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This is it, the last chapter for Sickness. I hadn't planned on ending it so soon, but I decided that I wanted this fic to be about Harry's cancer, meeting his new family and bringing the wolves and the vampires together. The ride isn't over yet! I'm either going to write a sequel or a bunch of little one shots giving a sneak peak into their life together. It will be Mpreg.


*** HP

"Easy, Harry, I have you," Edward soothed, his voice laced heavily with concern. "Don't fight it, you need to get that poison out of your system."

Trembling and whimpering, Harry continued to vomit blood and green sludge, the poison burning his throat as he forcefully expelled it from his body. Whatever the potion was, it tasted absolutely vile as he vomited it back up.

Seth, now fully healed, hovered anxiously next to his best friend's bed. "You're going to be alright," he said shakily, more trying to reassure himself than Harry.

Breathing hard, Harry collapsed weakly on the bed, head half hanging off. "I don't feel so good," he whimpered.

"Seth, go and get me a cold washcloth," Edward barked, placing his hand on Harry's forehead and noting that it felt abnormally warm. Harry didn't run as cold as them, but he was most definitely running a few degrees hotter than his normal.

Seth quickly returned with four wash clothes and handed them over to Edward. "What's wrong with him?" he asked nervously.

Edward started to gently wash Harry's head, face and neck with the cool cloth, folding one in half and leaving to sit on his forehead. "I don't know, Seth, but I'm sure that it has something to do with the potion. It looks as though he's having an allergic reaction to something that was in it. Our bodies are meant to only consume blood."

"Carlisle," Harry moaned pitifully, desperate for his mate.

"I'm going to go to that fucker's house," Sam snarled. He knew from the link with Paul that Carlisle and the dark man were there already, but so far they hadn't made a move on the guy. Harry was now safe with Seth, Jacob and Edward, he now had to go and make sure that Paul didn't do anything stupid. The pup had an incredibly short fuse. He may not be the true pack leader, and he had made plenty of mistakes, but he cared for his pack brothers and he would die for them.

"Send my mate home," Harry asked weakly, eyes pleading with Sam. He didn't care what happened with Mr. Long, he just wanted his mate. Carlisle always made him feel better.

Nodding his head, Sam turned towards Jacob. "Stay in your wolf form so I can communicate with you incase there is a problem."

"Be careful," Jacob said sincerely. Vampires they knew how to handle, but wizards were a whole different story. They may be powerful wolves, but they had no protection against magic...at least none that he knew of.

Crying out, Harry dropped his head the rest of the way off the bed and started vomiting again. Worriedly rubbing his bare back in support, Edward looked to Seth. "Can you get me some clothes for him?"

"No!" Harry groaned, gagging up more vomit. "I need a shower first. I...I...He had his hands all over me. I have to wash him off."

"Harry, you're too weak," Edward protested.

"Then carry me," Harry sobbed, grabbing desperately at Edward's arms. He didn't care about his nudity, he had to get the feel of that man's hands and his scent off of him.

"You're sick," Edward pointed out. "You need to stay in bed."

Crying hard now, Harry looked to Seth. "Please, I need him off of me."

Seth couldn't take seeing his brother so broken. Scooping him up, he carried him to the bathroom, turned the water on hot and then stepped in the shower with Harry in his arms, clothes and all. He could hear Edward protesting, but he didn't care. "Stop bitching and strip the bed," he snapped back.

"Thank you," Harry whimpered, burying his nose in Seth's neck.

"I'll always have your back, Princess," Seth growled ferociously. Grabbing the loofa sponge and soap, he started scrubbing his brother since he was too sick and weak to do it himself. Seeing or holding a naked body didn't bother him. He had seen his entire pack, including Leah, naked, and Harry was the second most important person to him on the planet...of course his imprint came first. Harry was right, they were soul brothers, and scrubbing his naked body didn't bother him.

"I'll take him," Edward offered when Seth went to step out of the shower. "I left some of Emmett's clothes for you on the sink. They should fit."

Wrapping Harry in a large towel, Seth reluctantly handed him over. "Thanks," he grumbled.

Harry stomach was still churning dangerously but just showering had him feeling a bit better. At least the man's scent gone. All he could smell now was soap and Seth. "I'm sorry I'm such trouble."

"You're no trouble, Harry," Rosalie reassured softly. She had only just returned with her mate and the rest of the coven. Edward had filled them in on what happened and Emmett and Jasper took off for Mr. Long's house to see if Carlisle and Severus needed help.

With Edward's help, and Rosalie's back turned, Harry was dressed in a pair of sleep pants and t-shirt and then tucked back into bed. "Harry, how are you feeling?" Esme asked worriedly.

"I'm fine," Harry slurred, eyes clenched tight against the spinning in the room.

"How about the truth now, Princess," Seth demanded, taking a seat at the foot of his brother's bed. He was poking at his own side, still in awe of Harry's healing gift. His wound had been very bad and there wasn't even a scratch left behind. It was incredible.

"The truth," Harry grimaced, cracking open an eye just enough to see Seth. "My head is spinning, my stomach is cramping horribly and I'm close to vomiting on you. Is that better?"

"We can't help you if you don't tell us the truth," Esme chided gently. "We're just worried about you, love."

"Bucket!" Harry cried, slapping his hand over his mouth with tears in his eyes.


"Seth hurt him good," Carlisle noticed, lurking outside the sick, bastard, teacher's house with Severus and wolf Paul. "That arm is damn near ripped completely off."

Pacing back and forth, Paul growled appreciatively. He didn't think the pup had it in him, but he had left the pack for the little vampire, human, wizard thing so obviously he was extremely protective of him. He was proud of Seth.

Severus could see that Carlisle was anxious to get this over with. The man wasn't a violent man, but Long had attempted to rape his mate and kill Seth. There was only one outcome for this confrontation. The man had to die. "Let me set up anti-apparition wards, we don't want him getting away."

Earlier that day Carlisle had his reservations about killing, but they were gone now...long gone. Seeing his mate laying lifeless and naked on their bed, watching that video with that man's hands down his mate's pants, fondling his precious mate as he cried and begged for him to stop, watching as the love of his life threw himself on his brother in everything but blood and took the killing curse for him...death was too good for this man. Even now he didn't know how his mate was, if he was even alive. He just wanted to get this over with so he could go home and hold his mate and never let him go. Harry's idea of never leaving the island was sounding pretty damn good right now.

"Sam, I'm going to kill him, treaty be damned," Carlisle said, not turning from where he was looking up at the house watching as Mr. Long sopped up blood from his shoulder with a towel. He didn't need to turn to see that Sam had joined them, he heard him and could scent him.

"Treaty be damned," Sam agreed gruffly, standing next to the vampire stark naked. "If it wasn't for Harry, my pup would be dead right now. He threw himself on him not knowing if that curse would kill him." He had ran as fast as he could as soon as his bond with Seth opened back up, but he would have been too late to save him. It had been a horrible feeling...watching helpless as the youngest in his pack almost died.

"Harry?" Carlisle questioned, finally looking to the alpha wolf.

"Awake, but vomiting up some nasty shit and running a fever," Sam explained. "He's been crying for you."

Carlisle was relieved that Harry was awake, but it broke his heart that he was crying for him and he couldn't rush to his side. He couldn't leave, not until Long was dead. "You coming with me? You have a right to him too."

"I'd like to see you try to stop me," Sam snarled.

"He's getting ready to apparate out," Severus informed. "When he does, the wards will drop him right in front of us."

Looking to Sam, Carlisle inclined his head. "Stay safe," he said, watching as the man phased.


Carlisle didn't even bother with the front door, as soon as he got home, he leapt through his bedroom window, Edward having already opened the window after hearing his thoughts. He just needed to see his mate, to take in his scent and just know that he was alright. The fight with Mr. Long hadn't lasted Long, but it had ended bloody and with the man's death.

"How is he?" Carlisle asked, drinking in the site of his mate asleep in the bed clinging to Seth who also was asleep. He was thankful that the bastard's scent no longer clung to Harry, he didn't think that he could handle it if it did.

"He drifts in and out but at least the vomiting has seemed to stop. How did it go with Long?" Edward asked.

"He will no longer be a problem," Carlisle said darkly. "Forks High will be looking for a new teacher." Smiling sadly down at his sleeping mate, he thought back to what had happen just minutes before.

Edward watched through his gift as a stunned Mr. Long landed in front of Carlisle, Severus, wolf Paul and wolf Sam. Panicking, he immediately tried to apparate again, but each time he would land right back in front of them. The look on the man's face told that he knew that he was going to die, but he wasn't going to go out without taking someone with him. He was outnumbered and he had only one good arm, Seth having practically torn the other one completely off, but he held his wand out confidently in front of him.

"Drop the wand and accept your death," Carlisle ordered, his rage turning his eyes black. This was the man that had attempted to rape his precious mate.

"Oh I accept my death," Mr. Long snarled, "but I'm taking you with me." Flicking his wand, he sent a powerful cutting curse at the vampire.

Smirking, Severus lazily batted the curse away. "You're going to have he do better than that." The teacher may be powerful, but he wasn't as powerful as him, or as experienced.

"I tasted your boy," Mr. Long boasted, sneering at Carlisle. "I didn't take you for a pedophile like me, but Harry is a sweet little thing. If it hadn't been for that wolf, I would have sunk balls deep into him and he would have loved it."

Roaring, Carlisle lunged for the man, falling for his trick. Stepping back, Mr. Long flicked his wand, sending Carlisle soaring over his head and head first into the brick side of his house. Unfortunately for him, in his cockiness, he took his eyes off of the wolves. Snarling, wolf Sam sprung forward, clamping his teeth around the man's injured arm and tearing it completely from his body.

Severus grimaced when the wolf spat the bloodied arm out next to where the man was thrashing and screaming on the ground. Not wanting to interfere since this was Carlisle's and Sam revenge, but also not wanting to do nothing, he summoned the man's dropped wand and snapped it in half.

Snarling and with drool and blood dripping from his jowls, Sam grabbed the man by his foot and drug him to where Carlisle was standing and watching. His trip head first into the wall hadn't even stunned him. He had been back onto his feet in less than a half a second and watching as Sam got his revenge.

Tossing the man at Carlisle's feet, Sam lowered his head and backed away. He never thought that he would be working with the leeches, or befriending them, but here he was condoning him killing a man all because of a pain in the ass little hybrid who couldn't accept that they couldn't befriends. Damn him and his wolf for falling for the brat.

Grabbing the screaming man by his hair, Carlisle gave a quick jerk of the wrist, instantly snapping the man's neck. He could have wasted time by giving a speech, listening to his blubbering or just having a little fun torturing him, but he just wanted to get home to to sick mate. This piece of trash wasn't worth it. He felt no guilt for ending his life, the man was vile. He was sure if they went looking through his house that they would find other videos of him raping children. The man knew what he was doing, he had the potion, the video camera and he had even admitted to being a pedophile. As far as he was concerned, he got what he deserved.

"We should burn his house with his body in it," Jasper suggested, always the strategist. "He was a wizard so he probably has a lot of magical stuff."

"I'll do it," Severus offered. "Harry needs you."

"Thank you, Severus," Carlisle said tiredly.

"I'll stay and help too," Sam said, stepping out from behind a tree in a pair of shorts.

Approaching the alpha, Carlisle held his hand out. "Thank you, Sam."

Nodding his head, Sam accepted the vampire's hand and gave it a firm shake. Maybe the leeches weren't so bad after all.

"When everything has settled, bring your pack by and I can perform a spell that will allow your clothes to shift with you," Severus sighed. "No offense, but I have seen enough male bits to last me a lifetime."

Throwing his head back, Emmett howled with laughter.


Grinning from ear to ear, Harry peeked out from the locker room for the tenth time. Giggling, Ginny grabbed him by his Quidditch robes and pulled him back. "Are they here?"

"Yeah," Harry cried excitedly, "even Sam, Jacob and Paul came." He hadn't been sure that they would come, they had been a little bit leery over the whole magical transportation thing.

Peeking over Harry's shoulder, Ginny gave a loud appreciative whistle. "I don't know which one is your mate, Harry, but all those men are fucking hot!"

"That one," Harry smiled, pointing to Carlisle who was sitting between Severus and Seth. It had been a month and a half since Mr. Long had drugged him and attempted to rape him. At first Carlisle had been overly protective of him, he had even missed school for an entire week because his vampire mate couldn't bare to let him out of his site, but now things were running smoothly and he was very happy with his life. Despite still not talking to his ex-friends and godfathers, school was great and he had even made some new friends...some Slytherin friends. Everything at home couldn't be better, especially between his family and wolves. They now had a tentative friendship, and they even altered the treaty so he could go to the ocean occasionally with Seth. For the first time in his life, everything was perfect.

"Damn, Harry, he is sexy," Ginny drooled, poking Harry in the back. Unlike Ron and the twins, Ginny hadn't attacked him on that horrible day after Sirius' trial so he was still friends with her.

"You should see him naked," Harry winked.

"I'd like to," Ginny sassily winked back. "You nervous? It's the first game of the season and we're going against Slytherin."

"Excited is more like it," Harry confessed, reluctantly heading back in the locker room so he could finish getting ready. "For the first time in my life I have a family to cheer me on. I never had anyone to share this with before. Emmett and Seth love sports, they're going to freak when we hit the air. I tried explaining Quidditch to them, but they just weren't grasping it."

"You had me," Ron pouted childishly.

Harry was tired of dealing with Ron's mood swings. One minute he was trying to be his best friend again, and the next he was showing his jealousy. That was the main reason why he wasn't letting him back in his life, he just couldn't deal with his attitude. Seth had shown him what a true friend was. "It's not the same," he snapped, glaring at his ex-best-friend. "When you first made the team the first thing you did was send an owl to your parents, Bill and Charlie sharing the news with them. I never had that, I never had a family that I could tell stuff to...good or bad. Well I have that now and I'm not going to let you make me feel guilty about it. The people who mean the most to me in the entire world are sitting in the stand waiting to watch me cremate Draco, and you better damn well believe that I'm not going to let them down."

Ron scowled when the entire team started clapping and cheering. He needed to stop opening his bloody mouth without thinking. "You're not going to take it easy on Malfoy now that you're all buddy, buddy with him, are you?"

"Hell no!" Harry cried, grabbing his broom. "Draco would curse me into next week if I did. He may be a Slytherin, but he wants to beat me in a fair game."

"He'll never be able to get the snitch before you!" Dean crowed loudly. "Let's go out and kick some Slytherin ass!"


"I can't believe that he did this while human," Carlisle cringed, watching as his mate pulled out of a dive just inches from the ground. "It's no wonder he was in the hospital wing all the time." He was relived that his mate was now immortal, he didn't think that he could handle watching this if he was still human and very breakable.

"I'll never be able to watch football again after this," Emmett grinned, his eyes easily tracking Harry's every movement. "This has got to be the best and most dangerous sport in the world."

Sam had been leery about coming, having never left Washington and all, but the sites he had seen so far were unlike anything he had ever experienced before. This magical world, this hidden magical world, was absolutely breathtaking. He couldn't believe that all this wondrous magic existed right in front of them and no one knew about it.

"He's a crazy bastard," Paul muttered, shaking his head as the small hybrid just missed being hit in the head by one of those freaky, rogue balls.

Seth was almost hoarse from all his hollering and cheering. He had been looking forward to this match for weeks, especially since Harry and Draco had been riding each other about the match almost nonstop. After the first visit, Draco had been a regular at the Cullen house. Since Draco wanted to be a potions master, Dumbledore granted him permission to portkey over on the weekends so he could start apprenticing under Severus. The previous weekend had been so bad with the rivals bragging and playfully threatening each other that Carlisle had taken Harry away for a little weekend getaway.

"Anyone want to make bet with me on who wins?" Alice asked whimsically.

"Thanks, Alice," Edward said grumpily. "Now I know who wins." He had been enjoying the match too.

"Sorry," Alice giggled. "I can't control my gift any better than what you can control yours."

Rosalie, who normally despised sports, was glued to her seat totally in awe of the game. "Obviously Slytherin is going to win. They're up by a hundred and ten points and they have a better Keeper."

"As much as this pains me to say," Severus sighed. "Potter is an exceptional player and he will catch the snitch." He may no longer be a teacher, but he was a Slytherin and he would always cheer for his house...even if he knew that there was no way in hell that Draco could beat Potter to the snitch.

"Who is an exceptional player?" Esme asked sweetly...too sweetly.

"Someone's in trouble," Jasper snickered.

Seeing his perfect mate glaring at him, Severus leaned over and captured her lips, ignoring all the cat calls coming from his Slytherins. "I said Harry, my sweet. Harry is an exceptional player and you are an exceptional mate."

Smiling, Esme happily kissed her mate back. She knew now that Severus didn't call Harry by his last name because he was being mean and hated him, not like how he had when she first met him. Calling Harry by his last name was just a habit for her mate, a habit that was going to take a long time for him to break.

Carlisle rose slightly from his seat when his mate pressed himself flat against the broom and took off like a rocket. "He sees the snitch!" He yelled excitedly. He could tell from Harry's body language that this wasn't just another ploy to trick Draco. This was real and this was for the win.

Seth was on his feet cheering loudly and wildly flailing his arms. Even with his exceptional eye sight he hadn't seen the little golden ball at first, but now he could see it fluttering near the other team's goal post.

"Harry Potter has caught the snitch. Gryffindor wins!" The announcer screamed loudly.

Snitch still struggling in his hand, Harry looked proudly over at his family and beamed when he saw them all jumping up and down cheering for him. This moment was like a dream come true for him. It was mind blowing how much his life had changed in just a few short months. He went from being a dying, orphan, runaway boy without a friend in the world, to a hybrid immortal with a loving mate, the best brother in the entire world, siblings, incredible friends and even semi-parental figures in Severus and Esme. His life couldn't get any better.

"Congratulations, Potter," Draco said snootily, flying along beside Harry. "I only let you win because your family is here," he said casually. "I didn't want to show you up in front of them."

"Right!" Harry snickered. "Keep telling yourself that, Malfoy." Seeing his mate waving to him, he shot off past Draco and headed for the stands. He couldn't wait to see how everyone liked the game.


Freshly showered, Harry was last to leave the Gryffindor locker room. He had hung out with his family for a while as they congratulated him and talked about the game. He was glowing under their praises and their attention. Even Severus had congratulated him. It had been an amazing moment for him. Stepping outside, he froze when he saw Sirius standing there waiting for him.

"Excellent game, Harry," Sirius said, his eyes drinking in the site of his pup. He had done what his godson had asked and had left him alone, but he was desperate to talk to him...even for just a minute.

"Thanks," Harry said, nervously fiddling with his robe.

"Your father would be so proud." Sirius added.

Harry flinched as if struck, Sirius' and Remus' harsh words from a few months ago replaying in his head. They had said that he was nothing like his father, that he was selfish and spoiled. Their words had shattered him worse than the cancer had. Still, a little voice in the back of his head kept saying that if it hadn't been for their betrayal, he would not only not have his family right now, but he would also be dead. There was nothing the healers could have done to save him, he was only here right now because his mate had turned him.

"I miss you," Sirius said in a small voice.

"I miss you too," Harry reluctantly admitted. He did, he missed Sirius so much that it hurt. Despite everything, he still loved his godfather.

With tears in his eyes, Sirius looked up towards the castle where he could see his pup's new family waiting for him. "I guess I'll see you around."

Harry watched as his godfather turned around, his head hung in defeat. "Sirius!" he called. "Can you teach me how to become an animagus? I don't know if it's possible with what I am, but..."

"Yes!" Sirius cried, spinning back around, his eyes lit up with excitement. "I would love to teach you."

"Excellent," Harry said with a small genuine grin. "I'm hoping that I'm something that can run with the pack."

Sirius wanted to beg Harry for forgiveness, but he knew that words wouldn't help. He had to prove to his godson that he would never hurt him like that again. Hopefully Harry had room in his heart and his life for Remus and him.

"I have to go," Harry said, looking to where Carlisle was standing and watching them, tense with Edward's hand in his arm. It was clear to see that his mate was worried about him him and that Edward was the only thing keeping him from rushing to him. He loved how protective Carlisle was of him.

"He treating you good?" Sirius asked, following Harry gaze to the group of vampires and shifters.

"The best," Harry replied honestly. "I never thought that I could be this happy."

Harry's words hurt, but he knew that he didn't say them purposely to hurt him. Harry was being honest, speaking from his heart. He could tell just from looking at him that he was madly in love and incredibly happy. Despite the gut wrenching pain, he was happy for his pup. "You know where to find me when you're ready to start training."

Giving his godfather a small wave, Harry turned and sprinted towards his family. He had to keep a human pace incase anyone was looking out the castle windows.

"You ok?" Carlisle asked, embracing his mate and searching his eyes. Last time he had spoken to his godfather he had been extremely shook up.

"I'm amazing!" Harry cried, clinging his mate. "This has been the best day ever."

"It's celebration time!" Seth cried, picking Harry up and spinning him in a circle. "Let's get home and get the fun started."

Home! That was a word that Harry would never get tired of hearing. So many people, like Ron, take that word for granted. Ron doesn't know what it's like to live in a home and be an outsider. To be unwanted, hated and abused in a place that is supposed to offer you safety and comfort by people who are supposed to love you unconditionally. He may have had a roof over his head, but he never had a home. He may have had an aunt, an uncle and a cousin, but he never had a family. He didn't know what having a family and home felt like up until a few months ago. Now...now he wouldn't trade his home or family for all the money or material things in the world. For the first time in his life he was truly happy, safe and loved.

"Yes, let's go home!" Harry repeated happily.