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She stood waiting at the terminal. Soon, the inter-dimensional ship would arrive and her love would return. It had been a little over six months since they last saw each other in person. During those six months they had tried to keep contact, but due to the backwater nature of the planet that her beloved Enforcer was sent to, this had proven difficult.

But now, the wait would soon be over and she'd be able to hold her love in her arms once more. A slight smirk accompanied by a faint blush adorned her facial features as she thought of the planning she'd done to ensure she'd be able to give her wife a warm welcome home.

Their daughter would be spending the night at a friend's house and had already been brought over. So the two of them would have the house entirely to themselves, the whole night long.

She wondered if she'd made the right decision; obviously her beloved Enforcer would want to see their daughter and their daughter had wanted to see her other mother as well.

But she decided she was allowed a little selfishness after six months of being separated from her beloved. She would need some time alone with her and their daughter did seem to be very enthusiastic about the sleepover her friend had organized.

The sudden sight of golden blonde hair halted her thoughts. Quickly, she sprinted in her beloved Enforcer's direction. The waiting was finally over.

Fate had come home.

*~-{ A Warm Welcome Home }-~*
*~-{ Written by Zarosguth }-~*
*~-{ A Warm Bath }-~*

The door to a small home in the suburban parts of Cranagan flew open as two women came through it, lips kissing and hands roaming all over each other.

"Welcome home Fate-chan!" Nanoha spoke breathlessly as she broke the kiss.

"I'm home Nanoha." Fate spoke in a husky voice before her lips found their way to Nanoha's neck, eliciting a moan from the brunette.

"I've prepared a bath for you." The combat instructor managed between moans; Fate's lips and tongue could work pure magic.

And Nanoha knew a few things when it came to magic.

Suddenly, Fate's teeth grazed Nanoha's neck and she bit down before soothing the bite mark with her tongue. The sensation nearly caused Nanoha's knees to give out. "A bath sounds wonderful Nanoha." Fate whispered in Nanoha's ear. The brunette felt the blonde's hot breath stroking her ears before the blonde's tongue gently stroked her earlobe.

With her mind unable to form words, Nanoha's hands found their way to Fate's shoulders and she pushed the Enforcer back a bit. She missed the slick warmth of Fate's lips and tongue immediately, but she had done her best to prepare a warm bath and a warm meal. As much as she didn't mind skipping those and getting Fate in bed ASAP, she'd worked hard on all of that and it was clear Fate needed some rest and a good meal. She only just got back from a six month mission after all.

Nanoha looked up. She found Fate looking at her and had to stifle a giggle at the look on the blonde Enforcer's face; she looked like a lost puppy. Nanoha swore she could see a pair of drooping ears sprouting from beneath those golden tresses she loved so much.

Resting their foreheads together, Nanoha spoke: "You must be tired and hungry. How about you go and soak in the tub, while I do some final prep work for dinner?"

The look of disappointment didn't leave the blonde's face. "When you're done, join me?" Fate's small voice and pleading eyes made it impossible for the brunette to deny her anything.

"Of course."

Reluctantly, Nanoha and Fate moved out of each other's embrace. Fate made her way over to the bathroom, while Nanoha went into the kitchen.


It didn't take long for Nanoha to finish up preparing dinner. She left the food to simmer lightly so it wouldn't go cold nor burn and after asking Raising Heart to let her know if anything happened to the food, she nearly sprinted to the bathroom. Truthfully she'd wanted to join Fate immediately, but she had really needed to check up on dinner.

The combat instructor knocked on the bathroom door and it wasn't even a second before she heard her lover's voice on the other side: "It's open!"

Not needing anything more to be said, Nanoha entered the bathroom, spotting Fate relaxing in the tub. The Enforcer was sporting a calm and contented smile as she was soaking in the warm water.

"Hey…" Fate murmured softly. "Get in." she said as she spread her legs to make a spot for Nanoha to sit.

Again, nothing more had to be said as Nanoha quickly undressed before lowering herself into the nice, warm water and settled herself between Fate's legs. Nanoha sighed contently as the warm water around her, and the warm body behind her soothed her muscles. She could only imagine how great the water felt for Fate after a six month mission.

Fate, spurred on by Nanoha's blissful sigh, carefully snaked her arms around Nanoha's waist and clasped her hands in front of the brunette's stomach, pulling her closer.

Nanoha had to stifle a gasp as Fate pulled her closer and she felt two very shapely, very firm mounds press into her back, before she settled in the blonde's embrace, placing her hands overtop the blonde's. The two of them sat there like that for a good fifteen minutes, just enjoying finally having physical contact with each other after six months.

However, the water could not stay warm forever and eventually grew cold.

"Fate-chan, I really think we should get out before we catch a cold." Nanoha suggested, breaking the comfortable bubble of silence the two of them had found themselves in.

Fate pulled Nanoha's body just a bit closer into herself.

"I can think of something to help us get warm…" Fate whispered breathily in Nanoha's ear, sending a pleasurable shiver down the brunette's spine. Teasingly, she started rubbing the inside of her girlfriend's thigh.

"Mou Fate-chan," Nanoha nearly moaned, "you're not playing fair."

"All is fair in love and war Nanoha…" Fate breathed huskily, gently nipping at Nanoha's earlobe.

Annoyed, Nanoha turned around in Fate's embrace, catching the blonde off guard. She glared at Fate before climbing out of the bath, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around herself.

Shocked at Nanoha's glare, Fate sat completely still in the tub, just staring as the combat instructor dried herself off.

Once Nanoha was dry, she took her bathrobe off the rack on the wall and put it on. Turning around she looked at the blonde whom was still sat in the bathtub with a completely adorable, apologetic look on her face. Again, Nanoha could swear she saw dog ears drooping down the sides of Fate's head. She really did resemble a puppy who just got scolded.


"Huh?" Fate perked up slightly, not sure if she'd heard correctly.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Nanoha repeated, crossing her arms and not meeting Fate's gaze, cheeks red as a tomato.

A happy grin took over the blonde's facial features as she nearly leapt out of the tub and grabbed a towel to dry herself off.

Nanoha couldn't help but chuckle at her girlfriend's eagerness as she sauntered her way ahead to the bedroom.

They were going to have fun tonight.

*~-{ End of Part One }-~*

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