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Quest Story
Actual Story

The city gates of the Kingdom of Folkloren was grand and gothic. Above the arc of the gate held a metal template. Inscribed on it was the words of the first King when he first ruled: "Enter thy paradise for outside these gates you'll find none." His words held true during the Genesis War but, now is a more peaceful time. Well was a more peaceful time. Prepared and well rested from staying in the inn the travelers stared at awe again of the grand entrance of the city gates. Beyond the city gates were the grasslands that many merchants and adventurers alike traverse through along the main road. As awe-inspiring the kingdom was, it was a mere pebble amongst the unknown wonders beyond the kingdom's borders. How would you like to proceed?

Ren finished with a polite tone as he shuffled through the papers he painstakingly prepared. Various scenarious, encounters, monsters, and side events for him to deal accordingly with each action the players decide to take. For good or worst. He gave a small prayer in hopes he wouldn't have to throw away three weekends worth of comprehensive planning because of a certain someones antics.

'There is always one.' Ren thought out. "Sadly I like this one also."

"What was that?" Jaune said seemingly ready to venture forth the wilderness to rescue the princess.

"Huh? I'm asking you guys on how you would want to proceed." He lied looking at the three.

"Are we just going to walk to the tower or can we be provided with some transportation?" Pyrrha asked the BM kindly hoping it would sway to their favor.

Ren looked up at her and silently contemplated on her question. "The king sadly has no more spare horses to give freely however he did give your party 50 gold each for your troubles."

"Hmm we can buy some horses." Jaune said positively "Is that fine with you guys?"

"Sound ideal Jaune." Pyrrha said who then turned to Nora to see if she would agree as well. "Are you going to buy a horse?"

Nora contemplated on the decision for only a second. Determined with her choice she looked up to Ren and said, "I like to separate from the group momentarily but, will join them when they set off to leave."

Ren looked at her orange-hair friend with suspicion at first but, the request itself was standard.

"That brings up a good point. It's normal for parties to sometimes be separated but, unless they told what they did when they have been apart you won't know." Ren carefully explained. "In-Character knowledge vs. Player knowledge...Knowing to differentiate these is an important factor on how well a role player you would be."

Both Pyrrha and Jaune took Ren's words seriously. "So let me start off with you two first...and then I'll deal with Nora later."

Feeling that travel by foot was inadequate for such a perilous journey, the two adventurers venture around the stables of merchants and farmers to see if they have spare mares to lend for their noble journey. It didn't take long for them to stumble on to a horse breeder, a fine hard working woman who recently lost her husband who also went to search for the princess yet failed. Thankfully her husband has taught her the trade of his work and currently has many spare colts to give but, for a price.

"What's the horses worth to yah fellows." The horse proprietress said judging the two newcomers if they were worth her time. "Yah see here, I only breed the finest and fastest horse of all of Folkloren, so I don't want any windah shoppers here. Bad for business."

"How much gold for two decent horses that can get us to the Sorceress's tower?" Jaune said in a semi-confident manner to Ren who played the Horse Breeder.

"You guys are playing your gender's as well right?" Ren tried asking innocently. Pyrrha and Jaune both looked at each other and shrugged and then turned back to Ren to give them a nod.

Ren cracked a smile which quickly came back to his usual demeanor and decided to give Jaune a taste of role playing.

"I reckon you two nutfillers don't even have a speck of gold on yah to purchase even the lamest horse I got here." She then took a moment to look at the cleric for a moment, assessing him for qualities she would find well to her.

"I can however can settle on a deal." The trainer said rubbing her chin while still eying on Jaune. "What do you say I'll lend you a horse for 100 gold each. That's the fairest price you'll get and I guarantee you that no one will settle lower. "

"That's almost all our money!?" Jaune said almost hammering the table with his fist. "How about 50 for 2 and a favor?"

"Surely that's fair." Pyrrha added in. "Deal?"

The trainer would have no such deal. She however had something else in mind. "I reckon to give you the horse for 50 gold but in return I want you to stay and help the ranch out." Her slender worked worn fingers pointing at Jaune. "Who knows maybe you'll find it hospitable here."

"Eh me?" Jaune thinking he heard mistakenly. Pyrrha on the other hand raised an eyebrow and collectively guessed that Ren was trying to be a dick towards her, or at least her character. Nonetheless she would have none of that.

"Yes you. A strong man is needed in the ranch. A man of the cloth should be happy that his god has led you all the way to me for the end of your journey." The trainer tried to push on. After her husband died on the line of his kingdom she has grown lonely and longing for companionship. Their were hardly any single or capable men that suited her at least in the kingdom. Any longer and the horses she cares for would be seen in a different light.

"I'm flattered mam but," Jaune took a moment to construct his phrase in how his cleric would speak. He wanted to be an excellent sport with Ren after all. "I only go where evil is afoot and right what was unjustifiably wronged. The only thing I need is good companionship to face the harsh obstacles beset onto me."

Pyrrha gave a lighthearted smile. Jaune may have said it for his cleric but, deep down she knew it his words meant a lot more. Ren on the other hand was rotating through options of dialogue to throw at the adventurers.

" Am I not a fine women along with a thriving business no less to be denied?" This time the trainer was close to the cleric seducing him as she caressed her finger along Jaune's cheek.

"Roll a will save Jaune to resist her temptation." Ren said flatly.

"Wait what?" Jaune said as he looked through his character sheet on his will save. "Alright rolling." The young hunter grabbed a loaned 20 sided dice from Ren, shook it around his hands before finally letting it roll across the table. All four leaned forward to see the roll of his dice.

D20: 5

"Along with +2 modifier it will be 7." Jaune calculated and frowned. Ren was unimpressed with his roll and described on what had happened.

The cleric would soon have second thoughts after feeling the touch of a women for so long. Feeling tired from his journey he felt that the horse trainer words held truth to him. Maybe it was time for him to settle down. The trainer was more then willing to accept him and maybe it would be more enjoyable then fighting on the front line against evil.

"Hmmm I'd like to 'intimidate' the horse breeder." Pyrrha chipped in solemnly. Ren looked at her but, again Pyrrha was a model player so the suspicious subsided.

"Roll." A few seconds later the dice was thrown and set. Again the four looked on the ivory colored dice.

D20: 18

Ren stared at the number intently for a few seconds before accepting it. "Alright Pyrrha how do you intimidate her? Make it good will you."

Upon request Pyrrha went out of her seat and walked towards Ren. Her innocent smile hide the malicious intent upon the NPC. She leaned close to Ren's ear cupping her hand to make sure none but, the BM can hear.

"Now listen hear you gutless cunt. Unless we don't leave this kingdom on horseback I'll make sure my favorite dagger makes your way into your heart were I'll slowly twist it to see your life slowly fade away from your eyes. So do me a favor and take our 50 gold and give us two horses if you know what's good for you." She venomously said. " Oh and secondly. You see that man there? The cleric. The man you were shamelessly flirting with. He's mine. The only lady he'll be wenching is me and me alone got it?"

Pyrrha played for keeps and her professionalism showed for that.

Ren looked at Pyrrha with wides eyes , silent as he was afraid he'd provoked another intimidation from her.

The women terrified by the female rogue's word readied two horses. She even supplied them with horse feed and 2 saddles. Also the trainer no longer looks at you longingly but, in fear Jaune. So even if you are still seduced she won't let you stay with her.

"Wow Pyrrha what did you say to her?" Jaune asked.

"I only said please." Pyrrha lied sitting back down in her own chair.

Now saddled and on horseback they were waiting for Nora who was still in-character off somewhere and in real life devouring a bowl of chips.

"Ish it my tern?" Nora said mouth filled with chips.

"Yes Nora."Nora quickly grabbed her pencil and ripped a sheet of paper. She then quickly scribbled a message and handed it off to Ren. Upon receiving said paper he planted his face on his palm and let out a deep sigh. Inside the paper read.

I go back to the castle and steal a war horse. They got war horses right? Yeah I want me them babies.

"God Nora really?" He was answered with a viciously playful nod, chips still inside her mouth.

"Fine roll but, remember if you fail I will definitely make you suffer the consequences."

Nora didn't take use Ren's dice but, instead grabbed her own in which she took out from her felt-purple pouch tied closed by a small gold rope. She let two fingers slip through the small opening slowly opening the pouch till she felt her most prized possession. A custom made pink twenty sided dice engraved with white cursive numbers.

"Mama needs me new ride." Dice in hand she rolled her fate.

And much to Ren's horror it was as Nora wished.

Natural. Freaking. 20.

"Fine you succeeded." Ren said paper covering his face from the unfiltered anger he was going through.

As the two party members waited for the last member at the gate you start to hear thundering steps. The two look back as you watch Zoktor The Destroyer riding on top of a black warhorse. The mare was vicious and yearned for violence as it occasionally ripped the dirt from the ground with it's mighty hooves. Each breath was visible, blowing small gusts through its flaring nostrils. Eyes red as blood as it stared off towards outside ready to set off.

"Nora?" Both Jaune and Pyrrha asked looking on how she was able to achieve such a magnificent and terrifying beast.

"Zoktor rides with style." Nora answered.

Satisfied with their means of travel both set off towards the Sorceress's tower.

The journey was a bit long as Ren described that it would be 2 days worth of travel if they decided to push their horses to the limit. Not risking to harm the horses they decided to play it carefully. However travel aside for the most part the roads were safe from any visual. That was until they saw a small caravan with only the rider visible.

The caravan, from the looks of it, was badly in shape. Holes filled the top of the roof indicating a small skirmish just recently happened. The driver was holding the reign of it's horse with one hand as he held a bloodied cloth on the wound of his sides.

"Oh travelers please don't harm me. I'm poor and only this caravan has only cheap goods that no merchant would like to buy." The driver said as he saw the three approaching travelers.

Jaune, being the dutiful cleric, made it clear that he and his party meant no harm (he wasn't sure of Nora). "What has happened?"

"Oh please kind strangers please help the other caravans. I was traveling with a group of merchants until a bunch of bandit's came out from the forest ye yonder and attacked us." The man said teary eyed. "There are women and children there. I ran like a coward but, I seek for help."

Jaune, Pyrrha, and Nora looked at each other and nodded in agreement to help the pleading man.

"Worry naught kind sir, we'll stop the marauders and put them to justice." Jaune said boldly.

Soon the three set off to find the attacked caravans, kill the sorceress, and rescue the princess. Simple right? Wrong.

For Nora had different plans.