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WSJ: Anyway, I'm thinking about breaking this story off because A) it's not Christmas anymore and I'm getting bored, B) this thing has no real plot, and C) I have no idea where it's going to go. Plus, I suck at writing humor! Angst and drama are my forte!

Bakura: *snorts* I'll say... Ryou and I have learned that the HARD way...

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Chapter 8 -- Perverts, Dimentional Knives, and Nekos

As the cries of 'Sweeto!' got closer, Ranma stopped off banging his head on the wall and instead began to dash around franticly. "He might try to come down the chimney! We should build a fire! SJ-"

"SJ on it!" WSJ said, saluting and running for the woodbox out in the garage.

Ranma nodded. "Right! So now all we gotta do is put all the girls' panties and things in a safe! Oh, and-" She stopped, sighed, and spit out a mouthful of water as Mai casually threw her water glass at him. "What was that for?"

Mai snorted. "I've kinda noticed that this "Happosai" is less then nice to the female gender. If we suffer, you suffer."

Ranma snorted. "Oh gee, thanks,"

There was a sudden howl from the livingroom, and WSJ walked in, holding a rather singed Happosai by the collar. Of course, the old pervert was staring longingly at her chest, and had even begun to drool a little. WSJ chose to ignore the fact. "Ranma no have to worry about old letcher man. WSJ throw him into void!"

There was a collective silence as the cast of two shows tried to put two and two together...


...And, of course, came up with seven.

WSJ sighed. "Spatula-girl hold old letcher man for WSJ?"

Ukyou seemed to ponder this, then shrugged and took Happosai, holding him by the back of his collar at arms' length, like WSJ had been. WSJ first heated some water, turning herself back to normal with a happy sigh.

WSJ then reached back over one shoulder, as if she were going to draw an arrow out of a quiver. Instead, she pulled a long hunting knife out of seemingly no where.

Everyone oogled at her, and she grinned. "Oh come on now, how many times have I told you that I'm a princess from an alternate dimention? This thing's an old family heirloom."

Everyone continued to stare, although (of course) neither Ryou nor Malik looked really surprised. In fact, Malik sat up and cocked his head at her. "I thought it got destroyed when the armory collapsed."

WSJ shook her head. "Most of 'em did, but Nanna was wearing this one, and threw it at me when I went to escape. "

Ryou blinked. "She threw a knife at a four-year-old?"

"No baka! Figure of speech!" WSJ looked around, noting the apprehensive and puzzled expretions on peoples faces. She sighed again, and exchanged looks with Malik and Ryou. "Okay, crash course in Tandaarran history... King Henshu married, and had three sons, named Duo, Raven, and Malik," she waved vaguly at the blond. "The wife died giving birth to Malik. So, since she hadn't produced an heir (Tandaarrah is ruled by the females), he remarried. This wife gave him a son, and then a daughter," she motioned to Ryou and herself. "Very long story short, Tandaarrah was attacked, and the five royal children, ie, Ryou, Malik, Raven, Duo, and I, were sent to different dimentions to be protected."

Ryou chuckled at the stunned expressions on the faces around him, save those of Yugi and Ryoga. "The knife SJ? And the nobles?"

"Ah yes, some of the more noble lords were able to escape Tandarrah's take-over, and also left for other dimentions," she pointed at Yugi, then Ryoga, who looked a little sheepish as their comrades stared at them.

"Anyway, there's a lot more I could go into, but basicly, this is a Dimention Knife. I can use it to cut through the fabric of reality. So, I just open a tear to an enpty realm, like so," And with that, she stabbed the knife into thin air... And the blade disappeared. She then pulled the knife downward, and with a gentle ripping sound, a black hole appeared in the middle of the air. Carefully keeping the kife in the tear, WSJ took Happosai from Ukyou and tossed him through. She then pulled out the knife, and with a quiet 'bang' the tear healed itself.

WSJ inserted the knife back into its pocketspace and dusted off her hands. "There we go! All done."

Ranma looked stunned. "No more Happosai?! No more old pervert getting me in trouble?!" A gleeful smile spread over her face, and then her eyes rolled back in her head in a dead faint.

WSJ sighed. "Maybe that's a cue for bed-time, hai?"


WSJ: Alright! THAT'S IT!!!! I've got too much else to worry about without this too!!! Who knows, maybe I'll continue it next Christmas. *sighs* I am working on a Ranma story though, called Roads Less Traveled, that could be considered a 'sequel' to this. Anyway, ja!

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