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"Why are we meeting her at a hotel?" Yang asked as she plopped down on the surreal bed, taking note of how huge it in fact was. "This might just scare her away… Make it look like we're gonna kidnap her or something." She continued, turning her eyes towards her girlfriend.

"Because I'm not going to sneak her into our dorm room and get caught!" Weiss called out as she walked into the bathroom after scoffing at the blonde and closed the door.

With Weiss gone from the room, Yang smirked to herself and sat upright, digging into her pocket and revealing a little purple pill.

The pill was something Ruby had given to her just yesterday. Her sister had claimed that it was an amazing stimulant. She kept clamoring away about how she used it with Cinder while they were … doing intimate things. Yang was glad her sister didn't continue. As much as she thought Ruby was a great looker and didn't mind her relationship with Cinder; she really didn't want to delve into the nitty gritty of it.

But as Yang eyed the pill, she tried to note anything on it. It was just a regular round pill and was pretty small. Ruby kept saying something about it feeling weird at first but after a few minutes; your partner will be all over it.

Yang had no idea what she meant, but ever since yesterday when she'd received it, she had been curious. The instructions from Ruby were to take it a few minutes before the deed and just sit back and relax.

Now Yang was never one to play by the rules and she remembered asking Ruby if the pill was as good as she says then why couldn't she get more of them. But apparently they were extremely expensive and rare, with Cinder only have gotten a total of three of them. So she dropped it and just accepted this one pill. What better day to use it than today.

Weiss and her had texted that girl they had met at the restaurant about a week ago. Neo was her name, and after talking it over together for a few days; both she and Weiss had agreed to invite the girl over for some fun. Which led them to where they were now; an extravagant hotel and in a room that could have put anything Yang had ever stayed in previously to shame. It was a five star suite and had all the little necessities you'd want and even the ones you didn't.

One entire side of the room was nothing but ceiling to floor windows that spanned the entire wall. The curtains were undrawn and Yang got up to close them for some privacy; leaving the pill on the bed as she got up.

As soon as she reached the windows and started to close the curtains though, she heard the bathroom door open and turned around just in time to see Weiss walking out.


Yang dropped her jaw as she stared at a beautiful and seemingly perfect nude Weiss walk over to the bed and sit down, crossing her legs and undoing her hair from its side ponytail.

"See something you like?" The white haired girl purred as she met Yang's hungry eyes.

Yang dumbly nodded her head up and down. She was no stranger to seeing her girlfriend nude, but still; the sight always caused her to choke up on her words. Weiss was beautiful.

And hers.

But that reminded her of the pill. "Oh y- yeah, Weiss watch where you sit." Yang started as she tried to close the curtains while keeping her eyes on her still nude girlfriend sitting on the bed; where in mere moments they were about to have sex on. "There's a pill on there that Ruby gave me, some kind of stimulant or something."

Weiss undid her hair and tossed her tiara onto the couch a few feet away. She turned her attention to the bed and spotted the object Yang was speaking about. Picking it up in her hands she peered at it curiously.

"Pill? Stimulant?" Weiss asked, her tone taking up an accusation type tone. "You aren't doing drugs now, are you? Was I right back then, at the warehouse?"

Yang just laughed before replying and still fumbling with the curtains. "N- No. Where would Ruby even get drugs from anyway?" She asked but then her mind instantly raced to Cinder and how the older woman could be a bad influence on her younger sister. She already had Ruby having sex with her; what else could she have gotten the girl to do. But she quickly shook her head at the thoughts; there was no way Ruby would do drugs!

"No, it isn't drugs." Yang once again confirmed sternly. "Some kind of sex stimulant."

She turned around to glance at Weiss who was still eyeing the purple capsule.

"Well if it's a sex stimulant are you trying to say I can't make you feel good enough without one?" Weiss huffed then, shooting her blonde girlfriend a mock hurt look.

"N- No way! You make me feel… like a woman, really!" Yang admitted, stumbling over her words and blushing heavily, while waving her arms around.

Weiss smirked then and looked back towards the pill again. "And if it's a stimulant, why do you only have one? There's going to be three of us tonight, remember?" The white haired girl sing songed. "It's rude not to share…"

Yang felt her eyes go wide as she realized what Weiss was about to do. "W- Wait!" She shouted towards the Heiress, feeling her face contort into fear as she watched the event unfold; too slow and far away to do anything to stop it from happening.

Weiss winked at Yang before plopping the pill into her mouth and swallowing it in a matter of seconds; consuming the stimulant Ruby had entrusted to her for tonight.

The blonde fell to her knees in slight annoyance at having been so careless by leaving it out and sighed deeply, causing Weiss to turn her gaze towards the sad puppy that was her girlfriend.

"What's wrong, Yang? Now you can make me feel even bet- ahh." The Heiress started but then she stopped, jolting slightly.

This caused Yang to look up at her slightly confused but then her eyes snapped down to between the girl's legs and watched the unbelievable happen right in front of her eyes.

"W- What the h- hell is happening?!" Weiss screeched as she too glanced down between her legs and watched as something seemed to sprout from nowhere and keep growing at a quick rate.

This new development seemed to keep growing and growing; startling Weiss and causing Yang to watch on in wide eyed surprise. The blonde was pretty sure she knew what was in fact growing between the Schnee Heiress' legs and couldn't help but feel herself get giddy with anticipation.

But for the white haired girl; the effects were less than sexy. She watched on as she grew what should only be present on the male body; mysteriously sprout itself between her legs. Fear and panic kept rising in the girl's mind as she stumbled backwards and sat down on the bed, only breathing again once she watched the growth halt.

And halt it did. The member stopped its growth spurt but not after growing in length of what looked like a firm and thick eight inches of what Weiss couldn't believe; cock.

The realization finally dawned on her of what she had sitting erect on her body, right between her legs, and the first thing she did;

Was yell.

And directed her screaming and yelling towards the only other person in the room. She glared towards Yang; eyes full of anger and tears. "Y- You! Y- You did t- this to me!" She shouted towards the still kneeling blonde.

Yang's eyes seemed to snap back from its glazed over look and she tore her gaze from Weiss' new member. "M- Me?" Yang asked innocently. "I had no idea t- that pill would do… well that!" Yang uttered while gesturing towards Weiss' new hard addition.

Weiss though didn't seem to believe the blonde as she sputtered to try to scold the girl. "I- I have a hard time believing that! Y- You planned this! You wanted to- ack! Wha- Oh.. Ohhhh~..."

As Weiss was screaming at Yang; the blonde had a plan of her own on this new twist. As the white haired girl hollered and yelled at the top of her lungs, the scheming blonde quickly crawled towards where Weiss still sat on the bed. As fast as she could; she straightened herself up while still on her knees and grabbed ahold of Weiss' new cock while opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the tip of it.

As soon as she did, she heard the girl moan under her touch and her body relax suddenly which caused Yang to smirk as she lowered her face further onto Weiss' member and into her mouth, slowly adjusting to the sheer thickness and size of it.

Somewhat proud of herself by silencing Weiss, Yang lifted her head up but kept her lips tight around her shaft the whole way up; squeezing as much pleasure for Weiss as she could until it was fully out of the blonde's mouth.

Panting lightly she glanced up at the calm and serene face of Weiss as the girl's eyes were shut and her mouth twisted into what almost liked like a smile.

"Someone seems to be feeling a lot better." Yang joked loudly as she still held onto Weiss' throbbing shaft with her left hand. "Who knew the Ice Queen would magically sprout out an icicle!" She continued laughing out.

But Weiss didn't seem to share her joking attitude. The Heiress sat up and glared at the blonde who still held her head between her legs with a small smile still plastered on her face, which only caused Weiss to get angrier.

"W- Where to you get off?! First you gave me … this and now you're joking around?!" She sneered angrily. She balled her hands up and prepared to lash out once more towards the blonde. But something in the back of her mind ignited then. The feeling of Yang's mouth around her member… Was possibly one of the best sensations she'd ever had. And she wanted it again.

"Whoa there, Weissy. Get off? Ahaha! Good one! Well fo- Mmph!" Yang started but suddenly and without warning, the smaller white haired girl gripped the blonde's head, slightly wrapping her fingers around her golden mane and shoved her face into her throbbing cock; forcing her mouth around it.

"S- Shut your dammed mouth and suck!" Weiss moaned out as she gripped Yang's head with both hands. The sheer amount of pleasure and warmth she felt from the girl's mouth almost caused Weiss' eyes to roll to the back of her head.

Never before has she experienced something like this. It was simply amazing, and she didn't want it to stop.

She felt Yang give her some resistance, trying to lift her head up and off her new cock; but Weiss was relentless. She only pushed down harder on Yang's head, causing her to swallow up more of her dick. She felt Yang start to tap her thigh with her hands; desperately trying to come up for air and have Weiss let go of her head but to no avail.

Weiss was feeling utmost pleasure.

She loosened her hands a bit and the second she did she felt the blonde rise up with her mouth still around her, but once she reached the tip, Weiss pushed back down, causing Yang to bob her head up and down on Weiss' cock.

"Ohh Gods... Yah- Yang! K- Keep goh- going!" Weiss howled out in pleasure as she gripped the girl's hair and continued to bounce her girlfriend's head at the same time.

Weiss heard Yang try to say something as she sucked her off; but the words came out muffled. It was only when the smooth and warm sensation of Yang's mouth and saliva that was wrapped around her cock gave way to a new one. She felt something hard and rigid suddenly grind against her shaft as Yang started to bob her head faster around her.

Weiss elicited a loud moan then and even bucked her hips in rhythm with the girl. She knew what Yang was doing; but instead of scolding the girl for it, she actually grew rather fond of this new feeling.

Yang was using her teeth.

As the blonde continued; rather forcefully, sucking Weiss' member, she clamped down her teeth. She meant it to teach Weiss a lesson for being so rough and aggressive towards her. She wasn't biting down hard, but enough to elicit a response.

She didn't get the response she had hoped for.

No sooner did Yang start to grind her teeth against Weiss' cock while sucking, did the white haired girl started to moan even more deeply.

Crap! She's enjoying it! … Weissy… You little pervert!

Knowing that she wanted to pleasure her partner as much as she could anyway, Yang gave up on trying to get back at her girlfriend and instead focused all of her energy to keeping her lips wrapped around Weiss' shaft and bobbing her head even faster on it. She kept her left hand wrapped around it as well, working in tandem with jerking the girl off while using her mouth too.

With the way Weiss was bucking her hips underneath her, Yang figured she was doing a spectacular job. Her jaw was stretched out widely and her mouth was full; she kept her tongue working to lick at the thick shaft, while it was going in and out of her mouth; salivating all the while. This was a whole new thing to her, Yang had never done anything with a guy before; nor did she ever plan to now that she had Weiss… But she couldn't help but look forward to feeling how this thing would feel inside of her.

Weiss' fingers only went so deep while she fingered her, and strap-ons weren't as great; so now with Weiss having this much larger and considerably thicker cock… it only spurred Yang on more as she grinned to herself while working the dick in and out of her mouth.

Gods… I can't wait for Weiss to take me…

But the sound of a door opening caught the blonde's attention as she continued to work her tongue and mouth around Weiss' cock; still unable to lift her head off of it, due to the restrictive hands gripping her head. It was only when she heard a soft and feminine giggle that she knew someone else had entered the room.

"O- Oh, i- it's Neo!" Weiss gasped out as she finally let go of Yang's head, letting the blonde come up for much needed air; she could only breathe through her nose for so long, with that thing in her mouth.

Lilac and ice blue eyes caught sight of the small girl who stood near the entrance of the room, still holding her room key in her hand. She was dressed much the same as the last time Yang and Weiss had seen her; in her casual white, pink, and brown business attire. The short girl had on a slightly surprised but mostly amused expression as her multicolored brown and pink eyes stared back at the two, before resting on the most interesting sight in the room.

Right on Weiss' still hard and erect penis.

Yang watched the girl keep her gaze on something and she instantly knew what it was. Although she knew she agreed with Weiss; even actually being the aggressor on allowing Neo to join them, the blonde couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy spark in her from seeing Neo stare at Weiss' new throbbing toy. She knew what the shorter girl already had on her mind as she licked her lips.

Weiss on the other hand felt pure embarrassment. She wanted nothing more than to cover herself up, including that thing that was attached to her. Although it felt so cold not being inside Yang's hot mouth at the moment, she felt slightly uncomfortable with Neo now staring her down. The almost innocent smile the girl wore was anything but. Weiss knew first hand that that girl was a sexual deviant who got off on other people getting off. In fact the Heiress wanted nothing more than to teach her a lesson… A long and hard lesson.

Suddenly the frightful thoughts in Weiss' mind vanished and were replaced with wonderings of how Neo's pussy would feel wrapped around her new cock. Weiss Schnee wanted to find out… As quickly as possible. She'd teach that little peeping tom to mind her own business next time…

"Glad you could finally make it, Neo." Weiss called out towards the girl, beckoning her with her hand. "Why don't you hurry up and… come over here to join us."

Yang kept her eyes on the girl and decided to relax; she didn't want to be the negative Nancy in the group. If there was one thing she had learned so far tonight, it was that it was rude not to share.

"Yeah shed out of those clothes and hop on." Yang joked as she pointed a thumb at Weiss' toy.

It seemed as if that was all the motivation the girl needed. Neo nodded her head slowly before quickly shedding off her jacket onto the floor followed by the rest of her ensemble. In record timing she stood there in her birthday suit, confidently. Strolling up towards the two who were still situated at the edge of the bed; she winked an eye towards Yang as if asserting her dominance.

Before the blonde brute could ask where the girl was going; Neo had already climbed on top of Weiss' lap; and slowly edged her body down, legs open and spread wide right above Weiss' massive member. As Neo lowered herself down onto Weiss, the Heiress herself gasped the second her tip felt the warm and slick feeling of Neo's soaked cunt opening up to her.

She grabbed ahold of the bed sheets in a death grip. The deeper she felt the familiar warm feeling encasing her cock again; except this time it wasn't her girlfriend Yang's mouth… It was Neo's tight vagina.

"Oooh~ Fuck! Neo…" Weiss moaned out as Neo continued to lower herself on her throbbing cock.

Neo herself had her eyes shut closed and was biting her bottom lip, hard. The girl looked like she was in severe pain but she continued to drop down slowly onto Weiss.

Yang had front row seats to the event and felt herself dripping just watching it unfold. The way Neo's ass bounced up and down slowly to fit all of Weiss' cock into her and the way Weiss herself was moaning out as her toy threatened to break from how tight the girl's pussy was; it was enticing to the blonde. She wanted to be a part of it; and so she brought her face back between Weiss' legs and took note of her glistening cunt.

Bringing her mouth to it, Yang went to work on Weiss' clit while shoving two of her fingers into her core, harshly. Once she did this though; Weiss gasped and bucked her hips upwards which caused her to shove her cock into Neo with force; which then caused Neo to make her first sound that night.

The smaller girl screamed out in a mix of pain and pleasure as Weiss' member forcibly rammed the remainder of itself into her cunt. Both Weiss and Neo screamed and shrieked out in ecstasy.

For Weiss she had never felt something of this caliber before. The multicolored girl's vagina was so tight, she had no idea how she even worked herself into it. She no longer cared about taking it slow and had started to buck her hips into Neo's frame; causing the once confident ice cream themed girl to pant and screech out like some kind of animal in heat. As the Heiress bashed her hips against her pussy, she could feel Neo's vagina squeezing and contracting itself around her thick and throbbing cock. It was almost as if she was stuck inside the girl with how tight she was.

Coupled with the feeling of who she figured was Yang tonguing her clit with her fingers thrusting themselves in and out of her pussy, Weiss was in a blissful state of mind. She felt her body burning up with exertion and lust but couldn't be bothered with anything else other than fucking Neo to unconsciousness and receiving pleasure from doing it.

Continuing to thrust herself into the smaller girl, Weiss felt Neo already start to twitch and jolt while she rode her. Wrenching her eyes open, Weiss stared up at the girl as she bounced up and down on her cock. Brown and pink hair was dancing across her face as she rubbed and pinched her heaving breasts. The girl's eyes were glued shut and the moans and gasps of pleasure that escaped her mouth were beautiful. Weiss had never even heard the girl utter a word but yet her lewd moans were almost angelic sounding.

It only caused her to want to fuck her harder. Still feeling Yang going to work on her core and the warm and wet sensation of her dick inside Neo; Weiss could feel herself already get that tingling sensation of her orgasm. With her new toy though, she had no idea how this would work. Would she feel the orgasm from both her pussy and her new cock? If so… She was about to hit cloud nine.

That was until she watched Neo drop herself fully down onto her cock and shudder while grasping her breasts with force. The girl emitted a high pitched squeal and was dripping in sweat. Weiss continued to buck her hips, humping herself into her, but not a second after her long squeal ended did Neo slump forward and on top of Weiss, with a sweaty slapping of skin.

She felt the girl's wet body on top of her own, and the slick and drenched feeling of their perspiration mixing together only sought to arouse Weiss even further. Although she couldn't believe she had just fucked Neo into blacking out.

Noticing that she wasn't getting up or moving off of her, Weiss tried to poke the girl's face to awaken her. "H- Hey, Neo. Hello?" Weiss called out, but to no avail.

She could see the girl breathing slowly, but her eyes were shut and she was unresponsive. As she was about to try to extract her cock from the tightness of Neo's core though; she felt something wiggle its way into her ass.

"Ack! Y- Yang!" Weiss shrieked as she jolted upright, bucking her hips in the process and sliding her member even further into Neo's unresponsive body. "C- Cut it out! I- I think Neo is… well I think I knocked her out." Weiss finished, straining to catch her breath as she felt Yang take her fingers out of both of her holes.

"No way! Did you really fuck her so hard that she's blacked out?" The blonde asked as she lifted her head to see a nude Neo face down on the bed after Weiss shoved her off of herself. "Damn, Schnee. I knew you were cold but not… Weiss co-"

"Don't!" Weiss snapped, glaring at Yang with steely blue eyes. "Don't finish that stupid pun of yours… Or I swear I'll-"

"Weiss cold!" Yang finished, laughing as she held her sides. "Now what are ya gonna do to- Ey!"

True to her unspoken word, Weiss gripped a handful of the blonde's hair and dragged her onto the bed; shoving her down and standing over her; menacingly.

"H- Hey, what gives, Weiss?!" Yang shouted with her eyes flickering red from having her hair grabbed. Sure, she loved Weiss but that didn't excuse the fact that no one messes with her hair.

"Shut the hell up and bend over." Weiss ordered firmly.

Yang glared back at the girl and visibly swallowed. Weiss' features were set in stone and the girl had the deepest scowl she had ever had the displeasure of witnessing. Weiss looked absolutely livid. But Yang wasn't going to go down without a fight. Meeting the girl's angry scowl with her own; she smirked while crossing her arms over her huge bust.

"Or what?" Yang demanded.

She didn't get her answer in the form of words though. Weiss grabbed the back of the blonde's neck and shoved her face into the bedding, right next to Neo's still slumbering form. Bending her over and pulling her ass in the air; Weiss situated a combative Yang to her ideal position.

On all fours with her ass aimed upwards and in the air.

Still holding her head down with unnatural force, Weiss kept the blonde from getting up or moving around as she continued to struggle.

"H- Hey! Let me g- go, Weiss!" Yang pleaded, she was unsure as to why she felt so weak suddenly.

Weiss on the other hand was in a whole different world. She got back on her knees and prodded her still throbbing member up and down Yang's soaked cunt and ass, gliding the blonde's juices around both holes and earning a deep moan from the brawler.

"Ohh~ Weiss, Gods, yes!" Yang screeched out then, feeling Weiss tease her cunt with her firm appendage.

Weiss placed her cock right up against Yang's pussy and pushed her hips into the girl. She felt Yang clench her lower body at the entering of her dick, but she did it for her. As Weiss struggled to shove her member into her girlfriend, she felt her body shake with anticipation. She wanted Yang to feel her inside of her.

As Yang lay there, her face buried deep into the sheets, she felt the long, hard, and warm punishment of Weiss Schnee filling her cunt. She was absolutely powerless to fight against it; but it wasn't like she wanted to. Even though it should have been her to swallow the pill and wielding the meat stick; but she knew Weiss was about to make her feel real good. And so Yang kept her face down on the bed and struggled with dealing with the massive shaft that was entering itself into her core.

Gripping the sheets with renewed conviction and vigor, the blonde brawler felt like her body was just shocked with electricity. She felt Weiss' first hump into her and could have sworn her cock had delved all the way into her stomach with that one thrust. She felt it fondling the furthest points of her g-spot. The feeling was incredible and sent her senses out of whack. It almost felt like the first time she had utilized her semblance. There was no other way to explain it.

Yang felt Weiss extract herself from her pussy but knew it wouldn't be for long. When her cunt was about to close back in on itself from Weiss pulling out, she felt another push; this time with force, as Weiss humped herself back in again.

Yang couldn't keep her composure anymore and let loose her first wail of the night.

"Ooooh~ Fuck Weiss! Shiiii- Ahhh g- give it to me!" She screeched out loudly, uncaring if anyone heard her. She felt her mind going blank and the only thing in that moment that mattered to her was the feeling of Weiss forcing herself into her tight cunt as she endured it.

It wasn't long before the white haired girl found herself thrusting and retracting her cock in and out of Yang's pussy. As it wasn't quite as tight as Neo's it still felt better than the smaller girl's. Weiss wasn't sure it was because it was Yang; the love of her life or what; but she was already close before she even started fucking her girlfriend. It wouldn't be much longer now as she felt her inner thighs tingle with an odd sensation.

Hearing Yang squeal as if on the verge of tears, Weiss didn't let up. In fact she wanted more. She craved to feel every emotion in Yang in this current moment. Her envy, her broken pride from being taken like this, her embarrassment, her love, her fears, every single thing, she wanted to feel from that blonde girl.

Weiss shifted her body forward so she was leaning her chest onto Yang's back, but continued to work her hips into the bottom girl. Her hip flexors were on fire, her breathing was short and erratic, and her body was slick with sweat. Weiss Schnee was exhausted; but never before had she felt so alive. She didn't want this feeling to end. Never before in her life has she experienced something like this.

And so she was going to make sure she made the best of it.

She reached over and grabbed the brawler's arms out from under her, and pulled back on them. She felt little to no resistance from Yang as she gripped the girl's wrists and pulled on her arms so she could ram herself even harder into the girl. The only sounds filling the large room were the slapping of their sweaty bodies into each other and the heavy panting and breathing as their lungs gasped for the oxygen that couldn't come fast enough.

Continuing to pump herself into Yang while pulling on the girl's arms; Weiss felt it. In that singular moment she felt her small frame tingle and her vision seemed to pop at the sides. She had reached her first ever orgasm with her new toy.

Pulling one last and final time on the girl's arms to slam herself into Yang's pussy; Weiss used whatever reserves of strength she had left and with a fleshy slap of her hips into her girlfriend's ass; Weiss plunged every inch of her pulsing cock into Yang and felt something rising up in and out of her.

"Schnee smash!" Weiss bellowed out as she felt her body shutting down while extending the last of her strength.

Euphoria, astounding, sensational, extraordinary, phenomenal, radiant…

All these feelings and more is what Weiss felt in that moment. She kept her hips planted firmly against Yang's ass as she felt something ooze out of her cock and pump itself into the depths of Yang's core. She couldn't feel her legs or her abs; everything was shutting down as she felt herself cum into her girlfriend.

Slumping onto Yang's back in a sweaty mess, Weiss panted heavily; hearing and feeling the girl below her do the same as she continued to shoot her warm and thick cum into her cunt. She could feel it even running down her inner thigh but couldn't be bothered with doing anything about it as she leaned herself on top of Yang.

Yang felt something seeping its way into her as Weiss had thrusted herself that one and final time whilst shouting whatever nonsense she had at the time. Yang herself was working on her second orgasm when she felt a thick liquid force pour itself into her. All she could do was attempt to catch her breath and spread her legs wider. It felt like her pussy was drowning in Weiss' cum; until she felt the Heiress pull herself out of her sore cunt and fall over onto the bed. Yang quickly followed suit, falling right into Weiss' arms as the girl struggled for oxygen.

Both of them were drenched in sweat as they panted and stared into each other's eyes. No words were needed in that moment as they both could so much as feel what the other was thinking while they were making love. What first initially started out as lust and passion had ended up becoming more. They both knew their relationship had crossed over to a new level that transcended just sex.

But Weiss was the first to make it known verbally as she brought her hand towards Yang's blushing face; wiping a few rebellious locks of blonde hair out of her vision and whispered; just loud enough to hear over their still erratic breathing.

"I love you."

Their eyes still held their fierce and unshakable gaze as Yang smiled then and returned to words Weiss wanted to hear more than anything else in the world.

"I love you too, Weiss."

As their breathing steadied and smoothed out, the distance between their faces shrunk. The two met one more time that night before succumbing to a deep and blissful slumber.

Their lips met softly. Just a gentle touch of their mouths. No hungry and lustful movements present then; for they both knew how they truly felt about one another… After tonight their emotions were engraved and set in stone; now and forever.

Until Neo woke up with a start and glanced around the room; wide eyed and sore, and it was then that the small girl decided to finally speak up for perhaps the first moment in her life in Vale.

"What the fuck happened…?"