WSJ: 200 reviews!!! I'm so happy! Sadly however, this is last chapter. Let's make it the best!

Ryou: It's also the shortest.

WSJ: *waves him off* So? It's sweet. *smiles sickeningly* You guys'll love it. I've desided not to do the alternate-ending Ryou/Serenity chapters I promised, because it'll just take too long, and I want to get on to The Yamis of Tokyo U. ^__^ YoTU will definatly have some romance in it. Scratch that, a lot of romance, but I'll try to keep it reader-friendly. *grins* Maybe I'll even convert some of you to my couples! *thinks about how Deja's a Mai/Seto fan now because of her fics* Anyway, on to the cast party!! Woot!

Malik: *stomps over to her* Do you realize that I've only shown up concious in one chapter?! ONE!!! And I've had no lines! I out'a kill you!

WSJ: *calmly dumps her iced tea over his head*

Malik: *splutters* O-onna!

Joey: *leans over to Tristan* This could get ugly...

Tristan: *sips a Pepsi* What, you're telling me?

Seto: *brightens up* Bets? Anyone? *there are no takers as everyone remembers the cast party for VotH* Aw, nuts...

Ryou & Bakura: *look around wildly* No, anything but that!!!

Seto: *confused* What'd I say?

Yami: *chuckling* Aw, Nuts! It's a parody story SJ wrote about those two. They, *cough* kick each other around a bit...

Seto: *the meaning of the title dawns on him and he flinches*

Malik: Ooooonnaaaaa!!!!!! *runs by with a flamethrower, chasing WSJ who's toting a giant super-soaker* Come back here!!!

WSJ: *sticks her tongue out* SJ no listen to bleach-haired Egypt boy! SJ run!

Yugi: *looks puzzled as they run by* Since when does SJ-chan speak in third person?

Joey: Since Shampoo tossed Jusenkyo water on her. She's cursed as an Amazon, remember? She must've splashed herself with her super-soaker.

Yugi: Ah, that would be the reason for the short Chinese skirt and the bonbori and the hair-buns then... (For those of you who have no idea what they're talking about... Ignore it. *sweatdrop*)

Serenity: *sighs* Men... Onto the finale!

Mai: *pops in for no other reason then she hasn't been in the fic yet* WSJ no own YGO! Dang, that Amazon way of talking is addictive... (It really is! I once got stuck talking like that for about two hours 'cuz I couldn't remember how to refer to myself in first person. ^-^;;)


Sacrifice of Shadows

Chapter 13 -- Watashi wa...

The doorbell rang, awakening Ryou from his exhausted nap. He lay still, expecting his dad to get it. When the bell rang again, more insistantly, he remembered that his father was at work and heaved himself out of bed with a sigh. He trudged downstairs and pulled open the door, keeping his face down and his expression bored. "May I help you?"

"Delivery for Ryou Bakura."

The voice sounded a bit familiar, but Ryou didn't notice, and wouldn't have cared if he did. "That's me." He held out his hands, and the package was placed into them. He turned and was ready to close the door again when the delivery man cleared his throat.

"I was told to have you open it sir. It's fragile, and my supiriors wanted to be sure nothing was broken."

Ryou sighed and put the package down next to the door, going into the kitchen for a knife. He slit the strings, all the while trying to figure out who would be sending him something. It was too early for Christmas, and his birthday wasn't until March. His dad's birthday wasn't until June, and Bakura's was in August-

"Shimatte!!" Ryou cursed himself for getting distracted as he sucked on his cut finger.

"Are you all right?"

Ryou waved the delivery man off, and quickly healed the minor cut. "I'm fine." He pulled the top off the package and reached inside the nest of tissue paper. He froze and his mouth dropped open in shock when his touch encounted smooth metal. The box and tissue paper wrapping fell from his trembling hands as he cradled the Millenium Ring to his chest. Words such as 'fake', 'theif' and 'how the hell?' bounced through his mind.

The delivery man stepped forward to rest a hand on Ryou's shoulder. The simple contact sent a shiver of familiarity through Ryou's system, and his eyes widened. "But, but you're-"

The man before him smiled. "Watashi wa Bakura. Wanna be friends?"


watashi wa = 'my name is-'


Mai: *snags Amazon-SJ as she runs past* Hey! Authoress! I've got a bone to pick with you!

Malik: *comes up to stand next to her* Her and me both.

Mai: *pushes Malik* Shove off blondie! You've had your chance!

Malik: *grabs for the Rod* Oh yeah?

Mai: *bears her teeth* Bring it on!

WSJ: *now free, standing off to the side with her head cocked* SJ think it b*tch-fight now...

Seto (who's standing nearest her): *bursts out laughing, nearly choking on his punch* Wahha! That's good! Teehee...

WSJ: *looks annoyed* Trench coat man please get SJ hot water now?

Seto: *still chuckling, ruffles her lavendar hair, since she's so much shorter then him now* Sorry little authoress. Get the dog to do it for ya'.

(Okay, so no one's confused, and to set the record straight, here's what I look like. Usually I'm about as tall as Tristan, with long blond hair and grey eyes. When I get splashed with cold water and revert into my cursed Amazon form, I shrink, so I'm about as tall as Yami, and my hair turns lavendar. Somehow, when I get shorter, the extra mass is transferred into my, *cough* bust, which gets bigger.)

WSJ: *crosses her arms and glares at him* Broody-sama not like to hear you call blond New York-boy that!

Seto: Yeah well, Brood isn't here.

Voice from behind him: Oh, I'm not?

Seto: *spits out his punch* Shit!

Zutsokaki: *wanders over and leans an elbow against the top of WSJ's head, using her as an arm-rest* Hey squirt. Nice party.

WSJ: *steam coming out of her ears* Get off of SJ, evil psycopathic man.

Zutsokaki: *raises an eyebrow* 'Evil psycopathic man'? Well, it's better then Zutso-koi I guess...

WSJ: *gets an evil gleam in her eyes, grabs Zutsokaki around the legs, and yells at the top of her Amazoness lungs:* AIREN!!!!!!!!!!!

Zutsokaki: *chokes* Ai-what?!

Everyone in the room who knows the least little bit of Chinese (or is a Ranma 1/2 fan) tips over laughing. WSJ continues to cling to Zutsokaki is a patented Amazon Glomp(tm), and he franticly tries to figure out what she called him. In the midst of the chaos, the door opens, and in walk WSJ's muses and her yami.

Yami-WSJ: *sweatdrops* What the hell's going on? I jet off to Bermuda for a few weeks and you throw a party without me?!

Tea: Nah, this is just the wrap party for SoS.

Yami-WSJ: *freaks out* SoS? I missed it all! Where's that aibou of mine?

Zutsokaki: *points downward* Here she is. And, coincidentally Yami-SJ, she called me something, and I'm not sure if it's an insult or not.

Yami-SJ: Hm... Coming from her, it could be anything. What'd she say?

WSJ: *looks up at her other with big chibi-eyes* Airen! WSJ want evil psycopathic man for airen.

Yami-SJ: *snorts back laughter* Um... Zutsokaki?

Zutsokaki: What?

Yami-SJ: Airen means.... Husband, in Chinese.

Zutsokaki: *voice goes high-pitched in fear* WHAT???????

Brood: *wanders over, having finished lecturing Seto and oogling Joey* Aw... How cute! Can I be Aunty Brood?

Zutsokaki: No! Absolutely not! I am not and never will be her husband!!!

WSJ: *looks up at him with puppy-dog eyes* But airen! Amazon law say that any man who lean on Amazon woman's head will be her husband! SJ must follow Amazon law!

Zutsokaki: *seriously freaking out* Any man who leans on your head has to marry you? Hot water! I need hot water!

Zutsoaki then proceeds to run through the entire house, trying to find hot water. Thankfully, Elyssa was thoughtful enough to turn off all the pipes, so no matter what fauset Zutsokaki turns on, all he gets is cold water. Finally, he sits down in defeat, and WSJ hops up onto his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Zutsokaki: Why me?! WHY ME?!?! *drops his head into his hands*

WSJ, Brood, and Yami-SJ exchange glances, and then WSJ slides off his lap, dousing herself with the always ready hot thermos that she pulled out of HammerSpace. Together, they lean toward Zutsokaki, who is, amazingly, on the verge of weeping.

Brood, WSJ, & Yami-SJ: PSYCHE!

Zutsokaki: *is stunned for a second* AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


^_~v God bless minna-san!