Kiss it better 2 - Stomach kiss (FritzPru)

For someone that spends the majority of his days among kings, princes and other members of royalty, the stories that the common people (or even the royals themselves) came up with about them were very amusing to say the least: Royals were gods, royals were emissaries of god on earth, they had magic powers, they were above all and not subjected to the same laws of nature.

He wondered what those people would say if they saw the king of Prussia lying on his bed in the middle of the day and whining, very loudly and continuously, about a simple stomach ache. Certainly not very godly-like of him.

Gilbert payed him little to no mind and turned to the next page of the book he was reading, sitting in a chair by the bed with his feet propped on the mattress. He could be having a very productive day training the troops, but no, he had to play nurse for Fritz because the other had requested so. And even though Gilbert had been very worried when he first heard the king was not feeling well, it soon became clear to him the other only just wanted the attention, so he, in a passive-agressive protest, picked up the first book he found (that wasn't Voltaire's, ew) and took to mostly ignoring the other, only replying when he was addressed specifically.

That, in turn, only annoyed the monarch more and led him to increase his complaints on purpose. After a very particularly loud complaint, Gilbert turned his eyes from the page he was pretending to read and eyed the other. "You do know I know that can't possibly be hurting so bad, right?"

"Yes, it can. It can and it is. Actually it's worse, I feel like I am going to die!" He kept whining and Gilbert rolled his eyes.

"You are not going to die, it's just a stomach ache. Serves you well for stuffing your face with cake and sweets before lunch time." He went back to his book and Frederick bristled in anger.

"You do not speak to your king like that!"

"I do when the king is acting like a spoiled child. For God's sake, Fritz, it's just a stomach ache. Sleep, like I told you to one hour ago and it will be gone when you wake up, you already cleared all your compromises for the day anyway."

"How do you expect me to sleep when my insides are tearing themselves apart?"

Gilbert rolled his eyes. "I do not know. What I also do not know is what you expect me to do about it? The doctor has already examined you and gave you the medicine and if that did not work, what do you want me to do? Kiss it better?"

Gilbert could see in the way Fritz eyes brightened with the sweet shine of revenge, that he should not have said that.

"Oh, come on…" it was his turn to whine and Frederick started to smile. "You can't", the smile grew. "You wouldn't", it grew even more. "You won't", he winked at Gilbert, that made a very undignified noise. "I certainly will not."

"And why not?"

"One, because that is just something moms tell their little kids to make them shut up and doesn't actually work and two because that would be completely embarrassing and… and… and improper!"

"And since when do you care about being proper?"

"Since ever!" Gilbert replied and buried his face back behind his book to hide the fact his face had gotten red at his king's teasing. At times like these he thought that Fritz must know, he must definitely know or he wouldn't be teasing him like this. Or maybe he would, he wasn't even sure anymore.

"And what if I ordered you?"


"I, Frederick II of Prussia, as your king, command you to come here and kiss my stomach better."

Gilbert threw the book at the bed and glared at Frederick. "I see what you are doing. You are miserable and annoyed so you want to make me miserable and annoyed along with you."

"That is exactly what I am doing." Frederick replied with a smile and Gilbert pouted.

"You damn sadist."

"Now who is the one that is overreacting?" Frederick beamed and lowered the covers from his torso. "Come on, I am waiting, Gilbert."

Gilbert got up from his chair, but only glared at Frederick for a while more. "I'll let you know I strongly dislike you right now."

"Eh, you'll get over it. Now chop chop, king in pain over here."

"You haven't even flinched since you started this whole nonsense. So much for being in unbearable pain."

"Oh, the pain of it all, oh oh oh" Frederick immediately started again in a very over the top enactment that made Gilbert roll his eyes once more.

"Alright, alright, I'll do it, just stop that and promise never to mention this again."

"I promise." Fritz replied cheerfully now that he was getting what he wants. Gilbert just glared at him one last time before sitting by the edge of the bed and, after an awkward moment of hesitation, pushing the other's shirt up so he could see the skin underneath. He felt as if his face was trying to set itself on fire from how hot it was so he kept his head low as to not let the other to see.

Wanting to finish this quickly, he bent over and dropped a light and quick kiss on the center of Fritz' stomach, before shooting back straight up and turning to get back up again.

"There, I did it, now-"

"Wait just a minute. That was way too quick, it didn't help at all! You have to do it again!" He still sounded way too cheerful for someone that was allegedly in pain, and Prussia groaned in repressed anger.

"Oh, come on-"

"Again, Gilbert."

The nation shot him his nastiest glare yet and bent again, pressing his lips harder this time though it was still very quick. "Better?" He asked, not raising his head this time because he was sure the king would not let him go so easily. There would be payback for this, he vowed to himself, Fritz would have to think twice before making him into one of his playtoys again.

Fritz had to muffle his laughs behind his hand, which didn't help much because that close Gilbert could see his belly shaking from the laughter, but when he managed to, he said:

"Not yet, one more time. And a bit more to the side because that's where it's hurting more." He hadn't been lying, his stomach was really hurting, but it was already feeling way better since he started pestering his friend. Who said this kiss better thing didn't help?

At that time, having resigned to his fate, Gilbert sighed and the warm breath so close to his stomach was enough to make Fritz stop laughing. For the first time, it dwelled on him that this might not have been a very good idea. What Gilbert had called it, again? Oh yes, improper. He had shrugged it off as some "it's improper to touch the king" type of nonsense, but now that he looked at it… Well, there certainly wasn't nothing of "proper" in lifting his head off the pillows to watch as his friend moved his lips milimitres away from his bare skin to press another kiss on his stomach, on the spot Frederick had pointed to him. Oh yes, this might not have been a very good idea at all, he thought, gulping as he let his head fall back in the pillows and watched Gilbert straighten himself back up and look at him with a still angry (and embarrassed) expression. It would be funny if it wasn't, well, a bit terrifying.

Some moments passed with them in silence and then Gilbert got up from the bed.

"May I be excused now?"

It took Frederick a couple of seconds, but then he nodded. "Yes, you may. Thank you for your company, Gilbert."

"Any time", the nation gave a sort of head bow and then turned around and left, leaving Frederick alone with his thoughts, which, for a while, weren't composed of much more than a "Well, damn."

Okay, this one needs a bit of explaining. It's my headcanon that, while Prussia did develop a crush for Frederick during the years they spent together, he never told him or anyone else and never even did anything that would led others to think he might have feelings for Fritz, because he knew being with a human, and his ruler no less, would bring nothing but trouble and pain. So yeah, that's why Gilbert was being so against the idea of kissing Fritz, because he knew it would only make the crush he was trying to bury worse and because it could give him away to Fritz. Frederick, on the other hand was completely oblivious and only just liked to pick on him for any reason.

I love this pair just as much as I love to make Gilbert suffer. 3

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