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Chapter 1: Fuyubi Yukihara

As I walked towards the classroom, I heard the loud murmurings my classmates were making. They were pointlessly talking about assignments, quizzes and problems about god-knows-what. They were making my ears bleed.

Thankfully, after I entered the classroom, everyone stopped talking. I could feel their stares but they didn't dare utter anything random or even talk about why I was suddenly coming to class without any notice.

I was starting to think that my day was going to be perfect when an annoying shriek reached my unprotected ears.


Damn. Someone can scream.

I glanced at the criminal who was murdering my ears.

"What the hell do you want now?" I asked, annoyed.

"Just because you won the beautiful girl contest, doesn't mean you can talk to me like that!" The girl shouted angrily, her hands on both side of her hips.

What the heck was she talking about? I didn't know what the deal with this spoiled brat was, but the fact that she ruined my almost perfect day was going to make her pay. She was always making my day as annoying as listening to a barking dog.

"Shouda, stop annoying me and get lost." before I burn your hair off. I threatened.

I lit a fire beside her for added effect and it worked like magic. She glared at me and turned back to sit on her chair.

I continued to walk to my chair and listened to people gossip in the corner. Something about me being scary, them being scared and more nonsense about whatever they think was gossip-worthy. I can't say I like them for that.

I frowned.

As if the world couldn't get any more annoying, somebody just had to make my already bad mood worse.

"Fuyubi, you know, you can scare a bear with your expression. Ease up a little will you?" smiling nonchalantly while sitting down next to me, Koko touched my shoulder as I frowned in annoyance.

"Shut up." I told her. I leaned to the chair and made myself comfortable by putting my legs up on the table and shut my surroundings by reading a manga I got from my bag.

Subconsciously, I activated my nullifying alice. I wasn't in the mood for Koko to be reading my mind in anyway.

In the corner, I saw Koko getting interested in one of my classmates thoughts. Now that was new. Unfortunately, as curious as I was in knowing what's got Koko's attention, I was too tired and sleepy to do something about it. I decided that this day was getting worse with my growing headache and other pain-in-the-ass-problems, so I go to sleep.


It wasn't really hard to wake up in the middle of a class, not when you have an alarm clock for a seat mate. All it takes is a whispering mind-reader.

"-ey… Hey, wake up!" I heard Koko whisper.

Apparently, I woke up just before lunch break. And that's not good.

"Yukihara-san." I heard Sakimoto's threatening voice.

I groaned. This was going to be annoying.

"Since you have the time to take a nap, I assume you already know how to answer one of the equations on the board. Please come in the front and show us that you actually know how to solve it." I didn't miss the sarcasm there. I frowned. This old lady just doesn't give up. I'd already embarrassed her plenty of times. Did she actually think that glaring and intimidating me would actually work? Hell, she probably thinks that I'll make a mistake somewhere. And to hell with that.

I stood up. I didn't have to, but I did. I didn't need to answer anything and I certainly didn't have to do or even listen to anything anyone said, but for now, I needed to show the smug-faced old lady that I can handle my academic scores better than good because honestly? I didn't even need these lessons. So I answered the all the equation on the board and turned to leave, I paused to say something to her. I didn't want this happening again.

"Sensei, you already know I can answer anything you throw at me. And next time, don't push your luck." I told her, my eyes menacing, staring right through her frightened eyes. I knew immediately that she wanted to hide her fear. It had only been a month since she got hired here and I knew she already knew about me.

I may act like a bitch and hostile towards her but in all honesty, her trying to scold and embarrass me was something I can be happy about.

It meant I was still human.

The teacher - Sakimoto – didn't say anything as I grabbed my bag and walked towards the door. I was vaguely aware that Koko followed. Of course. I sighed mentally. The walking disaster was right behind my tail. Great.

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