Chapter 60 - E-113

When Mordin had uploaded the Geth package into the Gorath Stations servers, they immediately began taking computational resources. Even as files detailing a myriad of information on Saleon's Children were being uploaded alongside the Geth, there was no way the Security VI wouldn't notice something was amiss. Still, VI was much less complex than AI, and fooling it was simple for the thousand of programs now within the system. False information was given to the VI security protocols so as to trick it into not recognizing that much MUCH more resources were being used for a simple upload than normal. Assembled target data sets immediately went to work at cluster detection within the Gorath servers with any information of the E-Series being a priority. They immediately began their work.

Mordin sat alone in his room as the Geth Programs within the stations servers began sending him copies of various files. After the treatments to the A-Series, Mordin found himself with free time to spare as he waited for any modified changes to finish developing. This gave him the opportunity to begin seeing exactly what the E-Series was.

There were several files, but the information he was capable of seeing was, in a word, nonsense. It displayed very minor, almost useless information. Mordin supposed that any other information related to each was still in the process of being mined from the servers by the Geth programs. Still the mere fact that the Geth themselves haven't managed to get everything already was worrying. It spoke well of the stations ability to keep information classified.

Still at least it gave a vague idea of the level of progress made.

Numerical Designation: E-101



Numerical Designation: E-105

Target: Classified

Status: Failed

Numerical Designation: E-110

Target: Classified

Status: Partially Failed

Note: Further Experimentation Required

Numerical Designation: E-113

Primary Target:Classified

Secondary Target: Reapers by Proxy

Status: Success

Note: Modified form of E-110

That last one worried Mordin. While most of it was kept intentionally vague, the Status of the last one indicated that of all the E-Series, it was the only success. The Fact that according to the file, the Target was Reapers by Proxy, which made it difficult to tell exactly what it was E-113 did.

Assuming it was a virus, how could it also Target Reapers even by Proxy? Mordin thought on it, and came up with only 1 conclusion. Assuming that it was a virus, and Mordin was confident that it was, something about it's symptoms must have done something to Reapers.

Still, it was far too vague. In the end, Mordin learned only one thing, there was an Anti-Reaper weapon on this station, and the higher ups considered it a success.

Mordin quickly hid the information in the deepest recesses of his Omni-tool, and hid the files to be inaccessible to anyone but him.

It would only be a matter of time before the Geth got ahold of the rest of that information, all Mordin needed to do was wait.

He wasn't in any rush.

Adapting pigment shifting chromatophores to function without the input of a brain was surprisingly simple. A new organ had to be created, one that while not exactly a brain, mirrored much of the chemistry of the brain. This organ was designed to interface to the onboard brain-computer interface. Simply think of changing the armors color and texture, and the interface translated that information to activate the organ, which stimulated the nervous system to shift the chromatophores into the desired configuration.

The process was fast, even to the hyperactive metabolism of a Salarian, it appeared to be instantaneous.

"How does it look out there?" asked the Pilot.

Mordin had found that the soldier who had volunteered to help test the Suit was a likable enough individual. When he was needed for testing he came without a fuss and followed every order given. When he was no longer needed, he left. Mordin didn't really care to memorize the soldiers name, but he made it a point to. Emorm Lorale was perhaps the only person here who didn't rub him the wrong way,Everyone else here made his skin crawl.

"The suit has shifted to match the color and texture of the wall behind you, we're going to try something more complex. Try and change the suit to match something else."

"Alright, I'll go with a jungle cameo."

Before the words left his lips, Mordin watched as the armor took on a deep brown coloration with a texture not unlike tree bark.



"The suit matches the exact color and texture of the Gil'Tinos Tree native to the Northern Hemisphere of Sur'Kesh, right down to mimicking symbiotic lichen growth."

"So, Is that good?"

"It's amazing. Something about it has properties different from those used in its components. This goes beyond what Chromatophores alone should be capable of." said Mordin as he examined the false lichen growth on the armor.

"Miss Trells, note that upon closer inspection, what appears to be lichen is not separate from the organism, but appears to simply be modified tissue from the epidermal coating to simply appear as Lichen."

Sil Trells did so. Recently, she had become Mordins shadow. Always present and waiting. It made looking into anything the Geth might have found difficult, if not outright impossible. Still, even she eventually needed to sleep.

As soon as Mordin made his Observations, he too a step back.

"Thank you Emorm Lorale, you may go."

Mordin watched as the exoskeleton returned to normal as Emorm stepped out of the suit, saluted Mordin, and walked off.

"Congratulations on your first success." said SIl as she idly examined the Suit.

"So what is next?"

"Introduction of non-organic transistor components into the cells. Allow the cells themselves to function as the Brain-Computer interface. It would allow us to remove several fully mechanical components and replace them with different Hardware or Wetware."

Sil nodded.

"Single atom transistors?" she questioned.

"It is what the Children of Saleon use, if it works for them, it will work for us."

"I'll gather the necessary materials, you are moving far faster than I anticipated."

Mordin nodded, not really feeling like talking, unfortunately, Sil Trells did.

"I almost think you are rushing it, maybe to be transferred over to the E-Series projects."

"I am simply doing what I was brought here to do." said Mordin as he looked to the Bio-Armor, thinking over several other possible changes that could be done within a reasonable timeframe. Perhaps incorporating an electrolaser design into the suit. It worked for blacklight. The laser would have to be mechanical in nature. Mordin doubted he could make the same laser Blacklight used, he knew the design, but creating an organ that complex and compact was outside of his abilities without access to a Blacklight Evolved, but stacks of electrocytes were simple enough to splice into the suit.

"You asked me once about the E-Series, I have seen some of the tests." Said Sil interrupting Mordins thoughts.

Moridn stopped what he was doing as he turned to see Sil staring back at him with a wicked smile across her face.

"I can assure you, if the Reapers do come, they will find we won't go down easily."

"Exactly what is the E-Series?"

"Pathogens mostly, which is all I have been cleared to tell you at this point."

"And how exactly can a pathogen infect something like a Reaper, they are overwhelmingly a synthetic organism. The parts that aren't is little more than a sludge of free floating neurons. There isn't any real way for a virus or bacterium to access the organic parts. Even if you could I doubt something like Cancer or brain hemorrhaging works for a fluid of neural tissue."

"Hm, maybe, but look at something like Blacklight, they are a Pathogen, but they can combat the Reapers, all without directly infecting them."

"Are you implying one of the E-Series causes those infected to become a Blacklight like lifeform?"

Sil shook her head.

"No, most within the E-Series agree that attempting to create something like Blacklight can only end in failure."

Mordin sighed.

"You are being deliberately vague."

Her smile grew.

"True, you squirm when I do that. I like it when you squirm. It's cute."

Mordin turned from Sil as he continued to examine the Armor, he wouldn't give this sociopath the satisfaction. He heard Sil bark a laugh before she stood.

"Don't think on it too much Mordin, I'm sure you will learn more about the E-Series soon. Very soon in fact."

And like that Sil left, leaving Mordin alone for the first time in the past few days.

That was when the comms activated.

"Dr. Solus, this is Vurlon, report to my office post haste."

Mordin felt a shiver as he took his first step. He hated this place.

"You wanted to see me?" asked Mordin as he watched Vurlon wave him in.

"Yes, come in Mordin."

Mordin did so, and sat in the chair in front of Vurlon's Desk, who continued watching screens in front of him for an uncomfortable amount of time, but as soon as Mordin was about to say anything, he turned to face the Scientist Salarian. He stared at mordin for a while longer, observing him in a way best described as ominous.

"I feel I must congratulate you on your success with the A-Series. The outcome has exceeded expectations." said Vurlon, breaking the silence.

Mordin felt like this, whatever it was, was not what he was called here for. Vurlon did not strike him as one to compliment anyone for doing their job, he had the familiar attitude of people who expect others to do what they are ordered and paid to do. Failure was the only thing worth commenting on, usually to horrid results for the one who failed. It was an attitude he recalled for the upper echelons of the STG.

"Thank you, but I feel like that is not why you called me here."

Vurlon nodded.

"Astute observation. I understand that you have questions involving the E-Series, the truth of the matter is that we have multiple pending projects, none have made it past initial trials, except one. E-113, It is indeed a virus, and was designed as a Reaper weapon only to be used as a last resort."

"What exactly is E-113, if I may be so bold?"

Vurlon looked to Mordin with a mildly amused stare.

"That's it? I assumed you would ask me why I was willing to tell you anything."

"You are meeting me in person, if you didn't intend to tell me anything, we would not be here, and you wouldn't have brought it up. Why is irrelevant, I only want to know the What."

Vurlon smiled at that, a gesture which made Mordins stomach flip.

"You know Mordin, you remind me of a younger Jobol. He behaved much the same way in his youth."

It did not escape Vurlon the look of shame that came upon Mordins face at the comparison.

"Perhaps not fully, but one day... Yes I could see you continuing on from where Jobol left off. Men like Jobol, as much as you may want to think otherwise, are a necessity to any advanced society. We would not be in the position we are in today if not for individuals like him."

"Noted. What is E-113?" Said Mordin with a int of spite.

Vurlon watched the increasing anger on Mordin's features before speaking.

"For most, E-113 is completely harmless. It was designed to grow only in the Eezo Nodes found on biotic nervous systems, anyone who isn't biotic will never show any outward signs of infections. Regardless, I must ask you to shut down any electronics you may have, do so now. I will know if you didn't."

Mordin observes Vurlon momentarily, before he motioned to his wrist, shutting down everything he had on him. After a moment, Vurlon spoke.

"What I am about to tell you must remain between us, personally I would rather keep you in the dark, but Jobol believes that if you knew what E-113 could do, you could be put on the project after your work with the A-Series. I do not trust you Mordin, not yet, but I do trust Jobol, and I owe him far more than I can ever repay."

Vurlon looked to his screens to ensure no bugs were currently activated that could record what he was about to say, satisfied his scans came up clean, he spoke.

"E-113 infection is caused via body fluid contact, after initial infection it makes its way through the host body before it targets the nervous system directly. When it encounters an Eezo node, it uses them as a breeding ground to multiply. Electrochemical activity becomes sporadic, normally this would only cause those infected to twitch, but for Biotics, it does something else, it causes them to randomly produce biotic abilities constantly. Once the infection reaches the brain, it compels infected biotics to group together, the more biotics in one area, the greater the damage done by randomly appearing Biotic Singularities, Biotic Pushes and Pulls, Reaves, Annihilation Fields, and exploding barriers. With a sufficient number of Biotics in one area, the damage can be comparable to multiple megaton nuclear weapons. The virus multiplies fast enough and it is found throughout the body, even in the saliva. It progresses slow enough to ensure complete infection, and while the virus cannot breed in non-biotic individuals, it can remain dormant within them to make them carriers."

Mordin had listened to the whole description with his utmost focus and attention. After a moment he spoke.

"How virulent is E-113?"

"That is what we want you for Mordin. At present the virus can only be spread via bodily fluids. It isn't infectious enough to be used as a viable Anti-Reaper weapon. The virus can remain alive outside the body for a few short moments. Hardly long enough to spread the infection. While the virus remains dormant in Non-Biotic individuals, since it cannot multiply within them, their rate of infection diminishes over time. Only Biotic individuals themselves produces enough E-113 to spread. This is somewhat mitigated by the compulsion of infected biotics to seek out other biotics, but this compulsion isn't guaranteed. As such we cannot guarantee enough biotics will be infected before symptoms manifest. Symptoms manifest roughly two to three hours after infection, when they do manifest the random twitching and jerking makes it difficult for infected to efficiently seek out more Biotics. We need symptoms to manifest much later and to survive for much longer outside a host to ensure maximum infection spread."

"How was E-113 tested?"

"A mix of Biotic and Non-Biotic Pyjaks, roughly a dozen of each. One infected Biotic Pyjak was introduced to the group, however when his symptoms manifested only four had become infected, the biotic attacks he produced then killed six, including three of the infected Pyjaks who had yet to manifest symptoms. By the time the one remaining infected did manifest symptoms, it had failed to spread the infection. Non-Biotics never manifest symptoms yet can still spread the infection, but since E-113 cannot multiply in Non-Biotics… I think you see the problem."

"If I do that, we're talking about the eradication of all Biotics, and the extinction of naturally biotic species like the asari."

Vurlon rose a brow as he observed Mordin curiously.

"Is that not preferable to the extinction of all known sapient life in the galaxy?"

Mordin nodded. It left a sour taste in his mouth, but when put like that, he could see the logic behind it. Vurlon seemed satisfied with Mordins outward acceptance of the situation, but he knew it was best to reassure Mordin, at least enough to make the idea more palpable.

"Regardless, assuming you could fix E-113, it is strictly an Anti-Reaper weapon, and we will only deploy it should the situation become truly hopeless. Biotics at present are essential for galactic society to continue functioning. Their loss is unacceptable for our military and law enforcement. Asari alone are economic juggernauts, their extinction cannot be allowed to pass unless it becomes clear the alternative is the genocide of all known sapient life."

Mordin, as much as he hated it. Did find himself finding that to be somewhat reassuring, but at the end of the day, he didn't believe it. What's to say that Mordins idea of hopeless was the same as Vurlons, and that was assuming that Vurlon wasn't lying.

However, Mordin had a job to do, and while he couldn't record what was said, he had memorized it already. Now it was just figuring out how to get that information back to Blacklight.

"So when do you want me to take a look at E-113?"

"Eventually, Your success with the A-Series makes us want to keep you on that project. For now. However you asking questions costs time we do not have. If you have any further questions, you will come to me. I will decide if you are authorized to know anything."

"Well, since I am already here, there is one more thing I wanted to know about, it is not anything major, but I was curious. It involves the S-Series."

Vurlon rose a brow.

"Oh, you're going to have to be more specific."

"I only have seen the Infiltrators, and was informed of the Commandos and the Sentinels. However, I recently noticed there are no more Infiltrators here. Were they put on ice like the others?"

Vurlon shook his head.

"Currently, each one has been placed on an STG team. They are being field tested as we speak."

Mordin nodded.

His curiosity stated, he stood from his seat and excused himself. Vurlon waved him out.

As Mordin made his way back to the lab, he reflected on what he learned.

He understood how E-113 could be seen as an Anti-Reaper weapon. Place enough Biotics in one area, and eventually there would be too many randomly conjured biotic attacks for anything to survive. In theory, with enough power, even a Reaper could be torn apart by it.

It made sense in a way.

But the cost was too great.

There was no doubt in Mordins mind. He had to get out, but it was too soon. He needed to gather as much data as he could before he left, but he had to make sure nothing left this facility. The S-Series Infiltrator already were being implemented.

It was only a matter of time that E-113 was put to the test.

Sparatus looked as images flashed before him. Each showing new weapons of war that numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands.

As the council watched, Alex spoke.

" These military vehicles were used by humanity for decades. These schematics have been looked over and improved with everything we know about Mass Effect technology taken into account. New kinds of tanks, troop transport, jets, bombers, VTOLs, Artillery, and just about everything in humanity's old arsenal has been improved and redesigned with modern technology."

"Nice to know humans were so innovative in the art of war."Said Sparatus.

"We were really good at killing each other long before the Rampancy happened. Either way most of these vehicles are designed for optimal production. Cheap and fast to make. So that takes care of ground and air combat, what about fleets?"

"I believe we can realistically begin an overhaul into frigate and cruiser production." Said Valern."but convincing the Union to create more dreadnoughts will be a bureaucratic nightmare. I could do it eventually, but considering the time it takes to build even a single dreadnought by the time I did convince them to start we would probably be half way through a Reaper war anyway."

"The same is true for the republic I am afraid. We'll probably have an overabundance of Frigates and Cruisers at the very least." Said Tevos.

"I'm sure I could get more Dreadnoughts built, but the treaty would make that difficult. We have both the will and resources to make more, but unless the union or republic can make more, we are stuck. Carriers however, that is a different story. Based on what Mercer provided I believe I can have quite a few carriers ready before the Reapers show. Assuming Backlights estimate before they arrive is right."

"The Treaty of Farixen limits non-Council members of the Citadel to at most, seven Dreadnoughts. Do you think there is any way to get the other species up to that number if, perhaps the turians use their resources to build Dreadnoughts for those species as opposed to the turians own fleets. It could be written off as a diplomatic move. " asked Alex.

Sparatus clicked his mandibles together as he thought of that.

"Well… I can guarantee no one would like it, especially not me, but considering the circumstances, I'll see what I can do. Moving back to the ground vehicles. I actually did want to ask, why are so many vehicles, tanks in particular outfitted with thermobaric explosives?"

"They worked really well against Elizabeth's infected when Blackwatch was around. They should work just fine against the Children."

"If I may interrupt." said Tevos as everyone turned to her direction. "We are talking about a massive shift in all our current financial markets. The numbers given could potentially leave us in an economic position so focused on war production that if we ever stop producing weapons of war, it would collapse. I understand the Reapers are a threat, but assuming we were to win would the new world after the Reapers defeat be one worth living in? The Reapers themselves will already crash any economic market we have, production of this scale would make it even worse. We might never recover from it."

"I can understand your position Tevos, but we are talking about potential Galactic Extinction, sacrifices will have to be made."

Tevos sighed as she slumped in her seat.

"I don't like this. Not one bit. But I can't really argue against it. I have never felt so powerless in all my career." Said Tevos.

"What about the other races?"asked Alex, changing the subject.

"I know that Din Korlack is beginning to expand the Volus Bombing Fleet and building a second dreadnought based on the Kwunu. Assuming I can convince anyone to build dreadnoughts for non-Council members, that would be one less we would have to build." Said Sparatus.

"I am at a loss for words that you are even willing to consider doing that. Who are you and what have you done to my curmudgeon."

'Your curmudgeon?' Wondered the Blacklight Collective.

"Oh just shut up." Said Sparatus.

"At a time like this. I think not." Said Tevos as she smiled when seeing Sparatus click his mandibles and growl.

'D'aww, that's actually kinda cute.' said the familiar voice of Diana in Alex's head.

Apparently most of the collective was in agreement, but Alex couldn't find it in him to care.

"Should we can get back on track or would you two care for a private room for whatever unresolved thing that's going on right now?" Said Valern.

Alex smirked, he immediately put the salarian on his ''Alright kinda guy' list. Especially after seeing both Tevos and Sparatus reactions. Which mostly involved adorable awkwardness.

"Yes… well… getting back to the discussion, Aria of Omega has a lot of pull with various controversial organizations in the Terminus Systems, while I wouldn't exactly wish to work alongside them. They would be very valuable assets."said Tevos.

"What about Elcor?" Asked Alex.

"Their flotilla isn't large by any stretch of the imagination, mostly consisting of Carriers and Cruisers, but as ground troops, they would be invaluable. They would practically put the Krogan to shame if it wasn't for their own conservative nature." said Sparatus.

"Hanar and Drell on the other hand, while still having a small fleet, access to the best drell combat specialists would prove invaluable. No word yet on what expenses they are planning fleet wise, but I do know they are working on something. Probably Carriers or Cruisers if I had to guess." said Tevos.

"What about the elephant in the room, the Batarians?" Asked Alex.

The room suddenly became uncomfortably quiet. It was so uncomfortable that half a galaxy away, in the Sol System there was an almost 2% drop in energy production for about half a second.

"The loss of their homeworld has hit them very hard. A significant portion of their fleet and army is either completely gone, or crippled in some way. They had enough planets and… ''pirate' fleets to give them a fighting chance with the proper support, but there is no way we can get them back to their previous power. They are a shadow of what they once were." Said Sparatus.

Valern nodded.

"That may be true, however they are desperate for a sense of purpose after the destruction of their homeworld. No one will be more eager to engage the Reapers than Khar'shan's last."

"Poetic and well said, but I fear their desperation may lead them to act rashly in the future." said Tevos.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about that." Said Alex as everyone turned to him.

"During the evacuation of Khar'shan we used the abilities granted by asari physiology to meld with their population." Said Alex as he noticed Tevos seemed to balk at the idea but otherwise remained silent.

"We shared everything we knew of the Reapers we knew. We couldn't have them lose so much and not know why. For many of them, we felt their hate, but I am confident they are not going to do anything too drastic… at least for most of them."

"That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence." Said Tevos.

Alex shrugged lightly.

"Make of it what you will. Well, I guess it's my turn." Said Alex before Sparatus interrupted.

"Please tell me you aren't going to bring up the rachni and the Geth."

"Well since you asked so nicely, we do have a possible avenue of incorporating the quarians and the Vorcha."

"I'm sorry, but… Vorcha?" Asked Valern.

"A bit of a side project we've been working on. Already got them a small fleet and a Space Station. They started calling their Fleet the Void Devils… it's kinda cute." said Alex.

"Cute… yes that is certainly… a word." Said Valern.

"You get used to it." Said Sparatus.

Valern quickly turned his head to the elder tuirian.

"Wait, you knew?"

"I have seen footage involving Vorcha fighting against Collectors." Said Sparatus.

"We always suspected it was related in some way to Blacklight. I'm surprised you didn't know. We gave you access to those files." said Tevos.

"To be completely honest. I didn't really see the need to keep up with whatever the Vorcha were doing. I always assumed I would die long before they ever became anything resembling a galactic power."

"Most people tend to share that view. It's what enabled us to get as far along with their progress as we could. No one pays them any mind, a very useful trait don't you think."

Valern nodded.

"Yes, I can see your point."

"Everything aside, there have been many shifts to empower the militaries of various species. Not due to the Reapers, but Blacklights introduction to the Galaxy has caused many to bulk up their forces. Fortuitous really, we can point them at the Reapers instead." said Tevos.

"A proper chain of command leading the logistics of these various militaries could help against anything the Reapers have planned." said Sparatus.

"And who would be at the top of that chain?" asked Alex.

"That is where we are having issues. Obviously any species is going to want resources diverted to the areas that most impacts their own. I think something objective is in order." said Tevos.

"Can you be objective?" asked Alex.

"That actually is the issue." said Sparatus.

"In theory, the citadel council was originally formed to be impartial, not to favor one of our members over another, whether they are apart of the Council or not. However in practice, it is hard to be impartial, especially if even the most conservative estimates of what a full scale Reaper war would look like." said Tevos.

"Obviously I would want anything that would impact the Salarian Union to be taken care of, while Tevos would want anything that impacts the Asari Republic to be focused on, the same would be true for every species." Said Valern.

"I see, what about Non-Council members?" asked Alex.

"They do have their own ambassadors, so the good news is we do have individuals who would bring anything the Reapers are doing to their worlds to us, but I don't think we can expect them or ourselves to be impartial." said Tevos.

"So everyone is going to want the bulk of this coalition in their territories to deal with the Reapers, and if it is spread to thin it will be far less effective."

Tevos nodded.

"We need to have just the right amount of forces in just the right areas based on severity. We need a quick way to deal with any inevitable issues that will arise from everyone trying to divert resources to their planets, we need to divert those resources to the correct places based on what is needed. We need to know what to prioritize. The unfortunate truth is that we only have theories of what a Reaper invasion will look like. So we don't know exactly what to prepare for other than show of force full scale invasions. It isn't like we have access to anyone who has experienced a full fledged Reaper invasion."

Aex cleared his throat.

"Well…. That isn't entirely accurate."

Everyone looked over to the Evolved as he smirked.

"I may know a few people, like a very old, and very smart plant that has seen multiple Reaper invasions. And I may also know where the Creators of the Reapers are at this moment."

"You what now?"

"It's a long story, you got the time?"

"Yes!" said three voices simultaneously.

The day was long and grueling. Mordin sat in relative silence at his desk. It would take time for Vurlon to acquire the single atom transistors for the next part in upgrading the A-Series Bio-Armor. This facility, while advanced, was primarily outfitted for genetic experimentation, so for now Mordin had time to look over his other project.

Thus far the Geth programs managed to remain undetected in the Gorath Stations servers. They were very good at it to. To the point where the Geth programs gave an ETA to their projected time of completion. This ETA was down to the millisecond, and the clock was winding down, only a few short hours remained. So all Mordin had to do was wait.

To pass the time, he looked over a few files on the Bio-Armor. Looking over the internal mechanical skeleton, Mordin was unsure if he could give the suit the same drastic morphing capabilities of Blacklight. The mechanical frame would get in the way of anything as drastic as a whipfist or blade… but Mordin did recall one ability that could work.

Muscle mass was an ability that Increases Blacklights already great strength twofold. Throws go further and all strike attacks carry more damage. It did not actually modify attack abilities, only making them more potent. And the changes were minor. Little more than an increase in muscular density and the addition of a chitin exoskeleton, but with that strength a single punch could reduce an enemy into a bloody mist.

As Mordin sat a familiar buzzing could be felt from his wrist. He looked to his Omnittol. The Geth had unlocked the files on the E-series.

While the information was the same, the classified and redacted sections had been revealed. Mordin stared at the files for what felt like hours, but couldn't have been more than a few moments. There were some spikes in paranoia that anything he viewed would somehow be known by Vurlon, but he knew the Geth wouldn't be so careless. At the same time however, there was a feeling that whatever he might discover would be something he didn't want to see, but at the same time, as much as he hated Vurlon and his puppets, they weren't like Saleon. Saleon was a madman, one who had no morals and was willing to cross any line to achieve his nebulous goals.

Mordin prepared to play the files, hoping he wouldn't see innocents being used as test subjects.

Numerical Designation: E-101


Subject:Genetically Modified Krogan Clone


A video file showed an adolescent lobotomized Krogan-esque creature. It appeared to have several birth defects, including a concave head crest. Mordin recalled such a deformity, it was associated with Krogans who had improperly developed brains. It was injected with what Mordin identified as a heavily modified Genophage virus. The video skipped to the Krogan strapped on a bed. Ordin looked at the Krogan, previously male, but now it was impossible to tell, it appeared as if both Primary and secondary sex characteristics were absorbed into the body. Then the redundant organs and nervous system within the Krogan began to change as the infection took hold. It started with the rippling of his stomach, almost as if his intestines had become a nest of writhing lamprey that were squirming just beneath the skin. Huge tumors appeared on his shoulders, enormous lesions and growths that lengthened abnormally unil Mordin realized what he was seeing when a hand emerged from one of the tumors on the Kogan's redundant organs had became a separate entity that horrifically and violently tore its way out of the Krogans own body and begin attacking anything near it, in this case the very Krogan it emerged from. The original Krogan lay on the floor not yet dead as the malformed skinless thing that had torn itself out of their body began to beat the very creature it had escaped from again and again with what could generously be called hands before falling to the floor and rot away into squirming nerves and blood vessels that would decompose rapidly creating noxious gasses that carried with the more of the infection.

Mordin found his nerves shot as he as he watched the macabre display. A lobotomised clone may be ideal compared to someone who had a life with people who cared about them, but it was a sickening sight to behold nonetheless. That was but one of several other E-Series pathogens that caused the worst fates to befall a particular species. The other files however, seemed to be very different. While this virus appeared to use a cloned and lobotomized Krogan, the other experiments seemed to use individual organs instead, as opposed to a whole individual. Perhaps to mitigate any dangers similarly to what abomination tore its way out of the Krogan's body.

Hesitantly he played another video file.

Numerical Designation: E-105


Subject: Donated Turian Organs


The video showed infected Turian lungs, a heart, brain, and digestive system. All kept alive through machinery. Mordin watched as the internal organs began to coat themselves in a shell made out of the same metallic material that compromised a Turians plates. The shells that had grown around the organs would then begin to spawn bladed protrusions, almost like metallic crystals. Mordin had no doubt in his mind that these blades would cause severe internal bleeding. It would be a cruel and monstrous way to die. Unbearably painful as your own internal organs turned into serrated knives, ripping you apart from the inside out.

Mordin didn't even want to know what the virus could do if a whole living Turian was used.

Mordin moved to the next file.

Numerical Designation: E-110


Subject: Cloned Asari Nervous system

Status: Partially Failed

Note: Further Experimentation Required

Mordin watched as what appeared to be the Nervous system and Biotic network of an Asari was kept in a tank of highly oxygenated fluid. The nervous system was bloated with malformed biotic nodes as impossibly fast cancer grew within them. Whole new networks of Biotic nodules and a newly grown Nervous System would cause uncontrollable and unpredictable Biotic attacks to come from the infected Asari's nervous system. Biotic Singularities randomly appeared around the subject as anything to close would be pulled towards the infected bioti network. A door in the room opened as a Pyjak was thrown into the area, where it was forcefully pulled to the biotic network. As the Pyjak was pulled to the tank, the glass shattered as the fluids fell freely to the ground. The Pyjak came in contact with the cloned Asari nervous system, and it screamed as it was slowly fused to it in a sickening display and bastardization Asari Melding.

Mordin closed the video, horrified by what he saw, but there were more videos. Scrolling through the list, he found another one, but unlike the rest this one was not a failure.

Numerical Designation: E-113

Primary Target:Biotics

Secondary Target: Reapers by Proxy

Status: Success

Note: Modified form of E-110

This video showed a troop of Pyjacks. One was violently shaking as it produced lashing waves of Biotic energy that tore through other Pyjacks. Rendering them into crimson ribbons and splintered bone. The infected Pyjak bled from every orifice as its blood vessels ruptured. One of the other biotic Pyjacks managed to save much of the troop by instinctively creating a barrier around it and it's kin. Eventually the infected Pyjak ceased to move, and the attacks ceased. Mordin watched the damage that resulted from a single Pyjak, and it as comparable to that of a claymore mine.

How much more damage could have resulted if the others manifested symptoms?

What if it was an Asari?

A small Pyjak doing that much damage was unheard of. Biotics or not, all cases of animals with Biotic abilities were relatively minor. Biotic attacks were cast instinctively, and were never exceptionally powerful. That damage was far beyond what a non sapient animal should have been capable of. At most it should have barely been able to pull of even the most simple of biotic attacks.

An Asari was many orders of magnitude more powerful than a simple Pyjack. So what kind of damage would one do if she were infected with E-113?

There was no doubt in Mordin's mind at all, he knew that this madness had to be stopped.

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