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Chapter 1: Summer Break

"Okay, so we're set on teams?" Jack asked everyone.

He along with Merida, Anna, Jamie, Kristoff, Eugene a.k.a Flynn Rider and Rapunzel were getting ready to play some Quidditch. It was guys against girls and Jack was pretty confident that his team would win. They were currently at Anna's house. Anna's parents had a huge back garden with some Quidditch hoops erected. Jack was captain of the men's team while Merida was captain of the women's.

"Aren't we going to say anything about how the teams are unevenly matched?" Rapunzel said folding her arms together. "It's four against three!"

"I can ref," Jamie said. "I don't mind."

"If you're sure," Rapunzel said.

"Yeah, I am."

"Alright, it's game time," Jack said hopping onto his broom. "I'll be chaser along with Eugene while Kristoff is Keeper."

"Sweet then," Merida said. "I'll be chaser for my team along with Rapunzel while Anna is Keeper. So we're all good?"

There was a chorus of agreement. They all jumped on their brooms and kicked off the ground. They all soared into the sky with Jamie holding a ball that they were going to use as a Quaffle. Jamie then threw the Quaffle high into the sky and then Merida and Jack went for it. Jack caught it and he zoomed off towards the goal. Merida and Rapunzel tried to stop him. Merida crashed into Jack and he dropped the Quaffle which was caught by Rapunzel who zoomed off towards the goal. Eugene came towards her but Rapunzel threw the Quaffle back to Merida who caught it and zoomed towards the goal. She then threw the Quaffle at the hoops. Kristoff dived for it but just missed. The Quaffle flew past his extended fingers to go into the hoop behind him. Merida and Rapunzel cheered and hi-fived each other.

"Okay so the score is one-nil in favour of the ladies," Jamie said after he retrieved the Quaffle from the ground.

"We're going to get you this time," Jack muttered to Merida.

"Bring it on," Merida told him.

Jamie threw the Quaffle again. Jack caught it again but this time he threw it Eugene who flew straight towards Anna. Merida tried to block but Eugene threw it back to Jack. Jack caught it and flew around Rapunzel who was trying to block. Jack threw the Quaffle hard at the goalposts and it soared past Anna's open fingers to go through the centre hoop. Jack cheered as Anna looked disappointed.

"Guess that ties everything up for the guys," Jamie said. "Score is now 1-1."

Jamie threw the Quaffle up high again but Merida this time caught it. She didn't have the Quaffle for long though. She quickly threw it at Rapunzel but it was intercepted by Eugene who managed to catch it. Eugene headed down the field avoiding Merida as he went. He threw the Quaffle at the goalposts but Anna managed to catch it. It was a good catch as she caught it in the very tips of her fingers. Anna then threw the Quaffle at Merida who zoomed off towards Kristoff. Eugene looked stricken but he quickly recovered as he zoomed back towards Merida. Merida managed to dodge Jack who had come at her. Merida faked left which Kristoff fell for and in the end she went right. She threw the Quaffle hard and it went through Kristoff's exposed right goal hoop. Merida let out a cheer as Kristoff retrieved the Quaffle and threw it back to Jamie scowling slightly. It appeared as if Kristoff couldn't believe that he fell for Merida's diversion.

The friendly game of Quidditch didn't last very long. When Jamie threw the Quaffle into the air, Jack crashed into Merida to get her out of the way before he went for the Quaffle. Merida almost fell off her broom but she managed to get back on.

"Hey Frosty," she yelled after him. "That's cheating!"

"No it's not," Jack yelled back at him.

"Yes it is."

"I don't remember saying that when we made the rules?"

"That's because you made the rules Frosty!"

"Are you saying that I fixed the rules in order to give my team an unfair advantage?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying Frosty boy!"

"Uh, guys?" Jamie tried to say but he couldn't get one word in.

"You are bang out of line with that statement Merida," Jack yelled back. He had zoomed up to her and they were both red in the face from arguing.

"Oh am I?" Merida yelled back. Merida could feel her blood pounding at every word that Jack was saying. "At least I'm not a dirty rotten cheater!"

"I have never cheated at Quidditch. Why start now?"

"Because once a Slytherin always a Slytherin," Merida screamed back.

"Oh so now your stereotyping my house?" Jack roared at her. "Eugene's a Slytherin and you're not yelling at him."

"Because he's not some dirty rotten cheat!"

"Um guys," Eugene said. "Could you not bring me into this?"

They both ignored him. It seemed as if their bitter house rivalry that had started the day they had been Sorted, had flared up during this friendly game of Quidditch. Anna gave Rapunzel a look before she looked at Eugene. It looked like the responsibly of finishing the fight had fallen of Eugene. Eugene tried to say something but his words were drowned out by Merida's and Jack's bitter argument.

Elsa was up in her room. She was at her desk with a piece of parchment in front of her and quill in her hand. She took off her glasses and tried to think. She had an open textbook in front of her. She was trying to do Slughorn's essay which was due the first day back at Hogwarts. Elsa put her glasses back on to read the next part of the textbook she was reading. She managed to scribble down a few more sentences in her elegant and cursive handwriting. She got about halfway through the paragraph she was writing when she heard a noise. It sounded like raise voices. She paused to listen and she realised that they belonged to her friends Merida and Jack. She groaned into her hands. She was trying to work and they were distracting her. Elsa took off her glass once again and placed them on her desk. She had been trying to ignore the sounds from their Quidditch game all afternoon but they had really crossed the line this time.

Elsa pushed her chair back from her desk and stood up. She opened her window and poked her head out of it. From her window she could clearly see the Quidditch pitch and all its players that were in the air. Two figures were awfully close to each other which Elsa knew must be Jack and Merida. The others were scattered around nervously trying to finish the fight.

"Oi!" Elsa shouted out the window. All the figures looked up at her. "I am trying to work and if you can't keep it down then don't play at all."

Elsa ducked her head back into her room and then she slammed her window. She went back to her desk and started to work hoping that those idiots on the field got the message. She wished she was seventeen so the next time they made some noise, she could do something about it. One week, she told herself, one week.

They had gotten the message. Jack and Merida looked nervously at each other. Elsa had told them off and when Elsa shouts at you there is something about it that makes you do exactly what she says.

"Another round?" Jack asked nervously.

"I think we should end it there," Jamie said. "I don't want another bollocking from Elsa."

"Yeah me either," Anna said. "Maybe we should do what she suggested and end it here guys?"

"I agree," Kristoff said zooming towards them. "Is that a win for the ladies or are we going to pick this up later?"

"Nah, win for the ladies," Eugene said.

"Yes," Rapunzel said cheering.

Rapunzel leaned in and gave Eugene a quick peck on the cheek that made him blush. Rapunzel and Eugene had been dating since the end of the previous year. Eugene had liked Rapunzel ever since fifth year and it took him a lot of courage to get him to ask her out. Eugene of course didn't realise that Rapunzel liked Eugene in fifth year too. She just didn't show it as obviously as Eugene.

All of them flew towards the ground. They put away their brooms and headed back inside the house where they found Jack's Mum in conversation with Anna's and Elsa's Mum. They were laughing about something. They had been friends ever since their own time at Hogwarts and they often went a little silly when they got together much to chagrin of Anna's and Elsa's father who was currently making tea for all of them. All three adults looked up when they saw the seven of them marched into the house.

"I take it that by the defeated look on the boys' face that the ladies won the game of Quidditch?" Jack's mother said to them.

There was a grumble from the boys except Jamie who nodded. The girls smiled and cheered while they all sat around the table. Mrs Winters, Anna's and Elsa's mother, whipped out her wand and started making afternoon tea for all of them. She was a very good cook and pretty soon the table was laden with all kinds of food for all of them to munch on. Jack dived for the plate that contained the cake much to the laughter of them all. Mrs Winters headed over to the stairs and called up them.

"Elsa honey, afternoon tea is ready," she called.

"Be there in a minute," they heard Elsa call back.

"Why is Elsa working?" Jack asked with his mouth full of cake. "It's the summer! We're supposed to be on holiday."

"I believe she is doing the homework that our teachers set us to help prepare us for N.E.W.T year," Eugene smirked.

Jack scowled.

Elsa could feel her stomach growling at her as she wrote down some more sentences on her parchment. She wanted to go down for afternoon tea but she was so close to finishing her essay that she was putting it ahead of her growling stomach. She managed to quickly work through the last parchment which just happened to be the conclusion. She added the last full stop with a bit of a flourish before she leaned back in her chair looking impressed with herself. She took of her glasses and rubbed her eyes. She stretched her arms before she got up from her chair. She had managed to finish Slughorn's two rolls of parchment on the subject of advanced poisons. It did take a long time. She had been working on it for the last couple of days but it was now finally finished. Elsa exited her bedroom and raced down the stairs. She found everyone happily eating away at all the food that her Mum had prepared.

As soon as she headed down the stairs, she felt something fly at her. The thing engulfed her in a huge hug which cut of Elsa's ability to breathe. Eventually the thing released her and Elsa could see that it was Jack's eleven year old sister, Pippa, who was beaming up at her. Elsa beamed back.

"Hello Pippa," she said as they walked over to the table.

"What have you been working on?" Pippa asked as Elsa grabbed a plate and started to load it with everything she could reach.

"Just an essay for Slughorn," she replied taking a seat.

"Slughorn's the Potion's Master right?"

"Yep," Elsa said.

"Will he be my teacher?"

"Yes he will."

Pippa was starting Hogwarts this year. She was very excited and was determined to know everything about the castle before she arrived. She had bothered Jack with her endless questions but Elsa knew that Jack didn't mind. Elsa then started to each and was pulled into conversation with her sister about the events that had transpired that day. Elsa was then subjected into a blow-by-blow of their Quidditch game which Elsa slightly grinning, listened in.

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