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"Scott! Alexis!" The long hair teenage girl hacked and coughed as she stumbled around the smoldering embers of the apartment home, her skin covered in black ash as it rained down from the floors above. She flinched as another set of burning beams came crashing down next to her, singeing her hair and clothes as sparks flew. But it would not discourage her from finding her siblings. "Where are you?!"

"Over here!" A faint shout was heard, followed by heavy coughing. Without hesitation, Kiara turned to the direction of the voice and dashed over. Blocking her way into the bedroom was a blackened plank of wood, but it was easy to kick it in with a well-placed strike to the weakened middle. A flurry of fiery sparks surrounded Kiara as she entered the room, spotting her younger siblings in the corner. Scott was coughing badly but still had his arms around the younger Alexis, protecting her fragile body with his sturdier build.

"Got you two!" The girl exclaimed as she grabbed both teens and yanked them to their feet. "Thank god you're safe!"

"Big sis, you've come to save us!" The youngest of them exclaimed, her relieved face dulled by the soot covering her cheeks. "I knew you would!"

"Enough talking, we need to get out of here!" Kiara shouted, rushing out of the burning doorway and gesturing wildly. "C'mon! Leave the valuables!"

She didn't hear the large beam above her snap. She heard her brother's cry of warning just in time to look up to see the burning wood fall in what seemed to be agonizing slow motion towards her. There was no way that she could dodge it in time.

Kiara closed her eyes and mentally cursed. She was too late. As the beam slammed into her head and cracked it open, darkness and fire consumed her mind as the screams of her siblings were the last thing she heard.


Day 1, Year 1

The first thing she heard was snarling and growling. It sounded close, and something wet nosed her exposed side. Then something scratched at the exposed ribs on the other end.

Instinctively, Kiara's body reacted with such skill and movement that a human normally shouldn't possess without years of training. Her hand dug into the dirt it was lying against and was used as a leverage point for her body to vault upwards. Her legs spun out into a split, launching an attack on both sides and meeting something with a sickening crunch. There were two yelps of pain, followed by renewed snarling as Kiara landed on her two feet, her purple hair flying over her face as she took in the bizarre situation she was in.

Her hair was purple. That's the biggest of worries. And she wasn't wearing any proper clothes.

Instead, her body was draped in a set of fur pelts that loosely hung together in a skimp fashion, barely covering her chest and waist. Her sides were exposed, revealing a skinny and malnourished abdomen as her ribs were easily seen through the pale layer of skin. Her limbs were likewise deprived of such muscles, but there was strength in them, as obvious from the moves just performed.

Circling Kiara were two ferocious wolf-like monsters, their white fur standing up and making them seemed giant. It seemed rather unnecessary, considering that they were easily the size of a human man without the added puff. A quick glance at their salivating mouths revealed two large fangs sticking out of the mouth. Her mind instinctively reacted by identifying them as hostile threats that must be taken out.

One of them got bored of waiting for its prey to run and lunged. Her eyes caught the sudden motion and her body reacted so, extending out a hand to grab the side of the neck as the beast lunged. As the animal was swatted out of its attack, Kiara followed it with an elbow slam downwards onto its neck, snapping bone as the creature's windpipe was crushed.

Trying to take advantage of the distraction its companion's death caused, the other wolf leapt forwards and attacked Kiara's back. She howled in pain as the sharp claws dug through the thin furs and into her skin, drawing lines of blood on her skin. The purple hair girl's bare foot shot backwards and caught the beast's belly, sending it flying into the air.

Without hesitation or hindrance from her new wounds, she turned and leapt forwards, following the beast as it flew. Her arm drew back as the hand composed itself into a spade-like gesture, spiraling forwards into the exposed abdomen. The long and unkempt nails dug easily into the skin and ripped through the thin layer of muscles protecting the vital organs, piercing the heart with a single thrust. The wolf whimpered once, but fell silent as its body crashed against the ground, its fur matted with blood as it trickled out of the new hole.

Kiara landed next to the body, grunting in exertion as the battle's toll was finally felt. She tried reaching back to wipe the blood dripping down her back. It clung to the furs and colored them red, but the pain was at least subsiding. She would still have to make some kind of salve or bath them in water to clean the wound before it got infected. Physically, she would make it.

But mentally, her mind was in a state of shock and confusion. What just happened? The last memory she had was that of dying from a blow to her head…

No, wait, she died of an infected wound on her side! The memories of this world's girl came rushing towards her, crashing against the existing state of Kiara like a tsunami as she instantly felt all the pain that this body has endured. What was discovered was shocking.

The purple hair girl who lived before her in this vessel had no name. There wasn't a need for one; she was the only one in her family with such a unique hair color. Besides, they haven't even developed the concept of names yet. She was born to what must've been the first humans on this primitive world, destined to a life of chaos and suffering as her entire life had been about survival.

Her parents were already dead by the time she was 10. But already at that age, she possessed enough combat skills to take down any solitary creature that was larger than her without much trouble. It was necessary to develop that in order to obtain food for her already starved body and her siblings.

Siblings! It popped into Kiara's mind without warning. She had a younger brother and sister on this world as well! They were attacked last night by a pack of wolves and were overwhelmed easily. She was forced to leave the dead bodies as the girl's survival trait kicked in, but it was too late as a bad wound was suffered. Infection set in as she dragged her body away from the campsite, finally falling to the clutches of death as this line of humans was doomed to extinction.

But she was alive! Kiara touched her head with her hands, feeling the purple locks that flowed down to her waist. There was no doubt that she was given a second chance of sorts.

And she intended to use that chance. A loud scream was heard nearby and it sounded oddly familiar. Her body's survival instinct told her to run away, but Kiara wasn't going to become a coward in this life. Dragging her bare feet against the dark dirt, the girl threw herself forwards into the thick undergrowth surrounding her.

After only a minute of running, the large green leaves gave way to a small clearing which barely the size of a car from Earth. There, she found more of the wolf pack, about six angry beasts circling two barely clothed individuals in the center. Her siblings were alive?!

Then the same set of green eyes met and, instinctively, Kiara knew who they were. "Scott! Alexis!"

"Kiara?!" The two chorused in surprise. This was taken as a sign of fear and the wolves attacked the two in the middle. But they were sorely mistaken as only determination was shown by the duo.

Sweeping his arms, Scott caught the attack of two of the wolves with his forearm and yelled, staggering back as two sets of bite marks appeared. Two more of the beasts were pushed back as Kiara leaped forwards and tackled them with outstretched arms, slamming them into the ground. The last two broke through and got to Alexis, but her small body reacted immediately by rolling under the lunge and to safety behind them.

The purple hair girl was enraged by the daring attack on her remaining family and raised both arms, darting them down with spade-like hands. The downed wolves yelped once and fell silent as their hearts were pierced instantly. Drawing the bloodied hands out, she turned and was promptly astonished by what her siblings did to fight back.

As he stumbled back, nursing the bitten hand, the other hand snapped downwards and grabbed s dagger-like rock lying nearby. Scott glanced at it and immediately noticed its sharp edge. He swung it forwards in a wild attempt to drive back his foes. The weapon caught the snout of one of the wolves and tore through its skin without effort, causing the animal to jolt to the side in pain as half of its jaw was rendered useless. The other wolf tried biting down on the offending arm, but Scott's arm flexed and drove the bone backwards into the neck of the wolf, causing an immediate piercing of the throat and, thus, death.

Alexis, coming out of her roll, turned and met one of the wolves charging at her. Her hand suddenly erupted into a flurry of electrical energy as she drew it back, shooting a lightning arc forwards towards the wolf. It hit straight on and promptly fried the animal's body, overloading its heart and sending it collapsing to the floor in a fit of shudders before falling still. However, her hand was severely burnt by the lightning and Alexis cried in pain as she grabbed the blackened skin. So she couldn't react in time to beat of the other wolf, which lunged and clawed into her exposed side.

The resulting scream of pain got Scott's attention as he turned to see his little sister in trouble. Smoothly and without hesitation, he raised his arm and threw the stone knife at the offending target. It struck with true aim, right above the wolf's heart and sent the white creature flying off. But this left him weaponless as the injured wolf from before reared back to strike-

Only to get kicked in his jaw as Kiara lunged forward with her foot, snapping the last bone in its mouth. Unable to think clearly through the pain, the wolf lay there at the edge of the clearing, whimpering as a hand was driven right through its heart without any mercy shown. Shaking the blood off her hand, the purple hair girl turned to see her siblings shocked at the scene.

Six dead wolves, three scantily clad bodies, and an unknown question stood thick in the clearing. Clearing her throat, Kiara asked, "Are you two okay?"

"Yeah, but it doesn't make sense…" Scott blankly said as he wiped the blood coming out of his arms, unable to comprehend the pain he just suffered. If this were death, then why was there a slight burning sensation of pain in his arm? "I…I remembered dying in a fire! But why am I here?!"

"Big sis!" Alexis ignored the pain coursing through her body and tackled Kiara with a sob. "I thought you were dead! I fell down and I hit my head-!"

"To be honest, I think that we're all dead."

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