Chapter. 24

Zane slowly climbed the mountain, looking for ledges low enough for Fenrir to jump up with him. After an hour of climbing the hunter was feeling winded, he spotted a cliff edge big enough for him and Fenrir to rest on. Once on the edge Zane opened his bag and took out a honey steak.

"Eat up fur ball." Fenrir didn't wait and began eating the meat out of Zane's hand. Zane let go and Fenrir pulled the steak away.

Zane smiled as her watched his partner eat. "Why would anyone want to hurt something so small." Zane drew his sister's switch axe to sharpen it.

Fenrir stopped eating and barked loudly.

"What is it?!" Zane stood up to fight, not finding anything he turned to Fenrir who was still growling at him. Zane put down the weapon and stepped back. The zinorge lightly growled at it.

"You don't like it?" Zane walked around the switch axe and kneeled down to calm Fenrir. "Why don't you like it?"

Fenrir looked up at Zane with sad eyes. "I'm sorry but I need to use it. We got a gore magala to gore." Zane stood up and put the switch axe on his back.

A few minutes later the two found an path deeper into the mountain, on the trail they found several dead jaggi with blackened wounds. Fenrir sniffed the jaggis and backed away whimpering.

Zane kneeled down to comfort Fenrir. "It's okay, I won't let this happen to you." Zane stroked Fenrir's fur as the stygian rubbed its head on his torso. "Come on, we have a demon to kill."

The two heard some noises further up the path and the two took off to find its source. Fenrir ran on ahead of Zane then stopped to start barking.

"What is it?!" Zane caught up to Fenrir and found the gore magala eat a fallen zinogre. The sight made Zane's anger boil over. "You're gonna pay for this, for everything you've done!" The hunter drew his switch axe and charged.

The gore magala roared, stopping Zane and Fenrir then charged them.

Fenrir was the first to recover, the zinogre performed a front flip and slammed it's tail on the gore's head.

Zane saw the wound that Ivy made and stabbed his weapon into it. The magala screamed in pain as the switch axe's power exploded in its leg. Blood and bits of bone sprayed out as Zane was blown back from the blast.

Fenrir leaped onto the gore's left leg then onto its left wing, Fenrir's claws getting tangled in the fur. The gore shook its wing to get Fenrir loose but it was doing more damage to itself as Fenrir's claws pulled up hair.

Zane reloaded the switch axe then changed it back to sword mode.

The gore magala shook its wing until Fenrir's claws put a hole in its wing, the gore roared and let out countless hairs into the air and its horns reappeared.

When the dark dragon lowered its winged arms Zane stabbed his weapon through the opponent of Fenrir and began cutting.

The gore tried to pull its right wing away, Zane pushed against his switch axe and cut through almost the whole wing, now barely hanging on by its humerus bone.

The gore swung its wing and slammed Fenrir into a cliff wall then strike Zane with it's tail. The gore turned to Fenrir and growled. It walked towards Fenrir, trying not to put any pressure on its ruined leg. Its raised its head to eat its prey then howled, awakening Fenrir.

Behind the magala Zane sliced off it tail and took his sword back. Fenrir dashed around the gore and saw the wounded leg, Fenrir stood on its front leg and swung its tail into the leg, tearing it off.

The gore magala flapped its wings, its bone snapped and its right wing fell off. The gore magala laid on its side from the pain.

Zane put his switch axe on his back and pulled his sword out of the severed tail. "We took your leg, your tail, your wing, and put a hole in your other wing." Zane points his sword at the dark dragon. "What else can we take away, before we take your life?" Zane and Fenrir regrouped rushed in to attack.

The magala launched a sphere of black fire, blasting to two back then spat a dark mist at them. The gore's horns lowered as almost all the hairs in the sky were gone. The beast slow approached the mist when Zane and Fenrir emerged form it, both with crimson glowing eyes.

Zane held out his sword and the gore caught it with its teeth and bit down, shattering the sword. Fenrir ran to the dragon's side and slammed its tail on the gore's neck. Zane drew his switch axe and swung down on the gore's now lowered neck, cutting halfway through it.

The gore magala howled one more time then fell silent. Zane and Fenrir didn't stop, the hunter slashed at the dragon's body and the stygian ripped and tore with its teeth and claws.

After a few minutes Zane dropped his weapon and held his head, screaming. The crimson glow faded from Zane's eyes and regained his senses. Zane saw Fenrir was still frenzied and tackled him. Fenrir struggled to get Zane off, the hunter had his right arm around Fenrir's neck and left arm around it torso. "Fenrir! Fenrir calm down!"

The stygian rolled on its back, Zane let go from the weight and Fenrir got up on it feet. The opened it jaws to bite and Zane held up his right arm, Fenrir bit the arm and was breaking the gauntlet. Zane grabbed some nulbarries from his bag and slid a couple through Fenrir's teeth.

Fenrir shook its head and threw Zane to the ground, the hunter opened a latch on the gauntlet and pulled his arm out.

Zane watched Fenrir break his gauntlet and glare at him. Fenrir's eyes were losing the red glow and its growling stopped. Zane fell on his knees and hugged his partner.


Higher up the mountain a hunter in zinogre armor watched what happened. The hunter wrote on a piece of paper, rolled it up then attached it to a bird's leg. The bird took flight and the hunter climbed down the mountain, being careful not to be seen or heard by the two down below.


It was late afternoon when Zane and Fenrir returned to Val Harbor. Two hunters in leather armor approached them. "Are you Zane?"

"Who's asking?"

"The guild master would like to see you."

"Tell him later I need to see my Friends."

Zane was about to walk away when one of the hunter put up his arm to stop him. "Your friends are at the hospital, you'll be able to see them tomorrow. For now, please."

Zane nods and fallows the two men. They arrive outside the guild hall and meet the guild master. "Thank you, you two." The hunters bow slightly and leave. "You must be Zane." the guild master examines the boy's face. "Silver eyes..."

"What about my eyes?"

The master puts his hand out to Fenrir, who barks at him to stay away. Zane scratches the top of Fenrir's head and the zinogre calms down. "Could it be? No, I need to make sure."

"So what do you need, sir?"

"Oh, yes. I'd like to hear your report on the gore magala."

Zane tightened his fists. "The demon is dead. you'll find its body on the mountain."

"You killed it? On your own?"

"No. I had Fenrir there for me."

"Of course." The guild master cleared his throat. "Zane, In light of what you've done for Val Harbor and those who've fallen fight that monster, I here be make you a high rank hunter." The guild master held out his hand. "Welcome to the big games son."

Zane was shocked beyond words, he was a huge step closer to learning the truth. "Thank you sir!" Zane took the master's hand and shook it.

"Now then, with a gore magala's remains we can study it and learn how to fight back against the frenzy virus, since you killed the gore magala some of the carves are yours to keep."

"Thank you and I know just what I want to do with the remains."


Walking through the city Zane was on his way to Josephs when a hunter bumped into him. "Sorry!"

"You should be."

"The hell does that mean?"

The hunter stopped. he wore rathalos armor and duel blades. He had sand colored hear, red eyes and looked as old as Zane. "It means know your place, you and your pet." Fenrir growled at the stranger. "RAAAHHH!" The stranger shouted and Fenrir tried to hide behind Zane.

"Weak, like its master."

"You want to say that again?!" Zane grabbed the hunter by his neck guard. "And I'm not his master, he's my partner."

The hunter shoved Zane back and straightened his armor. "Call it what you will. You're just raising it till it's old enough to get some sweet carves."

"I would never hurt Fenrir!" The hunter laughed and walked away. Zane petted Fenrir to let him know it was okay. "I'll never hurt you Fenrir. I swear it."


Outside the caravan Nala was sweeping when she was tackled by Fenrir. "Stop! Sasha help!" she struggled as the stygian was licking her.

"Fenrir!" The zinogre stopped and ran back to Zane. "Sorry about that, you okay?"

"What's happen- Zane!" Sasha jumped at Zane, clinging to his chest. "Did you rethink my offer?"

"No, I"m not marrying you. Now where's Josephs I need to speak with him."

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