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Chapter 2

They once again returned to the previous love hotel, the teenage boy welcomed Kaname back with a big smile, then threw a careful, judging look at Zero, which made the hunter get more awkward. Just last month he didn't think there was a day he would become a customer in this Shinjuku area. It's not about the morality issue, Zero simply wasn't the type who wanted to look for new things if already in a relationship, he wished for more than carnal pleasure, he wished to love and be loved as all other people, ironically the person in his heart would never respond to his feeling.

"Would you like a bath tonight?" Kaname offered.

Zero shook his head. He usually took a shower before going out, and at the moment, when they had already entered this room, he still wasn't sure of what they should do. He knew he didn't want to be alone, he knew he had been returning to Kainart to look for Kaname.

"You have to pay in full anyway. I can give a good massage and help you relax in the bath. Don't you want to try my technique?"

So it could be a good way to delay sex. Maybe after the bath, both of them would feel pleasant and ready to sleep, Kaname wouldn't need to wear himself out, and Zero wouldn't break Ichiru's recommendation.

After having his customer's consent, the pureblood went to prepare the bath. He returned very fast to help Zero and himself to get rid of their clothes. This time Zero had a good chance to see his totally naked body. The pureblood's complexion was immaculate and smooth, his butt was taut and round. Zero couldn't help having an embarrassing reaction thinking he used to impale into that enchanting place.

Warm water embraced them when they settled in the bathtub. Kaname started rubbing him with his great skill and tenderness. Zero got startled at first touches, but soon gave in the fantastic sensation as each inch of his body being affectionately cared of. His eyes were closed but he could feel Kaname was very close to him as his breaths now and then brushed on his skin seducingly. Water had completely soaked his body, those hands sweeping on him with avidity.

When Kaname held his manhood, his lips at the same time were sealed from protest by a passionate kiss. Zero didn't know how to kiss, but surrendered himself to the pureblood's care. His erection got harder and harder to the point that he felt uncomfortable.

"Come here!" Kaname pulled him up while leaning backward to rest his back on the edge of the tub.

Now Zero was in an active position, he could break away if wanted, the person who paid could do whatever he was pleased. However, that idea didn't last long, meeting the pureblood's longing look, he had the urge to give. Nobody had ever showed their deep interest in him or yearned for him that much, as though he would shatter Kaname if pushing him out now. The pureblood's knees were folded up closely to his own chest as he's completely opened to await his penetration. Zero's erection throbed, worries momentarily subdued beyond his mind.

When his full length buried deep inside that tight passage, their chests pressed against each other. Kaname embraced him fervently, encouraging him to double his effort in each thrust.

After they were done, the pureblood cleaned Zero up, then dried him with a large, soft towel. His service was really excellent, Zero imagined the best wife could only serve his husband that much. Before he could say they should go to bed and sleep now, Kaname had thrown the towel away to touch his manhood with bare hands, his tip happily found itself moistened by the ardent tongue once more.

Their eyes met, knowing what Zero was about to say, Kaname said "If you dislike it, I'll stop. Some customer will want to do some certain things which their loved one only."

It was pititful. An escort was nobody's beloved, his job was to give out pleasure and not receive it back. Although a blowjob didn't seem to bring any good to the giver, especially when love wasn't involved, Zero was afraid his decline would hurt the pureblood's feeling.

"You can."

Joy flashed in those claret eyes, Kaname smiled "Thank you! I'll make you feel good."

Zero was extremely disappointed at himself because he soon let his instinct take control and ravish the pureblood again right at the door of the bathroom. They eventually went to bed, but to begin their third round instead of sleeping as he planned.

They didn't stop until dawn. Another five times. When Zero woke up and seriously reflected on his action, he couldn't help feeling utterly embarrassed. For a person who had always restrained his own sexual desires, was it the result after he allowed himself to taste it?

"Good morning!" A gentle kiss on his neck started him.

Zero pulled away, leaving a safe distance between them. After their fifth time, he turned to another side and fell asleep, not knowing the pureblood had leaned closely to his body.

"Don't worry, I won't bite." Kaname chuckled.

Wasn't it too careless to sleep next to a pureblood? Zero wondered if Kaname ever stole a little blood of his customers, however, it was unlikely, because it would leave some marks, unless the customers were vampires and offered it. He unconsciously pressed the tattooed side of his neck. The only person who he had allowed to bite him was Yuuki, before she left the school. He wanted to see if there was a chance for them, but what he felt confirmed to him that she couldn't replace Ichiru. He only craved to be bitten by Ichiru.

"It's time for me to go home."

"Um." Kaname said "What is your plan today? I can keep you company, free of charge."

"Isn't it your sleeping time? Don't you need to work tonight?"

"I have no reservation tonight." Kaname looked sad "Would you like to buy me again?"

That's why he offered to accompany me, Zero thought silently. It was like a promotion so that the customer would buy another one even when he didn't really need it.

"Sorry, I can't afford it." The hunter sighed.

"I can give you a discount." Kaname said hopefully "If you become my loyal customer, you just have to pay the hotel room."

"Don't you have to extract some percentage to the owner when you return?" Zero was confused.

"Ah, that! How do you know it?" Kaname reached over for the hunter's cell phone on the night stand. His movement was quick, but again it created a weird air when his nipples came into Zero's sight. "I'll give you my number. You can call me directly next time."

So escorts also looked for customers outside the bar to keep full payment. Being mesmerised by the view, Zero mechanically input his password to start the phone and watch Kaname add his name and number into his directory.

"Will you call me frequently?" The pureblood made a test call and satisfactorily heard the ring from his own phone.

"Can we meet for a drink or dinner only?" Reason struggled to guide Zero back to his disciplined lifestyle.

"Isn't it too wasteful? Why don't we have sex and chat at the same time?"

How was it possible?

"It's quite cheap if you pay for the full month or full year. Wanna try?" Kaname added.


In the end, Zero turned the deal down, but Kaname still accomplished his service by giving him a shower and helping him to get dressed. They went downstairs for breakfast, which, according to the pureblood, was included in the room rate, though it's already over twelve and what they ordered was obviously for lunch.

After they finished, Zero knew it's time to say goodbye, somehow feeling like it's time to wake up from a sweet dream. Kaname was an escort, what he's having with him was a service, but that loving, caring treatment had its own way to absorb into his heart. He wanted to linger on the dream as long as possible.

"Where would you like to go? I'll go with you." Kaname suddenly asked.

It seemed he hadn't given up on the deal yet. Zero murmured "I want to watch a movie."

It was Ichiru's newest movie, and Maria was his co-star. That's how they got close and became lovers. Zero didn't have the courage to watch them together, but he hadn't missed any movie of Ichiru. Maybe it would be less painful if watching it with someone.

"Good." Kaname nodded. "But movie should be saved for evening. Let's go somewhere else this afternoon."

"Bookshop. I need some new books." Zero was a bookworm, he read not only for his teaching, but had loved reading since his early age. That explained why his grades had always been good though he napped in the class most of the time.

Nevertheless, a bookshop wasn't suitable for dating. But he didn't realise it yet, because Kaname quickly agreed with him before he could think more.

Zero normally traveled by train, but he had Kaname today. Beside the disgraceful K earring, the pureblood dressed in elegant clothes and wore an exquisite watch, even his phone was gold plated. Zero wasn't familiar with brands, but pretty sure those things were more luxurious than what Ichiru often used. Obviously Kaname had to cover a lot of expenses for his job. He was accompanying him for free, Zero shouldn't treat him too badly.

"Let's take a taxi."

"No need. My car parked nearby. Just wait a minute!" Kaname said.

And Zero got shocked once more when it turned out the pureblood was driving a BMW. How could it be possible that an escort made as much money as a movie star? To think Kaname had tried many methods to please him, to change many positions and let him come inside him over and over, even now was trying hard to convince him to buy a full-month package, Zero found his eyes stung.

When they were in the bookshop, he was afraid the pureblood wound soon find it boring, but Kaname wasn't someone who only thought about sex and money, they spent several hours visiting many sessions. Finally Zero got what he intended to buy, Kaname also chose a few books.

The cashier greeted them and asked "Are you paying together or separately?"

"Together." Zero answered.

It wasn't that expensive to be considered generous, but Kaname was very grateful. He insisted to pay for dinner and movie tickets in return. When Ichiru and Maria kissed each other on the big screen at the end of the movie, Kaname quietly squeezed Zero's hand. The hunter trembled, as if his secret had been disclosed, but he was glad that he had someone to cling to in that moment.

On the way back home, Kaname repeated his proposal "Would you like to buy me for a full month package?"

Zero didn't answer right away, because he couldn't give the answer which the pureblood wanted to hear, or he wanted to say.

"I don't have enough money." After a long, silent moment, he said lowly, feeling like he had taken advantage of Kaname and refused him in the end.

"Give me your monthly leftover after all expenses." The pureblood suggested bluntly.

Didn't it mean no savings? Because the leftover after all expenses was for saving. Yet Zero didn't get irritated, on the contrary, he honestly made a careful calculation and said "It is only around a hundred thousand yen a month." (A/N: ~ USD1,000)

In fact, most of his expenses was for the house and Ichiru. His brother wanted their house to be plushy which required expensive maintaining and gardening services. Furthermore, Zero kept filling up their wine rack with luxury alcohols, despite that most of the time Ichiru would enjoy them with his girlfriends.

"That's enough. I'll text you my bank account, you can pay by instalments whenever it's convenient to you."

"What?" Zero couldn't believe Kaname would accept that low rate, even proposed such a complaisant payment term.

"Thank you for using my service." The pureblood leaned over to place a peck on his lips.

For an instant, it seemed having his agreement was more important than how much Kaname could get from the deal. Zero swiftly flicked the ridiculous thought off his mind, the pureblood's service was too good that he started imagining he was liked more or less.

"Now you choose a full month package, let use your money smartly! Call me whenever you are free!"

Zero still hadn't got over his thinking, a silly smile ghosted on his face, he planned to transfer this month's payment right in the evening. Kaname must need money urgently or he didn't offer such a big discount.

"Go out for a walk, a drink, or a dinner. Go to a movie or a show. Want to talk or have sex, I can do all. You just have to give me a ring." Kaname eagerly introduced his services.

Didn't it sound like dating? Zero turned to look at him. Except that he wasn't Ichiru, everything about him was good. Handsome, considerate, gentle, understanding, he actually made an ideal lover. If he wasn't an escort, the hunter wondered what kind of man he would fall in love with. Maybe later they could feel comfortable enough to talk more about their personal problems.

"Would you like to go in and sit down for a while?" Zero invited as the car stopped in front of his house, unconsciously in an effort to postpone their goodbye.


Kaname followed him to his bedroom through a large, opulent lounge. The house was really nice, however, the hunter's bedroom was pretty simple. There was a high bookshelf near his single bed, and a desk was next to it.

"Why don't you use a separate room to be your study?"

"We don't have enough room."

It was hard to believe, but Zero didn't want to explain that he just used this small space in this big house. Before he and Ichiru moved in, his brother had it renovated following the design of a mansion which he had seen. Their home had a movie room, a poker room, a bar and billard room, a gym, a smaller and cozier living room beside their main lounge, and a few guest rooms. Ichiru reserved a big area for his chamber, and what left wasn't enough to build a study, though the hunter had to pay a significant amount every month for their home maintenance.

"At least you have a nice pool view." Kaname commented, looking through a glass door leading to a swimming pool.

At first, Zero didn't pay attention, but Kaname didn't say anything more, he curiously turned around to see the pureblood's attention had been drawn to the man who was swimming in his pool.

Ichiru had returned. It was kind of hot in this season, the way Ichiru showing off his sturdy body in each stroke looked very seducing. Although they were twins, and they both had physical training, Ichiru aimed to build his body to attract looks, while Zero aimed to develop his strength for real fighting. For that reason, people usually tended to be magnetised by the younger. This bedroom really had a nice view, only Zero knew how pathetic it was to see his brother's naked body running around playing with his girls.

"You are back." He walked out to greet him, not hiding his delight that Ichiru didn't bring anyone back with him this time.

"You go out very often these days, Zero!" Ichiru said, reaching to the pool ladder to climb up.


"Who's in your room?" The human seemed to see a shadow.

"Ah..." Zero was perplexed.

"Don't tell me you took an escort home!" Ichiru frowned. "I told you not to go to Kainart again. I'll throw him out immediately."

"No, you can't do it." Zero held his brother's arm back.

But Kaname had already appeared with a smile "Hi, Ichiru! Long time no see!"

Unexpectedly, the human's amazement was serious, he stuttered "You... you... what are you doing here?"

"I suppose I'm the escort you want to throw out." The pureblood's voice was gentle. "Zero has just agreed to pay a full month package for me."

How could he speak out such a shameful thing shamelessly as if selling himself was as normal as selling goods? The hunter's face reddened. Anyway Kaname wasn't using his power to influence their mood, yet Ichiru's anger had completely subdued.

"He's my brother." The human's statement was unintelligible, he detached his arm from the hunter's grasp.

"I'm fully aware of it." Kaname smirked.

Zero was glad that they had avoided a quarrel, however, he seemed to be put aside in their conversation. "What are you talking about?"

"Please don't ruin my business." Kaname continued temperately, but his look was ardent, which only Ichiru saw the threat inside.

The human said with sarcasm "I used to be his customer.", and walked away.

Zero was dumbstruck at his brother's word. He couldn't say anything but got frozen right in his place.

After several minutes, he still couldn't regain his composure.

Kaname tentatively held his hand "Zero! Are you ok?"

He wasn't. He gazed at him, unsure which one was more shocking between knowing Ichiru was involved in homosexuality and both of them had had sex with the same person, or to be exact, both of them were one escort's customers.

"Do you love him?" Perhaps it was why Kaname offered him a big discount. They were twins, the pureblood, just like all other people, looked at him because he looked similar to Ichiru.


"When Ichiru started his career, he was supported by a tycoon in the movie industry. He never told me in details, just said that man was homosexual." Zero murmured "This house was a gift from that man. I asked him if they were lovers, but Ichiru denied it. I believed him, because Ichiru has always had many girls. He's never interested in men. I'm surprised he was your customer."

Kaname smiled, not giving any comment.

"His career still develops steadily. Does that mean he still has to trade his body to please that man?" Zero was anxious. He hadn't thought about this issue before, because he assumed Ichiru would never sleep with a man, but it turned out there were things his brother wanted to keep for himself.

"I can't disclose my customers' personal information." Kaname said, caressing the hunter's face "But that man isn't my customer. What I can tell you, your brother wasn't taken advantage of, that man was serious with him. And they have broken up for a long time, that man just didn't do anything to damage his career. You don't have to worry."

"Who is he?"

"It's too personal." Kaname tightened his arms around the hunter. "Although he isn't my customer, and will never be, I shouldn't babble about people's sexual preference."

The pureblood's answer hinted that it was someone Zero knew. He solemnly broke his embrace. "Let's cancel the package. We shouldn't meet anymore. I will transfer the payment for today."

"No, please don't. Ichiru hasn't contacted me for several years. I assure I won't sleep with him as long as you're my customer."

"It doesn't change that you slept with him." Maybe Zero was too inflexible, but he found it awkward to neglect what he had learned out and continue.

Kaname wanted to try to keep the 'business opportunity' which he had spent great efforts to achieve, however, in this moment Zero even refused to look straight at him.

He laughed at himself. Was there any meaning if he made Zero indisposed to accept him? Maybe it just didn't mean to be. Between a brother and an escort, the hunter definitely chose his brother over him.

"Today is free." Kaname turned around to leave.

Zero waited until his footsteps disappeared. He got back inside and locked the door.


Concerning about his brother's attitude as walking away earlier, Zero went to his bedroom and found its door ajar. Distracted by worries, he didn't realise he had stepped in when Ichiru was having a shower with the bathroom door also carelessly opened. Although they lived under the same roof, and Ichiru stayed shirtless most of the time his girlfriends came over, Zero rarely looked at him directly in those moments, being aware of his own feeling and afraid of revealing his unwelcomed daze. Just right now, he hastily turned around, but Ichiru had figured out his precence.

"You're looking for me?"

"Ah. I'll return a bit later." Zero answered.

"No. I'm going to sleep after the shower."

"It's alright. We can talk tomorrow."

"Hold on. What are you in a hurry for?" Ichiru switched off the water, getting out of the glass booth to snatch his white towel nearby. It's simply a quick second but enough for Zero to see the part which he shouldn't.

"Getting aroused seeing me?" Ichiru smirked.

"Huh?" Zero blushed "Don't say nonsense."

Ichiru dried his hair, then indifferently wrapped the towel around his waist, and walked toward his brother. Water drops rolled down his sexy body, the closer he got, the clearer Zero smelt his seducing fresh shower scent.

"What did you want to talk to me?"

"Are you upset because you didn't want me to find out about your relationship with that man?" Zero understood his brother didn't want to look back at the period he didn't live honestly with his feeling.

Ichiru was anxious, he carefully examined the hunter's expression, wondering how much he had known.

"Kaname said he wouldn't disclose his customers' personal information."

Ichiru heaved out with relief. In fact, he must be thinking too much, it didn't benefit the pureblood at all to spill it out.

"But I want to hear from you, Ichiru! We shouldn't keep secret from each other." Zero said. "Don't suffer it alone, let me share the difficulties with you."

"And how could you help me?" A grudge flared up in the human's eyes "You're also gay, I should've asked you to sleep with him. You enjoyed it, didn't you? You can't understand how sick it was when I had to smile with him, to kiss him, to sleep with him, but I had no choice. He held my future in his hands. Just a word of his and I could become a superstar or leave this career forever. People thought I was lucky because he laid his eyes on me, but the only thing I could feel those days was a deep abhorrence."

Ichiru had never showed such intensity. As a famous actor, he remembered one of the rules of attraction was to keep cool and usually strictly controlled his emotions regardless of the situation he was in. Yet a mention of that period could easily blow his composure up. Time could heal all wounds, but it seemed time still wasn't enough to help him to get over the loath for that man.

He squeezed his eyes trying to pull himself together. "I'm sorry. Let's not talk about it again!" he mumbled "You're my brother, no matter what. I thought you would stay away from Kaname by instinct. You're a hunter, aren't you? How did you end up sleeping with him?"

"He's no longer an arrogant pureblood as I got to know." Zero explained "I think it's like helping a former school mate. He must be in need of money, he offered me a big discount and free services."

"A pureblood is forever a pureblood. Do you remember Shizuka was weeping bitterly when we first met her? Don't ever trust them! I won't ask you to stop going out with people of your type, but stay away from Kaname."

Zero was about to say he had already cancelled the full month package, but decided to close his mouth. Somehow it disturbed his feeling that his brother didn't accept him and Kaname together.

"If I know you see him again, I'll fuck you myself." Ichiru threatened.


After that unexpected event, Ichiru threw a party at home, then invited different girls to stay over with him as though wanting to prove to himself that he was having a contented life, everything was good, and there were as many girls as he wanted to surround him any time.

He loved women.

Zero assumed he had accepted this truth, but a deep part of his heart still struggled. He new his brother's wound remained unhealed. They couldn't be together not only because Ichiru was straight, but the damage he got in the past also created an obstacle between them.

Ichiru utterly loathed that man, thinking he had threatened him with his future to force him into their relationship, however, Kaname said that man was serious with him, he hadn't done anything to damage his career after they broke up.

Zero wanted to know more, but the only person who could tell him was the one he shouldn't meet. He debated with himself until Ichiru started his new movie and had to leave home for a few months.

On the first night after his brother left, Zero called Kaname. The pureblood wasn't very excited to hear him, he refused to answer his questions unless Zero paid a full month package.

Finally, Zero transferred a hundred thousand yen to the pureblood's bank account and asked to see him.

"My schedule is full till next week. But I have an hour free tonight after a dinner appointment. If you don't mind, we can meet."

Of course he would take it. That evening Zero went to a luxury restaurant where Kaname was having dinner with another customer. Upon saying his name, the waiter guided him to their table as the pureblood's earlier request.

Zero considerately ceased a few steps away seeing Kaname hadn't finished with his customer. The pureblood nodded with him, really appreciated it.

That guy stood up a couple of minutes later, looking quite cheerful. "I'm taking my leave now. I'll be waiting for you at home."

"I'll be there on time." Kaname said.

So they still hadn't finished yet. That guy was human, kind of fat, but rich, his facial expression seemed to radiate a hint that he would be very forceful in bed.

Zero sat down on the chair he had occupied, scornfully felt his lingering warmth.

"Thank you for your payment." The pureblood smiled with him.

-to be continued-