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Summary: Desperate in a hopeless love, Zero decided to celebrate his birthday by buying an escort. Will the escort be able to make him happy? Ichiru x Zero, Zero x Kaname

Chapter 1

Zero lowered his head a little more as realising most of the customers who were coming in and out of the bar were looking at him and whispering something with their friends excitedly.

Shinjuku, the famous red-light district in Tokyo, was showing off its full glory on Saturday night. Zero had known about it for a long time, however, it was his first time coming to this area, to be honest, he was feeling very nervous and undecided whether it would be right to walk in.

It's already almost midnight, gathering his whole courage, he hastily strode over the door when a new customer happened to push it open for himself.

Inside was a totally different world.

Zero was an assistant professor at Cross Academy. He was paid pretty well. Besides, he got another income from the Association. To be a thirty year old nice guy, many people would like to introduce their daughters or sisters to him.

But there was a secret buried deeply in his heart. He had always felt ashamed of his sexual orientation and instinctively hid it from the people around him. He didn't dare to imagine how Yagari-sensei and chairman Cross would react if they found out he was gay one day. He isolated his natural desires in a perfect coat of a disciplined hunter and a dedicated teacher. He didn't have any friends, being afraid they would realise his secret if staying close to him.

It turned out there were many other men who shared his same desires, though the hope of making friends with someone to be less lonely wasn't quite practical. Still keeping his head low, he settled on a high chair at the bar counter, and heedlessly ordered the first drink in the menu.

Tonight he came to Kainart bar not because suddenly wanting to pay for an expensive cocktail, especially when he wasn't good with alcohols.

"Hey, first time, man?" A person suddenly approached to interrupt his indecision. He looked very muscular, but his smile was kind of friendly.

After a second or two, Zero recognised that man was the one who he almost bumped in at the door. Not giving an answer, he quietly nodded.

"Are you Ichiru Kiryuu?"

Zero widened his eyes. Why hadn't he thought about it before coming here? His twin brother was a movie star. Would it create a big fuss and affect his brother's reputation if people mistook them? Ichiru was normal, he shouldn't cause any trouble to him.

"Sorry, I am not." Zero quickly stepped down to run out.

"Hey, hold on!" The man smiled "I was kidding. Everybody knows he's a womaniser, you're certainly not him." As grabbing the hunter's upper arm, he could feel his firm muscle under the long sleeve, though not as big and striking as his.

Zero and Ichiru looked so much alike, yet Ichiru got countless admirers by his ability to be the center of the crowd and attract all eyes around, while on the contrary, his twin brother immerged in the crowd as another unknown, unremarkable anonymous, and usually tried to avoid attention.

"I was also nervous in my first time, but you can rest assured that this place highly respects their customers and the escorts never disclose your personal information to anyone."

Zero nodded. He had learned about it on internet, that's why he chose Kainart bar, even though its price wasn't cheap.

"I booked my favourite one and am waiting for him." The man continued "Have you known how to distinguish an escort and a guest?"

Most of people came here for the bar's renowned escort service, but some just came for a drink, or meet up with their friends, or hook up with some 'strangers' which they said 'new friends'. Nobody could control how people wanted to dress for the night, but it's really not nice to mistake a guest with an escort.

"They wear a K earring." Zero murmured.

"Correct. So you should take a look at their ears first." He agreed "Tonight is Saturday night, without a reservation, I'm afraid you can't get a good one. See the table over there? Three of them are the only available."

The hunter followed his guide to look at the three escorts who were gathering together waiting for customers. All looked under twenty five, slim physique, elegant outfits. They weren't really handsome, but good-looking. Spending a night with them wouldn't be a bad idea, Zero thought silently, but tonight wasn't just a Saturday night to him, it was his and Ichiru's birthday.

They should have stayed together, celebrated their special day together. However, Ichiru had never been home on this day since he returned thirteen years ago. When Rido brought him back to Cross Academy, they struggled a lot to conquer the enemy, to settle their emotions, to resolve the issues that separated them. Going through many obstacles to live with each other again, Zero thought his life would be filled up with happiness. His feeling for Yuuki, which the girl thought was first love, was what he wanted to dedicate to Ichiru, and unconsciously presented to her as a substitute. He himself misunderstood it with love, and wanted to develop it into love, however, Yuuki wasn't Ichiru. Despite of how hard he had tried, he couldn't bring himself to fall in love with her.

Sinfully, this love, he could only save for his twin brother. Maybe it had started since the day they were born, he could only look at him, could only care for him, could only love him, with all his heart.

Ichiru at lengths realised his brother's 'strange' feeling and never spent time with him on their birthday day. Today they were thirty, Zero didn't want to be home alone, staying up all night, waiting for the person who he knew wasn't going to come back.

"My boy is ready now. I gotta go." The man clapped on Zero's shoulder "Good luck!"

Another young man had appeared at the three escorts' table. This one obviously looked more appealing. He probably had just finished with someone. The man who had talked to Zero came to greet him with a kiss, he immediately wrapped his arms around his new customer's waist, saying good bye to his fellows and walking out together with him.

Zero's attention was quickly drawn to a new coming couple, who were approaching that same table. One of them was very tall, with a polite, yet dominant attitude that implied he wasn't an escort. While it wasn't sure if his friend was, Zero saw him bowing to nible his friend's earlobe. That young man, whose ear was being nibbled, passionately embraced the other's broad back.

Zero felt hot thinking he could also get intimate that intense way. And in the very same moment, he recognised both of them. The tall, dominant man was Kain, who had been a student at Cross Academy when Night Class was first established. Not seeing each other for thirteen years, his looks changed a little. Speaking of his name, this place was Kainart bar, he could possibly be the owner.

And the other, regardless of how shocking and ridiculous it appeared, was Kaname, the former Moon Dorm president. Although this title wasn't the first thing people thought about him when his name was mentioned, it was the reason he and Zero got to know each other and grew a dislike to each other. Zero didn't pay attention to what Kaname did after leaving the school. All he heard was Asato Ichijou had managed to take over all properties of the Kurans when he acted as his guardian. Yuuki was studying in England at the moment, Kaname was probably suffering a serious financial problem.

As Kain satisfactorily let go of his reddened ear, Zero saw a glittering K earring.

How bitter! Who could imagine the arrogant, almighty Kaname Kuran was a gay escort? But he had no choice, unless he wanted to use his supernatural powers to rob and kill for money. Perhaps he was trying to convince Kain to buy him tonight.

If Zero appeared in front of him now, would he feel embarrassed?

For an instant, the hunter decided to pretend they had never crossed each other tonight, but the next instant, he found himself walking toward the pureblood when Kain left to talk to some regular customers.

"Would you like to go out with me…" Zero proposed gently "if you are available?"

Kaname gazed at him, yet professionally hid his astonishment. Even if Zero was gay, he hadn't thought the hunter would be comfortable to let him know it.

"Perfect timing. I've just finished with Kain." Kaname smiled sweetly "You want by hour or full night?"

It took Zero a few moments to understand what the pureblood was talking about. It was already midnight, could it still be considered full night? However, he got it that they would have to finish it soon and Kaname would find another customer if he wanted to go by hour.

"Full night." Zero wouldn't know where to go next if they finished a couple of hours later. He definitely didn't want to go home and face the walls alone.

The pureblood's charming smile was broadened further. "Let's go."

Kain happened to see them stepping out together, he was about to say something, but resigned himself to make way for them with a bewildering look. Zero didn't argue when Kaname tenderly grabbed his arm as if they were lovers.

Perhaps his appearance had amazed all of them. It was even beyond his own belief that he was willing to get involved in the vampire world once again.


If not counting the E's, Zero hadn't met a vampire for years. At Cross Academy, he was only in charge of the Day classes. At the Association, he only did paperworks at the headquarters. Ichiru wanted a vampire-free life. It was easier on his part as he's still a human and he wasn't a hunter, but Zero had to re-arrange his everything so that he could fulfil his hunter jobs without having that side disturb his brother, he couldn't share with him all the difficulties which he was dealing with. Nevertheless, he was so happy when they finally moved in together and each day was able to take care of him.

Thirteen years, Zero had tried his hardest, but Ichiru would never accept his unrequited love. To be exact, Ichiru even didn't know what feeing his brother was harboring for him.

Tonight the hunter decided to neglect his heart to comfort his other need. Thirty years of age, he wanted to get the pleasure which a true man should have, the pleasure which Ichiru every night enjoyed with different women out there. Whenever they talked about it, Ichiru often laughed at the fact that Zero had never experienced it once, not caring why he had to restrain himself to such extent.

Yet in this moment Zero thought things weren't going as planned. Maybe he should have picked one of those three's, but the man with him right now was Kaname Kuran. After leaving the bar, they went straight to a love hotel nearby. The teenage boy behind the reception counter even didn't ask for their papers as Kaname was a frequent customer. Receiving a key from him, the pureblood glanced at the plate number and took Zero to their room on his own.

"You don't have to do anything. I just want a good sleep." Zero murmured as starting to get changed.

"What? I thought you wanted to take revenge for my attitude in our school time when you picked me." Kaname was surprised "I thought you were going to ravish me all night."

"You can rest too."

"Fine, your wish is my command." The pureblood's voice returned soft and sweet "Let me help you." He took the shirt from Zero and carefully inserted it in a hanger. "Would you like to have a bath first?"

"Not necessary." Zero stuttered. They weren't doing anything anyway.

"Ah, your fresh scent told me you had just taken a shower before leaving home." Kaname dutifully received the pants, and took out a night robe for him "I just thought a hot bath would help to relax your nerves."

The bed was large with a pristine aroma. Zero lied down on one side, unfortunately, before he pulled the blanket up, Kaname had straddled him, his unbuttoned shirt indifferently revealed his smooth pale skin with two delicate pinkish buds.

"I don't need it." Zero got scared when his own voice turned harsh. It was the very first time he saw naked skin in such a close distance.

"Don't worry. I won't do what you dislike." Kaname whispered seducingly "Ask me to stop when I go further than your comfort zone."

His kisses started on the neck, then spread down to chest, belly, thighs, at last the hunter's manhood was engulfed in his hot mouth. A professional obviously brought this experience into a higher level. Zero had never felt that much when doing it himself at home. Just a few minutes, he shot his climax in the pureblood's mouth.

"I'm sorry." Shame flushed over his face. "I… I… you are my… first partner."

"Really?" Kaname didn't look angry, on the contrary, he seemed pleased that Zero was very simple and honest. "I am honoured."

The hunter thought he would go to rinse his mouth, but it once again went beyond his expectation as Kaname continued taking care of his spent part, patiently using his moist, warm tongue to rekindle its erection.

Zero relaxed little by little, after a short while, excitement returned to him more vehemently, his hip moved by instinct to bring his arousal deeper in that ardent source, not realising Kaname had re-positioned himself until a tighter, hotter passage squeezed around his manhood.

Zero opened his eyes wide but the image of Kaname in an ecstasy of need and pleasure completely overwhelmed him, too overwhelmed that he couldn't speak a word. Kaname took his hand to place it on the part where their bodies joined each other.

It was a jolt, not that Zero wasn't aware of it, but the very real sensation from the touch of his fingers was so incredible. That's how a man had sex, how he exposed himself to his instinct. He started moving, thrusting, moving, and thrusting…

As the second orgasm flooded out, Zero loosened all his muscles, trying to cool down his short pants, and gazed at the plain ceiling.

"I'm in love with someone."

"Um." Kaname fell down next to him, closed his eyes in exhaustion.

"But he loves women." Zero wasn't sure why he was talking about his secret to Kaname, probably because he was too lonely, or what they had just shared made him feel lonelier and somehow regretted that the person he shared his first time with wasn't the person he loved. "He actually cares about me very much and treats me very well. He usually pays attention to me."

"Then why doesn't he stay with you tonight?"

"It's because of his job. He has to participate in some activitity." Zero murmured.

Ichiru was a movie star, every year his manager made sure he would attend the birthday celebrating meeting with his fan club and the birthday party which the company organised for him. As a result, he was busy all day and had a good excuse not to stay with his brother. It's not that Zero didn't know one usually can make time for their special one, but each year he would agree with Ichiru's excuse rather than look straight at the fact.

"We have known each other better than everyone else. He left me but at last came back to live with me. Do you think he just needs a little more time to realise he loves me?"

"Absolutely not." Kaname answered firmly. "And you know it, or you wouldn't go to Kainart tonight."

When Zero didn't say anything more, the pureblood was worried that his straightforward words had hurt him. Indeed, the hunter paid for him not to tell what's right and what's wrong, though knowing who Zero was talking about got him frustrated.

"Don't be sad. You're not alone." Kaname gently guided the hunter's face to look at him. "Happy birthday!"

Zero was amazed. Kaname chuckled "I remember it because Yuuki usually babbled about your birthday as a big thing."

"How is she doing?"

"Very well." The pureblood's hand started wandering on his body. "Why don't we talk about them after we are sated? You should make use of your money after paying full night." The hand purposely reached to somewhere sensitive and becoming greedy. "Would you like to get on top of me?"


After a sleepless night and getting the whole bed damp with their sweat and enjoyment evidence, all prejudice of Kaname Kuran had been gone. People really had their reason to say a man was controlled by his lower part. Zero quietly left for the bathroom to take a quick shower.

He had legitimately become an adult last night, and of all people, he slept with Kaname. Just that this Kaname wasn't the arrogant pureblood who he had got to know before. They had come five times in total, Kaname must have tried very hard. When they were doing it, Zero got a feel that the pureblood was truly enjoying it, his moans sounded so real, so urgent that he assumed he was an expert by nature. To think about it now, Kaname must have faked it to satisfy his ego. Escorts at Kainart bar were famous in pleasing their customers, though sadly, the pureblood had to learn those skills to earn a living.

The shower only took five minutes, Zero changed back to his own clothes and put more money than the amount he's supposed to pay on the night stand, believing Kaname had worked harder than usual with him. That explained why he was still sleeping soundly. It's bedtime for vampires anyway. Zero turned around, carefully opened the door without causing a noise.

Back home, he once again opened the door carefully, trying not to interrupt Ichiru's sleep, planning to go to his own bedroom and lie down a while more. But his brother was awake and packing up in his room.

"Ah, you finally home. Where have you been?"

Zero walked to the next door, falteringly stared at the suitcases. Although they lived together, most of the time Ichiru was away. His heart hurt each time seeing him packing up, because he had never been on a trip alone. "Where are you going to? How long?"

"I'm asking you! Where were you all night? I thought you were sleeping and didn't hear the door bell."

"I went to a bar. I thought you wouldn't return last night."

"I had to, because I need to prepare for my trip." Ichiru closed his big suitcase. "I brought some cake for you from the party. Try it, it's delicious."

"Um." And Zero called it his brother's concern. Ichiru did worry for him or he wouldn't ask where he had been. Ichiru did think about him or he wouldn't bring some remaining cake at the party back for him. He kept telling himself not to be too greedy, though he wished he had known Ichiru would be coming home last night or would be leaving early today. While he usually informed his brother of his schedule, Ichiru often forgot it.

"When will you return?"

"What did you do at the bar? What bar?" The younger ignored his question to interrogate more.

"Kainart." Zero stuttered. "You know… I…" He hid his love for him, but didn't hide the fact that he was gay. In a drunk moment many years ago, he admitted it to Ichiru.

"What? You went to Kainart to buy an escort?" His brother ran over to shake his shoulders "Did you get out of your mind? Did you use condom?"

"No. But it should be ok. He…" He is a pureblood, so he has no disease. "He is decent."

"Decent? You mean a decent prostitute?" Ichiru laughed "If I knew you're that desperate, I would've got you done by myself."

Zero pulled a strained smile, but it was worse than crying. "You don't understand what you're saying."

"Forget it, and don't ever go there again! I'll be away in ten days. I'm visiting Maria's family and attending her sister's wedding."

"Who Maria? You said you don't want to get involved in vampires."

"It's no serious."

Ichiru pulled the suitcase out of his room, his other hand hastily sought for the ringing cell phone in his pocket. The caller was obviously Maria.

Zero took the other two suitcases and followed him in silence. His brother was sniggering at something with Maria. Their conversation sounded very exciting, he for sure didn't remember what they had just talked a minute before, though each of his words would be resounding in the hunter's mind again and again. For years Zero had nurtured the habit of treasuring everything they did together. Just now Ichiru said he would have slept with him, and he said he wasn't serious with Maria, and why are those trivial things giving Zero hope? though with time he got more and more hesitant of what he was hoping for.


For the first three nights, Zero obediently stayed home, enduring the loneliness and jealousy by himself. Sometimes he would think about Kaname, wondering if the pureblood was ok, wondering if he was staying with other customers.

That night was hot. It could be a kind of luck that he ended up doing it with a non-stranger, to think it in a positive way. Before falling asleep, he often imagined how it would be to make love to Ichiru, and when having a shower in the morning, he unintentionally remembered what he had actually done, when the hands which caressed along his body weren't his own ones.

In fact, he couldn't afford to buy Kaname frequently, and he shouldn't, because Ichiru would be angry once he found out. However, meeting for a drink should be good enough. It wasn't like Ichiru didn't allow him to have friends, and Kaname said they could talk next time.

From the fourth night, Zero returned to Kainart. Unfortunately, he came five nights in a row, but Kaname was nowhere to see. It reminded him of the reservation thing. Kaname must be an excellent escort, how could he be free every night? While Zero wasn't sure how to make a reservation, the pureblood appeared.

Tonight he looked even more charming, just the K earring somehow bothered Zero badly. Before he could say hi, a foreign man, who was a tourist, came to hug Kaname and whispered something.

The pureblood smiled politely and looked at Zero "Sorry but I'm already reserved by this gentleman. Unless he wants to cancel it…"

"Of course not, I've been waiting for you." Zero said sternly.

The foreign man glanced at him, even though his physique was bigger, he understandingly withdrew. At Kainart, most of customers were moderate, because customers who intended to make a fight would wake up in the next morning and find themselves beaten black and blue outside the bar with no idea what had happened, thank to the noble vampire's memory erasing power.

"Are you really waiting for me?" Kaname asked.

"Yes. I want to reserve you tonight." Zero was honest "Thank you for rejecting him."

"Oh I should say thank to you. We can't reject customers without a good reason. His big thing would have torn me off." Kaname giggled.

Zero extremely felt sympathy. Kainart was opened for money after all, they wouldn't allow their escorts to displease the customers. Kaname could be a pureblood, but he was no exception as long as he still wanted to work for them. With the great reputation of this bar, the pureblood must have had to serve many men who he didn't like. But tonight Zero would give him a good rest.

"We don't need to do it. I just want to have a chat with you."

"What?" Unexpectedly, the hunter's kindness wasn't appreciated. Kaname shook his head "I can sleep with you, but I don't chat with you."

Zero thought he still disliked him as in their school time. It should be natural, but why did he change? Why did he want to talk to him of all people? Why did he feel delighted when Kaname smiled with him? Maybe the pureblood just wanted a customer who required his full service, so he could receive full payment.

"I still pay in full." Zero offered.

"No." Kaname said resolutely "Sex. And chat for free. How is it?"

Zero stared at him. Kaname probably didn't want to owe him anything. As a matter of fact, the hunter didn't hate having sex with him.

When they walked out together, Kain turned away before they passed him, pretending not seeing anything.

to be continued?