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Two weeks later…

"I was a freshman and I joined the Lacrosse team" Sebastian commented, his finger running along Kurt's naked back. "And there was this senior, super-hot guy – he was the captain, of course" the boy smirked, animatedly.

Kurt bit the inside of his mouth, but returned the smile. Well, sort of. "He was way older than you. And at that age is quite noticeable" Kurt tried to say jokingly, but he was actually a little shocked for freshman-Sebastian. "I mean… weren't you a little temerarious?" he giggled nervously.

Sebastian chuckled. "I really wasn't" he shook his head, amused. "I was kind of shy, actually" he told Kurt.

Kurt looked up from Sebastian's chest and narrowed his eyes at him. "Oh, really?" he asked, suspiciously.

Sebastian chuckled again and slapped playfully Kurt's shoulder. "I was!" he defended. "But that guy took my poor innocence away" he said, amused.

Kurt wasn't sure that was so amusing. He gulped down. "Well, did he at least court you?"

"Court me?" Sebastian asked, containing a laughter. "Oh, it was anything but a love story, babe" his finger kept running mindlessly along Kurt's skin, and Kurt was starting to find Sebastian's sense of humour somewhat unsettling. "He just got into my shower one day after practice. Our affaire lasted, at best, fifteen minutes."

Kurt looked up again, this time much more shocked. "What?" he asked, incredulously.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow at him, probably confused by Kurt's concerned tone. He contemplated Kurt for a few seconds. "It was consented, if that's what your freaked out expression is about" Sebastian said, slightly coldly.

Kurt bit his lip, wondering how he could speak up his mind without judging Sebastian or his experiences. "How did he treat you afterwards?" Kurt tried to ask casually.

Sebastian's straight expression remained unaltered. He shrugged. "We were never really friends."

Kurt wasn't really surprised to hear that, although he had idiotically hoped the story of Sebastian's first time would get better at some point. But apparently that was it. He stroked Sebastian's side with his hand.

"I think… you were too young to tell if it was consented" Kurt let slip, nervously. Sebastian rolled his eyes. "I'm just saying… that it probably took you by surprise, I mean…" Kurt said frantically. "Did you see that coming?" he asked, carefully.

"I was not stupid" Sebastian said, roughly. "Of course I noticed the way he looked at me. I was just too inexperienced to act on it, but I liked him" he defended.

Kurt felt confused. Even if he was completely and rationally sure that this guy had taken advantage of Sebastian, experiences usually shook reasoning up. But how could Sebastian see so clearly that Andy had aimed at taking advantage of Kurt, and yet being oblivious about this other guy?

"I'm sorry if I made it sound like I was judging" Kurt told him, trying to ease Sebastian's cold expression. "It just… didn't sound like he appreciated you to me" he casted Sebastian a small, tentative smile.

Sebastian regarded him mutely, but his eyes looked kind of heavy now. Kurt placed a kiss on his chest, lovingly: "And you're too good to be unappreciated."

Sebastian looked reluctant, but mostly, uncertain. "Kurt, I-… I don't always need to feel appreciated. I don't really care" he admitted. "Not everything needs to be sunshine and rainbows" he said, sarcastically.

Kurt tried hard not to take that personally, but he couldn't. He didn't want to. "Now you're being a jerk" he mumbled, somewhat annoyed, and sat up on bed.

Sebastian was certainly taken aback, and regretful. "Hey" he sat up too, and tentatively placed his hand on Kurt's arm, caressing it.

Kurt bit the inside of his mouth, trying to make sense of things. "You just mocked the way I see things, which I don't really mind, but…" he let slip, and locked eyes with Sebastian. "It's like you thought there's something wrong with appreciating people."

Sebastian's expression got softer, confused even. "I didn't realise that" he admitted, scratching his nape uncomfortably. "But I wasn't talking about people, Kurt" he defended, gentler now. "I was talking about me."

Kurt narrowed his eyes. "And what are you, then? If not people" he grabbed Sebastian's hand and held it tightly.

Sebastian looked away, biting his lip with a doubtful expression. "You got me there" he casted Kurt a small smile.

Kurt smiled back at him and they stared at each other, the atmosphere getting less tense. He came forwards then, feeling pulled like a magnet, but really slowly and tentatively, and kissed Sebastian on the lips. It was brief, but it eliminated any possible residual tension Kurt was feeling.

Sebastian rested his forehead on Kurt's and observed him with fond eyes. Or at least that's what Kurt saw. "I appreciate you, Kurt" the boy whispered. "Don't doubt that" he stroked Kurt's torso, softly.

"I know" Kurt smiled. "I just hope you can find the way to appreciate yourself" he murmured, coyly.

Sebastian gulped down, nervously. "You could- show me?" he half-asked, half-suggested.

Kurt nodded, even if he had no clue where to start. Even if he felt little confident that he would know how to do such thing. But he did know he would try really hard. Something warm buzzed inside him and told him that he could.

"I like that" Sebastian whispered, kissing him softly on the temple.

Kurt wrapped his arms around him and half-hugged, half-felt Sebastian. Sebastian did the same and playfully made themselves roll to lay down on the mattress again.

"Let's not get out of bed. Ever" the boy smiled brightly, intertwining his legs with Kurt's.

Kurt giggled idiotically, then started taking little bites on Sebastian's arm. "Yes, because I sleep so badly during the week" Kurt pouted, jokingly. "You know? No one crashes me, or wakes me up too brightly…" he continued, playfully.

Sebastian smirked proudly. "I can't really tell if you're joking or not right now" he chuckled.

Kurt puckered his lips, containing a too joyful smile. "Neither can I" he admitted.

"Gosh, you're so obvious it's embarrassing" Sebastian smiled cheekily, then bit Kurt's nose.

Kurt slapped him playfully on the hip and they fell in a pleasant silence, just caressing each other.

"Shy Sebastian…" Kurt hummed. "I wonder how that was" he commented after a while, kissing Sebastian's neck warmly, more than suggestively.

Sebastian casted him a weirdly thoughtful smile. "I'm still shy… sometimes" he added.

"When?" Kurt asked, curiously, and Sebastian's expression got somewhat indecisive.

"You should meet my grandfather" the boy commented, looking to the wall distractedly. "He can turn the most outspoken person into a bunch of nerves" he smiled, sadly.

Kurt regarded Sebastian with attention, taking in Sebastian's discomfort. "Edna's ex-husband?"

Sebastian nodded. "I wonder what she saw on him" the boy confessed, a little spaced out.

"How is he?" Kurt asked, carefully, equally surprised and scared by Sebastian's honest outburst. Scared because Kurt never knew how far he could push.

Sebastian locked eyes with Kurt then. His look didn't seem to focus on Kurt, though. He looked tired, all of a sudden. "He's a difficult person" the boy said straightforwardly. Then he looked away again. "Demanding, old-fashioned… old money… This is one of his several apartments, actually" Sebastian said casually.

Kurt couldn't help but look around, startling. That made sense. Sebastian's furniture looked classy and old. Kurt knew Sebastian had to be somewhat rich, but this was the kind of apartment you inherited, not rented.

"He gave it to you?" Kurt asked, astonished.

Sebastian snorted and shook his head, exiting his distracted trance. "Oh, God helps us, no" he said. "Who knows what he'd ask in return… he asks enough for just mercifully letting me live here" Sebastian joked, bitterly.

Kurt raised his eyebrows, shocked. "What does he ask of you?" he heard himself ask before he could control his mouth.

Sebastian locked eyes with Kurt once again, but this time he studied them thoroughly. Kurt gulped down, wondering how bad it could be. Or if this was just Sebastian being his uncommunicative self when it came to personal issues.

"Pre-med" the boy stated, unaffectedly. Kurt's eyes got wide. "Actually, that's not accurate. 'A real career' is what he said, and he was kind enough to let me choose between Business, Law and Medicine" Sebastian commented ironically, using a tone that made him sound detached and amused, but Kurt knew better than that.

"That's awful" Kurt let slip, his hand stroking Sebastian's back.

Sebastian shrugged tiredly and looked more relieved after his vent. "It's not like I hate Medicine, so… it's not that bad. And he takes care of the fees, the bills and all. I can't exactly complain" the boy explained, his expression more genuine now.

"You didn't have a voice there?" Kurt asked, trying to figure out why anybody would accept something like that.

"Not really" Sebastian admitted, caressing Kurt's hair now. "But it could be worse. I don't really know what else I'd study, though, and it'll pay for three more years... so, yeah, it could be way worse" Sebastian casted him a small smile.

Kurt didn't know what to think of that. It certainly looked more like Sebastian was trying to convince himself than to convince Kurt. But it also looked like the boy hadn't had much of a choice… Kurt would not dare to judge him. So he wrapped his arms around Sebastian's abdomen and placed his head somewhere below his chest.

"As long as you're not unhappy" Kurt commented.

"I'm far from unhappy right now" Sebastian said with a calm tone, combing his fingers through Kurt's hair.

Kurt lifted his head slightly and gave Sebastian a side smile. He locked eyes with the handsome boy and felt like he was seeing Sebastian for the first time. No smirk, no snarky attitude, no sign of defences. Just Sebastian.

Somehow, that triggered something inside Kurt. Sebastian was trusting him. I should say something, Kurt thought, worried.

"Bas, I… I'm not saying you should do something right now, but…" Kurt struggled with his words, not really wanting to ruin the mood, "well, you just asked me to show you how to appreciate yourself" he explained.

Sebastian casted him an intrigued smile.

Kurt bit his lip. "And… I would fail you already if I didn't say anything about this" he gulped down, uncomfortably. "Studying what your grandfather imposed you… underappreciates your own wishes" Kurt said, nervously.

Sebastian sighed. "Kurt, I really don't know what my own wishes are" he said, somewhat tiredly. "I told you."

"I get that" Kurt nodded, trying to assure Sebastian that he got his doubts. "That's why I'm not telling you to do something just yet" he continued. "Actually, I think it's hard to listen to yourself when your attention is on such authoritarian voices."

Sebastian opened up his mouth to protest, but ended up tightening his jaw, looking tense. "He doesn't really hover" the boy explained, after a few seconds. "Last time I knew about him was on the party I threw in here. He wanted me to have lunch with him and kiss his ass, you know? But he had my father phoned me for it" he snorted, bitterly. "Anyway, I simply emailed him my grades and told him to leave me the hell alone. And he did."

Kurt couldn't help but notice how tired Sebastian looked when talking about his grandfather. "I remember you said something about having a rough week" Kurt thought out loud.

Sebastian looked a little surprised. "You do?"

Kurt nodded, giving him a suspicious smile. "Of course I do. You looked so tired… Was that the last you knew of him? I mean…" Kurt suddenly remembered seeing that expression on Sebastian on another occasion. "The night before you left for France, you looked like that too."

"Oh" Sebastian scratched his neck, somewhat coyly. "No, I just… You know? I'm sorry about that. I should've said it sooner – the way I went to your apartment, and how I behaved, I mean…" he bit his lip, regretful.

Kurt stroked Sebastian's sides. "Don't worry about that" he simply said. That was water under the bridge for him now. Of course, Kurt noticed Sebastian hadn't really explained why he looked so bad that night, but he decided to let it be. "Your note was sweet. I kept it, actually" Kurt remembered, smiling.

Sebastian groaned. "Of course you did" he protested playfully and held Kurt a little bit tighter. "Anyway…" he sighed, "thank you for your honesty, Kurt. It's quite a fresh angle" Sebastian said sincerely.

"You're welcome" Kurt whispered, warmly.

Sebastian went down on him then and greeted Kurt's cheek with a peck. He put the covers above them, like they were hiding. He placed one hand at each side of Kurt's head and lowered himself down again to kiss him, this time on the lips.

Kurt received Sebastian's mouth cheerily. He caressed the back of Sebastian's thighs casually while they deepened the kiss. Sebastian buried his knees on the mattress, shivering by the tickling of Kurt's fingertips on his skin.

The boy chuckled brightly. "Remember when you were all nervous every time I tried to touch you?" he joked.

Kurt didn't take his hands away and aimed a little higher, reaching Sebastian's buttocks carefully. "I don't know what you're talking about" Kurt attacked Sebastian's lips again.

Sebastian smiled into the kiss, which was cute, but also, it was keeping Kurt from kissing him properly. Kurt groaned. They broke the kiss and Sebastian's lips found its way down Kurt's throat.

"I'm sure you'll find a way to make me nervous again. Occasionally" Kurt added, because he was quite certain he was over the nervous phase by now.

Sebastian just hummed against Kurt's skin, gracing it with his teeth.

"I don't mean to kill the mood, but we're gonna be late, Bas" Kurt said tentatively, stroking Sebastian's back to make it less rough.

Sebastian groaned tiredly and tumbled down against Kurt's belly. "Whatever happened to never getting out of bed?"

Kurt chuckled. "That was your idea, and I didn't support it."

"Oh, you're killing me!" Sebastian complained, affectedly.

Kurt rolled his eyes but kept pacing Sebastian's back with his fingertips. "We'll get right into bed again as soon as we're back" he promised.

"Mm… Deal" Sebastian said, reluctantly.


"No" Kurt said with disbelief, with the kind of gossipy tone he used to employ when Rachel told him she had met yet another celebrity in the Paramount parking lot.

"He did, Pillsbury! He got up the stage and sang for us My friends" Maggie told Kurt excitedly, her eyes sparkling like a little girl's.

Kurt's jaw fell opened and he casted Sebastian a playfully resented look. Kurt slapped his shoulder. "You had to do that when I wasn't here, didn't you?" he accused Sebastian.

Sebastian chuckled. "Hey" he defended from the beating. "Accept it, babe: you had your chance to appreciate my performing but wasted it on hating me instead" he smirked, cheekily. "You'll never see me perform again."

"God, I so hate you right now!" Kurt narrowed his eyes and looked away, containing a smile.

He locked eyes with Edna then, and blushed for what he saw. The old lady was eyeing Sebastian and him with suspicious eyes and a knowing expression. So was Maggie.

Kurt smiled awkwardly and took a sip from his diet coke. Thankfully, Sebastian had either not noticed it, or ignored it.

"And I killed it, didn't I?" Sebastian asked his grandmother with puppy eyes.

Edna smiled back lovingly at her grandson. "Of course you did, hun. You've been playing Sweeney Todd since you learned how to talk. It's hardly a surprise" she consented her grandson.

Sebastian casted Kurt a spoiled smile.

Kurt rolled his eyes, amused. "I won't believe it until I see it…" he said, casually.

Sebastian came closer and placed a hand on his knee. He squeezed it. "Oh, you're gonna have to do so much better than that… In fact, you're gonna have to beg me" he smirked, suggestively.

Kurt blushed again, giving a quick look to the two old ladies who observed them with a really confused expression.

Kurt shook Sebastian's hand off and sat as far away from him as possible, although they were sharing a narrow couch. "He's such a tease" Kurt casted the ladies a casual smile. "I don't know how you manage to bear with him, Edna" he commented distractedly, taking a sip from his drink again.

Sebastian frowned at him, then looked at the ladies and took in the scenario. "Relax, gayface. You're not my type" he winked at him, playfully.

"Sebastian!" Edna told him off, looking annoyed by her grandson's behaviour. "Don't listen to him, Kurt. He's incorrigible" she hissed, rolling her eyes.

Maggie chuckled, and Kurt was relieved to notice that both Edna and she looked less suspicious again. "Such a pity. You two would make a lovely pair" she exclaimed, animatedly.

Kurt winced, making a disgusted face. "Oh, please. Have you seen those teeth?" he said, smirking maliciously.

Sebastian kicked his foot under the table. "Yeah, and I actually like men, Maggie. And even If I did like women, I'd still have my doubts…" Now it was Kurt who kicked Sebastian's foot.

"A pity, really" Kurt commented, sarcastically.

"Yep" Sebastian added, playfully.

Maggie chuckled again, clearly enjoying Sebastian and Kurt's little scene. "Oh, in that case I think I have the perfect match for you, Pillsbury!" she suddenly said, sharing a knowing look with Edna, who nodded along really cheery.

The commentary caught Kurt drinking and made him choke, which turned into strong coughs.

Sebastian was quickly all over him, sitting Kurt straighter and patting Kurt's back with his hand to help him swallow down the liquid. "You okay?" he asked, concerned and kind.

Kurt coughed a little more and nodded, giving him a small smile. He cleared his throat. "You were saying, Maggs?" he asked, discreetly.

Sebastian's hand remained on his back, though. Neither Kurt nor Sebastian realised it.

"Um…" the old lady looked uncertain for a moment, then continued. "His name is Tom, and he's our new doctor" she commented, with dreamy eyes. "He's so handsome, Pillsbury."

Edna nodded along, all smiles. "He is, sweetie. And he's not much older than you, I promise" she confirmed.

Kurt gulped down nervously and scratched his nape, while he smiled awkwardly at them. "Actually, I- um… I'm-"

"Kurt's already got himself a doctor" Sebastian cut him, smirking maliciously.

"A doctor? Well, what were the odds?" Edna chuckled.

Kurt smiled at Sebastian briefly. "He's not a real doctor, though" he commented, cheekily. "Not yet, at least" he added, when he caught a glimpse of Sebastian's murderous expression.

"You know him, Bas? Does he also attend NYU?" Maggie asked, curiosity taking the best of her. She was employing her gossipy tone.

Sebastian nodded, to play along. "Yes. And he's a keeper" he smirked.

Kurt rolled his eyes.

"Oh, really?" Maggie asked, delighted. "That's so nice, Kurtie. I'm so glad for you" the lady said honestly, touching Kurt's insides with her smile.

Kurt felt inevitably warmer all of a sudden. Calmer. Happier. "He is" Kurt confirmed, truly.

Sebastian looked at him briefly, containing a smile. They both turned their look to the old ladies, though.

"And I'm glad too" Kurt added, smiling at Maggie.

"Well, I hope he doesn't take too much of your time, sweetie, because we were gonna ask your help with something" Edna said, mysteriously.

Kurt casted her a surprised and curious look. "Please, do tell" he said, intrigued.

"Boring" Sebastian got up, but winked at his grandmother. "I'm going to the restroom" he told her, then observed Kurt's empty glass and simply took it, mechanically.

Kurt didn't notice that. Edna and Maggie did, but they didn't say anything.

"What is it, dears?" Kurt asked, animated.

"Our next production" Maggie clapped her hands, childishly,

"We're doing Follies, Kurtie, and while it's a play that naturally suits all of us here, we want to give it a new, fresh angle. And I only know one person who can do that" Edna smiled, generously.

"No way" Kurt's jaw fell to the floor. "Follies. Wow" he let that sink in, feeling incredibly flattered. He cleared his throat, excitement flooding his chest already. "When do we start?"

Edna and Maggie clapped their hands simultaneously and laughed, delighted.

Kurt couldn't help but giggling too.

"I told you he would agree" Maggie said, animatedly.

"Agree to what?" Sebastian asked, casually planting a refill of diet coke in front of Kurt and sitting beside him.

"Thank you" Kurt smiled at him, then took a sip that thankfully distracted him from Maggie's suspicious look.

"To direct our next production, Bastian" Edna interfered, enthusiastic. "We're doing Follies and- oh! I just had the best idea!" she brought a hand to her mouth, dramatically.

Kurt enjoyed her show-offs. Maggie rolled her eyes at her friend, tiredly. "What is it, dear?" she asked anyway.

"My beautiful Sebastian. You should help too, honey" Sebastian automatically made a face, reluctant. "No, listen to me, dear; you've got the talent and the youth – that's all I'm gonna say to you" Edna pointed an accusing finger at her grandson.

Sebastian scratched his nape, uncomfortably. But Kurt could seize an opportunity. "Of course he will, Edna. Leave that to me" he smirked, like a true schemer.

Sebastian rolled his eyes at Kurt and sighed. "Fine" he agreed, then pinched on Kurt's thigh playfully. "The things you'll do to see me perform, huh?" he asked, maliciously.

Kurt shook his head. "God, you're so full of yourself" he said, disguising his true excitement.

Sebastian chuckled, genuinely, and stole Kurt's glass to take a sip from it. Again, Kurt didn't notice. He had got used to the domesticity some time ago.

"Oh, I just have a little problem, though…" he remembered, pouting thoughtfully. "I don't have as much free time as I used to…" Kurt lamented.

"Oh, that's right. With your Vogue schedules, and your classes…" Sebastian agreed, and Kurt nodded along, both boys exchanging a knowing, tired look.

They had already faced this problem with their free time. Isabelle had offered Kurt to stay with a more suitable schedule that didn't interfere with NYADA. Still, it didn't leave time for much more. So naturally, they devoured every night they could and enjoyed their weekends fully.

They hummed at unison, unaware of it, then Kurt scratched his neck, thoughtfully. "It'd have to be on the weekends… on Sundays, more specifically" he suggested, reluctantly. He really wished he had more time.

He locked eyes with the ladies then and noticed they were smiling suspiciously. He looked at his thigh and saw no sign of Sebastian's hand. Neither on his back.

Edna shook him out of his confusion. "Sundays will do, dear. It's our Christmas production. We've got time" she said, kindly.

"Great" he sighed, relieved, and patted the armchair enthusiastically. "I can't wait to get to it."

"It'll have to wait 'til next Sunday, though" Sebastian got up, casting Kurt a knowing smile.

"Oh, right" Kurt got up too. They were going to the movies tonight. Not just any kind of movie theatre, but their erotic one. He took in Maggie's frowning and explained: "Sebastian kindly offered to give me a ride home. I have a date with my doctor tonight" he waggled his eyebrows, cheerily.

"I'm sure he did" Edna mumbled, but got up to hug them good-bye. "Well, we'll see you two next weekend" she stated while pointing a finger at them, like her word was final.

Kurt nodded and hugged her back. "Fear not, my lady."

Sebastian and he went to the hall and Kurt took both their jackets from the hanger. He offered Sebastian his and helped him put it on. Sebastian opened the door for him and they left.

Maggie and Edna observed the scene with a cheeky smile.

"I'd like to think we had some doing there" Maggie said, proudly.

Edna rolled her eyes.


Once on the movie theatre, Sebastian and Kurt sat down on their usual seats. Well, maybe saying "usual" was a little too much, since this was only their third time there.

They felt quite comfortable, though. The room was almost empty and they had enough space to place their popcorns and drinks. The movie was about to start.

"You think we fooled them?" Kurt asked Sebastian, a little concerned.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow at him, not really following. He was wearing his black glasses again, which absolutely made Kurt's day.

"Oh, you look so adorable all confused with your black glasses" Kurt giggled, squeezing his knee.

Sebastian snorted and threw him a popcorn. "What did you mean, gayface?" he asked, eating distractedly.

It was nice not to see the boy get cold or freaked out when Kurt called him things like that. Like adorable.

"I meant Edna and Maggie" Kurt explained. "I'm pretty sure they suspect something" he whispered, noticing the lights had gone off and the screen was turned on.

Sebastian shrugged. "So what?" he asked, casually.

Kurt was taken aback by how cool Sebastian seemed to be with the matter. "Oh, nothing" he said, feeling dumb. Sebastian was right. So what? He wondered, biting his lip.

Sebastian chuckled and put his arm around Kurt, granting himself some access to Kurt's ear. "So we tell them and they start planning our wedding. Not a big deal" he joked. Kurt rolled his eyes. "Now, seriously, though. You wanna know the second part of my fantasy here?" he asked, suggestively.

Kurt gulped down. "I wasn't aware there was a second part" he said, looking around nervously. He knew that look on Sebastian's eyes.

"Babe, we're practically alone, and no one has visual access to this row" Sebastian whispered, his hand stroking the inside of Kurt's thigh.

"Dear Gaga" Kurt closed his eyes, feeling the arousal coming. "Tell me it's not what I'm thinking."

Sebastian chuckled. "Now, how could I possibly do that? I don't know what you're thinking. I know what I am thinking, and it's pretty innocent even" he said, biting Kurt's earlobe.

That made Kurt's eyes pop up opened. "Innocent?" he asked, suspiciously.

"Shh" Sebastian shushed him, covering Kurt's mouth with his fingers. "The movie has started" he murmured, playfully.

Kurt groaned and Sebastian uncovered his mouth to stroke Kurt's neck instead, while his other hand kept getting dangerously closer to Kurt's crotch.

"I knew you'd find the way to make me nervous again" Kurt lamented on a whisper.

Sebastian smirked, childishly, and slipped his hand under Kurt's trousers. "Relax and enjoy" he encouraged Kurt, his voice somewhat deeper.

Kurt didn't pull his eyes from the screen at any moment, hoping hardly that if he did so, no one would suspect anything. But the truth was that no one would say anything even if they saw them. That didn't ease his nerves, though.

Sebastian's hold on his intimate parts got tighter, and soon enough his hand was under the briefs, jerking now Kurt without hesitation.

Kurt covered his mouth and tried to keep a steady breathing, his feet twirling inevitably. He thrust against Sebastian's hand almost unconsciously, and by the time he realised that was what he was doing, he was too into it to stop.

Eventually, and thankfully, Kurt came, panting agitatedly against his own hand. Sebastian closed his zipper and cleaned his hand with a tissue. Then, the boy started eating again popcorns like it was no biggie.

Kurt stared at the screen and simply shook his head when Sebastian had the nerve to offer him some popcorns. He was too embarrassed to look at the boy, or at anywhere else, really.

Sebastian chuckled and patted Kurt's thigh. "I'll make it up to you" he whispered on his ear, "don't be mad" he added, and Kurt was surprised to notice that his tone was unaffected, not provocative. Maybe he meant it.

"I'm not" Kurt assured him, although he still could not lock eyes with him. He was still very much overwhelmed by the filthy scene they had just starred. Too self-aware.

Sebastian planted a kiss on his cheek then and held Kurt's hand, turning his look to the screen again.

Kurt sighed and wondered if he'd ever get used to Sebastian's twisted sweetness. Not that he didn't love it, but it didn't cease to accelerate his heart beating.

Kurt squeezed Sebastian's hand and brought it to meet his lips. He kissed it and put it down again, more calmed down.

They watched the rest of the movie quite pleasantly.