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*** HP / CC

"Promise me you won't be late, Harry," begged Sirius. "My trial starts promptly at two and once it starts, the doors are sealed. If you are even one minute late they won't allow you in."

Harry laughed at his over enthusiastic godfather, but his laugh quickly turned into a coughing fit. Covering his mouth, he turned around until he was done coughing then hid his hand in his school robe pocket.

"I have been praying for this moment for two years, Dementors couldn't keep me away." said Harry. "You are going to be proven innocent and we can finally be a family."

Sirius looked at his pup in concern. "You have had a pretty nasty cough for a while now, pup. Maybe you should go and visit Madam Pomfrey."

Harry clenched the fist that was in his pocket. "I'm fine, Siri, just a bit of a cold from riding the Thesterals in the cool evening." Two weeks ago he had rushed to the Ministry of Magic with his friends to rescue his godfather. It turned out to be a trap and he almost lost the man he thought of like a father to one of Bellatrix's curses. He was able to jump between Sirius and his crazy cousin, taking the curse that was met for his godfather. He wasn't sure what the curse was, but it felt like his blood was boiling and his organs were melting. He couldn't remember much of the battle after that, everything was a blur of screams and pain.

Harry woke up three days later in the hospital wing with his friends and Sirius and Remus gathered anxiously around his bed. It seemed that during the battle, Voldemort had possessed him and somehow, unknown to everyone, even Dumbledore, he had managed to defeat the evil Wizard. After the battle, many Death Eaters were captured, including Peter Pettigrew. Today was Sirius' trial to prove his innocence and if all went well, he would be moving in with Sirius and Remus. He was more then happy to never have to return to his abusive relatives.

Sirius laid his hand on his godson's forehead relaxing when he felt that it was cool. With how pale and flushed his pup looked, he was afraid that he had a fever. "All right, just promise that you will go to the hospital wing if the cold persists?"

Harry smiled, it felt great to have someone care about his health. His aunt and uncle always celebrated when he was hurt or sick. Hell, they were normally the cause of his pain and sicknesses.

"I promise," Harry said crossing his heart. Everyone knew that he had an aversion to the hospital wing. He only went when he was too sick to stand, or unconscious.

"I have to get to the Ministry now, but Dumbledore said you can use his office to floo to the Ministry. He will be with me, so the password is 'pumpkin pie'."

Harry tried not to cringe when his godfather gave him a hug. He loved his godfather, but he didn't like to be touched. Gritting his teeth, he gave him a one armed hug back, then quickly stepped back.

Sirius didn't miss that his touch made his pup uncomfortable. After everything was settled and Harry was home from school, they were going to have a very long talk. There had to be a reason that his pup was so anxious to leave the only home and family he had ever known. He knew that Petunia and Vernon were horrible muggles, but would actually physically hurt their nephew? He prayed to god that he was wrong because if they so much as hurt one hair on his pup's head, he was going to hunt them down and make them pay.

"Remember, don't be a minute late. If I don't have you to testify, then I'm as good as kissed," warned Sirius. Sirius turned and quickly made his way to the headmasters office.

Harry smiled as he watched his godfather leave. He truly loved the man and he couldn't wait to become a real family with him and Remus.

Stifling another cough, Harry pulled his hand out of his pocket and cringed when he saw all the blood. For a week now he had been coughing up blood. At first he thought it was a result of Bellatrix's curse, but now he feared that if was something much worse. Since waking up in the hospital wing, he had been feeling week and nauseous. One minute he was freezing, and the next he was pouring sweat. His body ached constantly and he fell asleep most nights with migraines. There was something wrong with him and he was too scared to find out what.

*** HP / CC

"Where is he?" cursed Ron, pacing the headmaster's office. They had been waiting twenty minutes for Harry to show up.

Hermione looked at her watch and sighed. "Ron, we can't wait any longer. If we don't go now, we're not going to make Sirius' trial. If we're not there to testify and neither is Harry, then Sirius will end up back in Azkaban. Fudge has is out for Sirius and Harry."

"What the hell is wrong with Harry? I would have thought he would have been anxious to help Sirius," snapped Ron.

"Ron, we have to go, Sirius needs us." Hermione grabbed her boyfriend's hand and stepped into the fireplace. She hoped that everything was alright with Harry. She couldn't believe that he would purposely abandon Sirius.

***HP / CC

Harry groaned and rolled off the couch, landing on his hands and knees. He tried to open his eyes, but his head was spinning madly. He felt like he had just went a few rounds with one of Hagrid's Blast Ended Skrewts. He was hot, shaky, nauseous and he felt like he was going to vomit. Crying out, he grabbed his stomach as it gave a violent lurch. Leaning forward he vomited all over the floor in front of him. Resting his head on the couch, he waited until his head stopped spinning before attempting to open his eyes. When he did finally open them he was horrified to find a large puddle of blood where he had vomited.

Dropping his head back onto the couch, Harry started crying. He was really sick and scared that he was dying. He had been feeling a bit off before the battle at the Ministry, but now he felt a million times worse.

Harry cursed when he remembered about the Ministry and his godfather's trial. Wiping blood from his mouth, Harry checked his watch to see how much time he had before having to floo to the Ministry. He hoped that he had enough time for a shower, he felt horrible and his clothes were wet from sweating.

"No... No... No. No. No." cried Harry. It was only a few minutes before his godfather's trial and there was no way he was going to make it on time. He didn't mean to fall asleep. His head was killing him so he snuck up to The Room of Requirements to get a few minutes of quiet. Everyone was still celebrating the death of Lord Voldemort so the castle was very noisy.

Harry stumbled out of the Room of Requirements and took off for the headmaster's office. He had to get to Sirius, he couldn't allow him to be sent to Azkaban, or worse...kissed.

As Harry stumbled through the old castle halls, his head was spinning and he kept bumping into the walls and grumbling suits of armors. He was almost to the headmasters office when he ran into something softer then the wall, but grumbled just as much as the suits of armor.

"Potter, watch where you are going you idiot boy," snarled Professor Snape.

"S-S-Sorry, Professor Snape," stuttered Harry. His head was spinning and his vision was so blurry that he could barely make out his strict potions master.

Severus glared at the son of his childhood tormentor. "I thought you would have been pleading for the life of your precious dogfather." Severus hoped the man ended up back in Azkaban. He hated everything about Sirius Black.

"I-I-I have t-t..." Harry reached his hand out to brace himself on the wall, but because of his blurry vision he miscalculated and crashed to the ground.

"Been celebrating your victory, have we? Defeater of The Dark Lord or not, if you are caught with alcohol, you will be expelled from Hogwarts." sneered Professor Snape.

Harry tried to get to his feet, he didn't like being weak and vulnerable in front of the man who hated his guts. Professor Snape had taken too much pleasure in the last five years making his life miserable.

Harry cried out as his stomach cramped up again. He tried to stop from vomiting, but he couldn't keep it in. He was once again horrified when he vomited an impressive amount of blood right at his professor's feet.

"Potter, what in the name of Merlin..." Severus would never admit it, but he was worried about the boy. Now that he was actually looking at him, he looked half dead. Not only was he a potions master, but he was also a medi-wizard. He never officially practiced his healing, but he needed to be certified in order to gain his potions mastery.

Harry managed to shakily get to his feet. "M'sorry, Fessor, but I hava get to M'nsrty." Harry reached out towards his professor when his vision went dark. He went to say something, but the hall started spinning wildly and the last thing he heard was his professor calling his name.

*** HP / CC

Sirius sat staring at the door trying to will his pup to walk through them. There was only minutes to his trial and Harry and his friends had yet to show up. Harry was the key to his freedom, without his testimony, he was in trouble. Fudge didn't want him walking free.

Sirius perked up when a bushy head of brown hair and head of flaming red hair walked through the door. Ignoring the pair, he kept his eyes trained on the door looking for his pup's messy raven locks.

"No," he softly cried out when the courtroom doors were shut and sealed. Where was Harry? Where was his pup?

Sirius looked to Ron and Hermione who looked at him sadly and shrugged their shoulders.

"Sirius, it will be alright," said Remus, trying to reassure his mate. He couldn't understand how Harry could stand up his godfather like this. Moony was howling in anger at their pup. It would be Harry's fault if his mate got sent back to Azkaban.

Sirius slumped in his chair and stared forlornly up at the Wizengamot. He couldn't miss the triumphant smirk that Minister Fudge was sporting.

*** HP/ CC

Severus carried an unconscious Potter to the hospital wing. He wondered what the hell the boy could have gotten into to cause him to be so sick. He was extremely pale, had lost weight, his pulse was weak and he seemed to be having a hard time breathing.

"Poppy!" he called as he entered the hospital wing. Thankfully it was empty of all students. Today was the last day before summer holidays, so obviously everyone was celebrating the end of the school year and the death of the Dark Lord.

"Oh my, Severus." said Madam Pomfrey, rushing out of her office. "Lay him on the bed and tell me what happened."

As Severus explained his encounter with Potter, Madam Pomfrey started running a series of diagnostic charms on him. It wasn't long before her wand started shaking in her hand and all the color drained from her face.

"Oh, Harry," she sighed. "Why can't you ever catch a break?"

"Poppy?" asked Severus in concern. He had never seen the stern witch so upset over a patient.

"Severus, can you watch the hospital wing for me? I need to get Harry to St Mungo's, this is beyond my healing abilities."

"What did you find?" asked Severus with dread. He may not have cared for the boy, but he was still Lily's son and he didn't want to see anything bad happen to him.

"It's bad, Severus, very bad." Madam Pomfrey caressed Harry's pale cheek. "He has stage four cancer." she'd said as a tear fell from her eye.