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Parvati continued, "Harry, which of the following type of girls would you be most interested in, mysterious girls, sexy girls, intelligent girls, dumb girls, or a mixture of all four?"

Harry looked around the room, his eyes settled on Hermione. She gave him a smile, and he felt his stomach flutter. "Um, intell.. no, wait. A mixture of all four, because I wouldn't like a girl just because she is smart, or mysterious, or sexy, or dumb. I would like a girl because of everything about her," Harry said after a moment's thought.

Hermione's heart skipped a beat. He had almost said intelligent girls, which she was! That was one of the sweetest answers I've ever heard. I'm glad Lavender thought of that question, Hermione thought to herself.

"You two match again!" Lavender said.

"Okay, the next question goes as follows. What is your biggest pet peeve?" Parvati asked.

Harry's eyes scanned the crowd, thinking of what annoyed him the most. Then he saw Draco and his two cronies, all sneering at him, Harry. "Draco," Harry said simply.

Draco's ears perked up when he heard his name. He gave Harry a threatening glare, and then whispered something to Goyle. Goyle made his hands into fists and whispered something to Crabbe, Crabbe did the same thing.

Ron jumped out of his seat and started punching the air. "Oh, yeah! I know my best friend!" he said excitedly.

Lavender responded with, "It's a match."

The floating piece of chalk then drew another vertical line on the chalk board that was hovering just above Harry's and Ron's heads. So far, Ron had correctly guessed eight questions.

Parvati turned her attention from Ron's outburst back to Harry. "Harry, what is your favorite food?" she inquired.

"Um, chocolate frogs…" Harry said, thinking of the way they hop about as if real after just opening them.

"They match again!" Lavender said into the microphone.

A distinctive "Boo!" was heard from the Slytherin area.

Parvati chose to ignore it, and continued on, "Which would you prefer, Harry, a box of Jell-O, or a box of pudding?"

Harry was thoroughly surprised by that question and did not know what to say. He decided to mentally flip a coin. It landed on heads. "Jell-O," he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ron. Ron said pudding," Lavender replied. "You know what happens now, Ron."

Ron sighed and stood up.

Lavender pulled out her wand and whispered. Large boils appeared on Ron's face. They started to turn a shade of red that matched his hair. He decided to just grin and bear it. However, the boils starting stinging. He then decided to jump around the platform, hoping that would help. It was all to no avail. He just ended up looking like a… well… a red-head with large boils on his face who was jumping around a platform.

After a couple of minutes, the boils started to shrink. And eventually, they disappeared all together. Ron sat back down in his chair and awaited the next question.

Parvati then said, "Would you rather live on the ground, in the air, or in the water?"

Harry thought for a grand total of two seconds, then said, "Air."

Ron clapped. Lavender said, "It matches."

Parvati smiled, for Ron's sake. Then she continued the questioning, "Pick one. Sunrise or sunset."

"Sunset," Harry said, thinking of how he loved to fly on his broom and watch the sun set over the castle grounds.

Ron let out a groan as he stood up.

"I'm guessing you said sunrise, Ron?" Harry said, a little guiltily, feeling sorry that it was partly his fault that Ron had stuff done to him.

Ron just nodded.

Lavender stood up as well and held her wand out, pointing it at Ron's stomach. She said the spell, and Ron felt a familiar feeling. He opened his mouth and a slimy slug came out. A second year Hufflepuff, who was quite near Ron, let out a scream and then backed up very quickly. Draco just laughed out loud. Hermione narrowed her eyes in his direction and shot him a dirty look, but he didn't notice.

Harry groaned, remember the last time this happened to Ron.

After a few minutes, the slugs stopped coming out of Ron, and Parvati continued, "Which would you choose, falling down a mineshaft, or having someone who fell down a mineshaft land on you?"

Harry scrunched up his face, contemplating the two choices. Hermione thought he looked rather cute doing this, and she frowned sadly when he stopped.

"I suppose I would choose falling down the mineshaft," Harry said. Ron grinned, and Harry heaved a sigh of relief, glad that Ron matched.

"It's a match," Lavender responded.

"Here's the next question, Harry. Please complete the following sentence as if you were talking… I wish I were a pretty little…." Parvati said.

Ron groaned very loudly. Harry gave Parvati and Ron both a look. Hermione couldn't help but laugh at this, remembering Ron's response.

"Um… I wish I were a pretty little… uh, uh, Auror?" Harry said weakly, wondering what Ron had said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that doesn't match!" Lavender said, "Ron said, that you wish you were a pretty little butterfly." Lavender couldn't hide the grin that was creeping up his face.

Harry's face turned an interesting shade red. Then he whispered, so that only Ron could hear him, "You're dead; you do know that, don't you?"

Ron just nodded meekly, standing up. He sighed, because he had to deal with whatever Lavender threw at him, and he also had to deal with Harry later.

Lavender stood up and whispered a spell, holding her wand out. Ron braced himself, waiting for the worst. All of a sudden, he felt a tickling sensation go through his whole body. He gasped out a squeal of laughter before falling on to the ground, clutching his sides. He was rolling on the floor, laughing his head off from all the tickling. His face was turning purple, because he couldn't breathe, due to laughing so hard. After about three minutes, the tickling stopped. Ron sat up straight and fixed his shirt. Then he sat back down in his chair, as if nothing had happened at all. Harry gave him an odd look, but then shrugged and waited for Parvati to continue.

And she did, "Harry, what is your favorite saying that you say?"

Harry thought for a minute. Then his face lit up, and he responded, "How many times are you going to read 'Hogwarts, A History?'"

Ron burst out laughing, because as he thought about it, he realized that Harry said that an awful amount of times, but then again, so did he.

Hermione blushed, a little embarrassed. But then she realized that Harry thought of her and her obsession when asked that question, and that made her blush with happiness.

"I'm sorry, but that does not match. Ron said that your favorite saying is 'I wish I were Ron,'" Lavender said, laughing a bit as well.

Harry stopped smiling when he heard that. Then, after a couple of seconds, he started cracking up. Ron then started to laugh as well, because he was so glad that Harry wasn't going to hex him right then and there.

Lavender stood up, her wand in her hand. Ron noticed this and gulped. He wearily stood up and faced her. Lavender said the spell and waited for the reaction.

Ron's legs and arms sprang to his sides. He then keeled over, flat on his face. His body hitting the platform floor made a horrible echo in the large room. Draco's incessant laughing was starting to get on Hermione's nerves. Lavender waited a couple minutes, then released Ron from the full body bind.

Parvati continued once Ron was once again sitting in the chair next to Harry. "If you turned into a girl, Harry, what would you name yourself?" she asked.

"Uh… how about…Diana?" he responded, thinking of the first name that popped into his head that wasn't the name of any girl he knew.

"Sorry, but Ron said Harriet," Lavender replied.

Ron snapped his fingers in disappointment. Then he lazily stood up, waiting for Lavender to do the same. Once she did, she cast a curse on Ron. Ron felt a funny sensation go through his body; then he noticed the whole of the Great Hall was laughing. He didn't understand why. Then Parvati handed him a mirror, and he let out a groan of displeasure. He was wearing a peacock green dress that flared out at the hips, lime green high heel shoes, a floppy sun hat with a familiar looking stuffed vulture on it, and forest green rimmed sunglasses. The outfit looked horrible together, but it was worse with Ron's bright red hair sticking out from under the hideous hat.

Hermione giggled, but Harry was guffawing so much that he had to hold his sides, because they hurt from the hearty laughter. Ron gave Harry a look of disgust. This only made Harry snicker harder.

Once Lavender stopped chuckling, she turned Ron back to normal. Parvati then declared, "And that is the end of round two!" She looked at the chalkboard above Ron and Harry and then added, "You have a grand total of eleven points, very nice. This means that we go to round three, which is the ultra-bonus-lightning round."

Ron and Harry both looked up at the words ultra-bonus-lightning round. Ron was intrigued and Harry was curious.

"This question is for Ron. Ron, have you and/or Harry ever had a crush on a best friend?" Parvati said casually.

Ron's eyes flicked over to Harry for a second. Harry tried to look casual. "Yes," Ron replied.

Hermione gave a hopeful in Harry's direction.

"Who?" Parvati asked, trying to appear indifferent.

"I have," Ron said simply.

"Really… who have you had a crush on?" Parvati responded.

Harry held is breath.

"Oh, I still have a crush on her. And it's Lavender," Ron replied.

Harry sighed, relieved. Then his eyes perked up, surprised by the answer.

Lavender looked at Ron hopefully. "Are you serious?" she cried out.

"Yes," Ron said plainly.

Lavender went a little red in the face. Then she walked over to Ron and kissed him lightly on his lips.

Harry smiled, happy for his friend.
Now it was Ron's turn to go red in the face.

Hermione smiled cheerfully; glad that Ron and Lavender both liked each other.

Parvati tried to continue, but Draco interrupted her. "Don't tell me you like Weasley, Lavender! Even you can get better than that!" he yelled out, "I know-"

But no one got to know what he knows, because he was hit with three curses at that precise moment: one from Hermione, one from Harry, and one from Parvati. Crabbe and Goyle just looked around stupidly, not sure of what they should do.

Then Parvati smiled and continued, "The next question is for you, Harry. But firstly, will you let us give you a truth potion?"

Harry squirmed in his chair. "Um… why?" he asked cautiously.

"To make sure you don't lie, of course. Oh, don't worry, we won't ask you anything terribly embarrassing or anything!" Parvati said, noticing the greenish color of Harry's complexion.

"Um… uh… well… erm…" Harry stuttered, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

Hermione breathed deeply. Then she got out of her chair and headed toward the platform.

Ron and Harry looked at her curiously, wondering what she was doing.

Hermione walked right up onto the platform and took Lavender's microphone. Then she began to speak into it, her voice shaking a little, "Hi. For anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Hermione Granger. The game show is over."

People were murmuring to each other, and Parvati gave her a look. Then Parvati said quietly, so only Hermione could hear her, "What are you doing?"

Hermione responded into the microphone, "I'm stopping it. Harry obviously doesn't want to take the truth potion, and I've decided to take action into my own hands."

Harry looked at her quizzically. He thought to himself, What action?

Lavender responded first, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'm just going to tell him," Hermione replied, taking a shaky breath to calm her nerves.

Parvati and Lavender both just shrugged. Hermione turned to look at Harry. She looked into his eyes and said, "I like you."

Ron gasped in surprise. Harry's heart skipped several beats. When he had fully registered what Hermione said, he responded, "Are, are you serious?"

Hermione could only nod her head; she was too scared to speak. Then something Hermione never expected to happen in her life happened. Harry stood up and slowly walked towards her. He put his hand on the nape of her neck and leaned forward. When their lips touched, Hermione swore she saw hundreds of fireworks go off. The kiss only lasted about three seconds, but it was enough for Hermione to live on for the rest of her life. Harry pulled back slowly, to gauge her reaction. Hermione smiled. Harry smiled. Then, very slowly, Harry leaned in once again. This kiss was a lot longer, and Hermione wrapped her arms tightly around Harry's neck while Harry had his hands on her back. Ron, Parvati, and Lavender started whooping with joy. Draco, who had finally regained consciousness after the three curses, scowled deeply when he saw the sight on the platform.

Darn, I wanted him for myself! he bitterly thought with disgust.

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