Welcome to my first monster hunter story, I love this series I got into it as I played Gods Eater burst. This series don't have a story per say but what the hell let's make one anyway, any support and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. So let's begin.

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It was high noon in Port Tanzia, the street were full as always with people from all walks of life just looking to enjoy the day. At the edge of this city, by the sea is the hunter guil with everything you would expect it to have, a forge for making and upgrading weapons and armor, merchants selling whatever they found in the wild, a tavern for hunters to have a meal before going out to hunt.

But the most eye catching was the arena, this is were our story begins.


In the arena's waiting room three teens readied themselves for their test. The first one was Albert, he had light brown hair and brown eyes, he wore a basic set of leather armor and was loading ammo into his heavy bowgun.

The second was a girl named Celes, she had short red hair and hazel eyes, also wearing leather armor with her goggles over eyes in place of her glasses, her weapon of choice was the long sword.

The third was a boy named Zane, he had dark brown hair and sliver eyes, unlike the other two he wore a full suit of hunters armor and used the soldier's dagger.

As he gave his sword and shield one last look over before sheathing it he noticed Celes doing likewise, the teen patted her shoulder, slightly startling her. "Make sure your weapon is sharp, it's just Bullfangos but you don't want to take chances."

"Easy for you to say Z." Answered Albert with a grin. "Your the only one here who's actually been on a hunt, with Ivy no less."

"It's not as great as you think, she did all the fighting with the big monsters. I just kept all the little ones away."

"Still man your lucky, Ivy is strong and good looking. Any guy would kill to be in your place so you better keep an eye on her."

Zane sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Thanks, but my sister won't even notice you unless you kill something like a duramboros, even then it's just a glance."

"Alright! Now I got a way in."

Horns blew outside, signaling that it was time to begin, the door swung open to let the teens on to the feild. Albert was the first out with his bowgun ready. Zane was about to leave too till Celes grabbed his arm. "Be careful out there Zane."

"You too, let's stick close so the beast won't catch us from behind." The girl nodded and the two walked outside.

The arena was a large open area, the ground was sand, there were some boxes on the sides filled with potions for if the combatants needed help. Above the walls the teen could see the spectaculars watching them, the looked around the crowd to see if anyone they knew was there.

Celes and Albert saw they're families and waved to them, Zane's target was easy to find since his were just over the monster gate. There were two people, one of them was the guild master and his uncle Agil, a middle aged man with long black hair and dark eyes he wore a simple tan robe with a long sword at his side, though it was in it's case Zane knew it was his adjudition.

Next to him was Zane's sister Ivy, a young woman with silver eyes, short sand xolored hair with a stran of pink over her left shouder, she wore a white long sleeve shirt, green shorts and boots. At her side was her switch axe the azure rose.

"This must be nerve racking for you Zane." Said Celes.

The teen shifted. "My uncle is the guild master and my sis is famous for getting to G rank at an early age, yeah a lot is expected of me."

The doors swung open and the arena filled up with Bullfangos. Albert took aim and blasted one in the side then another in the head. "Albert the bowgun master climes his first kill! That one's for you Ivy!" Zane was about to facepalm till a Bullfango rammed him, causing Zane to chuckle instead.

"Should we help him?" Asked Celes.

"No, if he wants to be an idiot trying to get my sis's attention he can get the bruises with it." One of the beast took notice of the two, brushing its huff on the ground it readied to charge. "Watch closely Celes." The bullfango snorted and dashed, Zane sidestepped and swung his sword down, cutting off its head.

"Wow! Okay let me try." Another bullfango turned its attention to the two and charged as well. "Careful, you sword is bigger then mine so you'll have to time you sidestep and swing a little sooner." The girl nodded, taking up her stance.

"Step!" Celes fallowed Zane's command, sidestepping the monster before it crashed into her. "Swing!" Celes swung her long sword, decapitating it with ease. "Yes, we did it!"

"It's not over yet, just keep doing that and you'll be find." The two of them started close fallowing the same tactic, killing each bullfango that got brave.

Albert shot one of the beast then tried to get Ivy to look at him, only to get bashed again from another bullfango. The girl in question kept her eyes on her brother, as he fought he kept giving his partner advice on how to improve.

Ten minutes later all but one of the monsters were finally kill Albert reloaded and shot it as it dashed at the other two, while he gunner waved to the crowd Zane kneeled down to the monster as it slowly died. "Go in peace." Zane raised his weapon and stabbed it into the bullfango's head, ending its pain.

The monster doors opened again this time the guild master walked out into the arena signaling the teens to line up. "Albert, you lack focus and you showboating will get someone killed if not you." The teen lowered his head in embarrassment. "Celes, you need mpre conference in your swings. I say this as a fellow long sword user."

"Thank you sir." She mumbled.

Zane stood up straight as his uncle Agil stood before them. "I saw how you guided Celes, and handled the Bullfangos. Though I would expect that from my nephew." The guild master took out three cards from his pocket and handed one to each of the teens. "As of today you three are monster hunters, congratulations."

The crowd clapped and cheered for the new hunters, the teens waved to the crowd as they left the arena.


An hour later Zane sat at the tavern waiting for his lunch, he removed his armor in favor of a black shirt, dress pants and red boots. "Did you order for us too?" Zane sighed at Albert's question and waved his hand.

Albert patted his friend on the back as he took the seat beside him, Albert had on a green vest with sleeves, white shorts, and sandals.

Celes took the other seat next to Zane and ordered a fruit juice, her outfit was made up of a purple shirt and pants with yellow running shoes.

Three plates of popo steaks arrived for new hunters, as they ate three talked about what monsters they'll be going after soon. When they finished they parted ways, agreeing to begin tomorrow.


At the edge of the city away from the sea Zane returned to his home which consisted of a two story house with a middle sized field on the side, filled with plants for making potions, medicines and anything else a hinter needed. "I'm home!" Zane greeted as he opened the front door, in the den his sister was on the couch reading. "Hey sis how was your day?"

Ivy closed her book, glaring at her brother. "What were you doing out there."


The sister rose up form the couch, tossing her book on the table. "I mean what you did with that bullfango."

"It was dieing so I put-"

"That thing could have gored you! A monster is at its most dangerous when it's wounded."

"Then what was I supposed to do? Watch it slowly bleed out, that's inhumane sis."

Zane stomped off to the kitchen for a drink, Ivy fallowed him rubbing the bridge of her nose. "These are monster we're talking about Zane, the things that wouldn't think twice about killing us when given the chance."

"I know, but we're not monsters we have a sense of right and wrong. And just letting an animal suffer is wrong."

"Why did you want to be a hunter? You're too soft hearted for this and it's going to get you killed."

"I'd rather have a heart that bleeds then one made of stone." Zane brushed passed his sister, heading for the stairs. "You know why I wanted to be a hunter."

Ivy slammed her fist on the wall, making a thud noise echo through the house. "It doesn't exist Zane! Mom and dad died fighting that silver rathalos ten years ago, you're not going to find their armor and weapons they've rusted into dust by now."

"You think I don't know that!" The teen gripped the railing so hard it started to squeak. "This is about revenge I just need to know what happened. Don't you think it's odd that the rathios was killed but nothing about our parents was found."

Ivy climbed up the stair and held her brother till he calmed down. "I do, that's why I've worked so hard, the guild will only let seasoned G ranked warrior in that tower. I need to know too but it's not something I'm about to throw mine or your life way for, they wouldn't want that."

Zane let go of the railing, took a deep breath then hugged hos sister tightly. "I just can't that they're gone, not until I see real proof."

"Me too Zane, me too." Ivy kissed the top of his head then let go. "Go rest, you've had a big day and from now on your days are going to bigger."

"Okay sis." Zane climbed the stairs to his room to can it a day.

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