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She thought with the night falling District 13 would descend into darkness, which it did, but also that dreaded silence she feared. However once the lights went out and all the occupants of this concrete jail went to the bed. It made aware are the constant hum in the background. The artificial air being pumped in, the whir of machines asleep but ready for use. The steady thumping of guards patrolling the halls.

Azalea thought she would enjoy these noises. The silence had left a lasting impact on her, one that could send her into a panic if she was stuck in it for too long. The woman didn't enjoy those noises. They reminded her too much of the tribute tower, of the prison they were all kept in once a year to play the Capital's game. She always kept herself busy during those times, with tributes, sponsors and sneaking off to see Finnick.

But Finnick was right beside her in their bed. She felt his breathe against her neck as she gazed into the dark in front of her. His arm laying loosely across her waist, his legs tangled with her's. In the Capital, these moments had been cherished private moments when Finnick didn't have to visit people and she wasn't hounding someone for resources for her tributes. Now, nothing hid the feeling of being trapped.

She rolled over and Finnick's arm pulled her close, he let out a long exhale and she knew he was waking up. She stared at her lover's beautiful resting face as he woke up.

Blue eyes blinked tiredly at her, she was glad he seemed to finally get some sleep. "What's wrong?" He asked in a whisper, his voice raspy from sleep.

"Nothing. Just can't sleep." She didn't want to burden him, not now, not when he needed rest. Azalea smoothed down his hair and felt the stubble on his cheek against her hand. He smiled and turned to kiss her palm before settling back into his pillow. Before just a touch would have been all he needed to become intimate with her. But he was exhausted and with her finally proven awake and healthy, he could let himself relax. Even as his hand slipped beneath her shirt to lay flat against her back. The woman knew it was more of feeling her warm, breathing, self to confirm it to himself that she was there.

"Go back to sleep." She whispered back to him but Finnick was already drifting back and she left in the dark. Listening to the prison around her until morning came.

As it turned out, she wasn't the only one who had trouble sleeping. Katniss, it seemed, regularly took off in the night. The people of 13 thought she was trying to leave them but Azalea figured the teen just wanted a moment to herself.

She saw the poor girl briefly the next morning before Azalea was whisked away. As it were, now that she was familiar with 13, President Coin wanted to meet her. The victor could tell the older woman was trying to be different from President Snow. Trying to appear as the leader the people wanted, but Azalea only saw another Capital muttation. So close to the original but just different enough so people were fooled. Azalea didn't like this President, but she preferred this woman to Snow.

"Miss Hansel, I'm glad we have finally the chance to meet. When you came to us, we were unsure if you would make it." Coin's concern is carefully placed in her tone, almost like a mother worrying about a child, yet distance in a way that she could care less if this victor lived or died.

"It's all thanks District 13's people that I made it." Azalea had played this game before, in every interview she had, every sponsor she had to win over, every Capital citizen she had to talk to. Coin was unreadable, but Azalea had always been good at adapting.

Coin smiled, no teeth shone or laugh lines visible, just the tiny upturn of the cheeks. "They are amazing people, aren't they." There was a hint of pride in her voice. "But beyond your well being, I called you here to talk to you about something specific."

Coin pressed a button and the screens behind her lit up with an images she knew too well. There was District 9 in the full, Victor's Village and so many of others, flashing before without giving her the chance to catch.

"District 9 has yet to choose a side in the rebellion and I doubt if it had not been for Finnick, you or your tribute partner Dael-" Azalea eyes flashed away from the screen to Coin's eyes. The mixing set of eyes burned with fire, daring the woman to talk poorly about Dael. Coin continued, careful now. "would have helped with rescuing the Mockingjay from the arena." Azalea hated how she spoke of Katniss, like the girl was some animal or weapon. Azalea almost shouted at the woman. How could anyone think that she, or any of the tributes, wouldn't help in getting out of the arena. The victor frowned, so like someone like Coin, someone who had never, truly, faced the horrors of the arena think that.

Instead she spoke calmly as she could. "You can't say we would have turned a blind eye to rebellion when you didn't even give us a chance to open our eyes. But enough of this." She sat back and lounged in the hard, metal chair, staring at the President. There was a weird thing the elder woman did. She looked at Azalea's brown eye, then the grey one and then focused solely on the brown one. Azalea wondered what she saw. Proof of the games she survived? Did it make her look un-human, like a Capital citizen? A mutt? "You clearly asked me here with the intent of me helping with something in 9, what is it?" The victor didn't like being with this woman. She was itching to get back to Finnick and hold the twitching hands until they stopped twitching. She wanted to see Katniss and hug the girl who had to put up with Coin the most. But she acted relaxed as she could, bored even.

Coin smiled that tiny smile again and Azalea was on edge. "I want you to return to District 9 and convince them to rebel against the Capital. Shouldn't be too hard, 9 has all been but ignored by the Capital, even before the rebellion. It always shocked everyone when someone from 9 won the Games. Everyone always assumed your people don't have it in you."

Azalea remembers the time after she was crowned. She had never gotten so much attention. Many Capital people were engaged but also fascinated with how she turned against those she come so far with, those she had risked her life for only to kill them for her own gain. She remembers the private interview with Caesar. It looked good on camera but in reality had been a mess. It had just been her, Caesar and cameras. The silence had unnerved her to the point of a panic attack. Dael had to come in and calm her down and stayed for the rest of the interview. It took hours to record what was only about ten minutes of screen time. Caesar spent hours talking to her, reading in her expression the unease she felt just from the lack of noise, before he finally left with enough footage to piece together. She remembers the goodbye, how Caesar looked at her, his face avoid of his winning smile, eyes hard. He touched her shoulder, the action caused her to flinch, and left with a very solemn good-bye.

Azalea blinked away the memory and focused on Coin, the woman waited on her to come back to the present. "That's makes for good television when we do win." She had said that once before, in an interview after Edan had been crowned. The interviewer had laughed and agreed. Coin did not.

"Yes, well speaking of television, I would like to send a camera crew along with you when you go to 9." Azalea must have missed the part with she had agreed to even go to 9. "Have some footage for propos."

Azalea didn't want to go to 9 but it beat being here with Coin watching her.

"Of course, can't miss a opportunity to get a good shot." Azalea stood up, straightened her clothes and smiled at Coin. A fake smile she used when facing the Capital. Because Coin was like just the Capital, like President Snow. Facing this woman was like facing an arena.

Coin smile, wide, like she had won a game. But Azalea had faced the Games already and she came out the victor.

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