Chaos Control Freaks

Mobius: Eggman's base

On planet Mobius, it seems like a peaceful day.

A speeding blue blur speeds by and to a heavily guarded tower, its securities spot the blue blur, E-13 Guardbots and E-14 Sneezers are dispatched to catch the blue blur.

The blue blur revealed to be the one and only, Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Guardbots are dispatched at Sonic but the hedgehog is too fast for them.

"Ha, Doc Scrambled-Eggs really needs to make an improvement to his guards." Sonic mocks Eggman.

He reaches Eggman's base but he's stopped by E-12 Behemoths that force him back out.

He steps on a spring platform and launched into the air and sent flying by a Behemoth.

Then Tails and Amy in the Hyper Tornado arrive.

"Sonic, catch!" Tails shoots a Power Ring to Sonic.

Sonic uses the boost gained from the ring to destroy Behemoth and gets back in to the base.

Unfortunately, the Hyper Tornado gets damaged by a missile from one of the Sneezers.

"Tails, the plane got hit." Amy warns Tails.

"Hold on Amy!" Tails yell.

The plane is headed towards a giant boulder.

"Tails, there's a giant boulder in front of us!" Amy warns Tails.

"I know!" Tails yells back to Amy.

Then Knuckles the Echidna arrives and smashes the boulder, saving Tails and Amy.

"Knuckles!" Tails calls out to Knuckles, and he smiles back.

Eggman's base: The control room

Eggman has Cream and Cheese as his prisoners, and unknown to Eggman, Rouge the Bat is also in there.

"Why does that blue pin cushion always get in my way?" Eggman asks.

"Sonic's not trying to get in your way Dr. Eggman, he's only trying to stop you from doing bad stuff." Cream says.

"We'll just see after I insert the last Chaos Emerald in to my machine." Eggman says as he holds up the White Chaos Emerald, when Sonic bursts through a wall.

"Sonic." Cream says in relief, now that Sonic has arrived.

Eggman quickly inserts the White Chaos Emerald in the machine. "You're too late, when this machine is fully activated, you won't be able to stop me." Eggman brags.

"Oh, yeah, try pushing it before I take it." Sonic challenges Eggman.

A Guardbot sneaks right behind Sonic.

"Bring it, hedgehog" Eggman accepts the challenge.

Sonic sees the Guardbot behind him and jumps in front of Eggman.

The Guardbot is about to shoot.

"Ahhh! Don't shoot! Hold your fire!" Eggman orders but it's too late and the Guardbot shoots anyway, Eggman ducks and the machine gets hit.

"Too late now!" Eggman says as he activates the machine.

The machine instead glows, and everything around it starts to get covered in a white void as Chaos Control takes place.

"Is that..?" Tails wonders.

"Yup, it's another Chaos Control." Knuckles answered.

The 7 Chaos Emeralds have unleashed another Chaos Control. What will happen to Sonic and the others? To be continued...