Pine Cones and Holly Are Not Good to Eat

by WSJ

WSJ: *grins* Happy Holidays minna-san! *waves from her possition on a step ladder next to a huge Christmas tree*

In honor of the season, she'd changed clothes. Instead of her normal tanktop and spandex, which it was too cold for anyway, she wore a red turtleneck and black jeans. The turtleneck said "HO HO HO!" across the front in black and there's a santa hat perched on her head.

Ryou: *sweatdrop* Er... Get on with it...

WSJ: Oh yeah! *puts star on top of the tree and gets down* This is a holiday fic, obviously. Me and three co-stars arrange a little holiday mayhem with the YGO gang.

Bakura: How many times are you going to say 'holiday'?

WSJ: Um... Many. I don't own YGO, and my three authoress friends own themselves.

Warnings: Um... Pegasus-, Tea- and Tristan-bashing. *shrugs* Blame KaTyA for the Tea and Pegasus, ('cuz I like both of them *hugs Pegasus plushie*) and I can't stand Tristan.

Pairings? *sweatdrop* Probably just about every strait couple possible. (Sorry, I absolutly refuse to write yaoi.) I'm gonna add a lot of Malik/Tea and Mai/Seto hints, just because those are my favorite couples. There'll probably be a good bit of Seto/Isis, Mai/Joey and Katya/Yugi too, just so Katya'll let me keep my head. *sweatdrops again*


"'SJ! 'SJ wait up!"

Wingleader Sora Jade, aka 'SJ or WSJ, turned with a bit of difficulty in the crowded hallways of Domino High to wait for her friend. The slightly-shorter girl finally caught up with her and the two headed for the exit.

"No more school until January!" WSJ said excitedly, wrapping a blue and gold scarf around her neck as she did. "What holiday plans ya' got Win?"

Baby Winter (aka Li) gave her an annoyed look while pulling on her gloves. "Don't call me Win! And no, no plans so far." She shrugged. "Grandma's sick, so we won't be going to her house like we usually do."

WSJ blinked as the two friends stepped outside. (O.o) "Weirdness! So's my Gramma! Our plans got trashed... Wanna do somethin' together?"

"Like what?"

Both girls turned toward the new voice, wide grins splitting their faces. "Hey Katya!" they chorused.

"We both just realised we have absolutly nothing to do over Christmas break..." Li said.

Katya grinned. "Ooooo! I got it! We need to cause a little chaos with Yugi and co!"

The other two nodded excitedly. "And I know just who should help!" WSJ said. "Hey, Hotaru!"

A raven-haired girl with blond bangs walking past them turned and walked over, her backpack slung over one shoulder. "Hi WSJ, Li, Katya. Wha'sup?"

"We just wanted to do something 'fun' for Christmas." Li said. "Any ideas?"

Hotaru thought for a moment, and then her eyes lit up. "I've got it!"

The pendant around WSJ's neck began to glow. It was a ring with four sharp points around the edge, much like the Millenium Ring itself, except it was silver instead of gold, but had no pyramid inside. It was called the Millenium Pendant, and WSJ had stolen it from Joey after the end of A Yami of my Own and evictted Jakan.

Anyway, it began to glow, and Yami-WSJ arrived from her soulroom. Yami-WSJ was slightly shorter then her hikari, and her hair was much shorter too. She wore a black turtle-neck and a dark-green leather coat with black jeans. Her eyes, instead of WSJ's blue-grey, were bright green. "Share! For the love of little green apples share! I wanna get Bakura good..." She giggled evilly.

WSJ sweatdropped at her yami. "I thought you and Bakura were going out."

"Yeah, we are, but that doesn't stop me from torturing him endlessly!" The ancient-Egyptian temptress giggled again, sounding rather disturbingly like Weevil.

Sencing that her friend and partner-in-crime had desided to show up, Yami-Li came out as well. Li's Millenium Item was an armband that she wore around her upper-left arm, and at the moment was hidden beneath her shirt sleeve.

Yami-Li was about the same height as her other, and had long black hair with silver streaks pulled back into a low ponytail with a navy ribbon. She had on a red sweater and black jeans, as well as a rather silly-looking red-and-green jester's hat. She and Yami-WSJ greeted each other, and then turned expectantly to Hotaru. "Well?"

The four teens and two yamis gathered in a circle, their heads together, oblivious to the snowstorm brewing to the north...


"So, just why are we here again?"

Yugi glanced over at his other. "Yami, be nice. The girls invited us over for Christmas Eve. Granpa's up at some of his friends' house, so we'd be alone anyway. We should be happy."

Yami groaned. "Right. And your Granpa seems to have forgotten that you're supposed to be with family for Christmas... What's in the bag, presents?"

Yugi sweatdropped and tried to hide the bulging dufflebag behind his rather-too-small back. "Maybe?" He reached up and pressed the doorbell to forstall any further complaints or comments.

The door was opened almost immediatly by Li, who saw it was them and glanced nervously over her shoulder. "Ok guys," she said a moment later. "Katya's in the kitchen. You should be safe. Here, I'll show you where the den is."

The party/dinner was being held in WSJ's house, seeing as it was the biggest and her parents were away for the weekend, desiding suddenly to go see their sick Gramma.

"You look rather, er, festive today Li..." Yugi said.

Li grinned, twirling around slightly. "Ya' like it?" She was dressed in a green ribbed, sleeve-less tanktop, black jean shorts and black boots. She'd either stolen the jester's hat from her yami or gotten another one, because she was wearing it. She also had her ever-present leather backpack on, and her Armband was clearly visible now.

"Aren't you a little cold though?" Yami asked pointedly.

Li blinked. "Not really. Authoress powers, ya' know?"

Li ushered them into the den where most everyone else was already mingling. Malik and Bakura were fighting over the last finger sandwich (although Bakura, being a yami, technically didn't eat). Ryou was standing nearby and sweatdropping. Mokuba and Joey were discussing something or other, probably Mokuba's onii-san from the way they kept gesturing toward him. Said onii-san was in the corner, gritting his teeth and trying to keep from strangling Pegasus, who was a little ways away talking with Tristan. Apparently, Yami-Li, WSJ, Yami-WSJ, Hotaru, Katya, Tea, Mai and Isis were in the kitchen or dining room, setting up for the feast. Yami-Malik was no where in sight.

"Mingle. Have some punch. It isn't spiked... yet..." Li said, pushing them into the room before turning back to the kitchen.

Yami and Yugi looked at each other and shuddered. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea... With Yami-WSJ, Hotaru and Bakura around things could get very ugly very fast...

It was about ten minutes later when the girls came in to announce that dinner was ready. Everyone entered the moderately-sized dining room and managed to find seats. The yamis, although they didn't have to eat to survive like humans did, were able to eat, and so desided to join them. WSJ offered a quick prayer (she insisted, stating that even if her other was a polytheist she herself was still a Christian) and then everyone dug in.

It was a minute or so later when Isis spoke up. "Has anyone seen Yami-Malik?"

Everyone blinked and shook their heads 'no', causing Malik to sweatdrop. "Great, he's not in his soul room, I know that."

Everyone was suddenly startled out of their seats when loud, and I mean loud rock music began to blast through the house. Pegasus, Tristan and Mokuba actually fell out of their chairs, and everyone else just stood there staring at each other open mouthed and covering their ears.

"It seems Yami-Malik has discovered the wonders of the home entertainment system!" Katya yelled over the noise.

"What the heck?!?!?!?" WSJ yelled back. "I don't even listen to rock!"

Bakura, Yami, Seto and Malik, having had quite enough of the rock'n'roll, headed for the livingroom, where it seemed to be coming from. They stood in the door with their mouths open for the second time that day as they caught sight of what was inside.

Yami-Malik stood on the couch, head-banging and air-guitaring along to the music. He was dressed in a pair of tight leather pants that didn't seem to fit quite right, tall black boots with high-heels that looked rather too small for him and a sky blue tank top.

"Oh my gosh!" WSJ yelled, coming up behind them. "My cl- I mean, my sister's clothes!"

Bakura laughed. "Sure 'SJ, if you say so!" The loud music was beginning to get to him. In a good way. He threw his head back and joined Yami-Malik in screeching out the lyrics at the top of his voice.

"You're getting closer, you're holding the rope and I'm takin' the fall! 'Cause I'm a loser!"

The both of them began head-banging it like crazy, Bakura's long white hair being perfect for it. Yami-Malik's was a little less-perfect, being held rigidly in place with about twenty three bottles of hair gel.

To the surprise of everyone who had gathered in the door to watch, Yugi, WSJ and Katya let out simultanious whoops and jumped in with them. Katya grabbed a place on the couch with Yami-Malik, Yugi jumped up on an over-stuffed arm chair and WSJ took to the coffee table, pulling Bakura up with her.

"You're getting closer, to pushing me off of life's little edge! 'Cause I'm a loser, and sooner or later you know I'll be dead!"

Yugi launched into a mock guitar solo as an instrumental part of the song came on. The other four continued to head-bang and dance around to the blaring music.

Hotaru became aware of the steady click of a camera and glanced up to see a grinning Mai holding WSJ's parents' camera. She shrugged and ignored it, figuring if anything the pictures would be good blackmail to use on WSJ and Katya.

The song came to an end and the five "rock-stars" collapsed onto whatever they were perched on, in WSJ's case she landed smack in Bakura's lap, who blushed faintly before pushing her off. They sat breathless for a moment, those looking on stunned into silence.

Finally, Yami was the one who broke it. "Yugi, since when do you know all the lyrics to "Loser"?"

Yugi flushed and was about to answer when the front door opened to admit two people, covered in snow. Both were considerably shorter then most of the people there, excluding Mokuba and Yugi of course, and appeared a good deal younger too.

WSJ's face flushed in anger and she jumped up from her resting place on the floor. "Canine, Feline, what do you two want? I thought you were going to stay at Ivy's tonight."

"Well, yeah, we were," said Feline Fairy, WSJ's nine-year-old sister as she stripped off her soggy coat and boots. "But she sent us home because it's snowing so bad."

CanineShadowFox, WSJ's seven-year-old brother, nodded in agreement. The two of them looked around and finally seemed to notice all the teenagers (and Pegasus) in the room with them. "Er..."

Feline's eyes went starry and all the bishonen in the room involentarily cringed back in fear. "Yugi-kun!" she yelled, making for the tri-color-haired shrimp. She was about half-way there when Katya grabbed her by the collar of her sweater.

"Oh no you don't! Not my Yugi!"

The rest of the room sweatdropped and Seto looked around for anything to distract the two feuding fangirls. He glanced out the window and did a double take. "For the love of little green apples, look at the snow!"

It was coming down hard and fast, and was beginning to pile up into mini-snow drifts already. It looked like it had been coming down for awhile and that it wouldn't let up for a long time.

WSJ sighed. "Maybe you guys had all better go home. It looks like it's going to get bad out there soon."

Everyone agreed and began to gather hats and coats and anything else they needed.

"I'm dreamin' of a white Christmas!" Isis crooned as she rooted around under the couch for her other boot.

"Joey, are you humming Jingle Bell Rock?" Mai asked.

Said blond blinked. "Yes. Er, no?"

"Jingle Bells, Kaiba smells, he ought to lay an egg!"

"STUFF IT!" Mokuba, Seto and Katya yelled at once. Pegasus shrunk back from them. "Jeez, don't blow a gasket..."

Safely to say, it was another twenty minutes before anyone was ready to leave. Hotaru headed for the door, and opened it. Or tried to open it. "WSJ, are you sure this thing opens outwards?"

"Yeah, I should, it's my house. Why?"

Malik, who had been standing nearby, paled slightly. "Gimme that!" He took the doorknob out of Hotaru's hand and turned it, throwing his shoulder against the door at the same time. It didn't move.

By now everyone was getting a little panicy, and Seto and Yami quickly joined in helping try to open the door. Even with their combined efforts it only moved a couple of inches. Snow fell through the crack.

Yami-WSJ sighed and took the door from Seto's unrisisting hand, gently pulling it closed again. She then turned to face the assembled teenagers and miscellanious yamis.

"Well ladies and gents, I think we're stuck."


That's all for chapter one! I hope y'all liked it. *sweatdrop* Sorry if it's un-funny, but it will get better, I promise. This chapter was just setting the stage.

Yeah, I know 3 Doors Down (the band that sings "Loser") isn't technically rock, but who cares. ^_^ 3 Doors Down rule! And yes, my comment about not listening to rock is correct. Mostly I listen to country. (Go Rascal Flatts!) 3DD is about the only non-country band I listen too.

God bless minna-san!