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It's been about two weeks since Yang received the news of Ruby being taken away. After much searching and investigating on her own; Yang was pointed in the direction of Cinder Fall. Finally meeting face to face with the accused woman, Yang immediately went on the attack.

Fire clashed with fire as the two women fought for what seemed like hours. Slowly but surely Yang was losing the fight. The former had much more experience and stamina. Over time, Yang was regretting not informing the rest of team RWBY where she had gone.

On the verge of losing her fight, exhausted, beaten, and feeling humiliated on not being able to rescue her own little sister; Yang Xiao Long was finally about to meet her end at the hands of her enemy; Cinder. But the woman never dealt the death dealing blow. Instead she grabbed Yang by the neck and held her against a wall, slowly lifting her into the air, until the blonde's boots no longer reached the ground.

Gasping for the breaths that wouldn't come, Yang watched the eyes of the woman who single handedly broke her. Took away her sister, her spirit, her will, her very essence of being alive. Flaring amber met enraged red as the two stared each other down.

But then, Cinder let go of Yang's throat, letting the brawler hit the ground in a collapsed mess.

Cinder eyed the blonde girl. She was interested in her. The way she fought for another. The way she stared back defiantly at her when met with certain death. The way she moved her body while they fought. It was skillful yet oddly alluring to the criminal mastermind.

And she wanted more of it.

Eyeing the blonde girl on the ground who was gasping for air; Cinder spoke. Softly but her tone demanded Yang's undivided attention and respect.

"If you want to see your precious little sister again; you'll meet me back here once more tomorrow night. Alone."

And with that, Cinder left. Walking out of the seemingly empty warehouse laughing to herself, leaving Yang who has still yet to recover from the fight, in pain and helpless on the ground.

The next evening at the same warehouse, Cinder wasn't surprised to find a very skittish blonde haired fighter there. She eyed the younger woman from the shadows for a few moments making sure she indeed did come alone.

Much to Cinder's surprise the young huntress in training did come alone.

Foolish little girl.

But the thought of how the young girl would willingly put herself at the mercy of Cinder made the woman hot with excitement.

Walking out of the shadows to greet the blonde, Cinder watched her lilac eyes flash to red the instant they met her own amber ones.

Grinning evilly, Cinder quickly made her way to the elder sister and grabbed her throat with no resistance.

"Play along, just for a while; and I promise you'll see your dear little sister again."

Little did Yang know that Cinder didn't plan on keeping that promise whatsoever. At least not anytime soon…

"I'm only doing this until I get Ruby back."

Yang repeated the words over and over in her head. This is the only reason why I would be doing this. It's not that I want to; it's for Ruby's sake. I'm doing this until I get Ruby back…

Repeating this mantra over and over again in her head is what Yang focused on while Cinder had her right where she wanted.

On her back at the mercy of the legendary Cinder Fall.

Yang was on her back lying down on the cool floor of the warehouse. It was close to midnight and it was dark, minus the moonlight that lit the entire empty space with an eerie glow.

While on her back still repeating the mantra, Yang had her eyes shut. For every time she felt Cinder's warm soft hands on her exposed skin she thought of Ruby and how after enduring such lewd acts she'd be able to see her again.

'I'd do anything for my little sister, even … this.'

With her eyes still shut, she continued to remain motionless while Cinder felt every curve of her body. Yang was slightly taken aback by how Cinder's hands were surprisingly soft and gentle for someone as strong as she was.

Feeling herself getting hot from her very core, Yang barely managed to stifle a moan that made its way up out of her throat. She squinted her eyes open to see if the dominant woman had heard it.

She did.

Cinder now wore a wicked grin on her face. In an instant, her soft and gentle hands which were only gliding up and down Yang's body now turned to that of someone who was drunk on passion and lust. The subtle loving caresses were replaced with savage grabs and forceful movements.

What started as something as simple as just toying with the blonde girl, once she heard her moan so passionately and quietly it drove Cinder to the edge. She wanted to hear the wild fighter make that sound again. She'd force it out of her.

Now on an adrenaline high Cinder was uncaring in her movements. She tore off the blonde girl's jacket with such haste and speed the girl didn't even have time to fight back. Not that it looked like she wanted to. Cinder continued to tear off more and more clothing of the huntress' wardrobe, growing more excited with the sight of more exposed skin.

Yang who earlier had her eyes glued shut and fearful in the elder woman's movements now was faced with a new feeling. For some reason the more the woman attacked her sexually ripping her clothes off, the more the brawler felt herself feeling hot between her legs.

'This can't be… Do I actually want this?'

She wasn't stupid, or a prude. She knew she was getting excited at having this woman dominate her and have her way with her.

Her eyes which were shut before, now stared at the amber ones that belonged to this Cinder Fall. Not with malice or hate, but with something akin to longing and want. Her hands which were at her sides unmoving a moment earlier, were now groping the raven haired girls back and rear digging her nails into the soft skin, encouraging her in her movements as she sat atop of Yang; straddling her.

With her yellow tank top off, Yang's exposed breast were now visible for Cinder to see, and the black haired woman spared no time to savagely grab at the blonde's large chest. Her movements were rough and unforgiving, squeezing and pinching so hard that Yang at the time was close to being on the verge of tears at the sheer amount of pain and pleasure.

Unable to hold back the blazing inferno she felt arising in her core, Yang let out a multitude of gasps and moans. Much to Cinder's delight. Her amber eyes glowed wickedly at every lewd sound that erupted from Yang's mouth.

Unsatisfied with just feeling the golden girl's appendages, Cinder moved her face towards the large breasts, taking the impressive sight in up close. Glancing up at the younger woman's eyes through the cleavage she could see the girl's quick breaths and pants. She knew the girl wanted her to continue, but she wanted to hear it. Grinning wickedly once more, Cinder bared her teeth and spoke in an aggressive and predatory whisper;


She watched the blonde girl's eyes flash from lilac to red then back to lilac. She was unsure of what that meant, but enjoyed the little show.

She wanted to break the girl. She had her right where she wanted. At her mercy and hers. But to hear her actually ^beg^ for me, that'll be the final nail in the coffin. That girl would be hers.

As she waited for the girl to submit to her, she teased the large breasts in front of her. She brought her tongue out and licked around the girl's areola and nipple, never for too long though. Not until she heard her ask… Beg for more.

Yang never felt so conflicted before in her life. She wanted more. No, in fact she needed Cinder to continue.

But to beg?

Yang has never begged for anything in her life. She wouldn't lie though; she was more turned on than at any other point in her life. With her chest fully exposed to this woman who was her enemy and being helpless and at her mercy, somehow it turned Yang on more and more. She felt herself getting wet with the teasing she was being put through.

Finally unable to withstand the soft licks and kisses at her nipples Yang opened her mouth. But this time it wasn't to let out a moan or pant. It was to say something. Well, more like to ask.


"Give it to me, please."

Yang shut her eyes at the pure humiliation she was being put though, but she continued.

"I want you to touch me. I need you to touch me. Feel me. Taste me."

She sighed deeply, unable to contain her needs.

"Take me, Cinder! Fuckin' take me! Make me yours!" Yang finally cried out.

She could no longer control it. She craved the woman's touch and feeling.

Cinder watched on with uncontainable amusement at the young girl's outburst. It was in the very end what she wanted, and how the girl screamed out in a mix of lust and embarrassment cemented Cinder's next movements. No sooner did she finish her request, did Cinder place her mouth on Yang's left exposed breast.

She sucked with such force she heard the girl cry out. Gently biting down on the nipple while she sucked and teased with her tongue. The triple attack left the blonde girl no longer able to form any kind of comprehensible sentence.

While straddling the Yang, Cinder lifted her head up from the girl's chest and started to move down towards her lower region. She could smell the girl's scent from here. Smirking the whole way down, she grazed her hands along her body causing the girl on bottom to shiver at her touch.

Finally having her hands reach the girl's black shorts, she pulled with such force that it caused the girl to whelp in surprise and pain at the sudden forceful movement. No matter, Cinder quite enjoyed the sound.

Amber eyes scanned the young huntress' lower region. She was wet with anticipation. Smiling inwardly she decided she wouldn't put the girl through any more torture. Quickly bringing her left hand down, she caressed and toyed with the girl's glistening area. With every soft glide with her hand, her ears were assaulted with cries of ecstasy. Grinning and feeling the heat spread between her own legs she moved off the blonde girl and brought her face towards her core. She breathed in the lewd scent that filled her nostrils. Closing her eyes and taking in this moment she chuckled to herself. Diving straight in, Cinder attacked the girl's clit with her mouth. Gracefully sliding her tongue in and around her lower lips she continued the quickening movements.

'Ruby, I'm sorry. It feels too good…'

No longer able to focus on anything, Yang's mind was going blank. Cinder's movements were skilled and graceful. Gentle yet rough. She had Yang right in her pocket at this point, but Yang didn't care. She just craved more. She was on a sex high and unable to think clearly. All she knew was that she didn't want this to end.

The brawler lifted her legs up, so Cinder could see into her very core and be able to move however she needed to. Close to feeling herself reach her climax, Yang was in a state of bliss. Nothing could be more perfect in that sudden moment. That was until she felt something warm and slender enter her.

At first it was curious, only testing her opening. But with each poke and prod, the feeling grew bolder and daring. Until it found its way inside of Yang. The sudden infiltration of Cinder's long fingers sent Yang crazy. The blonde could no longer think logically. She felt herself burning up. She moved wildly in the elder woman's grasp and bucked her hips more violently at each thrust of her fingers.

What started as just an assault of a tongue, ended with one, two, up until three of Cinder's fingers; moist with Yang's own fluids constantly thrusting themselves in and out of the girl's lower lips. They moved with such lustful haste and aggression that Yang could swear it was starting a fire down there. She was already hot and bothered, but this just felt insane. She was going to erupt.

Her hair was slicked with sweat and her breaths were shallow and rugged. Her aura was uncontrollable and it just furthered the heat around the two women. She noticed her vision popping at the sides and was no longer able to focus on anything.

And that's when it hit her.

The sheer amount of pleasure, pain, and excitement.




None of these words matched or described the current state that Yang was in and feeling.

Cinder watched as the blonde girl bucked her hips like she was in some kind of crazed exorcism. She was going wild, but Cinder didn't relent in her savage three finger assault on her core. It was only until the girl moaned so loud and long that Cinder stopped thrusting. Her hips hung in the air for what seemed like a full minute, before the girl collapsed in a heaving, sweaty, sex-high mess.

Licking her fingers clean of the girl's fluids; Cinder stood up and looked down at the sweaty naked girl.

"Same time tomorrow, Hun."

And with that she turned on her heel and walked out into the warm night air of downtown Vale. She smiled at herself as she made her way out into the streets. She could get used to this; she had the girl right where she wanted her. She didn't even know if the blonde was even concerned about her little scarlet clad sister anymore.

Speaking of which, she had a certain other huntress to meet tonight as well.

"Nothing like a midnight snack after such a delicious meal." Cinder muttered to herself as she made her way towards her hideout where she had another young huntress in training waiting for her. A little innocent girl named Ruby, and Cinder knew how impatient the girl could be if she was late.