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Chapter 3

Not seeing each other for a while, the pureblood seemed to look more beautiful. He was wearing a casual suit, yet the contrast of his white shirt and dark black jacket made him so elegant and gorgeous. He didn't have the K earring tonight, probably because he was meeting with his regular customers outside the bar.

His dressing style was similar to Ichiru's. People often said the guys who paid so much attention to their own appearance were gay. For this reason, Zero used to hope there was a chance that his brother was interested in men, however, the human's high awareness of appearance turned out to serve his career only. Many paparazzi followed him everywhere he went to, Ichiru just wanted to make sure he always looked perfect.

"What would you like to drink?" Kaname moved his lips lightly for the next words "It's free."

Those words were actually very practical and meaningful as they lifted up the uncertainty in the hunter's mind. Two of them were like people of different worlds. If by himself, Zero would never went to this luxury restaurant, where costs were unreasonably expensive. Such a place suited Ichiru better.

Carelessly chose a lemon juice, Zero kept his voice low with thoughtfulness "I know you won't disclose your customers' information, nor tell me who the man in Ichiru's past was. Beside that, there are some other issues you probably can let me know."

"You really concern about him." Kaname gracefully sipped his coffee "Before you ask me questions, answer me first. You love Ichiru as a brother or... romantically?"

Zero didn't dare to face the pureblood's look. He should deny it, but Kaname might figure out he was lying, and refuse to talk him. Moreover, vampires supported intermarriage, the pureblood wouldn't criticise his love.

Nevertheless, his silence had already been a good answer. Kaname said with sympathy "It must be hard for you."

"Our lives have been tied to each other since the day we were born. Loving him is like living." Zero murmured, barely audible as though talking to himself. "We are closer than anyone else, but he never told me about his real relationship with that man. What he went through has created an emotional wound in his heart. I want to help him get over it."

"Is it what you think or he told you so?" Kaname frowned.

Zero remembered what Ichiru had said about how he and that man stayed together. The human actually hated everything he had done with him. "He still has hard feelings about that time."

"What hard feelings?"

How did it turn out that Zero coming here to answer the pureblood's questions? He glared at him for a response. They distracted their attention to the drinks for a few moments. Kaname realised his words were kind of inappropriate and quickly recovered his professional attitude.

"You are hoping Ichiru will open his heart to love a man." He said directly to the wish that Zero still couldn't word out. "Since it doesn't hurt anyone, I can tell you something. Ichiru was a total top. He wouldn't let you penetrate him."

It shouldn't be a surprise, yet Zero hadn't thought that far in his longing for his brother. Ichiru loved women. Of course a normal guy wanted to penetrate rather than be penetrated. However, it was still unexpected to hear that powerful man who held the human's future in his hands would submit himself to him.

If it was with Ichiru, Zero would be willing to receive him. So that man... did he also truly love him?

"It doesn't have any significant meaning as you are imagining." Kaname chuckled as if he could read the hunter's mind. "It's simply who prefers what role. I'd prefer to be taken, but I can top if my customers sometimes request. It never happened with your brother."

Ichiru started his career pretty late, when he was twenty three. He could have stayed with the supporting roles forever if not becoming that man's lover. Zero remembered his brother frequently calling different girls to come over, which he thought it was the bad lifestyle of celebrities that Ichiru had been infected. In fact, the human might have simply wanted to forget what he had done with that man.

As far as he knew, the Ichijous owned the biggest production company and many related business in Japan. The most powerful man in this movie industry nowadays should be Takuma Ichijou, and he was homosexual. However, from their school time, this noble vampire had been dating Shiki, who was currently also a superstar.

"Are you still close with Ichijou?"

"Yes. We often meet at Kainart." Kaname smiled.

Zero didn't want to think further about the nature of their meetings at the bar, he chose to stick with his original direction. "How is his relationship with Shiki?"

No matter how he coated it, it didn't sound natural as casual concern for a former school mate.

Not that Kaname didn't figure it out, but he still told him as much as he could. "They're happily married in our law."

"When did they get married? Have they always been happy together?"

"Just recently. Many years ago they almost broke up because of the appearance of the third person. But in the end, they got through it together."

The secret suspicion seemed to have been confirmed. If Zero's supposition was true, Takuma probably had had a change of heart for his brother. However, since the noble had already been in an established relationship, his affair with Ichiru must have been difficult.

"How about... the third person and Shiki? Did they..." Zero didn't know how to smoothen his weird question. He was digging into the others' personal lives for no good reason. His fingers grabbed around the iced lemon juice tightly, and it was about to break had he stopped one second later. His hand was wet with cold water.

"They have made peace. Although they haven't cooperated in any movie, they treat each other with courtesy when they appear in the same events." Kaname couldn't hide a look of admiration to the hunter's expression of love. "Please don't be overanxious. That man has moved on, he won't do anything to harm Ichiru."

"I hope he and his true love will be happy forever." Zero nodded. Things could have been worse, at least all of them had got out of it without ruining each other's lives, at least Ichiru was safe and sound and having a great career.

"Huh?" Kaname was confused for a second, then smiled, realising the hunter was blessing Takuma and Shiki's marriage. Zero was tough on the outside, but very naïve and simple in his innermost. "Would you like to do it tonight?"

The hunter froze. He didn't have that intention. Glancing at the watch, they almost finished their one hour, it reminded him of the deal between him and Kaname. They weren't friends having a drink together, they were merely escort and customer tied in a full month package.

"Don't you have an appointment with the previous one?" Zero recalled the fat man who said he would be waiting for the pureblood at his home.

"Yes, but it will be done around eleven, then I'm free." Kaname smiled.

Was Kaname a sex addict? Why shouldn't he use the rest of the night to do something else? Why did he want more sex right after he just had it? Zero had paid for full month and they never said how many times exactly they must do it. It wasn't like he would ask the pureblood to refund him some money if they didn't have sex tonight.

"I don't need it."

"Are you sure? When was your last time? Was it the time with me last month?" Kaname teased.

"I'm fine."

"I'm not. I miss your big one inside me. Very hot and..."

Zero couldn't stand to hear more. His face turned red as a waiter coincidently passing by their table. Worrying the pureblood would keep talking, he hastily said "OK."


When Kaname called to ask where they should meet, it was almost twelve, Zero had already been in bed, yet he wasn't sleeping.

He couldn't get the pureblood out of his mind, as though they were having a date, and Kaname was being late. He thought about Ichiru and what the human usually did around this time, then his mind drifted him to Kaname with no less disturbing images. Both of them were enjoying the night with their partners. One was his brother and one was his escort, Zero wondered if his relations with them supported him a good stand to disapprove their deeds.

Nevertheless, he wasn't in the mood to go out, and indifferently asked Kaname to go straight to his home.

The pureblood arrived very fast, just a couple of minutes after they ended their call. He still had the same dry hair, the same sweet perfume, the same aura as how Zero had sensed at the restaurant, which perfectly covered the fact that he had just finished with a customer and simulated a feel of Zero being his very first date tonight. Speaking of professionalism, no customer wanted to think they were using the leftover of someone else. Maybe that's why Kaname had needed an hour after completing his service with the previous one to refresh himself.

After Zero locked the main door and led him across the lounge to his bedroom, Kaname suddenly grabbed his hand to pull him into his embrace. Before Zero could protest, his lips were sealed by an ardent kiss, he found his body somehow losing control as pleasure rushed over as a flood. Their kiss was long and deep which gave him an illusion that they were like lovers who had been away from each other for a while.

"I miss you." Kaname whispered.

"Don't be kidding." Zero pushed him out lightly.

Kaname smiled and placed the hunter's hand on his ass "You've abandoned me too long."

Those words were absolutely inappropriate, but Zero wasn't in his right mind to evaluate things. His pants were being pulled down, his manhood was touched and mounted avidly. His morality should have stopped this lustful action, for God's sake they weren't in the bedroom. However, the sentiment overwhelming his mind wasn't only the burning pleasure he was feeling, it's also the satisfaction that he was being craved for.

For years he had been the one who was left behind, who had to cover his true feeling. To Ichiru, even to Yuuki, he couldn't have a chance to confess his love. But in this moment the pureblood was urgently holding him, kissing him as though wanting to combine them into one forever. His manhood was so hard with burning desires, and those claret eyes seemed blurred in need when they looked at him.

"Take me please!"

Kaname lied on the floor, hands desperately pulled his own nipples, his shirt opened wide revealing his pale skin, his ass was so tight, even though the hardness had been covered with saliva, Zero couldn't slip in full in one go, as if it was his first time tonight. The pureblood power really helped in this aspect. His body was recovered too fast that no trace of his previous intercourse could be found.

Kaname moaned infatuatedly, legs wrapped around the hunter, pulling him in closer and closer, expressing his insatiable need for him.

As thrusting into him, Zero continued hitting his lower stomach to the pureblood's erection. He didn't need to see it to know, but all the pureblood's expression, reaction and sound told him that he was in ecstasy. How could Zero talked about their deal? Kaname sold to him not only the carnal pleasure, but the illusion of love, or to be exact, the pain of lack of love, because they were ultimately not lovers, the person who Zero longed for was someone else.

At the end, what they earned was exhaustion and disappointment. Zero fell onto his escort's chest, silently shut his eyes. Kaname inserted his fingers into the silver hair, calmly cooled him down with affection.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

They were startled by a sudden scream, though it wasn't hard to know who interrupted them. Zero bewilderedly got up, gathering his scattered clothes. He didn't want to be seen in such a situation, especially by his brother. Seeing Kaname still lying motionlessly on the floor, he hastily took his shirt to cover him.

Ichiru didn't say any other word after finding out who his brother was staying with, all he could do was to stand there, speechless. Zero disappeared to the bathroom with his own clothes, hastily removing the sex traces.

Kaname finally sat up, putting his shirt on. "Sorry you have to see this disgusting scene."

"Don't touch my brother." Ichiru repeated his request.

"He enjoys touching me." Kaname leisurely put his underwear on, then the long pants, not really minding the human gazing at him. "Aren't you excited to be selected for that movie? Why coming home tonight?"

Many actors had dreamed of the role Ichiru was playing. Although he was confident of his looks and talent, they couldn't guarantee his success. To have a role in a highly expectant movie, it could be a golden opportunity to secure his reputation for a long time and create more chances, however, it could also backfire and take away his glory, depending on what the people behind the scenes were thinking.

"Our deal has been over. You agreed to let me go."

Kaname didn't care to explain that he had never thought about it as a deal. On the contrary, he rubbed on the human's anxiety. "Now I'm having a deal with your brother."

"What do you want?" Ichiru asked with cautions.

"I want nothing with you. As you see, I'm merely an escort. If you want me to turn down a customer, maybe you are planning to pay me a better price?"

"Kaname, I'm sorry. Could you leave now?" Zero reappeared in full dress and slipped some cash in his hand. "Go home and rest."

They had agreed a full night, but he couldn't keep him longer. The pureblood might go to Kainart to look for more customers before dawn. Even if purebloods could recover very fast, Zero felt bad that Kaname kept trying to sell himself as many times as possible.

In fact, the pureblood didn't have a heart to face both of them in this circumstance. He took his hand out to embrace him. "I will listen to you. Keep the money, all included in the package already."

After seeing Kaname off and shutting the door up again, the atmosphere became tense. Ichiru remained at his very place, waiting for Zero.

"What did you come back for?" The hunter tried to break the heavy air.

"To shatter your good thing." Ichiru snorted. "Are you out of your mind? Or is he forcing you? I told you to stay away from him."

"No, he didn't do anything, I called him. Sometimes I also need it. I'm a man after all."

"But you can't get involved in Kaname! Didn't I say I'll fuck you if you see him again?"

Ichiru raised an eyebrow, getting amused to see his brother stepping backward while a vague hope brimmed over his eyes. "Maybe you're actually praying for it." He pressed Zero against the wall. "I want to see how you will submit your body to me. Isn't it what you've been dreaming about?"

The hunter skipped a breath. They were too close in this moment that he could sense the familiar human odour emitted from his twin brother. It had also been his original, before Shizuka bit him. Ichiru was like the precious, intact of his, besides being the light of his whole world. He hadn't thought this wish could ever come true. Ichiru tilted his head to bring himself closer, Zero leaned flatly on the wall, trying his best to stay still, worrying just a light stir would smash this beautiful dream.

Lips finally touched lips. Ichiru was kind of crude, but to think it was the kiss he had yearned for, many times had he recalled the pureblood's kisses to imagine how it would be with Ichiru. Now they were kissing for real, he couldn't help getting all aroused.

As for Ichiru, he didn't get any pleasure. "You have no skill." He smirked. "Get me hard if you want me to fuck you."

Zero felt hurt with his brother's comment, though it was very true. He had only been sleeping with Kaname, who never required his skill. The pureblood usually did everything to awake his desire, bring them in the right mood, and prepare for their main part. Even in the main part, Zero would do it instinctively to satisfy himself, he did observe how Kaname was feeling, but each time it seemed both of them were equally enjoying without any of his effort to satisfy Kaname. He didn't know how the pureblood wanted to be done in particular.

Nevertheless, Kaname was an escort, while the person Zero was making love with was his beloved brother. He wanted to try his best to make him feel good.

His hands fumbled Ichiru's belt and zip, clumsily pulled his limp flesh out, and put it into his mouth. Imitating how Kaname had done it for him, he started moving up and down, letting Ichiru slipping in and out of his mouth. A few times his teeth accidentally brushed on Ichiru, the human lost enthusiasm bit by bit. After the third time, he pulled out.

"Stop! You will bite it off for sure."

Zero didn't dare to protest, just hated himself for ruining his brother's muse. They stared at each other, not really knowing what to say. Ichiru knew Zero loved him, but he had always pretended unaware of it. After this night he couldn't pretend anymore, but this love, he didn't intend to respond.

With tiredness, he turned around.

But a hand hurriedly grabbed him.

Zero knew Ichiru would never look at him again if he walked away like that tonight. It was the last chance for a future together, he wanted to seize it, though his mind was whirling with puzzlement. He couldn't think straight about anything, and nothing else on this world was worth thinking in this moment, Ichiru was his lifebuoy, without him he would be drowned in the ocean of devastation.

"Please make me yours." His voice had turned too harsh that he's worried the human couldn't understand what he was saying.

Ichiru was silent. In fact, his innermost was also struggling. How could he not see his brother's dedication? He wasn't blind, even if he was blind, his brother had done too much for him that he could never deny. Not meaning he was ready to accept. It would be very easy to turn around and pull Zero up, very easy to give him what he was yearning for, but…

"I am sorry." Ichiru mumbled as determinedly swinging his hand off his brother's grip.


Ichiru left since that night, Zero was also away for a hunting mission. Time became meaningless, day and night was no difference. When Zero returned, he didn't care unpacking his luggage or cleaning the house, even neglecting his own wound. The place had never been that quiet, his mind had never been that empty. Before he and Ichiru would exchange some messages when they're not together, but he hadn't heard from him since. The 'Draft' folder in his phone had too many unsent messages.

The door bell suddenly rang. Who could possible be at this time? Of course it wasn't Ichiru, because Ichiru had a key. Zero wanted to ignore him, but the guest seemed more persistent, his phone started ringing.

Zero glanced at the screen and pressed the answer button, but not saying a word.

"I'm right at your threshold." The other end said.

"Can you open the door?"

"Please let me in."

"I bring some of your favourite food."

Did Kaname really know what his favourite was? It was quite unexpected that the pureblood would come to visit him. Zero had always been the one who contacted him to set up an appointment. It was how their relationship was. An escort shouldn't disturb his customers when they didn't need his services. However, they hadn't met since that night, Zero didn't call him once. Kaname might be worried of losing him.

When the door was opened, the pureblood sighed of relief. "Are you alright? You didn't answer my calls nor my texts."

Yes, those texts remained unread in the hunter's phone. Zero didn't care about what wasn't involved in Ichiru. He knew his attitude was negative, however, he was in the worst mood that he felt hating himself. Otherwise, he wouldn't have easily got injured by the E vampires.

"How is your wound?" Kaname was worried to see his bandaged arm, but Zero didn't appreciate his concern, he had to change the topic. "I bought some food for you."

Not waiting for the host's approval, he passed by him to enter the house and went straight to the dining room. Zero didn't remember ever showing him around his home, but Kaname seemed to know it very well. He knew exactly which side set the dining table, and where to switch light on. Since this house followed the design of that man's house, Zero could only assume that Kaname was familiar with the original one.

The dishes were really his favourite. The pureblood smiled "Is my memory correct?" He pulled out the host chair at the end of the table. "Come here!"

It was actually where Ichiru often sat, but Zero didn't want to explain right now. He mechanically stepped over and settled himself. It kind of brought him some nostalgic feeling, but Kaname didn't care about it, he sat down on the chair which belonged to Zero, and pulled out a spoon for him. "Don't hurt your stomach. It will make you feel worse."

Zero consumed the food slowly, he wasn't enjoying it, but the taste was actually good. All were his favourite, which made it easier for him to continue spoon by spoon. Kaname kept filling his bowl with more food, and saw him eating with contentment.

They were in no hurry. It took almost two hours to finish the meal. The pureblood didn't say anything to bother him, just let him be. It has always been that way, Kaname would never do anything which he disliked, and Zero didn't have to worry what he should or should not do in front of him. Kaname didn't give him any pressure and generously accepted him as he was. Of course the pureblood wouldn't care if they were compatible, because what they shared was merely a relationship between an escort and a customer.

"Thank you." Nevertheless, Zero appreciated his professional services.

"Would you like to go out for some fun?" Kaname suggested.

"I want to see sunrise." It seemed weird to ask a vampire to see sunrise, Kaname might be wanting to go to a bar or something. But Zero was thinking about the time he and Ichiru got up very early to wait for the sun to rise up.

"Let's go to the mountain."

Zero couldn't believe Kaname accepted immediately. The pureblood helped him to prepare clean clothes and towel for his shower, then waited until he was ready to go out.


Tonight Kaname drove a yellow Ferrari convertible car, high speed seemed to blow the hunter's distress off, fresh night air got him a bit better, at least he wasn't sinking in his agony. Wind caressed his hair, rubbing on his cheeks, whispering comfort by his ears.

Kaname reached for his hand, gently their fingers entwined together. They parked on the mountain, and silently looked up to the starlit sky.

Feeling the warmth wrapping up his hand, Zero at lengths could face his pain. "I almost did it with Ichiru."


Zero sensed the pureblood's hand squeezed his for a second, then reluctantly loosened. He continued "Almost. Because I couldn't get him up. My oral technique irritated him, he pulled out and left me."

Since Kaname didn't say anything, he sighed "He likes me, doesn't he? Or he wouldn't have started. But I disappointed him. I ruined our chance."

"If he really liked you, he wouldn't stop because of your technique. As long as it's you, it's pleasurable." Kaname uttered.

"Really? Maybe you're right. I felt very good each time we did, but I still craved for his rough kiss, because it was him." Zero said honestly "What I want isn't the bodily pleasure, I want to be loved."

The pureblood's hand had left him to squeeze the driving wheel. He needed comfort too as he understood the feeling of loving someone and not being loved back better than anyone else.

"We provide the lover service too. I can be your lover. Would you like to try?"

Having Kaname as a lover? Zero hadn't thought about it, but it wasn't a bad idea. Except that the pureblood wasn't Ichiru, who he had been longing for, everything of his was ideal. Kaname had never shown his arrogant or self-centered attitude, he was usually understanding and patient to him. His concerns, though it was a professional service, seemed very dedicated and sincere.

"How much?" Zero didn't think he would fall that low to buy love one day.

"We are having a promotion. You can upgrade the current package to the lover package for free and receive three additional months for free too. After that, if you're satisfied with my service, you can buy a full-month lover package and receive free upgrade to three-month, or buy a two-month package and receive free upgrade to one-year, or buy a three-month and upgrade to two-year."

Too many month month and year year, Zero got all puzzled with the promotion policy. "In short, how much more do I need to pay now?"

"Nothing. I will be your lover for free, Zero." Kaname leaned to the hunter's side to kiss on his hair, then his cheek, then his lips.

The pureblood's words only confused him further. After their passionate kiss subsided, Zero vaguely imagined Kaname meant they were in a trial period, so he didn't need to pay yet.

"You're my lover, you can drink from me, you know."

Zero stiffened, but the pureblood quickly added "Don't worry, we won't create the bond, I won't bite you. I just want to be bitten."

A bite gave vampires a great pleasure, but Kaname, as a pureblood, couldn't let the others bite him easily. Maybe he hadn't been bitten for a long time since Yuuki studied abroad. Zero used to bite him before. Yearning for blood was guilty and embarrassing as yearning for men. The hunter had tried hard to hide his desire. Each time going on a hunting mission, he seized the E's to bite them before killing them. It's not that he hadn't thought about Kaname's blood when they were together, he just couldn't allow himself to go further than their agreement.

"Let me heal your wound."

To be deep in thoughts, Zero wasn't aware of what the pureblood was talking about until his bandage was tenderly taken off, and the warm, moist tongue licked on his bare injury with deep caution. The sensation was so enjoyable, Zero very fast got the normal feel of intact flesh and skin. Kaname continued licking him over and over. When Zero thought he should get tired and stop, he was more eager and fervent on the contrary.

The wound soon disappeared, even scar didn't show. The pureblood moved his attention to the half-awake manhood, while started to remove his own clothes.

Zero once again savoured the bliss of having his masculine part surrounded by an enthusiastic, skillful mouth. Kaname never had his teeth distract him, all Zero could feel was the zealous, passionate tongue sliding along his length, pressing on the right spots, urging him to the peak of orgasm, and not realising his hand was clutching the pureblood's hair desperately.

The passenger seat had been retracted to provide them more space. Kaname was riding on him, Zero's arousal was wholly buried in his body. In fact, the hunter owned a long and thick one which could get anybody flushed with excitement and anticipation at first sight. However, to please the eyes to that point meant it wasn't quite comfortable to take. They were twins, but Kaname couldn't tell him Ichiru's wasn't that impressive, though he had already got shocked seeing the human's. Maybe it was in their genes.

His sweat oozed on his forehead, he smiled with Zero as the hunter stirred impatiently inside him. "Bite me!"

Zero was thrilled. The pale neck was right at his lips seducingly. Too tempting to decline, his fangs throbbed.

Kaname brushed his skin on the hunter's lips on purpose, breaking whatever attempt he was trying to gather to reject him.

Tonight Zero wasn't a customer, he was his lover.


After contemplating the sunrise together, they went back for sleep and more sex. As a lover, Kaname actively called Zero, even stayed overnight with him at his home on a regular basis. They went to the movie together, to a book festival together, to the grocery together. Zero started getting used to seeing the pureblood sleeping in his bed or thinking what he wanted to eat when buying food.

It's probably not the type he wished for, nor the person he loved, but Kaname gave him the experience of being in a relationship. When he looked up, the pureblood would smile with him, when he talked, the pureblood would listen, when he lied down, the pureblood would lean on him. Maybe Zero had been alone for too long, having Kaname's attention warmed his heart up, he found out that an attachment had been formed between them, naturally as a fire flaring up in a pile of dry straws.

When Ichiru returned home, his face was totally dark. "I heard you are dating Kaname."

"Ah." All of a sudden, Zero didn't know how to deny it.

"Do you intentionally go against what I said?"

"Going out with him isn't too bad." But there was no reason to deny. Zero bitterly thought about the many girls Ichiru had been intimate with.

"He isn't sincere to you. You will get hurt sooner or later."

You are the only person who can hurt me. Zero thought in silence. Kaname couldn't break him, because he didn't give the pureblood that special feeling. So far they were simply spending the lover package which Zero had paid. Although he bought it with a very cheap price, it's still something bought by money.

"What is so good about him to make you fall for him?" Ichiru asked.

Facing his brother's questioning look, Zero had a prediction that it wouldn't be good to continue this discussion. Nevertheless, it wasn't important to the human right now as he was totally drunk. They were in Zero's bedroom, which normally he wouldn't step in.

"Can he make you feel happier than I do?"

"Can he understand you better than I do?"

"Can his skills in bed be better than mine?"

The more Ichiru spoke, the angrier he got. Zero sighed, how could he know his brother's intimate skills? It was like a mock, which wasn't really necessary if wanting to break him. For years he had already been so broken by the human's indifference.

"I want to sleep." He murmured.

"Sleep, sleep with who? You still haven't answer me." Ichiru banged the door shut and pushed his brother down on his bed.

Zero wondered how much Ichiru had drunk at the party where he came back from. He was so not himself now, wildness flashed in his eyes vehemently, he wasn't aware of what he was doing. As a beast, he jumped onto the hunter, tearing off his clothes.

"Stop, Ichiru!"

"I'm much better than that vampire, don't you understand?"

Did it have any meaning? When one lost his control, either being drunk or being asleep, he would admit things that he would never do in normal circumstances. Zero believed Ichiru liked him, though Kaname wouldn't agree with it. He was being uncooperative, yet he had been quietly waiting for this moment.

His body was soon revealed in his brother's eyes. Alcohol made the human hard and urgent, he bent to press his lips on the hunter's skin. Those contacts were shallow, wet and hasty like a predator checking his prey rather than kisses from a lover. Yet Zero was happy, to the extent that he's willing to spread his legs wide for him.

In fact, Ichiru wasn't really drunk. He had drunk too much and too often that it became impossible to get him fully lost. Nevertheless, alcohol gave him more courage, the audacious type of courage which often made people do regretful things. He knew the feeling which Zero harboured for him wasn't purely from a brother to a brother.

He knew Zero loved him, and knew they weren't seeking for the same goals in life. He wasn't the type who wanted to be committed in a serious relationship. He didn't respect the concept of sharing all ups and downs, and being together for life.

He had been very open about his lifestyle to quench his brother's dream, hopefully one day Zero would give up and find a suitable person for him. However, when the hunter decided to look for someone else, he felt loss. Perhaps he had been so used to his adoring look, to his deep longing, to his silent dedication, and Kaname showing up threatened that he was losing his brother's admiration.

There was a past between him and this pureblood that he believed was the reason he didn't want Zero to date him, but tonight he was utterly amazed when Zero didn't refute the fact that he was seeing someone. If the hunter could going out with someone else, sleeping with someone else, he's going to forget him soon.

Zero was a handsome man, Ichiru wouldn't doubt it. In addition, lots of physical trainings got his body firm and virile. Ichiru hadn't had sex with a male for a long time, and he never liked it for starter. Seeing the deep longing in those similar amethyst eyes, Ichiru was somehow hesitant.

Forcing the legs open and seizing the ankles tight, he gazed at his brother's virgin entrance. Not wanting to sleep with a man, but he wanted to possess this body, which was shaking with expectations and vulnerability, those hands were unconsciously grasping the bed sheet, those lips parted quaveringly in waiting, though not really sure how it would be feeling.

Ichiru couldn't be more patient, he shoved himself in the closed entrance, using his best effort to break through the dry wall, despite of the hunter's rending pain. Zero turned totally grey, it's more painful than he had imagined, as though he was splitting into two, right in the very embarrassing place. He bit his lips hard, trying to suppress his tears and whimpers, trying to keep his legs open, trying hopelessly to hide the agony, and praying that Ichiru wouldn't stop.

He was pleading desperately in his innermost that his brother would keep on. He couldn't ruin their first time, he must be braver, because the person inside him right now was the one he had been madly in love with.

Ichiru basically couldn't stop at this moment, a conqueror's sense urged him to push harder, to occupy the territory fully, to be the winner.

Blood finally shed.

Zero trembled patently. Tears uncontrollably fell down.

He was scared as realising his mind was doubling its effort to remind him it was Ichiru, it was what he had been longing for. There was no slightest hint of pleasure, pain kept increasing when Ichiru got more enthusiastic to thrust into him.

At least his brother was continuing, at least his beloved brother was feeling good.


Ichiru left after climaxed inside him. Zero felt completely numb, he had to lie still for a while before he was able to drag himself in the bathroom. All of a sudden, he thought about drawing a bit of blood. His body was exhausted, by instinct it stimulated him about what it needed.

Since the lover package started, Zero usually bit Kaname after sex. It refilled his energy and aroused him again for the next round. They were very compatible in bed, they could do it many times a night, and achieved so much pleasure. Zero didn't know how Kaname had prepared himself, but it's obvious that the pureblood wasn't in pain as how he was right now.

Would it be better after a few times? He scolded himself for that nasty thought, but truly looked forward to the future from tonight onwards.

Resting for a few days, Zero called Kaname. The pureblood wanted to go to his home as usual, but he asked to meet at Kainart instead.

The bar was crowded, but Kaname had reserved a table for them. When Zero arrived, he had already been waiting. Wine and fruit were brought up for them.

"Long-term customers get drinks and food free." Kaname said.

Zero nodded. Who could imagine it's not expensive at all to be a play boy. He had only paid a hundred thousand yen so far, and Kaname provided him a lover package with many free stuff. He never asked him to buy any gift, never tried to squeeze out more money from him. On the contrary, he immediately informed him when Kainart issued free tickets for movies, concerts, museums or free dinner vouchers for its customers, he even drove his own car to pick him up.

Besides those things, the personal experience made Zero wonder how Kaname felt when they had sex. Did he feel good each time? Did he ever get in pain? Did he have to endure the pain when Zero wanted more?

The glass was filled up, Kaname bit his finger to drip a blood drop in. Pureblood scent sweetly flew in Zero's nose.

He pushed the glass toward him.

But the hunter didn't receive it. "We've done it."


"Ichiru and I… we have made love."

The bottle was knocked off, wine poured onto their table when Kaname slipped his hand. Both of them had to step away to avoid getting wet.

"Sorry." The pureblood put the half empty bottle up.

Nobody paid attention to them. The other glass was still lying near the puddle of wine.

"Is it very strange? Even I couldn't believe it. It was like a dream, but it… happened."

"How come?"

Of all questions Kaname might ask, Zero didn't know how to answer the one he actually asked. In the pureblood's view, it could never happen, because he had underestimated the hunter's love to his brother.

"Probably because we were dating. Ichiru didn't want to see it. I'm very grateful to have met you and the lover package thing. Otherwise, Ichiru would never touch me."

"Your dream has come true." Wine was dripping down the floor. Kaname smiled "Congratulations!"

Zero was happy to hear it. Somehow he got nervous toward the pureblood's amazement, it appeared to him like he was doing something wrong. But everything was alright now. "Thank you! Thanks for everything. Being with you was very good, but I'm in a relationship now, I can't continue your service anymore."

"I understand."

It's hard to know what a pureblood was thinking, but Zero thought he had seen this pureblood's joy, excitement, and ecstasy. In this moment, all those emotions vanished on that beautiful face, he suddenly saw his arrogant countenance as in their school time, even much sharper.

"I will refund the leftover of your money."

"No need." Zero declined "Can we meet for a chat sometimes?"

"I don't do meaningless things."

"I mean… can we be friends?" Almost twenty years knowing each other, Zero now wanted to make friends with him. He had been alright staying away from him for thirteen years because they hadn't been close. No matter what, Kaname was his first partner, for the last two months, he had been an important part of his life. He was unable to get out of touch again and forget everything they had passionately shared with each other.

"What kind of friend?" The pureblood sounded bitter. He wasn't wearing his K earring, probably planning to spend the full night with Zero, and didn't want to be disturbed while waiting for him. "You're just my customer, nothing more. Sorry I can't stay with you longer, I have to work."

Kaname hurriedly walked away and disappeared in the crowd. Since the moment Zero said he had slept with Ichiru, he hadn't looked straight at him again. He instinctively switched to the cold mask to cover his emotion, but he couldn't maintain it any longer.

Why did it hurt when he had known it from the beginning?

Zero had never really thought about him as a lover.

Zero knew he shouldn't run after the pureblood, because what Kaname said was true. They got close to each other in a bar, where there was no true feeling. The pureblood was an escort, and he was merely one of his customers.

He would miss Kaname.

He would remember their memories.

But he wouldn't be too greedy. Ichiru had accepted him, it should be enough.

End or continue?