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Chapter 1: Pick a bodyguard

Hisui's POV

"I wonder where are the guards that were supposed to watch over my room went." I mumbled to myself, a bit annoyed that they were not here as I walked down the hallway. I raised an eyebrow after noticing a door that was opened. Curious, I decided to take a look inside.

However, I regretted that in an instant as I screamed out loud at the top of my lungs after what I saw.

"Hisui-hime is anything wrong?" a guard asked me as Arcadios and a small group of guards entered the room I was in, a panicked look appearing on his face.

I couldn't respond to him, so I shakily pointed out to what I saw and their eyes widened when we saw the bloodied and mutilated bodies of the guards meant to protect me, and the words that were written on the floor using the blood of the dead guards:


"Hisui-hime we have to tell your father about this." Arcadios told me, and all I could do was nod in horror as a thought came to mind.

'Who could have done this?'

Normal POV

"What was that?! Someone is targeting my daughter and the guards that were assigned to protect her were killed?" The king of Fiore, Toma E Fiore asked the guards who all bowed down.

"Yes we speculate that they are aiming for the Princess as they killed only her guards." Arcadios replied.

"Hmm this is not good we need to find a bodyguard for her. Arcadios make sure that the best guards of your squad are protecting her."

"My Lord, the strongest guards were already assigned to protect the princess and all of them…are dead." Arcadios said in shame.

"Tch then how are we going to protect her from this psychopath after her?" The King asked in frustration and in worry. Frustration at the fact he felt useless in this situation and worry for his daughter.

"Sir if you don't mind me saying, but I think that I have a way to solve this problem." This caused Toma to raise his eyebrows.

"Well hurry up and speak already, my daughter's life is on the line, every second wasted here is another second where my daughter may be killed." Toma said frantically.

"We hire a mage" This caused the king to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"A mage?" The King repeated as Arcadios nodded his head.

"Yes sir, a mage from Fairy Tail." the guard replied causing even more confusion for the King of Fiore.

"Although I understand what you're saying Arcadios, but why do we have to get a mage specifically from Fairy Tail though? There are plenty of other guilds, such as Sabertooth," The King asked.

"Well, they did win the Grand Magic Games and were one of the primary factors of our victory against the dragon invasion." Toma nodded his head in understanding.

"Alright I understand, tomorrow take my daughter to the Fairy Tail guild and let her pick out a bodyguard, is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." The guard said as he saluted to the king.


"What do you mean that I need a mage as a bodyguard?" the Princess of Fiore, Hisui asked her father in shock. It was an outrage to hear that she needed to have someone following her around at all times, she wasn't a child anymore!

"I know that you do not feel the need to have one, Hisui, but you're life is in danger. And any father would want to be assured about the safety of his children, which is why you will be going to the Fairy Tail guild to handpick your bodyguard." Toma said.

"But-" Hisui tried to protest before she was cut off by her father.

"No buts Hisui, I want you to sleep and because the way to Magnolia is quite far from here." Hisui, knowing how stubborn her father is merely sighed.

"Fine, goodnight Father." Hisui said with a bow and as she was about to leave she heard her father said, "Goodnight Hisui. Sweet dreams."

'Sweet dreams? Yeah right…' Hisui scoffed as she entered her room and began to sleep.

The Next Day

"Hisui-hime it is time for you to wake up." the guards outside called out to the sleeping princess by knocking on her door. The sound caused Hisui to stir from her sleep before she woke up.

'It's morning already?' the jade haired princess thought to herself.

"Ok then, time to get myself prepared." she said as she went straight to her bathroom and took a bath, letting the warm water that touch her skin soothe her troubled mind.

"I wonder who I should pick to be my bodyguard?" she thought as she began to think about the members of Fairy Tail that participated in the Grand Magic Games, she knew that there were others but the final members of the team truly stood out to her.

'Hmm, first up is Gray Fullbuster. While his Creation Magic is on top point, his stripping habit is too much of a problem.' Hisui thought, cancelling the raven haired male from her head.

'Erza Scarlet. She truly deserves her title as one of the strongest female mages of all time after watching all of her battles. Though, I am afraid of her seriousness and the fact that she wears armour everywhere she goes.' Hisui shuddered a bit at the thought of enraging the scarlet haired knight.

At that point Hisui was about to lose hope about having a suitable mage to protect her.

'Hmm who else is there? Gajeel Redfox. An Iron Dragon Slayer that was able to eat the shadows of Rogue Cheney and was capable of defeating him in the process. However, his vulgarity and piercings certainly gives him the impression of being a punk.'

'Juvia Locksar. She too is a very good fight, but I doubt she would want to stay away far away from her beloved.' Hisui thought, recalling the blue haired female's flirty attitude with Gray during the party.

'Laxus Dreyar. He is strong enough to take down Jura from the Wizard Saints so he could be a good bodyguard but he has also has the attitude of a punk so once again no.'

Hisui immediately sighed, only one more person was left from Fairy Tail's strongest team.

'Natsu Dragneel. He was a really strong member to take down the two Dragon Slayers at the tournament all by himself and he was also capable of beating the man who controlled the dragons, which clearly proves his strength.' Hisui thought as she thought back to his fight with Sabertooth's Twin Dragons.

'And he's also got a good body, with all those muscles and abs…" At that point Hisui blushed hard before shaking her head and nodding.

'Alright, I made my decision, I pick Natsu Dragneel.' She thought as she exited her bathroom in order to get ready for the long trip to Magnolia.

At the Castle's Dining Hall

"Why hello there, Hisui, did you have a nice dream?" the King of Fiore asked his daughter, seeing the content smile on her face.

"Yes father." Hisui responded to her father.

"Well that is good, well hurry up and eat you have to go to Fairy Tail." After finishing up their meal, Hisui and a few guards headed towards Magnolia with the use of a cart.

After a Few Hours

"My princess, we have arrived at Fairy Tail" a guard told the princess.

"Alright." Hisui responded before she headed out from her cart and stretched. It was definitely a very long trip that was for sure. She, with the guards walking behind her, began walking towards the new and improved Fairy Tail guild located at the heart of the town.

As Hisui pushed the door open, she was greeted as a body came flying towards her.

"Ahhh!" she screamed as she closed her eyes, expecting the body to crash into her but never felt it.

She slowly opened her eyes to see Natsu catching the body before it had crashed into her.

"Hey are you alright?" Natsu asked as he extended a hand out towards her.

"Uhh, yes I am, thank you." she said as she grabbed his hand gratefully and pulled herself up, as soon she got up she wiped off the dust on her dress.

"Hey I think I seen you before." Natsu said as he got closer to her. As he did that Hisui's face turned beet red, Natsu was at such proximity that their noses were touching each other and he was about to go even closer, if that was possible, had it not been for someone who slammed their fist to his head.

"Ow what was that for?!" Natsu cried out as he held his head in pain.

"I'm sorry Princess Hisui for his stupidity." Erza said as she bowed politely to the jade haired princess.

"Oh no it is not a problem, after all he did protect me from getting hurt." Hisui said with a smile on her face, hoping that the scarlet haired knight wouldn't hurt the pinkette any more seeing as he did no wrong.

"So what can we do for you Princess? Crocus is quite a long way from Magnolia." Erza asked curiously as Hisui coughed into her hands as she composed herself.

"I would like to speak to your master." Hisui responded as Erza nodded her head in understanding.

"Alright then, please follow me." Erza said as the two began walking towards the Masters Office, as they walked through the guild everyone were looking at the princess in shock and in awe.

As soon as they entered the room, they saw the Master holding a book in his hands, an small orange coloured book to be exact.

"Hehehe, oh you're such a dirty girl Suzuna." Makarov said lowly with a creepy grin on his face.

"Master." Erza called out to the Master who immediately jolted up in shock at being interrupted from doing his…paperwork.

"Yes Erza, how may I be able to help you?" Makarov asked as he quickly hid the book behind him before Erza would take it away, looking behind the scarlet haired knight, he saw Hisui and he immediately got up and bowed.

"P-Princess Hisui, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. How may I help you?" Makarov asked frantically.

Hisui smiled at this but she waved her hand, "Please, you do not need to bow, I merely would like to issue a mission request if you would allow it."

"Hmm and why is that?" Makarov asked curiously, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Well, it's because..."

And with that, Hisui began explaining the entire situation to Erza and Makarov.

"…And that is why I came to Fairy Tail, in order to get a mage as a bodyguard."

"I see… so somebody is out to get you and you need someone to protect you." Makarov repeated getting a nod from Hisui.

"Yes, that is right."

"Well we could send Gildarts, Laxus or even Erza to protect you from whoever this is." Makarov said with a smile on his face.

"That is alright, in fact I have already selected the person who I want to be my bodyguard." Hisui said as Erza and Makarov stared at her with their eyebrows raised.

"Hmm really, who is it?" Makarov asked.

"Natsu Dragneel." Hisui responded but it didn't surprise the old man since the pinkette was as strong as the other S-Class mage by this point. The only thing he was worried about was the…

Damage fee!

"Natsu eh? Are you sure about that? We can send someone else besides Natsu though." Makarov said frantically as Hisui stared at him weirdly. Did he not want Natsu to go on the mission?

"That is okay I have already decided on my decision." Hisui said with finality causing Makarov to sig as he turned to Erza who was in shock as well.

"Alright then, let us call him up here. Erza, if you will."

"Alright Master." She said, nodding her head, as she got out of the room and inhaled some air before she shouted out loud.

"NATSU DRAGNEEL IF YOU DON'T COME UP HERE IN FIVE SECONDS I'M GOING TO-" Erza didn't get to finish as Natsu was already in front of her, sweating profusely.

"W-what is it Erza?" Natsu stuttered a bit in fear that he had done something wrong.

"The master wants to see you." Erza said as the two head inside the room.

"So, why'd you call me Gramps?" Natsu asked curiously as Makarov merely sighed.

"Natsu do you know who this is?" Makarov asked, pointing at Hisui's direction as Natsu stared at said girl for a while before he finally identified the mysterious girl.

"Hey you're that girl from before!" Natsu said as if he had answered the most obvious question in the world.

"Um yes I am…" Hisui sweat dropped, does he not realise who she really was?

"Ahem, she is also known as the Princess of Fiore." Makarov stressed on the last few words and immediately after hearing those words, Natsu's eyes widened in shock and in horror.

"I'm so sorry if I have offended you in any way. If I did, it was not intentional." Natsu said as he bowed multiple times.

"No, it's ok besides you did nothing wrong in the first place." Hisui smiled and after witnessing the smile, Natsu could feel a blush coming to his cheeks.

"Ahem so Natsu she needs protection because she is being targeted by someone." Makarov explained and Natsu nodded his head in understanding.

"Alright, so you need me to protect her?" Natsu asked, tilting his head.

"Yes, do you accept this mission Natsu?"

"You bet I do!" Natsu replied with a smile on his face.

"Ok that is good you will leave for Crocus tomorrow and in the meantime you should take her to a hotel." Makarov told him.

"Alright then, come on Hisui, I'll show you the best hotel in all of Magnolia! Come on!" Natsu said excitedly with a smile as he held her hand and began running towards the guild's exit.

Meanwhile, Hisui could only allow the pinkette to guide her out as a thought appeared in her mind, 'His hands are warm.' As she blushed.

End Chapter

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