Okay so this is a new fanfiction that I came up with and okay so each chapter it will say like for example Thomas P.O.V. but it won't be in like first person, but third person but the chapter will be aimed around that character. Yeah I'm not very good at explaining but if you read you will get it. Also Chuck, Alby, Gally and Ben all those characters that died in Maze Runner did not die in my version and are alive. Thank you *I do not own any of these characters they rightfully belong to the original authors of the books*~dauntlesslionrunner


Thomas P.O.V.

The Gladers just escaped the Maze and are now in the place where their rescuers had placed them. They are all settled in nicely in their room and Thomas is talking to Teresa telepathically.

"Hey", Thomas starts off the conversation.


"How are you doing?"

"I'm fine just a bit nervous", Teresa said her voice sounded shaky even though it was in our heads

"Why are you nervous?"

"Because what if something happens to me, you won't know about it because I'm in another room"

"Um telepathy, remember?"

"Well what if they cut that off?"

"Gosh how optimistic you can be sometimes", Thomas says hoping she caught the sarcasm.

Then Thomas heard voices outside of our door, everyone else seemed to have heard it to because they were all looking towards the door. Newt stood up from his spot and walked over to the door, Alby and Minho following not so far behind him. They slowly opened the door and peeked outside to the common room. "There's people", Newt said like a question but also as a statement. I walk over to look through the door and there are a whole bunch of girls and one boy, Just like us with Teresa, Thomas thinks to himself, he looks across the room to the door which Teresa said she was in and saw her poking her head out of the door too. "Oh hello", one of the girls said, "I'm Harriet", she had dark skin and her hair was so short it almost was at her scalp. She then walked up to Thomas and extended a hand, Thomas extended his hand and took hers and they shook hands, she did the same with Newt, Alby and Minho. When she got to Alby though she seemed to pause and just stare at him in the eyes. She said "Hi", shakily and just kept staring. "So who is the leader here?" she then asked

"Well we have two, first its Alby then Newt here is second in line", Minho said scuffing Newt's hair. Then another girl emerged and she was parallel to Newt, pale skin and reddish blonde hair. "Oh this is Sonya, we are both in charge of group B", Sonya waved shyly and just stared at Newt, he stared back too, for an awful long time. Then Thomas coughed breaking the silence, "So... what are you guys doing here? Hurt us, help us, what?" Sonya said, speaking up.

"We have a message from our "rescuers" we just escaped the Maze", then she took out a piece of paper and handed it to Newt. Thomas read the message and it said, "Stick with these people and take care of them, you guys are allies, friends not enemies~WICKED"

"Wait exited the Maze?" Minho asked completely confused.

"Yea we exited the Maze, why?" Harriet said

"Because we just exited a Maze too", Minho replied, sounding confused.

"Well this is weird", Harried paused, we gave her the note and she read it, "Well I guess we must be on the same side then?"

"Maybe", Minho said shrugging his shoulders.

Thomas was then looking around the girls and saw that there were many more of them than there were guys. Teresa had walked out of her room now and Thomas then rushed over to her, embracing her in a huge hug. He then took her hand and pulled her towards where their room was standing outside it with Minho, Newt and Alby. "So I think we will be staying here the night, where do we sleep?" a girl from behind the crowd asked and they all burst into an uproar of questions. "Slim it you sticks!" Harriet yelled hushing them.

"You girls can go into the room which Teresa was sleeping in, and then the guy and sleep with us", Alby suggested, "and don't worry we are not going to hurt him besides you have one of us", pointing to Teresa. Thomas and Teresa were still holding hands, not letting go but tightening their grip. "Okay sounds good", Sonya said

"Let's go!" Harriet yelled, raising her voice so everyone else could hear. Teresa then let go of Thomas' hand and led them towards her room. There was one small guy there, he had olive skin, dark hair cut shorter than they would've thought suitable and was about the same height as Thomas, maybe a bit taller. "What's your name shank?" Alby asked

"Shank?" he said confused and sounded as if he was trying to ignore the question.

"Shank, you don't know what that means?" Alby said with a little laugh in his voice. The boy shook his head no.

"Oh well, just what's your name?" Alby said, he sounded half irritate half amused

"Aris", was all that the boy said.

"Okay, Aris, we'll get you a bed to sleep in." Alby said and he, Newt and Minho walked into the room leaving Aris and Thomas outside. "Don't worry he may seem mean now but he gets nicer as we go", Thomas said to the boy, he just slightly nodded and walked into the room Thomas following not far behind. Aris was sleeping on the same bunk as Thomas, he asked if he could and no one complained, Thomas was at the bottoms and Aris was at the top. Thomas was then slowly falling asleep when he heard a sound of metal grinding, just like the sound he heard when he was in the box. The room started to shake and gravity felt a bit weak, as though as they were flying. How could we be flying? Thomas thought to himself. Then he heard engines starting up. Everyone started to head towards the door, but Alby walked in front of the door stopping everyone from heading outside. "No one leaves! You leave when I say you can get it you shanks?!" everyone nodded and walked slowly off back to their beds. The rumbling went on for hours and hours, then it stopped and an alarm blared, then a voice from a speaker came on. Where are the speakers, Thomas thought. Then they all emerged from their rooms and even the girls came out too. In the middle of the room there was a man in a white suit and a face like a rodent. Thomas decided to call him Rat Man. He was sitting at a table in the middle of the room reading a book; his legs were resting on top of the table in front of him. They all just crowded around him just staring not knowing what to do. The Rat Man then looked up from his book and spoke, "sit down, around me, I have a message for you all", and with that they all sat down. He put the book down and then took his feet off the table. He stood up and turned in circles looking at all of them. "As you probably would have heard, there were engines, just so that you don't ask, we are on in a ship, a cargo ship", he then put a finger to his lips, probably knowing that people were going to start to ask questions. "You all know you escaped the Maze, yes? Well now you will be put into a new place, where you will be living amongst others you will not know. First we need you guys to take a test, no arguments, don't do this test, back to the Maze with you", and everyone just nodded. "Okay then, let's get started", he then walked over to a door, where he explained that it was a "Flat Trans", he said it teleports you to a certain destination and then he walked through it, they all followed through it and Thomas went last, standing with Newt. "Well, do you want to go first or me?" Thomas asked Newt. "You can go Tommy"

"Okay", Thomas replied before walking through, he felt a gush of wind hit him and then he was in a room with all the others.

There were doors everywhere about 20 all lined up. Once Newt came through the Rat Man asked if he was the last one, Newt nodded. "Okay so what we will be doing here is everyone will have to go into one of these rooms, they are all the same, you will take the test and then from there, we will give you results and off into the world you go, so good luck", then Rat Man disappeared in a puff of smoke. A woman then appeared, dressed in a lot of blue. She had blonde hair that just longer than her chin. She was holding a clipboard then looked around at all of us, inspecting us then spoke, "Hello my name is Jeanine Matthews, just so you know, this is called an Aptitude Test, this will provide you information of which group you are capable of being a part of, we will test you all and then afterwards you shall collect your results, it will either be; Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Amity, or Abnegation, remember what they tell you, then you come back out here and we will find you a place to stay, good luck", and then she nodded at a woman behind her, and then asked who wanted to go first, most of them were people Thomas didn't know. Thomas walked up to Newt, Minho, Alby and Chuck. "Well this is some interesting klunk", Minho said starting up the conversation. "Indeed", Newt replied slowly.

"I kind of don't want needles", Chuck said, nervousness obvious in his voice, we all laughed lightly and Thomas then scuffed his hair.

"Don't worry shank, it's all okay, we're getting it too remember?"

"Oh yeah", Chuck then laughed. It was weird, they said that the test was only for ages 16 up but I guess since we don't even know our own ages, they just put Chuck as 16, or maybe they just made an exception. A few more groups went in and then it was only us 5 and 15 others, who haven't gone in. A lady then started to usher us saying, "luckily last", putting each one of us in front of a room, "Okay you can go in now", her voice was nice and soft and gentle calming Thomas. Then Thomas opened the door.

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