Lost In Stormy Visions
By: Olivia

Chapter 1

The sun shone brightly down on Barbara Doggett as she planted took another purple pansy out of its container and planted it in her flowerbed in front of her home.

"Look at me Mom!"

Barbara turned to see Luke peddling his new bicycle down the street; the one John had bought for him a few weeks ago for his birthday. He loved that bicycle. Too bad John wasn't around enough to see his only son enjoying the gift. John was gone too much these days. Being a detective in Brooklyn was not a nine-to-five job and John was just too dedicated. Not that he didn't make time for his family when he could, it was just that somewhere between being the wife of a marine and now of a cop, Barbara found that somehow her and John had grown distant as of late and that they had very little in common except for Luke. Luke...

Barbara brushed these useless thoughts aside and looked toward her son who was about to round the corner of the block and be out of her sight. "That's six, Luke!" Barbara called out. Luke smiled and waved just before he disappeared round the bend. His Mom had kept her promise to faithfully count how many times he rode his bike around the block.

Barbara turned her attention back to her flowerbed. There was just something about those little pansies that made her smile. She planted a few more yellow and purple pansies and then stood up to admire her work. Beautiful. She took off her garden gloves.

Barbara turned in the direction her son should be coming from. She glanced at her watch. How long had it been since he had last come around that corner? It was silly to worry she knew. He probably stopped to talk to one of the neighborhood kids and show off his new bike. But maybe he had fallen off his bike and was hurt. She couldn't remember how much time had passed. She had been too engrossed in her planting.

A sudden surge of panic rushed through her. Luke was okay. He's fine. He has to be.

Barbara glanced anxiously at the corner. She carelessly tossed her garden gloves on the grass and started to walk in the direction he should be coming from. Then she started to run. She ran and ran until she got to the other side of the block and came to a horrifying stop at the sight of Luke's blue bike tipped over in the middle of the street abandoned and alone.

No, God, no! Please no! her mind screamed. She ran up to the bicycle and looked in every conceivable direction shouting, "Luke!!!!!!!! Luke!!!!!!! Luke!!!!!!!!" But there was no answer.

End Chapter One
"No passion so effectively robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."-Edmund Burke