Hello fellow Wolfies! This is my next attempt at writing a Teen Wolf based Fanfiction. But this time it's about the Marrish concept. I think we were all very much touched and moved by the sexual tension arising from both Deputy Parrish and Lydia on the episode 'Muted'. I couldn't fathom how shocked I was at the numerous tweets after the episode of people saying how much they 'ship' Marrish. I'm one of them, baby!

Anywho… Let's get to the real business. This story takes place after the events of 4x07 'Weaponized'.

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Show: Teen Wolf

Type: One-shot (Maybe)

Pairings: Deputy Parrish and Lydia Martin/Marrish/Larrish

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Lydia entered her house with her Mother Natalie by her tail. She couldn't help thinking what happened today at school. She was taking her freshman year of college and when the session ended, she went back to the lake house where she spoke to a very dead, Meredith and there she had her banshee predictions of a killing happening at her school. When she heard of the virus spreading around, she couldn't help but feel worried for her friends…


She immediately had to drive all the way back to school in her Toyota. When she finally parked her car, she began running up to the school to see a crowd full of people covering the area with the school building missing in the action.

The loud voices arising in the air were slightly worse than the voice she heard in her head and that was saying a lot on its own.

She tried squirming through the overloaded crowed but her small frame wouldn't allow that. She sighed in relief when she saw the Sheriff talking to one of the CDC's.

"Sheriff!" she called out raising her hand up in the air. He didn't reply due to the amount of noise. "Sheriff, Sheriff!" She called out twice more and this time it caught the sheriff's attention. One of the bodyguards tried pushing the crowd including Lydia away.

"Hey, ho, ho. Hold on." The sheriff shouted stopping the deputy. "I know this girl."

The deputy let go of her and Lydia glared back at him and released a sigh as she walked up to the Sheriff.

"Why are there so many people what's happening?" She asked him. He sighed.

"We're working on it." The Sheriff replied.

She moved her gaze from the sheriff to the school and the school board wondering how her friends are doing.

The sheriff walked over to one of the CDC's whilst Lydia thought about what could've been the cause of this all. Her Banshee instincts were kicking in.

The Sheriff walked up to her.

"Lydia," He began. "This is still very new to me, but I still have to ask." He said. She nodded slightly waiting for him to continue.

"Do you have any indication on this? Any kind of feeling about this…Is somebody in there going to die?" He asked.

Lydia didn't hesitate to answer as she stared up at him

"Yes" She simply said. "And it's not just a feeling."

This immediately caused the Sheriff to release another much needed sigh. He took a deep breath.

"Stay right here," He instructed her and ran over to one of the officers.

Whilst waiting for the sheriff, Lydia kept checking her phone for any upcoming calls from one of her friends, Scott, Stiles, Kira or Malia. But that was hopeless because she knew the state they were all in but there was always hope.

She was scrolling through her contacts and past by the name 'Deputy Parrish'. She smiled slight. She didn't even know why she did but just the thought and sight of his name made her smile. She made a mental note to change it to Jordan soon but she kind of liked it the way it was.

She couldn't even fathom how such a wonderful, sweet and caring person like him could be hunted down for some 5 million. If she could, she would give herself up for 25 million instead of 20 just so Parrish could live…

She gasped lowly.

Did she just think that?

She also couldn't help but wonder how her mother was. She hoped she wasn't infected and wouldn't be the next one to die. She shouldn't be in this mess!

Now she was nauseous…

"They're better! Everything's okay." The sheriff informed Lydia and everyone. Lydia widened her eyes and began sauntering fast to the school.

When things were cleared, she entered the school and when she saw her mother standing a few feet away, she couldn't help the relief from flooding out of her. She began running.

"Mom!" she exclaimed as she saw her mom standing a few feet away. She couldn't fathom how relieved she was to see she was okay. She ran into her mother's arms and closed her eyes as she released tears of joy.

"Hey," Her mom laughed. "I'm so sorry sweetheart."

There was nothing to be sorry about…

End of Flashback

"You're okay?" Her mom asked. Lydia nodded. Her mom kissed her temple and stroked her hair lightly.

She was glad everything was back to normal…for a very short while.

Deputy Parrish was currently sitting in his office chair, working on the piles of cases that were thrown upon him. Those were the disadvantages of being a cop. Lots of things were happening in his life, all these random killings happening in the town, strange things have occurred, he just found out he's on a list of assassins that were out to get him for a good $5 million, oh and to top it off, his mortgage payment went up.

All he wanted now was a delicious cup of coffee at the local Bakery downtown.

He was about to get off his chair when Deputy Haigh came over to him.

"Having a rough day?" He laughed. Deputy Parrish sighed.

"What do you want Haigh?" Parrish asked.

Haigh laughed once more then suddenly dropped a packet on his desk.

"New news report," He simply said.

"What am I suppose to do with it?" Deputy Parrish asked.

Usually it would be The Sheriff who gave him the news report on more cases so it was odd that his jerkass co-worker handed him a news report packet.

"Read it." Deputy Haigh's said rolling his eyes.

Jordan Parrish started unfurling the packet, breaking the paper lid free whilst Haigh talked.

"It's a letter of a list from a student in Beacon Hills who miraculously uncovers murder serial cases before the cops do."


"No, crushed cereals," He replied sarcastically. Parrish went back to the packet and pulled out the report.

"This student going by the name of…uh I think its Lydian Martini of some sort."


Deputy Parrish was completely shocked at this even though he shouldn't be because it's what he'd expect from her at the first place. At least that's his mentality.

"Yeah that's the name." Haigh replied. "So you're on a first name basis now?"

Deputy refrained from rolling his eyes.

It didn't need to be affirmed that Jordan never liked the new deputy and it didn't need to be affirmed that he was a professional jerk too.

"Okay so what does this report have to do with me?" Deputy Parrish questioned, ignoring his question.

"Well as you know she has this sudden ability to find dead bodies fast than the officials do, and since you know her matter way better than I do I was wondering if you'd head over her house today and ask her some very important questions."

"Why should I?"

"Enough with the questions will ya?!" Haigh replied. "We all know you love a little challenge so if you cannot question an 18 year old girl one her whereabouts then I guess I'll find someone else."

Deputy Parrish contemplated for a moment before sighing and getting up from his chair and shrugging his jacket on that was wrapped around the back of his chair. He grabbed the report packet and his gun from the table and put it in his holster.

"I sure do like a little challenge." He said to the deputy then walked out of the station and inserted himself in his BHC cruiser.

When he was on the road, on his way to the teenage girl's house, he passed by his favorite bakery.

"It wouldn't be bad to get some coffee whilst on the way" He said to himself and got out of the car and began walking over to the store.

He stood in front of tills and set his keys on the mahogany table. Then a young woman with dark brown hair came over to assist him.

"Beacon Hills Farmer Bakery, how may I help you?" She said with a suggestive grin.

"Uh hi…May I have the large espresso…" He trailed off thinking whether or not to get Lydia a cup when he reaches her house. He didn't like to feel empty handed.

"Make that two large espressos and a box of bagels." He said with his bright smile which of course was infections to the baker girl as she smiled back and walked away.

The man sitting next to him stared at him with a raised brow.

"It's not hypocritical! I just love my coffee and bagels!" He replied in irritation. The man chuckled and drank his coffee.

The woman came back with his orders and the bill. When he opened it he saw a note that had a phone number written on it and the caption "Call Me". He sighed lowly then looked up to see the baker girl using her hands to signal a phone ringing under her ear.

He smiled back then paid the bill.

When he got out he entered his cruiser and crumbled the paper up and threw it out the window and was on his way.

Deputy Parrish got out of his car the moment he reached Lydia's house and began walking up to her house. He had the coffee in his hands and the box perched under his large arms.

He suddenly found himself dropping them onto the ground as he saw the door of her house a jar slightly. What if someone broke in? He thought to himself.

He pulled out his gun out and slowly opened the doorknob and entered the house as quietly as possible. He had the gun pointed upfront.

"Hello?" He called out.

No answer.

"Anybody around?" he called.

No answer.

"I'm a highly decorated police officer so if there's an intruder I suggest you show yourselves!"

He slowly found himself walking through the house and entering the living room. He was careful to watch his step and being wary of any sign of danger lurking.

"I was figuring you'd be smart enough to just come in." He heard a very sweet voice ring into his ear. He slightly flinched and snared his gun to the side to see a young girl with strawberry blonde hair, sprawled across the couch in just her very short shorts and tank top as she smiled at him, curling the tips of her hair.

"Just trying to stay a reliable police officer," He said flashing a smile. She grinned back then got off the couch.

"Oh are those for me?" She asked him as she began walking up to him and grabbing the boxes of bagels.

"Actually…" He began but trailed off when he saw her walk away into the kitchen and came back with a tray with two cups of tea. He smiled as she placed it on the coffee table.

"Tea?" she asked.

"Yeah," He replied and she signaled for him to sit on the couch beside him. "It's not reishi is it?"

"Why would I give you reishi tea?" She asked him.

"Well I heard teenagers these days act so immature that they'd cause an old lady to vomit piss."

She giggled lowly and rolled her eyes.

"Well I'm not like most teenagers." She said. "I find dead bodies in the strangest of places on almost a daily basis. I think I'd be more mature than that."

He smiled.

"I guess you still have a reputation to keep up."

"You're not going to say that I'm psychic again are you?"

"You're an unusual one."

She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Please. If I were psychic I wouldn't have known how handsome you looked in your officer get up the first time I met you."

This caused the Deputy's cheeks to turn a deep shade of red but he hid it fast enough for her to notice.

"Well then again. I would've known I'd do this." She said then suddenly he felt burning liquid reach his jacket. He suddenly got up and groaned lowly. Now he had a permanent stain on his jacket that was impossible to get off.

Lydia just laughed.

"Don't worry, it's just boiled water." She said signaling to the glass of water she had in her hand. He sighed in relief and they laughed together. Lydia then sat back on the couch.

"So are we going to discuss tea or are we going to talk the basics?" She asked him.

"Well…" The deputy began as he shrugged his jacket off and setting it on the arm of the chair."

"The station has been believed that you're an expert at finding dead bodies than we do, am I correct?"

"Howdy Partner."

"And you have any idea why you find them?" He asked her.

She didn't answer, all she did was she got up and began walking over to grab a chair and sat in front of the officer. She stared at him with a small smirk which caused the officer to shift uncomfortably.

Deputy Parrish just thought Lydia was intriguing and alluring than most women he met. She had a rough life and he didn't even know the full of it. He thought she was breathtaking in every humanly way.

She slowly leaned forward towards the deputy. What was she doing?

She leaned in only centimeters from his lips and she stopped. She moved her face to the side his face by his ear and whispered.

"Ask me what you really want to ask me Jordan?"

This caused Deputy Parrish's pulse to pick up.

"Are you on the list too?"

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