Fiona slowly backs up her bicycle, ringing her bell and when there are more students around the bike rack she peddles home as fast as possible. She decides to take the most populous route and quickly heads south-west to Victoria Embankment via Temple Place. She turns left on Temple Place a Weeping Angel is in her path.

Fiona adjusts decides to cut through the gardens, all she wants to do it get home trying to keep up speed and eye contact. As she peddles faster and faster she is ringing the bell. Fiona is aggressively passing through bushes, as the plan is to get to the crowded area of the gardens. She needs a crowd to keep the angels still.

As she continues to ring the bell and peddle her bike luck is not on her side. The sun hides behind rain clouds and it begins to rain. "Oh god, oh god …"

Fiona pedals into the middle of the gardens and has to dismount immediately. Surrounded. Not a pair of human eyes are to her rescue, the rain has run everyone off, what remains are weeping angels in a circle surrounding Fiona ringing her bicycle bell.. She stands alone, "Please find me, Alaya … someone."

Fiona doesn't dare to blink but her vision is getting blurry as the rain pours down on her and films up her glasses. She takes her hand off the bicycle bell and reaches for cricket bat and starts swinging. She stands as Vastra taught her, "I am not going away. You can't send me back further!"

With each blink the angels come closer and she swings hard breaking the arm off a statue, finger or hand. "Ha! I can hit fours all day."

From the left her she hears Vastra, "Behind you."

Instantly Fiona turns around and aims for a six knocking off the head of the statue. It instantly crumbles into dust.

Fiona looks around all the statues are still. "Thank you."

"I am sorry dear, it looks like they found you. I can keep an eye out for you. Would you like any other assistance?"

"You keep an eye and I will swing." Fiona walks around decapitating one statue after another making small wet sand piles until there isn't a Weeping Angel left in view. She look at Vastra, "Thank you Mother Vastra. I am grateful." Fiona bends over and catches her breath. "What were you saying that a cricket bat isn't a proper weapon?"

"I will add it to our arsenal."

Voices are heard coming from Fleet Street, "Fiona! Fiona!"

Fiona yells, "We are here!"

April, Jenny and Alaya emerge. A wet Fiona stands there in the middle of the garden surrounded by tiny white sand dunes, breathing heavy but smiling.

Alaya running closer, "What happened."

Vastra looking around, "Weeping Angels."

The newcomers are anxious and start to look around for any sign of a statue.

Vastra gleefully brags, "Fiona with her trusty cricket bat smacked them into sand."

Fiona starts to pick up her bicycle and notices her left shoelace is untied. She kneels on one leg, placing her cricket bat against her left ankle and ties her shoe.

At that very moment Vastra describes to April, Jenny and Alaya what happened. It was just a moment, but quickly Vastra turns to look back to Fiona.

In those few seconds over fifty angels circumventing around the bent over Fiona.

Vastra calmly bur firmly gives instructions, "Fiona, do not stand up. Just stay still. Everyone remain calm."

Fiona knows to obey, Vastra doesn't tease when it comes to important matters. Fiona keeps her head focused on tying the shoe as she tries to look behind herself, to the left, to the right and glances forward. It looks like a forest of statues.

Fiona screams, "Oh god! I am scared! I don't want to leave."

Vastra with opened eyes concentrating on keeping contents of the garden still. "We are here. we are watching. There is no more angel movement. Alaya, your mother, Jenny and I will keep a lock on the area."

Alaya tenderly, "Fiona. I am here"

Fiona crying, "Alaya. We need to be together. I don't care where."

Alaya looking to her human mother for perfect words, "We will figure something out."

Alaya asking her Silurian mother, "What did she do again?"

"Swung her cricket bat decapitating them into the small piles."

Fiona is fighting back tears, her voice is cracking. "If I leave, know I love you all. I will miss you Alaya."

Vastra trying to bring Fiona back to the present, "Where is your cricket bat?"

"Right next to me."

"Can you move it?"

"Not fully, I can make an up …." Silence.

"Fiona!" Alaya yells in panic.

"I am here, just give me a moment."

Vastra anxious for a solution, "What is it?"

"My stance."

Vastra hoping, "What about it dear."

"It is my beginning stance."

"Oh, I see."

Jenny comes to her daughter's side, "Spoilers?"

Vastra now smiling, "Possibly"

Fiona is making attempts to calm her fears, "I need my breath and all my energy."

Vastra nods, "You have the courage of a thousand Silurians welding a cricket bat."

Vastra without moving her eyes or head speaks to the other women, "When I say go, you will close your eyes."

April protests. Vastra directly to April, "I am sorry my friend, but you are going to have to close your eyes. I have a hunch that our Fiona will fight. But she can't fight unless we close our eyes."

Fiona breaths are fast and deep, "Alaya?"

"Yes Fiona."

"Thank you for everything. I love you. Vastra, on the count of three?"

The pouring rain in coming down harder. Fiona doesn't mind. She is just going to do the same routine she practised every day, she knows it by heart.

Vastra starts the count, "One"

Fiona whips the cricket bat up knocking down the first statue alien. April, Alaya and Vastra watch as with each swing April and Fiona's greatest enemy matter is nothing more than granules of sand.

Vastra continues, "Two"

Fiona swings to the left and back down the same low position. She begins to count to ten.

When Fiona reaches the number nine Vastra, "Three." April, Alaya and Vastra all close their eyes. They hear cricket bat instantly make contact and grunts of Fiona with each swing.

Fiona whips it upward and swings to the right. A quick swing to the left and right and back into the same low position. Fiona continues through the same routine for what seemed forty-five minutes. The Angels kept coming while Fiona maintained her routine swinging to the right and to the left. She ends in a standing motion with weight on her right foot. She swings her whole body left and ends in an act of genuflection with the cricket bat upright parallel to her bended knee. She see that there are no more statues to eliminate.

Fiona bends down to pick up her bicycle, "I believe I am done."

April, Alaya and Vastra all open their eyes and see wet grass covered in white dust.

Alaya running to her wife, "That's my wee lass."

"I would like some tea and possibly a sweet."

"I believed you earned it." They kiss and start walking their way home.

Vastra stops her daughters movement, "It seems that there is one remaining."

Fiona turns around. Standing right where she took her stand a single Weeping Angel covering its face. Fiona, with cricket bat in hand, runs towards the weeping angel with a high swing.

Fiona is a foot away from the down swing to pulverize this statue, she hesitates.

Alaya asks, 'What's wrong."


April pleads, "No just swing it hard, please Fiona."

"Everyone close their eyes."

Alaya and April, "No!"

"Please just close them."

Vastra, Jenny, Alaya and April all close their eyes.

Fiona walks around the statue, looking it up and down. Fiona takes a few steps back and blinks. The statue remains still and no other appear.

Fiona walks up to the statue and speaks in the softest whisper, "You want send me back to the past?"

Fiona blinks the statute has not move it's stance.

"How many years?"

Fina blinks, the statues hand fingers are both spread.

Fiona blinks, the statue's only one hand closed while the other spread fingers.

"Fifteen years?"

Fiona blinks and the statue is back into hiding behind closed hands.

In anger and whispers Fiona speaks to this Weeping Angel, "I can defeat you. You know that. I can swing this cricket bat all day. Look around, your friends are dust. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I know that I can change the future, but if can send me back 100 years I will write, record and pass information in many forms. I do not lose my intelligence, I just have to live out my life without my wife and my family. If I do that, there isn't any time frame you can send me back that I will not find a way to write everything. I will carve in caves if I must, but I will take all those years to make your lives miserable."

Fiona blinks and the statue has not changed position.

Walking around the statue, she teases, "But you had opportunity. Is it possible that you can't send me back? You took my life away before, you can't. What do you want?"

Fiona blinks and the weeping angel is pointing to my bicycle.

"My books?"

Fiona blinks.

The statue's hands are covering its face.

Fiona ran back to her bicycle, picks up her bag, kisses her wife and runs back to drop it at the feet of the Weeping Angel.

Fiona open the bag and reads the first book title in a whisper, "The principles and practice of medicine : designed for the use of practitioners and students of medicine by Osler and McCrae." Blink.

The statue is still.

She reads the next, "Logic, deductive and inductive by Grier."


The statue offers no sign.

"The chemical basis of life, by Fraser-Harris:


The statue hands do not move from its face.

Fiona smiles, "The Book of the home. an encyclopaedia of all matters relating to the house and household management by Davidson."


The statue hands have not moved.

Fiona whispering, "I didn't think so. How about Experimental engineering by Pullen"


The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to the book in Alaya's hands.

"OK, I will put that book aside and continue. Ah something fun, Cuculain : an Epic by O'Grady"


The statue both hands cover its face.

Whispering to the stone, "What would have against Gaelic stories? How about the Study of the spectroscopic binary alpha Andromedae by Wylie"


The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to the book in Alaya's hands.

"OK, put that aside also. This is the last one, Sketch of the Analytical Engine Invented by Babbage"


The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to the book in Alaya's hands.

Fiona loudly asks the family a feet away, "What do these books have in common: Experimental engineering, Study of the spectroscopic binary alpha Andromedae and Sketch of the Analytical Engine Invented?"

April keeping her eyes closed and instantly comments, "AI, computers and biomimetics ."

Vastra in a surprised voice, "In our London?"

April offers a simple response, "Artificial Intelligence, electronic computing and micro health solutions through science. But it won't happen for another eighty years for any practical discovery."

Fiona looks to the statue and blinks.

The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to April.

Fiona whispers an offer, "What if I promise to stop studying those topics for fifteen years? Wouldn't that be the same as putting me in the past fifteen years?"


The statue both hands cover its face.

"Agreed. Now what do I get in return?"

Fiona blinks and instead of a hand or two covering its face the statue's face is sitting two inches from her nose in the middle of a scream. Fiona jumps back. It scared her so much she got angry. She whispers with anger into the statue's carved ear, "You know I can defeat you, you know I am make your lives miserable, I know key elements of future events. What if I stopped the Titanic from sailing? What if I stop Hitler? What if I warn the States of Pearl Harbor? Keep Columbus from landing? Save JFK? Rip down Luther's Ninety-Five Theses? Save Dr. King? Stop nine-eleven? Send me anywhere I will change history." She takes a deep breath.

Fiona continues, "No matter what time you plop me down, I can do more damage to your species than you can do to my life. I can only imagine that the universe is watching and will hold us accountable for whatever transpires today. So I repeat, what do I get for my silence, controlled education and sacrifice?"


The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to April.

Fiona look to her Mother and back to the statue with a whisper, "Can you put her back?"


The statue both hands cover its face.

"Can you put back with her original age?"


The statue both hands cover its face.



The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to April.

Fiona looks to her mother and there are angels standing by April. One is holding a box in front of its face, another is holding April's large carpet-bag over its face and three others are just standing nearby covering their face with their hands.

"Now? Wait till I say goodbye?"


The statue both hands cover its face.

Fiona runs over to her mother and grabs her tight. "Don't be scared, you can open your eyes. Be courageous."

April opens her eyes and notices her Fiona is tearing up and the angels with her belongings. "What is going on?"

"They are sending you forward."

"No, I am here. You are here. My life is here."

"No, your life was stolen. You will go forward at the exact location, age and with your technology. But without me."

April shakes her head, "No, I can't leave." as she bring her daughter close.

"For whatever reason, this is my time, our London. It is not yours. Go home to Father."

Vastra walks to her friend, "I am afraid our Fiona is correct. She has been negotiating. She has made sacrifices and in return the weeping angels will sacrifice."

"When do I go?"

Fiona takes the carpet-bag and the box and hand them to her mother. "You leave immediately, I love you."

"I love you too."

Alaya, Vastra and Jenny all close their eyes. Fiona takes one look into her mother's eyes and blinks.

April is gone and five piles of wet sand are in her place.

Fiona runs back and faces the weeping angel negotiator.

Fiona in her strongest Scottish accent, "The universe will let me know somehow if the deal is done. I want ye to leave me, me family and me family future generations alone. My family tree is off-limits from all weeping angel transactions. Agreed?"


The statue one hand it covering the face while the other is pointing to Fiona's chest.

Fiona humbly responds, "I will do my human best to keep my end of the bargain. I assume the weeping angels will be watching. Just watch from a distance, you guys are creepy."


The statue both hands cover its face.

Fiona nods, "Thank you."


The garden is empty except extremely wet piles of sand, Fiona, Alaya, Jenny and Vastra. "It is safe."

Fiona just stands there for a moment and drops to her knees. Fiona lets the rain wash over her, allows herself to cry and rage to come from her chest. Alaya runs over and scoops Fiona up and holds her close. Fiona puts her arms around her wife's neck and scream into her chest. Alaya just holds her tight. "Mother Vastra, we need a taxi … but I didn't bring any notes."

Jenny answers as her heart breaks to see her family hurting, "I have enough to get us home."

Alaya carries Fiona into 13 Paternoster Row and whispers, "We are home."

Fiona doesn't move, "Thank you dear. I have a question."


"Did we win or lose today?" Fiona peeks up to her wife and her wife's mothers.

Alaya looks to her mothers for words.

Vastra offers a smile, "My dear you were the greatest of diplomats. If you are looking for honesty, as I suspect you are, you neither succeeded or failed. You fought for your life, family and our future. That is very good terms."

Jenny touches Fiona's cheek, "We are grateful to have our little family intact."

Alaya pleads, "Let me get you to bed." and carries Fiona all the way up to their small bedroom on the second floor.

Vastra turns to Jenny, "April is back to her time, our Fiona saved us today. We must insure her future."

Jenny helping Vastra take off layers of wet clothing, "Yes, I agree. Any ideas?"

Vastra opens a drawer and pulls out an open package, "Well I have been given a gift on our daughter's wedding day." She hands it to Jenny.

Jenny flips through it with it with eyes wide open, Vastra adds "We will discuss this with the girls at a later time. For now a hot bath would be most welcome. We have a journal to read tonight."

Jenny and Vastra retire to their suite and look forward to a relaxing and quiet evening, at least they hope.