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Chapter 4: Something Wonderful

It was unnerving, but in the best way possible.

Eri leaned down to give her lover a kiss on the lips. She gave a kiss on Nozomi's forehead, Nozomi's nose… one on each cheek, just like their daily routine. Then, she ventured a little further, a little lower: a kiss on the girl's neck, another on her collarbone., a third above her heart. Eri was slowly but surely marking her territory on Nozomi. Tonight will be the first time to make this trail, but it will definitely not be the last. Eri noted.


The way her partner breathed out her name in such a soft whisper did wonders to Eri. It was amazing – for a lack of better wording. It was fascinating. Unbelievably wonderful. Her name rolled off of Nozomi's tongue the way chocolate would melt inside her mouth. It was remarkably sweet. Each syllable sounded like the pleasant melody of a song. It would be the perfect lullaby except ironically she would be fully awake. All of her nerves were on alert. Her ears strained to hear every soft sigh, every gasp, and every moan that rumbled from Nozomi's throat. Her fingers claimed every patch of skin. Her tongue tasted every part of the claimed territory.

Her lips found Nozomi's breasts that her hands were touching earlier. Eri already loved the feel of Nozomi's skin on her lips, but when she took in one nipple into her mouth… that itself was another level of wonder. Before she saw, she felt Nozomi squirm. With every flick of her tongue, Nozomi would twitch. With every suckle, Nozomi would arch her back. To move even closer to Eri. Ridiculously, impossibly closer when Eri switched sides.

Eri moved her arms underneath Nozomi when her girlfriend had arched her back. It wasn't as if Nozomi would suddenly disappear into mid-air – though the said twin-tailed girl would disagree, with what she was feeling – but Eri felt the need to secure Nozomi in her arms. Quite literally. Not that Nozomi seemed to mind. Rather Nozomi also moved her arms around Eri's neck. Her hold tightened with every breath she took.

Like a man drinking water in the middle of the desert, Eri didn't want to move away from Nozomi's breasts. But with utmost control, Eri separated herself. For a moment she merely looked at her handiwork: a sweaty, heavy breathing Nozomi underneath. Eri gave one more lick at one of the hardened peaks before she dared to ask a simple yet powerful question.

"Nozomi… Tell me where you want me."

Eri vaguely knew where to go. Nozomi did demonstrate earlier after all. But it was a confirmation. A confirmation that what Eri had done made Nozomi want… that made Nozomi need Eri. If Eri were herself merely hours ago, she wouldn't even have dared to think such a thing. She wasn't as naïve as she was in high school and she knew well that this was a power play. She was dominating Nozomi. She always thought, and still did think of herself and Nozomi as equals in their relationship. No one was the dominant or the submissive one… but something had awoken inside Eri. As much as she were Nozomi's, as much as she knew Nozomi was hers… She needed the confirmation. She needed Nozomi to give her the power to claim. To dominate. No… rather, she was demanding the power.

And she was granted.

Nozomi was incapable of speech at the moment; Eri was quite proud of herself. Instead the violet-haired girl opted to move Eri's fingers to her mouth. Eri was confused. She was still aroused by the sight of Nozomi sensually licking and sucking one… two of her fingers. But she was confused nonetheless. She assumed she was needed… elsewhere.

Her confusion was soon dismissed, however when Nozomi let go of her fingers to drag them down her body. Lower. And lower. Until they reached that particular spot.

Eri's breath hitched.

"I need you here…"

It was hot.

"I need you to touch me here…"




With confidence she didn't know she possessed, Eri moved her fingers, finding a bundle of nerves. Nozomi's moans told Eri that she was doing the right thing. Experimentally, Eri moved them faster, a little harder. She saw Nozomi grip the sheets so tight that her knuckles turned white.

Nozomi seemed like she was close. Oh so close. But not enough. Eri wondered what was missing… What more she had to do? What did Nozomi say earlier… what was considered even further…

Then realization hit Eri.

She moved her fingers. While her thumb still applied pressure to the nerves from before, her hand almost stilled its movement. Much to Nozomi's frustration. Eri's fingers were so close. So close. But they weren't moving.


Eri's lover writhed, moving her hips to encourage Eri to move.

"Do you want me here…?"

Eri's index finger traced the entrance. She could be a tease, better – or worse in this case – than Nozomi, when she wanted to be.

"… Inside?"

Eri reveled at how her girlfriend could only groan out a yes with urgency. Nozomi seemed like she was at time's end whereas Eri felt like she had all the time in the world. She slowly, finally entered Nozomi. Eri's breath grew heavier at the first sensation of being inside Nozomi. She first noted how wet Nozomi was.


Between the two, Nozomi was more of the soft-spoken one. She rarely raised her voice, if ever. So when Nozomi let out a scream, it was a surprise for Eri. Eri froze, worried she might have hurt Nozomi. It took her a moment, but Eri relaxed and slowly moved her fingers when Nozomi's endlessly moaned soon after. Nozomi groaned. Begged. Whimpered. Every and any sound possible tumbled out of Nozomi. Eri's appreciation of Nozomi's vocals grew even more when the girl moaned out Eri's name like a mantra.

Now Eri wasn't the most religious, or spiritual as Nozomi would say, person. But she thought what she was doing to Nozomi was the most sacred act she had ever done. She felt Nozomi's insides clench, tightening around her fingers even more. She felt Nozomi get even wetter. Hotter. She lowered herself to shower her girlfriend with kisses. She was worshipping Nozomi's body. She was praising Nozomi. Her love. Her goddess.

Eri's fingers moved faster, matching to the frantic movements of Nozomi's hips.

When Nozomi went over the edge at Eri's final thrust, Eri marveled at the sight.

This was what an angel looked like.