King was dead.

Harbinger could barely believe it. For years, King had been unstoppable. His power making any damage he took null. Even now, he half-expected the bastard to stand up, laugh, and kill them.

Jacob was grinning, kicking King's corpse.

"This doesn't end it." Harbinger said. "They'll come after us."

"We could lie," Jacob said. "Tell them he used mind control."

"They won't believe us."

"Then we run with it. Everyone will have an idea who we are, after this, we can make a name for ourselves."

"We have names."

"A reputation. Don't tell me you don't feel like there is something bigger, something better. You call yourself Harbinger. That's all about the things to come."

"His name for me, not mine," Harbinger said.

"But the idea… There's something bigger than this, something at the end of the road," Jacob said.

"I don't see the point."

"But you feel it, don't you? The rush?"

"Yes," Harbinger said.

"Forget the stupid names and spandex. Tell me your heart isn't pounding, that you've never felt more alive than this."

Harbinger shook his head.

"We can live this. Together. Every waking second…"


"Jack," Jacob said. He kicked King's body again. "Fuck it. He always called me Jacob, practically purring. His little killer in training. As if I could match up to his Gray Boy. I want to be more than that. Get out from under his shadow."

"Okay… Jack."

"If it's a farce, a joke, let's run with it. We take simple names, dumb names, and we make people quake in their shoes at the sound. Jack… Slash."

"You sound like King." Harbinger said. Jack stopped, and turned to face Harbinger.


"You sound like King." He repeated. "You want to go and kill people, and for what? Because it makes you feel alive? If King was still here, he'd be encouraging it. He'd be so pleased to see that his little killer doesn't need his guidance to be a monster."

Jack spun his knife in his hand. "Don't talk to me like that."

"Then don't talk like that. Just because the government won't accept us doesn't mean we have to become like him."

"Then what do you suggest?" Asked Jack.

"We give him the ultimate fuck you." Harbinger responded. "He wanted us to be murderers, to kill for him. So we find more people like him, people who kill for fun and profit, and we kill them. You wanted that rush? We can get it by walking down a different path then the one King paved for us."

Jack thought it over for a moment. "Heh. He would be pretty pissed if we did that, wouldn't he?"

"You can almost hear him turning in his grave." Replied Harbinger.

Jack smiled. "Let's do it."