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This first side-chapter takes place between Chapters 1 and 2 of my main story, showing Shu's training to be part of the Undertakers.



"My name is Shu Ouma. As of today, I have this 'Power of the Kings' inside me. Ever since I accepted the offer to join Funeral Parlor alongside their magical girl allies, Inori Yuzuriha is seen at my school. Funeral Parlor has made themselves known to the public. Well any who, for the least that Inori instantly became popular with the class, not to mention staying at my apartment, she also reminds me to go to Funeral Parlor's headquarters this weekend.

That is where my training starts. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun."


Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms: Gaiden

Side-Mission: Training


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium/October 15th, 2022

Located in Roppongi Forts, it shows a huge area that looks like a three-story library. Each mini-floor shows random people consisting of humans, demons from the Makai realm, and a reptilian race called the Rajita, not to mention their commanders. The bottom floor that has a huge computer screen in the middle shows Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha (while holding Fyu-Neru), and Madoka Kaname. The first mini-floor shows Ayase Shinomiya, Tsugumi, Kenji Kido, Argo Tsukishima, Kyoko Sakura, and Sayaka Miki. While the highest (second) mini-floor shows Gai Tsutsugami, Shibungi, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, and Oogumo.

Shu is seen in his school uniform, while Inori and the Puella Magical Girls wear Funeral Parlor uniforms/dresses. The atmosphere is quiet, in which the Undertakers are ready to introduce their new recruit to the resistance.

"Wow!" Madoka cried out in joy. "I'm so glad that you join us. The people can be nice once you get to know them."

"Really, well I'll just see for myself then." Shu sarcastically compliments to the magical girl.

Gai stands firm and announce to his cohorts, "Okay people, this is Shu Ouma."

Shu gulp while the blond-haired leader introduces him in front of the mercenaries and magical girls.

"He is here because of the Void Genome he wields that can turn the tide against GHQ. Now that we rescued those hostages yesterday, we have to fight fire with fire. Although Shu has his new power, he needs to start learning the basics of our training in square one."

Shibungi interrupts Gai by saying, "I wonder under your decision of who should watch over the boy?"

Gai then smirks to his second-in-command and answered, "Simple. I pick two people for the job, and that's Ayase and Sayaka."

Ayase and Sayaka take notice, but the former becomes surprise about it.

"Are you serious?" Sayaka wondered.

"Oh god… Why do I have to put up with him?" Ayase rebuked.

"Because Shu needs that responsibility to be part of us." Gai replied to the red-haired girl. "If he keeps slacking off by being jack shit, he's going to fail. Understood?"

After a few seconds, Ayase nodded much to her displeasure. She and the aqua-haired magical girl walk down the stairs to slowly meet Shu.

Madoka encourages Shu, "Go on. Just say hello."

Shu then turns to Ayase and Sayaka walking down, as the brunette-haired boy slowly walks towards the two girls.

"Hey, it's uh nice to meet you two." Shu politely greeted. "I hope the training is going to go smooth-."

Just then, the clueless Shu accidentally trips himself and landed on Ayase to the ground. Shu accidentally kisses her on the lips while his left hand touches her breast. Everyone except Gai, Shibungi, and Homura are surprised with mix reactions by this perverted act.

"Holy cow." Sayaka muttered in surprised.

Argo is seen nodded in disbelief. Kenji snickers at this, "Wow, we have to deal with a pervert."

"That's not funny!" Tsugumi shouts at him.

Back to Ayase, she merely blushes as her eyes widened. Then she instantly becomes very angry and swiftly punches Shu in the face, making him letting go of her and knocked out.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Ayase angrily screamed at the passed out Shu. "Never, ever do that to me!"

Shu's viewpoint fades black as he remains unconscious.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Dressing Room

(Cue Madoka Magica Portable OST - Justitia -Materia Sayakae-)

After a few hours, Shu is seen in the floor. The school boy then slowly wakes up in a dressing room. There, Shu sees Ayase and Sayaka standing above him. While Sayaka remains respectful to the newcomer, Ayase remains upset about the ordeal.

"Hi, Shu." Sayaka politely stated, as she gives him a new set of cloths pertaining to the rebel organization. "Here are some new clothes to wear. Don't mind about Ayase, she can get really bossy when training with new people."

Ayase simply gives a huff at the physically weak boy that she's forced to train.

"Oh come on, it was just an accident. I'm sorry!" Shu said to Ayase.

However, Ayase is simply not in the mood while she crosses her arms. "Look, you are gonna begin training soon. I mean god, why someone like you becomes part of Funeral Parlor?"

Shu remains silent as of this moment.

"Anyhow, you will have a full day by other instructors for tomorrow's test."

"The hell, a day?!" Shu cries out at the harsh manner. "Isn't it too much for me to ask?"

"What are you, a no-brainer?" Ayase glares at the introverted boy. "This is enough to tackle on my turf if you really want to join us. Even after passing this one, there's more to come. Now get dress and hop to it."

With that said, Ayase turns herself to leave the area. Shu and Sayaka watch the headstrong girl walking away.

"Don't worry, you can handle them." Sayaka then tends Shu's bruise in his cheek when Ayase punches him, "By the way, does it hurt when she does it?"

"Uh, yeah a little." Shu replies to the aqua-haired girl.

"I see." Sayaka remarked with a smile. "Just change your cloths soon, and we'll watch over your progress."

Sayaka then leaves the area for Shu alone to change his uniform. Shu is seriously having his hands full for his intensive training to be a warrior. It is going to take a while to become the starting hero he desires.

(End theme)


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Abandoned Subway

The area shifts into a wide training area that takes place in an abandoned subway. This is mainly use for new recruits and veterans to hone their combat skills. Shu is seen meeting with Argo and Kyoko, while Ayase and Sayaka are seen in distance to watch over Shu.

"Sup, you must be Shu right?" Argo casually introduced, "Names Argo, I'm a student of Ryusen High School."

Kyoko added with a smirk, "And the name is Kyoko, don't you forget that."

"I see, so what are we doing anyway?" Shu questions the two.

"You're here to start some melee training." Argo answers as he gives Shu a spare combat knife. "Here."

Shu looks at the knife with curiosity. "With that?"

Argo then uses his own knife and said, "Yeah, we know you can draw out anything with your Void Genome, but you gotta try using other weapons starting with this."

Kyoko then walks somewhere to meet up with Ayase and Sayaka.

Argo then smirks at Shu, "Now come at me like your trying to kill me."

Then, Argo swiftly charges at Shu with his knife. Shu dodges and hesitantly tries to do the same thing with his own weapon. However, Argo grabs Shu's arm and knee-kick him to the ground. Shu gets up despite the injury.

"Come on, you can do better than that." Argo commented at the trainee's action.

As Shu and Argo continue sparring with their knives, the girls watch the progress.

"Wow Sayaka, you must have put that wimp to all that kind of stuff." Kyoko commented with a cocky smirk.

"Yeah, and for once I felt bad for him." Sayaka replied to her close friend.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Shooting Range

Next, Shu is seen in an indoor shooting range. Mami and Oogumo appear as the boy's next instructors. Ayase and Sayaka are once again seen in distance.

"This is where you will learn all about the basics of artillery." Oogumo instructs to Shu as he starts giving him a heavy bazooka.

"Gee, it weights a ton." Shu muttered while carrying the weapon with little strength he had.

"Oh you're not using that one for target practice." Mami remarked to Shu. "Instead, you should use something smaller like this."

The blond-haired magical girl then materializes a magical shotgun to show, impressing the naïve newcomer.

"And that you can find a handgun somewhere right there." Mami points out that she shows Shu a handgun on the stand, so that someone can use it for target practice.

Quietly understands, Shu is going to walk to his spot when suddenly, the people hear some gun shots. They turn to see Inori firing her handgun at some targets.

Shu becomes rather impressive at the songtress' firearm skills. "Inori..."

"Well, you know her." Mami smiles at the newcomer. Shu continues to stare at the pink-haired girl.

Oogumo then interrupts calmly, "No distractions. Concentrate on your targets."

"Oh, right!" Shu snaps out of it as he then uses his handgun and in full concentration at the bullseye targets. He starts firing a few bullets that barely hits the target. Then Shu fires more shots that hit a target. Surely it starts as pure luck, but Shu needs to keep practicing.

"What do you think of him, guys?" Ayase questions to Oogumo and Mami.

"He needs some work to be done." Oogumo calmly answered.

"Besides, we still have the time Shu needs." Mami politely smiled.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Classroom

Afterwards between the afternoon and evening, it shows a classroom-area of some sort. Shu is seen sitting in a desk with Tsugumi and Kenji. Ayase and Sayaka are seen in the back desks. A few mercenaries, such as a girl named Kyo, a demon that looks like Howard the Duck are seen. Shibungi and Homura are seen in the front board, in which both instructors teach the meaning of mission strategies and other things related. The time spent is typically an hour long.

"Seriously, is it that much information to boggle my mind?" Shu whispers to Tsugumi.

The nekomata remarks, "Hey, I may be an expert hacker, but staying in 'class' helps reinforce my skills. Besides, I've yet to attend an actual human school."

Shu muttered, "I don't know if its possible for Japan's current state."

Tsugumi gives a humorous glare at Shu, "Are you saying that I'm not cut out because I'm just a kitty?"

"No, it's not what I meant." Shu takes back quietly.

Kenji then added with a slackish attitude, "Man this is so boring. Even that duck there is such a lazy-ass."

The kamaitachi demon points out the Howard the Duck demon, which the anthropomorphic duck quacks and eyes widened in surprise.

"Excuse me." Shibungi's voice gets Shu and his 'classmates' attention. "If you must know, talking amongst yourselves is a distraction to our lessons. Please pay attention."

Shu and the Makai hackers gulp to stay quiet, while Shibungi and Homura continue their teachings to the mercenaries. Ayase places her hand in disbelief while Sayaka remains neutral about Shu's progress.


It is now evening and near sunset in the hallways. Shu is seen panting from intensive training that pushes him both physically and mentally. He is rather tired. For nearly a single day, it is rather impressive to both Ayase and Sayaka, especially the Void Genome inside Shu supports his vitals.

"I never knew you can be a fast learner, Shu." Sayaka commented.

"Thanks." Shu smiles at the aqua-haired girl. "It takes a while, but I'm pretty gifted to learn something."

Ayase then respond with some newfound respect, "You know, you're not that bad for once. But do you have what it takes for tomorrow's test?"

"Well, I think I can." Shu answers her question. "Its just that I'm getting all work up here."

"Hmph, then I'm not telling any hints of what to expect." Ayase remarked to the meek boy.

"Oh you seriously-?" Shu begins to complain.

"Hey, think about it yourself would you." Ayase retorted to silence the newcomer.

Shu has things to consider about what Ayase just said. Normally, he can study for an exam in school, but this is obviously pushing the boundaries of military and mercenary training. Before Shu thinks of something to say, the three people notice two figures in distance.

It turns out to be Inori, alongside Gai having his black uniform unbutton in revealing his chest. Without anyone noticing, both Inori and Gai went inside a private room together before the door closes.

Shu Ouma sees this and he looks rather blushed.

Ayase took notice and jokingly smirks, "Oh, you did see it. We here rumors that Inori and Gai are kinda-like lovers. Even if I did admire Gai anyway, he always wants people to follow him."

Sayaka then added, "You and Inori seem close, wasn't it?"

"It's another reason why I join your team, guys." Shu quietly answers to them. "Inori becomes something I desire to protect. Her own void seems to tell me that it's something signature."

Seeing how Shu nearly becomes overwhelmed, from his training to see how Inori is close to the charismatic leader himself, both girls begin to wonder. Eventually, they come up something for Shu to relax.

"Why don't you go to a bar hangover we had?" Ayase suggested. "You can ease your mind before we can send you home for sleep."

Shu at first sighs a bit, but then he complies. "You're right. I seriously need to clear my head."

The newcomer then walks away from Ayase and Sayaka in going to that hangover location.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Bar

Shu has made it to an open bar and his eyes observe the place. This is where many mercenaries are seen hanging out, whether they talk about the most random things, playing various games, and so on.

The brunette-haired boy walks through the tables. He accidentally bumps through a rhino demon.

The rhino simply muttered, "Watch it."

"Oh, sorry." Shu replied before the rhino walks away. As the boy continues looking at random people talking, alongside some stares at him that made Shu nervous, he then sees Kyoko, Argo, and Kyo on the bar stools. Argo and Kyoko are seen with their towels since their training with Shu. The three of them take notice to see the newcomer.

"Well, look who's here." Argo simply remarked.

"Why don't you sit down with us?" Kyoko suggested to Shu.

Shu at first seems uncertain, but then he accepts their gesture and sits down in a spare stool.

Then, a coyote demon that serves as a bartender is seen serving drinks. Kyoko has the apple juice, Argo has soda, Kyo has grape juice, and Shu simply has water. Particularly, the first three people already serve their orders, while Shu just recently appears.

"You must be that rookie we heard?" The coyote bartender said with a Texan-accent. "I have these three hanging out and they were my favorite customers."

"Yeah! And it's so nice staying here to meet all these cool people!" Kyo smiled with a positive attitude.

"Hmm, I can agree with that." Shu replies to the young girl.

"You'll be part of us once you passed that test tomorrow." Argo stated.

Shu then questions his new friends, "Say guys, how come Gai treats everyone like this? His legacy with all those people admiring him seems that way."

Argo answers Shu's curiosity, "You know him, Gai inspires us to make a big change for the world. People see him as the Gairyuki, meaning 'Shining Victory Dragon' to lead us to, you know, victory. Funeral Parlor is getting big over the years, even before you and the magical girls come along. It starts off as us humans, but then we have demons from the Makai Realm and even the Rajita come along. That seriously reminds me of some typical sci-fi parody. Me, Ayase, Oogumo, and Shibungi are seen as Gai's Funeral Knights."

Shu is rather impressed of Argo's point-of-view and dedication for the Undertakers.

"At one point, Gai does this propaganda of this."

He shows Shu a hilarious poster of Gai doing the 'Uncle Sam' pose with a neutral expression. The top letters say "I WANT YOU" and the bottom letter say, "for the Undertakers". Kyoko begins to snicker at the parody artwork while Kyo looks in curiousity.

"Stop laughing!" Argo cries out to the red-haired magical girl to defend Gai's pedestal.

Shu nodded his head in disbelief while seeing the picture and mutters to himself, "I can't believe him."


Near Shu's Apartment

Now it is nightfall, as the setting changes from Funeral Parlor's headquarters to near Shu's apartment on the road. Shu is going to get rested to prepare Ayase's test. Gai is seen driving a car with Shu in the back seat. Besides Shu, Inori and Madoka are sitting next to him.

"You best need some rest, Shu." Gai stated while turning the wheel.

Shu remains silent, still secretly minds about Inori's close relationship with Gai. Even if Shu himself is willing to join a band of resistance, does Inori flat-out manipulates him all along to do so, or is it something more to develop?

Either way, Shu ignores his thoughts and asks Madoka, "Say, how is your home dimension anyway? What is it like?"

Madoka looks at Shu and nicely said, despite leaving out the obvious details, "My home is okay so far. During our time there, we grant wishes to become Magical Girls from our mascot named Kyubey. It's where we once fought to protect our town from these monsters called the Witches, but after the laws of the universe changes for a new system, new monsters called Wraiths takes over. It's the same afterwards, but without the darker aspects from our old experiences. While me and my friends go to your dimension, Kyubey alongside his race creates a time-barrier around our home to prevent any disruptions from the Wraiths and anything else."

"That is a lot you can handle, Madoka." Shu said after knowing this from the girl's words.

"But I love to explore other worlds just like other dimension travelers." Madoka smiled. "It just makes my existence happy to protect everyone, especially when I meet you."

Shu feel positive of Madoka's statement. Both can relate to one another about their struggles at some point.

After a few minutes, the automobile parks next to Shu's apartment. Shu and Inori get out of the car.

"See you tomorrow, then!" Madoka said her goodbyes to her new friend.

"Will do." Shu stated to Madoka and Gai. With that said, Gai and Madoka leave to return to headquarters.

Both Shu and Inori are walking upstairs to reach the door of Shu's house. Shu will go to sleep for tomorrow. But will he ever made it through? He'll just have to find out then.


One Day Later


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Abandoned Subway/October 16th, 2022

(Cue Guilty Crown – Alpha)

Today is the day of a new recruit's test to be part of the notorious Funeral Parlor. It is more likely Shu Ouma's big day.

The audience shows in various spots are Inori (alongside Fyu-Neru), Gai, Madoka, Shibungi, Argo, Oogumo, Homura, Kyoko, Sayaka, Mami (who is sitting in Oogumo's shoulder), Kyo, and random Funeral Parlor mercenaries. Tsugumi and Kenji are seen next to the controls for the training. A mercenary who looks like Neville along with a German Shepherd dog from I am Legend is seen.

Shu, still in his Funeral Parlor attire is seen holding a paint gun. The reason for this test is clear. It is a mock battle to face against Ayase piloting her new Steiner Endlave since she found it from Daryl's. Behind the Steiner is a black telephone booth use for a safety spot.

Ayase is seen inside her cockpit. Her voice from the Steiner stated, "Okay, Shu. This is it. It's where you're in a possible situation that you have to pass through an Endlave in advance to reach the safety spot. The paint balls that I'll shoot will knock you out, so don't get hit."

"Alright. I'll do my best." Shu firmly stated.

Gai observes the test carefully with his arms cross. Madoka has her high hopes.

Inori stares at Shu and whispers to herself, "Be careful, Shu."

Argo and Kyoko both expect the obvious outcome of this mock battle.

"This I gotta frickin' see." Kyoko said while biting down an apple.

"Are you kidding me?" Argo worried while holding a soda can. "She's going to fail for the start. Hell, even I can't pass Ayase's Endlave."

Tsugumi and Kenji are finishing up the touches on the controls for the Steiner.

"And she becomes tougher with her new mech!" The cat girl cries out. "Okay Ayase, are you ready?"

"Plug me in." Ayase stated.

The Steiner has been activated and looks below Shu. The newcomer stands firm in face-to-face with his 'mock' opponent.

Tsugumi happily announces, "Are you ready? Go!"

Shu tries to charge forward, but the Steiner gets in the way. Ayase fires a few paintballs at Shu, only for the boy to dodge roll in evading them at ease. Shu runs to a corner and then fires his paintgun at the Steiner's left shoulder, but it has no affect on the mech. The Steiner turns towards Shu's hiding spot.

"Come one! Quit hiding from me!", Ayase's voice inside her mech cries out.

Ayase then shoots more paintfalls for Shu to escape. Shu continues running as the Steiner pursues behind him. The newcomer pants as he turns to see the Steiner about to fire another paint ball, in which Shu barely evades with another dodge roll just as the slender mech fires. Shu founds another corner to hide.

Most of the audiences, particularly Inori and Madoka, become concern about the circumstances. Gai continues watching without concerns.

Shu needs to think something fast, "Oh god, I have to get pass her, but how? Wait a second, that's it!"

(Cue Guilty Crown – Friends)

Being a fast learner he was, Shu turns towards Argo and run towards him.

"Sorry about this Argo!"

Shu then uses the Power of the Kings to grab something inside Argo while the spiky-haired mercenary screams. The audience watch as Shu extracts Argo's void that look like a stick called the Pessimist's Torch. Argo falls down unconscious while Kyoko hurry to carry his body.

Shu then uses the void's power to materializes a sphere made out of pure darkness at the Steiner.

Ayase's vision becomes black as a result of the void's ability, "Wha-?! I can't see!"

Now having his chance, Shu runs pass the Steiner and made it inside the telephone booth and breaths heavily for some air. Eventually, the dark sphere is cleared for Ayase to see again.

(End theme)

As Shu comes out of his safety spot, most of the audience becomes impress and positive about Shu's ability to win this mock battle. Argo wakes up after Shu is already done using his void and is proud to see Shu made it on top. Ayase gets out of the cockpit and calmly walks towards Shu.

Shu nervously said to Ayase, "I guess I kinda cheated, huh?"

Ayase then replies, "Well, you actually did something there. I'm actually quite proud that you made it to your goal." The Endlave pilot then smiles at Shu, showing her newfound respect despite the initial hostility.

"From now on, you're part of the team." Argo gives a smirk.

"Welcome to Funeral Parlor." Oogumo simply said.

"It's quite an honor to have you here." Shibungi added with a calm expression.

Shu is glad at the Funeral Knights' comments.

"Oh Shu!" Madoka happily shouts as she runs and gives her new friend a big hug. Shu is surprise about it. "I'm so happy that you made it!"

Shu smiles back at the pink-haired magical girl, "Thanks Madoka." He then turns towards Inori and Gai. Inori smiles at Shu without a word, while Gai simply nodded that he finally has a new member in his organization.

"Well done, Shu." Gai coolly stated.

The newly recruit is proud to see that he can try his best to help the Undertakers and the magical girls against GHQ's dystopia. Even if Shu passes Ayase's mock trial, there is more to come for the rising hero.


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