Colors and shadows, all unconnected to one another, filled his sight making him blink.

"It's awaken. Good."

The sound made no sense until he made an effort and understood that these were words. He forgot the sound of them before he could figure out what they meant.

"Can you hear me?"

A group of highlights and shadows moved and suddenly he discovered that they were one solid shape – moving, speaking, living. It was a face. He blinked again, a bit worried that the face would break up into a chaos of grotesque shapes again, but it didn't.

"Move your hand," the face demanded.

Automatically, he obeyed and discovered that he had a body — and hands, and feet — and that he wasn't infinite, his conscious was floating within the borders of his flesh.

"Now sit up."

While trying to lift himself from whatever he was lying on, he spotted that the face, that had been talking to him, had a body, too, although wrapped up into something.

"Well?" demanded the bodied face.

"Well?" He tried to repeat the sound as accurately as he could, for he was unable to compute what reaction the face expected from him.

"Say something," demanded the face.

"Say what-thing?" he asked before he could think better of how and what about he was going to ask the face.

The face made an uninterpretable sound — a mixture of a sigh and a growl.

"Maryje, give me my flute. I think it needs more sleep to get its wits about it."

"What is a Maryje? And why does your flute need sleep?" This unexpected outburst of curiosity made him say more words than his throat was capable of saying at the moment, and by the end of the second question it felt like someone had turned down the volume, so he couldn't ask what a flute was.

The slight ache made him put his hand on his throat, and for a few seconds he forgot all about the talking face, the Maryje and the flute, until a new sound, a melody, filled his head. Before he could wonder what it was, he fell asleep, his body dropping down flat and motionless again.