A/N: Here we are in the next gaiden. This one will be based on episode 7 of the anime and taking place between chapters 2 and 3 of the main story.


Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms: Gaiden

Side-Mission: Negotiations


Shu's Apartment/Living Room/November 15th, 2022

(Cue Guilty Crown - Another Side 03 – Track 06 (Tamanegi) (15:28 – 20:46))

A month has passed since the new member of Funeral Parlor, Shu, helped the resistance alongside magical girls to stop the dreaded Leukocyte satellites. The sky is nearly going sunset outside of Shu's Apartment.

Inside the living room, Shu, Inori, and Fyu-Neru (with its arms) are seen folding cloths from the basket to the couch after coming back from laundry. As they continue to tend the clothes, a lovely, motherly voice is heard.

"Shu! Inori, I'm home!"

The brunette-haired boy turns and cries out, "Haruka!"

Shu suddenly sees his mother appearing despite calling her by name. Apparently, Haruka Ouma is wearing a skimpy purple dress, having a soda in her hand, and wears a playful expression. She just got back after hours of work.

"Oh god, you're dressing like that again?!" Shu humorously shouted.

"Aren't you happy that mommy's home?" Haruka playfully teased.

Shu blushes at the remark, "That's not what I really meant!"

Haruka then turns to Inori, "And how are you doing, Inori?" she asked, showing her hospitality to her new house guest.

"I'm doing fine." The pink-haired girl answered. "Thank you once again for letting me stay."

Happy at her comment, Haruka drinks a sip of soda before giving a euphoric shout, "I'm starving! Let's have some pizza!" She turns to Shu with a smile. "Shu, honey, can you get some?"

"Why me?!" Shu complained.

Haruka replied while she closes her eyes, "I'll have all the time in the world so we can eat something very delicious."

Shu simply stares in disbelief. As if having a 'mother' who has such an energetic attitude in her relaxing days contrast Shu's own introverted attitude. He just has to live with it in his teenage years.

(End theme)


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

Meanwhile with Funeral Parlor, their main computer monitors are seen examining statistic rates and pictures of Roppongi District. It also includes screens of Shu's Apartment for the mercenaries to watch over Shu and Inori.

Gai, Shibungi, and Homura are seen discussing something.

"Gai, we have some news." Shibungi announced to his boss. "Due to the past missions and such, we're beginning to run out of supplies."

"Didn't we get anything from other factions?" Homura questions to Shibungi. "There was the Organisation of African Unity, not to mention Makai and the Rajita."

"Even if we had them, there are no routes for transporting goods. Not to mention at times of the later twos' special requirements." Shibungi states to the magical girl before turns to Gai, "Is there anything we can do?"

Gai think of something for a bit. Eventually, the blond-haired leader declared to his two cohorts, "We need another human collaborator, somewhere close to us."


Kuhouin Mansion/Bathroom

It then switches to a bathroom, in which it shows a blond-haired girl named Arisa Kuhouin taking a shower. The soap foam covers some parts of her nude body. She is thinking of something big going on with the Kuhouin Estate.


Kuhouin Mansion/Dinner Table/Flashback

In Arisa's flashback, a meeting by many people is presented in a table. Arisa is seen taking part. Leading this discussion is an old man sitting with a cane, he is the head of the Kuhouin Estate named, Okina Kuhouin.

Okina discussed to the group, "The market's pressure is getting worse by the minute. The Kuhouin Estate's rate of distribution control is lower than last year. One of GHQ's special laws that enforced it is article 301."

He then places his pipe in the table.

"There are no excuses, only results.", The old man continues and then turns to Arisa, "Arisa, I'll have you accompany me to the party tonight."

Arisa then smiles with her eyes close, "Okay, grandfather."


Kuhouin Mansion/Bathroom

Back to the present, Arisa thinks by hearing her grandfather's final thoughts.

"I'll be leaving something for you to work on as well, keep that in mind."

In the end, Arisa quietly stated her decision, "I understand, because I'm a Kuhouin."


Shu's Apartment/Living Room

Back at Shu's Apartment, Fyu-Neru and Inori help clean up the trash to the bags. Chips and soda, alongside a pizza piece that Shu ordered an hour ago, are littered in the floor. A TV screen shows that Inori played a game that parodies Super Mario Bros. only with Fyu-Neru as the playable character.

Inori found and open up a bag of streamers, which lets out fancy threads while Fyu-Neru watches. Inori's eyes widen when she sees them.


Shu's Apartment/Haruka's Room

In Haruka's room, Shu and his 'mother' are seen finding some fancy clothes in the closet to see what they wear. They are invited to a party of some sort.

Haruka then complimented, "Inori is cute, though she's kinda weird to you, Shu."

"Well, I can't leave her all by herself you know." Shu simply put it this way. "She's stronger than me, I can understand that, but at times she's vulnerable."

Haruka smiles back and places her arms behind Shu. The boy blushes when he turns to his mother and even feeling her breasts.

"Quit it, your drunk." Shu muttered and attempts to push her away.

"Aww, I can't give a hug to my own son?"

"You're allowed too, but not like that."

After a few seconds, Haruka lets go of Shu and continues to search her dress. Eventually, she founds a reddish-magenta dress.

"I found it!" Haruka cries out and smiles with her eyes close. "Now I can look good for the party tomorrow."

Shu simply looks at Haruka with awkwardness. Wonder if he founds his cloths as well for the party in a few hours.


Tokyo Bay/Docks

(Cue Street Fighter 4 – Guile's Theme)

It is now nightfall, GHQ is seen securing the docks of Tokyo Bay. The group has trucks that are loaded with carriers.

Daryl, Segai, and Rowan are seen. They are presented with a large built man, blond hair, a blue American jacket, and has a jovial attitude. His name is Dan Eagleman, former American colonel and football coach.

"You can look good with that!" Dan Eagleman expressed himself with joy. "Unless you do it on your first try after moving to a new post! You three become my new allies today, so lets have the guts to do so!"

Daryl and Rowan have bored expression, while Segai seems amused besides holding his red cellphone.

"With all due respect Colonel Eagleman-." Rowan questioned before cut off.

"Call me Dan Eagleman!" Dan smiled as he places his arms to Rowan's shoulders. "We're all pals here!"

Rowan has his mind compose by keeping his glasses tidy and stated, "Well Dan, these dragoon missiles are surface-to-air, so firing them at a ship is a little…"

"We're gonna fire at them!" Dan talks back with a jovial attitude. "If they can go up, they can go sideways, too!"

Segai interrupts the discussion, "And what ship will be the target?"

"Good question, Scarface!"

"It's Segai." The devious officer firmly stated for correction.

"There's a Japanese person opposing GHQ that is holding a party on board." Dan explained. "I think he's making a deal with another collaborator."

"Where did you get that info, if I'm curious?" Segai said with curiosity.

Dan's teeth shine with a smile and give an thumbs up, "I got a tip from a resident with good intentions. The Japanese understands that if it weren't for GHQ, this country would be going nowhere!"

Yes, GHQ is up to no good again now that they know about the negotiations coming. Seems they will strike, with a boisterous American in charge much to some slight annoyance.

(End theme)


Tokyo Bay/Open Waters

(Cue Final Fantasy IX OST - Prima Vista Orchestra)

Hours later, a large, fancy cruise ship is sailing by in the seas. Ward 24, the towering headquarters of GHQ, is seen in distance.

Okina Kuhouin's voice is heard in a personal speech, "Ten years have passed since the end of our country's superheroes and alongside GHQ took over. It's too much to stand by and wait."


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

Inside this classy ship shows a huge gathering of a ballroom and a grand staircase with party guests wearing tuxedos and dresses. Haruka Ouma and Arisa are seen in reddish-magenta and grayish-blue dresses respectively. Everyone is all listening to the head of Kuhouin Estate's speech.

Okina firmly continues, "We need to stand in our own two feet."


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Dressing Room

Then, it quickly shows a dressing room where two men are seen unconscious inside a closet and are tied up, not to mention their cloths are remove except their boxers.

"Your pretty goosey huh, Shu?" Gai teased that he's wearing white cloths from those men while tying his long blond hair to a ponytail.

"Hey, you just called for no reason and we're in another mission!" Shu defended as he's wearing his own clothing as Gai did. "But anyway, what's the mission all about?"

Gai begins to respond, "There's someone I want to talk too, but it's not easy for a public appearance."

"So that means your going to force contact?" Shu asked in curiosity as he finishes dressing up in a black and white tuxedo up to a black tie bow.

Gai is already dressed up in a white tuxedo. He lays his right arm on the closet door and smiles in a 'party mood', "In a nutshell, yeah."


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

Back to the main gathering, Arisa is seen greeting a few guests. At the top of the grand staircase, Haruka is seen in a conversation with Okina. The old man is seen sitting in a red, comfy chair. Haruka is sitting down as well.

"I didn't know you come, Haruka." Okina greeted. "Tell me, did you say anything about Keido?"

"Not really, I take responsibility for what happened." Haruka replied back.

"It was an accident by all means." Okina said while Haruka said nothing for the matter. There is something of an incident for Haruka's private matter.

Below the stairs, Shu and Gai wander around the place to search this particular person. Then, Shu gasped to see his 'mother' on the top floor.

"Haruka?!" Shu thought before running off to the left, much to Gai seeing him do so. "That's the party she was talking about?!"

Just then, Shu accidentally bump into a large figure. The boy becomes surprise that Oogumo is here in a tuxedo, not only that, but Mami Tomoe is here as well wearing a fancy dress!

"Guys!" Shu cried out. "What are you doing here?! I thought it's only me and Gai!"

The blond-haired magical girl politely responds, "Oh, we're here in case of back up. Not only that, but we seem to enjoy this fancy party. I ate one of the best cheesecakes they made and getting to know some guests, especially this one guy who has a British accent."

Shu pretty much wonder if they snuck in to the party as well. But he nevertheless shakes his head and sheepishly chuckled, "Well, I guess you're having fun here. I just ran because I saw my mom and-."

Before Shu could tell further, he notices that Arisa eventually sees him in distance. Shu becomes surprise that the student president in his high school is here of all people.

"Shu?" Arisa called him out. "What are you doing here?"

Not taking a chance to be spotted, Shu runs off this instant, leaving Mami and Oogumo wonder.

"Gai!" Shu cries out to his cohort as the ponytailed man turns towards him. Shu tags Gai by the hand before running off, "It's all on you, man!"

Gai wonders what all is about, before seeing Arisa catching up Shu.

"Shu, wait up!" Arisa cried out before suddenly being blocked by Gai. Both look at each other for the first time.

Arisa cautiously questions the stranger, "What do you want?"

Gai slowly smiles and leans closer to the blond-haired girl before turning away from Arisa and closing his eyes, "Sorry about that, you reminded me of someone I knew."

"Someone…you knew?" Arisa wondered.

"Yeah." Gai smiled with his eyes remain close before opening them in looking at Arisa. "A Greek goddess, which her shield reminds me of an armadillo I owned."

Despite knowing what particular goddess Gai's referring to, Arisa took offense at the young man's remark. Arisa is about to deliver a slap, only to have Gai immediately grab her hand to stop it. Arisa becomes blushed that her hand is hold.

"You really resembled the fact that her shield curl up to a ball to protect herself."

Arisa seems to gasp a bit of the stranger's comment. Just what is he?

(End theme)


Tokyo Bay/Docks

Back at the docks, GHQ guards are seen securing the area. An Endlave Gautier controlled by Daryl appears to push the truck loaded with dragoon missiles to the ground for a better target launch. Segai and Dan Eagleman are seen below the missile carriers.

"Prepare to fire the missiles soon." Rowan stated to the forces.

"Alright, that's some nice guts there!" Dan jovially shouts like a gym coach. "You can always do it if you keep trying!"

"Hate to interrupt, but the target is on its way from point L-11 to point R-22 just as the stats show." Rowan further added.

While saying so, more trucks filled with dragoons inside are being pushed to the ground.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

(Cue Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a)

Meanwhile in the main ballroom, a waltz of dancing has begun for most of the party guests. Mami and Oogumo are seen to find someone to dance with. A young, handsome British man is seen calling Mami by waving his hand.

"Oh, dear me." The blond-haired magical girl smiled. "There's my dance partner over there."

She then walks away from her partner to meet her acquaintance. As Oogumo tries to find someone alone, he found a woman standing behind the large man as he turns. The woman has a short, triangle shaped indigo/black hair with few red lines, and a black party dress.

"Hello there." The woman greeted. "Who might you be?"

"I'm Oogumo." The large man replied. "And you are?"

"Kurachi. I'm actually one of Okina's secretaries."

"I see."

After a brief moment of pause, they continue to have their acquaintance.

"I just feel alone of who to pick to dance with." Kurachi muttered. "I knew an old friend of mine had one, but I just don't know."

"Well…how about I can give a try?" Oogumo politely offers the woman.

Kurachi looks at Oogumo and replied, "You really mean it?"

Oogumo nodded. And so, both slowly place their arms around and begin to dance. For once, Kurachi feels comfortable in getting to know the calm giant.


At another location, Haruka is seen talking to a male guest. The brunette-haired woman gives him a business card and then shakes his hand.

"I'm Haruka Ouma of Sephira Genomics, it's nice to meet you."

Shu is seen hiding behind a huge flower pot.

"This is the first time I've seen Haruka working."

Just then, he receives a call from his communicator. Shu gets his attention alright.

(Theme fades)


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

Tsugumi is seen contacting via computer screens at the atrium and alerts.

"Shu, let Gai know! There are dragoon missiles heading to aim that boat!"


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

(Theme resumes)

"Dragoons?" Shu asked.

Tsugumi quickly replied, "Yeah, they're tactical missiles. That cruise will be destroyed by them! You have to get outta here! They're coming and-!"

(Theme fades)


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

Besides Tsugumi's attempt contact, Ayase, Kenji, and Sayaka are hearing the commotion as well.

Shu's voice interrupts, "I can't! If I run away from the boat, what's gonna happen to the rest of these people?"

Kenji sarcastically added, "Are you some kind of a show off?"

Ignoring him, Tsugumi said to Shu, "What are you going to do now?"


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

(Theme resumes)

Shu simply answers the nekomata, "Me and Gai will handle this, trust me." He then hangs up the communicator.


At the top of the staircase, two guards in tuxedos behind Okina are about to take action from an uninvited guest, but Okina immediately halts them that the guards stand firm. The guest is serving some delicious food inside a lidded platter.

"I don't remember inviting you, Gai Tsutsugami of Funeral Parlor." The elderly man recognized him, being the leader of the resistance and all.

Gai smiled having just met his granddaughter. He then opens the lid, "I think it's an honor to invite me in the next party."

Inside the platter reveals a red communication device as Okina looks in curiosity.

Gai continues his proposal, "I think its time to buy this country's future."

"Gai!" Shu's voice cries out to get attention.

"Excuse me." Gai places the communicator to the table next to a small leopard statue with Okina looks at it in wonder an alliance will be made between his group and the Undertakers.


Gai walks to immediately meet Shu in the corner.

"Tsugumi said that GHQ missiles are targeting this boat!"

"Do they plan on taking down the whole ship?" Gai questioned.

"Yeah. What can we do to save these people?"

Gai looks a bit before answering his comrade, "Wait on the rear desk outside. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"I'm on it!" Shu nodded.

(End theme)


Tokyo Bay/Docks

Back at the Tokyo Bay Docks, GHQ is preparing to strike.

"Alright!" Dan shouted with a smile. "Let's give it a go! Target: R-14!"

The jovial man openly gives the signal and points at the sky.

"Fire the dragoons!"

The missile is fire upon the American's command.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Rear Desk

Shu is seen running on top of the stairs to the rear desk, determine to save the people on board.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

Meanwhile, Arisa is seen sitting down, looking unsure of whom to decide to dance with two suitors.

"Arisa, dance with me in the blissful waltz." One man said.

"No, how about me, please." Another man offered.

But then, Gai's hand places Arisa's as both suppose suitors notice that the girl has been taken. Arisa looks at Gai that he just appeared once again.

Gai smiled as he removes the ponytail to make his hair long again, "Sorry guys, I'm gonna rock on with her."


Tokyo Bay/Open Waters

The missile is racing above the ocean's surface.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

Tsugumi cries out, "One minute to impact!"


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Rear Desk

Outside the ship, Gai is walking while holding the astonish Arisa.

Eventually, the prestigious girl had just about enough and immediately release herself, "Let go of me, you creep!"

"Hey, it's my job taking you here." Gai positively remarks.

"Don't mess with me!" Arisa defiantly shouted. "Do you know who I-!"

Gai interrupts her brief outburst and said while pointing his finger like a stage magician, "Close your eyes."

Arisa seems to stop, pondering what the blond-haired man will do to her.

"You will be mesmerized to act as your true self."

Arisa becomes focus in looking at Gai's commanding finger. A brief wind blows their hair and Arisa's dress a bit, in which the girl's eyes slowly closes under the finger's spell.

"Don't move." Gai calmly commanded. "You'll open your eyes after I count to three."

In Arisa's POV, her closed vision is fully black as she hears Gai's words.

"One. Two. Three."

The blond-haired girl's eyes open in revealing Shu in front of her!

"Shu?!" Arisa screams in full surprise.

"Sorry, Arisa!" Shu cries out in surprise as he uses the king's power for his right hand to go through Arisa's chest.


At distance, the missile is getting close.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

"It's close guys!" Tsugumi warned Shu and Gai.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Rear Desk

Back at the rear desk of the ship, as Shu holds the unconscious Arisa, he extracts the void inside her. It is a majectic sphere called, The Minerva's Shield. The void envelope to become an umbrella-like shield behind Shu for protection, as the incoming missile is immediately destroyed upon direct contact without any setbacks.

Shu is surprise about the void's is please to see the result.


Anti-Bodies Monitor Room

In an Anti-Bodies monitor room, Rowan and Segai are seen watching the data screens, while Dan appears in a small monitor.

"The dragoon missile, it vanished to thin air…" Rowan announced.

"What?!" Dan cries out in shocked.

"I'm afraid the readings must have been off." Rowan added.


Tokyo Bay/Docks

"You don't have enough of your guts!" Dan is upset as he clenches his fist at Rowan from the monitor, but his mood reverts to being jovial again.

Dan Eagleman shouts while openly raise his arms, "Then let's fire all of them at once!"

His words meant true, as the American presents a lot of the trucks in the ground with the dragoon missiles equipped.

Dan clapped his hands. "Come on guys, let's do this!"

The missiles are all locked-on to their target.

"Fire!" Dan happily shouts that the dragoons all launch at once.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

(Cue Disney's Fantasia 2000 - Pomp and Circumstance)

At the main ballroom, the lights dim a bit. Most of the party guests keep dancing as the waltz is close to the grand finale. Haruka is seen dancing with a random man. Mami continues her dance with the British man, while Oogumo pleasantly dances with Kurachi.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

Tsugumi notices the rest of the missiles all attempt to fire at the boat, "Oh god, they launch a whole lot of dragoon missiles!"


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Rear Desk

Hearing the cat girl's worries, Gai cries out to his cohort, "Shu!"

"I'm on it!" Shu ordered loud and clear as he uses the Minerva's Shield in sphere mode to throw it to the sky, in which the void splits into six parts. The missiles reach the shield, only they get destroyed instantly."


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

The dancers continue their wonderful time, ignoring what is happening outside. As a result, the destroyed missiles feel like fireworks sparkling.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Rear Desk

As the smokes of the missiles sparkle, another dragoon is heading towards Shu. The boy uses his void to block it again, yet sends a brief shockwave that makes him tumble to the ground.

More missiles keep shooting. Shu then stand up that he uses the palm of his hand to make the Minerva's Shield bigger in destroying the dragoons this instant. They create more fireworks as a result.

Gai observes the raw defensive abilities of this special void with a proud smile, while holding the unconscious Arisa to his side.

Shu looks amazed at the void's majestic power, upon which he sees lots of sparkles in the night sky. Arisa's void keeps circling around.

Shu and Gai then look at each other with positive attitudes. They did their partnership well by saving everyone in this cruise ship. Both men watch the wonderful skies, reminding them of the previous fireworks back in the Leukocyte mission they succeeded. This is one party and mission to remember.

(End theme)


Anti-Bodies Monitor Room

Meanwhile, GHQ just failed to fire their target and loses.

"Hey guys!" Dan dumbfounded in the small monitor, "Why won't you continue firing?"

"Well, all the missiles are run out." Rowan nervously answered. Segai, however, is seen sleeping with a fancy sleep mask and with his arms cross.


Kuhouin Cruise Ship/Ballroom

Back at the cruise ship, Okina is see calling someone with the red communicator that Gai bestowed.

"I understand that it reminds us of the Leukocyte satellites." The elderly man speaks. "Seeing these missiles convince me long enough."


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

Shifting to the headquarters of the Undertakers, the caller reveals to be Shibungi.

"Thank you, I'll inform Gai right away." The grayish white-haired man responds to Okina as he hangs up the phone.

Shibungi then turns to the group with a smile, particularly Inori, Tsugumi, Kenji, Ayase, Argo, Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, and Kyoko. He gives his official announcement.

"The Kuhouin Estate has agreed to help us by any means."

"Yay!" Tsugumi cries out in joy.

"Alright!" Kenji added.

"Nice!" Argo and Kyoko shouted.

Inori, Ayase, Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka have nothing else to say, yet they are satisfied by the new alliance.

"But that makes us wonder, why would GHQ know about that party and all?" Tsugumi questions to her friend

"A citizen reported it with good intentions." Shibungi answered the nekomata's curiosity as he walks down to the base floor.

The level-headed man begins to think, "Heh, some intentions you have."


Tokyo Bay/Open Waters

Which then Shibungi concludes his thoughts of who this particular citizen is, "As expected of you, Gai."

The last shot shows the whole view of the Kuhouin cruise ship. The party has come to a close. Funeral Parlor forms a new benefactor with the Kuhouin Estate with renewed supplies. Hope it goes well for both organizations since they share a common factor: opposing GHQ's regime.


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