I don't own these characters, but they are some of my favorites. No ownership of any kind, I just hope you enjoy the story.

I had got this idea after re-watching The Three Faces of Emily. I had always noticed the wink Lee gives Amanda as she checks the back yard as he is leaving, but the last time I watched the episode I noticed that Lee blew Amanda a kiss at the liquor store when she touched his beard while he and Emily were dressed up. What thoughts were going through her mind after the evening settled down?

This is my take on those possible thoughts.

Blowing Kisses

Amanda was sitting in bed doing her best to read before going to sleep but her mind continued to drifted, as it often did, to the thoughts of the evening with Lee and Emily and then with Emily and her family. It was fun having Emily around, but to find out not only was she an American she was also an English Lady; married to Lord Farnsworth. "Amazing" she had said out loud. She also thought it was amazing how Lee, Emily, and Billy arranged to get the KGB the plans they paid for, "To bad those plans are fake."

Lee never failed to amaze her still after these last few years working together. She thought about how over the last few cases Lee had begun to change around her. He still got annoyed when asking about cases and what was going on. All that need to know stuff should include if you enlist a person to help then they become a person who needs to know about the case that way less mistakes could be made.

A smile came to her lips as she realized what she must have looked like earlier tonight seeing Emily and Lee dressed in those grimy get ups at that liquor store. Amanda knew that she may have recognized Emily if she was really looking but not Lee in that beard. It sent a shudder through her at the thought of Lee Stetson as anything but the clean cut dashing handsome man he always was. She had reached up to touch his beard feeling it was rough and scruffy, but while she did he laughed at her and then he blew her a kiss.

If only she thought. What would it be like to have his attention in a romantic way that wasn't a cover she thought? She knew he had a playboy reputation; she even joke about it with him at the beginning of this case telling him that he really ran through them. At first she thought she might have offended him but he occasionally made openly casual comments on her life so a taste of his own medicine wouldn't hurt any from time to time. Besides what are friends for?

Why would he blow her a kiss earlier and then wink at her? He winks all the time, that is part of his charm to get her do damn near anything he wanted and she knew it, but she could no more tell Lee Stetson no about something than she could deny Joe the rights to see his sons. Lee had a pull on her and she knew he knew it and he played that advantage card every now and then, but she also knew that he was her friend and honestly didn't want any harm to come to her or her family.

Deciding that sleep was out of the question she got up and quietly went to the kitchen to fix her some hot chocolate. Maybe something warm would help her sleep. Her thoughts were still on Lee when she finished making her drink and so she didn't wake anyone she went out to the gazebo drink it. "Oh, Amanda, stop it." She told herself as she tried to get his hazel eyes and dimpled grin from her mind; she knew if she didn't she wouldn't get any sleep and the little she would get would be dreams of Lee.

She knew what was bothering her and she also knew that it was her own fault that she was letting it get out of control in her head. That damn kiss he blew at her. She knew what those lips felt like on hers. She knew how hard and demanding they could be and how soft and gentle they could be. She hated to admit that he could invoke such an emotion from her with just the smallest gesture. "Amanda, stop it! Lee Stetson doesn't even notice when he does stuff like that!" She continued to scold herself.

When her hot chocolate was gone she went in and cleaned the mug and headed back upstairs never knowing that across town Lee Stetson was sitting in his apartment, drinking hot chocolate, thinking of a housewife in Arlington that seemed to be over taking his thoughts more and more lately. "I wonder" he thought to himself as he cleaned his mug and headed to the bedroom to sleep.