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"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 75th year...of the Hunger Games. It was written in the charter of the games. In every 25 years there will be a Quarter Quell to keep fresh for each new generation the memory of those who died and the uprising against the Capitol. Each Quarter Quell is distinguished by games...of a special significance. Now on this eve of year we celebrate the third Quarter Quell. As a reminder that even the strongest cannot overcome the power of the Capitol. On this the third Quarter Quell game, the male and female tributes are to be reaped from the existing pool of victors in each district." President Snow finished his speech and the television screen darkened and the Capital symbol replaced Snow.

Azalea sucked in a breath and the moment it released. She threw a metal figurine at the screen. It spider webbed and the figurine left a dent in the hardwood. She didn't care, through her housekeeper would throw a fit. Azalea turned and rushed from the living room. Anger flooding her system and her heart pounded. At the doorway, she grabbed the first jacket and shoes she found and ripped the door up, slamming it behind her as she stormed through the snow covered ground. District 9 had the worst winters due to be on the edge of the Great Lakes. The beautiful snowy landscape that once held Azalea's attention for hours, now only angered her as it slowed her from destination.

Azalea knocked on the door once before barging in, not having the patience to wait. "Dael, where are you?" She yelled and searched through the lower level of his house. Behind her, another voice came from the door. "Dael? Azalea? Where are you?" Azalea ran back from the kitchen to the door to see a woman in her forties with short brown hair. When she saw Azalea, she sighed in relief and entered the house, closing the door behind her. "Azalea, I assume you heard." She voiced softly. "Of course I heard Laine, all of fucking Panem heard!" She screeched but Laine was hardly fazed by this anymore. "Where the hell are Dael and Edan?" She asked and looked around the empty house.

"I would guess they're ice fishing. Edan has been having nightmares as of late." Azalea nodded solemnly, thinking of young victor of 71 Games, only 18 years old. She leaned against the wall before sliding down to the floor. "At least he isn't drinking his way through it." Laine said and Azalea felt it was a dark reminder at the first two blurry years when drinking everything away had been a good idea, until a certain Games and victor had snapped her out of that. "We all can't be perfect Laine." She shot a glare at the woman but it lost its heat once she saw the worried mother-like look on Laine's face. "Perhaps if you called him you would feel a bit more relaxed." Azalea finally noticed the way her heart still raced, the way her breathing was labored and her hands shook. She crushed her hands into fist until the pain stopped the shaking.

"He wouldn't be able to pick up the phone, not at this time of day." Azalea mumbled, feeling depression rack its claws down her insides. "Laine…" She whispered. "Stop." Laine said as she sat down beside her. "There are two female victors, there's 50% chance at you won't be picked." The older woman wrapped a supportive arm around Azalea and pushed the dark hair away from her face. Azalea laid her head on her former mentor's shoulder, feeling comforted in the woman's arms. "You might not have to go through that again." Laine whispered. "They did this on purpose they did it because of her." One of the star-crossed lovers Katniss Everdeen, Azalea felt anger well in her. The damned rebellious girl who survived despite the Capital's plans, she only served to further the rebel's fire.

Azalea was of course for the rebellion but at the end of the day, she was just tired and wanted to be in her lover's arms for once and be the only girl to do so. Not have to worry she might be killed while she slept or have to wake children get murdered on television.

"Azalea, don't speak like that." Laine, who was oblivious to rebellion, always hated when she spoke ill of the other victors. Azalea signed and pushed off Laine's arm and stood up, she raked her nails through her hair and wished again Azalea could tell Laine about everything. But she had been strictly warned against it. As Laine was considered a push-over and couldn't be trusted with secrets this big. Azalea only knew because Haymitch, a victor from 12, had let some of it slip in a drunken outburst at a party once and of course he told her everything else and gained her access to the rebel's plans. She looked down at Laine, with her concerned mother look and her tongue felt loose. Surely she could at least let Laine know about the rebellion. Her mouth opened

But the front door slammed open and Dael and Edan walked in, fishing equipment and a whole rope of fish slung over Dael's shoulder. "You!" Azalea shouted and stormed over to Dael. "You two go fishing today, of all days!" Dael gave her a hard look at stopped her short and she glanced between the two male victors of District nine. "We knew about it this morning when it first aired." It was silent stab to her. Azalea had only watched a recording, having spent most of the night wide awake, waiting on a phone call. She knew Dael didn't approve of him but really, Azalea could have cared less at this point about what he thought of her relationships.

Dael placed a hand on Edan's shoulders. "I thought given the news, a little fishing was the perfect way to celebrate." The group all frowned at his choice of words. The silence hung heavy on the room. Dael cleared his throat and held of the string of fish. "Who wants some fish."

Dael prepared the fish and Laine made chips, Edan brought bread and Azalea had brought wine. Normally Laine would scold for bringing a drink when there was an underage person among them but today she said nothing. Azalea poured Edan a drink with a grin as they all sat down at Dael's dinner table. The fish dinner kept them all quiet and near the end of dinner Azalea was a bit past tipsy. Azalea laid her head on the table once Laine removed her plate. She closed her eyes and after a few moments, she turned her sight to Edan. He looked wired despite the three glasses he had. At the age of 14 he had won his games by sheer luck and a few good sponsors.

"How long do you think you'll last in the arena?" She blurted out and Edan looked shocked at her, like he hadn't expected her to even talk. Azalea flinched when she heard a plate break and looked over to see Dael sending her an annoyed look. "Never mind Edan." She smiled at him and stood up, taking a moment to let the world straighten before moving. She patted him shoulder that ended up being more like a slap and walked passed him out the kitchen. "I'm just a drunk woman rambling!" She shouted and stumbled towards the door. Pulling on the boots and jacket she had brought with her when she had stormed out the house.

At night the cold temperature dropped to even colder degree but with alcohol buzzing through her system Azalea could hardly feel it. That's why she sat down on the steps of her house and stared up at the night sky. The stars twinkled and Azalea frowned at the thought of missing them. She knew the arena would have stars but she would know they weren't real. Nothing in the arena was real, nothing but the threat of being murdered. Azalea groaned and let her head fall against the stairs the snow stuck to her hair and soaked it.

"Azalea, what are doing? Get inside." Her housekeeper, Sue, scolded her from the front door and ushered her inside. Azalea let herself be manhandled as Sue stripped off her wet clothes and led her upstairs. She was dropped on her large bed. Azalea rolled over and snuggled into her sheets. Sue started a fire and left the room after that. Probably to clean up the mess she had made earlier. Azalea let herself fall into a drunken slumber. Her fingers brushed against the jagged knife hidden under her pillow and she was out.

It was early in the morning when the sun had yet to rise that Azalea woke to the sound of the phone ringing. She laid in the daze for a moment, feeling her head pound and her throat was bone dry. She looked over to the nightstand where the phone, a glass of water and some pills were left. Azalea thanked Sue mentally and swallowed the pills and the whole glass of water. Then she registered the still ringing phone. She picked it up, still laid down in her bed.

"Hello?" She grumbled her voice was still hoarse. "Azalea?" The smooth voice on the other side seemed to wake her. She sat up and felt a rush to her head. She leaned forward and rested her head on her hand. A sweet endearment or even some sort of greeting would have been better then what she said. "You said you would call." She mumbled, wincing at her whining. He hadn't exactly promised to call, only said he would try to. "I know dear, I know." His voice was soothed her and Azalea felt herself smiling. "I couldn't get a moment to myself but once the announcement was made…I had to make sure you were okay." The victor grinned despite the situation. "I would be better if you were here." She whispered into the phone.

There was a sigh on the other side. She closed her eyes and rubbed her sore forehead. "Azalea, you know I can't." He said. Azalea frowned and rolled over in her bed and hid further in the covers. "With the games coming up, maybe we'll each other." Azalea froze at the mention of the games. There was a 50% chance she would go back into the arena but the chances for him were lesser. District 4 was full of victors as a Career District they bred victors. If she had to go back into the arena, she would be fine with that only as long as she didn't have be in there with him. She couldn't bare to watch him die, there was only so much she could take. "Finnick, I hope for once the odds are in your favor."

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