restaurant, whose garbage looked possibly more edible than what could be seen in the windows. The other was a dress shop Galinda had disappeared into. If Chalexwa had gone in, would have been out in a few clock-ticks (the fluorescent frilly frocks sold there were not her thing), but Galinda had been in there for nearly an hour and a half. As she considered the horrendibilty of the merchandise, a small bell tinkled, alerting her of the blonde's imminence.

"Glin!" Chalexwa hissed.

Galinda looked around, the brightly colored bags swaying slightly as she turned. When suddenly, someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her into an alley, nearly making her drop her bags. Her eyes adjusted to the dark and picked out her captor. "Lexi! It is so dirty back here! What if you had made me drop my bags?! Do you know how much this yellow dress cost me? I have to wear it ASAP, which I can't do if it's dirty. Why in Oz did you drag me back here anyway?"

"It's Elphaba, Glin, has no one told you she's leaving?" Chalexwa pleaded.

Galinda was stunned. "What?! Where?"

Chalexwa felt a deep pity that Elphaba's former best friend was the last to know (not like their friend group was big, but still). "She finally got her letter. She's off to see the Wizard."

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," Galinda breathed gloomily. She was completely desolate. "Oh Elphie… your dream came true…"

Lexi looked at the ticket in her hand, its green surface creating a distorted, concave reflection of the battle that occurred on her features. Finally, she showed the ticket to Galinda, who was crying, lost in thought (for a change). The blonde stared at it deciphering the golden cursive that outlined the information.

"Where did you get this?" she asked as she wiped her eye with her more free hand.

"Elphaba gave it to me… she wants me to go with her, but I think you should. You guys need to make amends." Chalexwa forced.

"She'll never-"

"I'm not going, and she doesn't have anyone else to give that to. What else would she do with it?" Lexi reasoned. "At least go talk to her. I'm going to give this back…hopefully she'll… just try. There's no harm in trying."

"Well, I suppose. But I don't think it will work," she said doubtfully.

"Glin," Chalexwa said pointedly. "You know she's just angry at herself. Just… be delicate."

"Okay," Galinda said warily. She turned around and walked out of the alley with one last look over her shoulder. "Wait!" She turned back around. "What about Fiyero?" She used his full name in her worry.

"Don't worry about him right now! Just go talk to Elphaba!" Lexi shooed her with a shove.

Elphaba's eyes bored into the page as she read the paragraph for the umpteenth time. Hard as she tried, she couldn't seem to retain any information. Damn the man, she thought. Thinks he can go around and just- ugh. She was sitting in the library, trying and failing to think about anything but the morning's events, and/ or their relation to her impending departure. Knowing this was a quiet section of the library that was rarely visited; she let out a growl of frustration.

It was just then that she heard someone sigh. Because Oz forbid fate should just leave me be, it just had to let someone watch me lose my cool. Quickly, she put her head down on her desk. Maybe if they thought she was asleep, they'd leave her alone. Then she felt a hand on her back, and she shot up to see a pink poof-ball jumping back. She made a frustrated noise again.

"Why. Why why why why WHY."

Galinda started. "Well, I'm here to-"

"No, not 'why are you here'. Why me, why this, why you, why him, why green, why life, why."

The blonde sat down next to her, not surprised at this outburst; her friend often asked questions in groups of many. She sighed. "I don't know, Elphie. But I do know I'm here to... to work things out."

Elphaba retrieved herself from her existential reverie and took a deep breath. Maybe if we talk I can forget about this morning... "Alright... I- I'm sorry," she conceded.

"What? No no no," Glin began ranting. "I'm sorry. I'm the one who used him for a rebound, it's my fault I can't keep a boyfriend for a week, and I knew he was still hung up on you, we were both just so lonely-"

"Wait what?" Elphaba held her hand up to cut her off. "You're just rebounding?"

"Yes! That's the only reason we're dating. I've been feeling gloomy about the string of exes I seem to have, and Fiyero is seriously hung up on you," she reassured.

"No he's not, first of all," she said (even though she knew exactly how hung up they both were), "and second of all, I'll forgive you, if you forgive me." With awkwardly stretched out arms and teary eyes that threatened to ruin her make-up, Galinda ran in for a hug. The green girl hugged her friend, somehow feeling better by letting Galinda cry on her shoulder. "Let's be done fighting," she said when the blonde finally let go. She reached up to wipe tears out of her eyes, making her friend chuckle, before her face became melancholy again.

"I heard you're leaving tomorrow..." Galinda sniffled. Elphaba looked at her lap, Galinda at her clasped hands. "Congratulotions... I'm happy for you."

After a moment of thought, Elphaba stumbled through saying, "I- I hope you'll come. To see me off, that is. And I- I mean, I guess you can have your room back, so I suppose you should, well, start moving back in." Seeing that her reinstated roommate was about to respond (likely with a sentence containing the word 'gratitution'); she quickly excused herself. "I'll leave you to that," she stood up, jumbling her books into her bag. "See you tomorrow."

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