Hanna lay back on the couch, pointedly ignoring the arrival of the TARDIS and Clara running through the room to her own bedroom, the door slamming shut behind her in her rush to get ready. She liked going on adventures with them but the constant running back and forth to then get Clara ready for her dates with Danny was getting her down. She'd tried to talk to her but seeing as Clara didn't want to listen, she figured she should save her breath. It wasn't going to change anything. She turned and looked at the closed door, shaking her head a little before going back to what she was watching.

The Doctor's head popped around the door. "Aren't you even coming to say hello?"

She looked over at him and smiled cheekily, "Why would I do that? I know that if I don't then you'll come to me."

"Well that's just rude."

"Sorry. Turns out that job hunting is boring as hell, especially when you don't technically exist. I'm a little crabby"

"I'm sure there's plenty of jobs you could do. You were good in a shop. And at that school."

"How would you know?" She folded her arms, "And that isn't what I want to do."

"Well what do you want to do?" He asked, leaning against the door.

She paused, "Travel with you. But I can't do that for a living. Not if I want to keep the flat at least."

"Ask Kate. I'm sure she could get you a job. You wouldn't even need to be a soldier. They still employ civilians didn't they?"

Hanna frowned, "That's…. not a terrible idea. I might just do that." She beamed at him in a way that would almost certainly spell trouble later. "Thanks Doctor."

He grinned back at her "I'll call back when I've got an adventure for you."

"You better." She called after him as he turned and entered the TARDIS, the door closing behind him. The familiar dematerialisation sound filled the air and as it faded, Hanna wondered what it was the Doctor was up to.

"So, where are we off to?" Clara asked as she entered the TARDIS with Hanna hot at her heels.

"Clara, Hanna, don't you both look lovely today. Have you had a wash?" The Doctor said, coming down the stairs.

"Cut the crap. You know that doesn't work on me." Hanna said, leaning against the rail with her arms folded.

"Yeah I know but it works on Clara. Listen, I'm sorry but there's going to be no trip today. I'm sorry. Er, I've got to do a thing. It might take a while."

"Then why did you park in my living room?" Hanna pointed out, "You landed here just to tell us that you won't be able to take us with you today? That doesn't even make any sense I mean… what thing anyway?"

"Just a thing." He didn't look at either of them.

"You do know you've got a time machine, right?" Hanna moved around the console to intercept him, "You could have done your thing and then picked us up for a trip without us being any the wiser."

"That's… okay yes perhaps I should have thought of that."

"You're being mysterious," Clara said, blocking him from moving the other way around the console away from Hanna, "And do you know what that means?"

"I'm a man of mystery." He waved a hand in front of his face to prove his point.

"Hmm." Clara wasn't amused, "It means that you are a very clever man making the mistake, common to very clever people, of assuming that everybody else is stupid."

"So where are we going?" Hanna finished, grabbing the screen and turning it to have a look.

The Doctor turned off the screen before either of them could see what he'd been doing, "Undercover. Deep cover."

"Can you do deep cover?" Clara asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You're not exactly subtle," Hanna supplied.

"Of course I can do deep cover!" The Doctor protested.

Clara laughed, "Where, the magic circle?"

The Doctor snapped his fingers to open the doors, indicating he was done. "I'll see you when I see you."

Clara snapped her fingers, closing the door, "When's that?"

He snapped his fingers again, "When I see you."

"Hmm, very specific. Come on Clara, we're clearly not wanted. Even though he wanted us to know that he's going to be doing something without us."

They left the TARDIS slowly together, Clara closing the doors and then immediately banging them open again to make sure the Doctor knew she'd be keeping an eye on him.

"Well that was strange." Hanna said once the TARDIS had taken off.

"Yeah…" Clara mused, "You had a point though, why come and tell us that he's got something to do without us?"

"Either he's an idiot or he knows something we don't. Or his mysterious 'something' is close by enough that he thinks we'll see him and blow his 'deep cover'. Because you're right, he thinks everyone else is stupid."

"Want to go find out what it is?" Clara grinned.

Hanna pulled a face, "I'd love to but without knowing where he's going, there's no way of following. Just going to have to hope he turns up." She looked at the time, "Also, you're going to be late for work."

Clara looked at hr watch and squeaked in vague alarm, "I'll see you later." She grabbed her bag and jacket as she ran for the door.

Hanna watched her go and waited until she was sure she was alone in the flat before putting the kettle on and getting out her own work to do. Finding a job wasn't going to happen by itself and she needed a plan in case she didn't hear back from Kate.

"I don't believe him!" Clara exclaimed as the front door flung open and the stormed into the house.

"Good day at work?" Hanna called from where she sat at the kitchen table. She had papers and notes out all over the place as she once again grappled with the looming need to get a job before she ran out of money to pay the bills. "You're home late."

"He is an absolute pompous prat!" Clara continued her rant as if she hadn't heard Hanna, opening the kitchen cupboards and starting to make herself a drink. "I mean of all the ridiculous cheek!"

"So that we're on the same page here," Hanna said, getting up and filling the kettle, "Who are we angry with?"

"The Doctor." Clara spun around and leaned on the kitchen counter, "Do you know what he's doing? What his 'deep cover' actually is?" Before Hanna could even start to reply she continued, "He's got himself working at my school. As a caretaker. I don't know why or what he's doing but there's something alien going on at my school. And he's calling himself 'John Smith', what kind of name is John Smith!"

Hanna laughed, "His name. That's the name he's always used when he needs to introduce himself as human and not just 'The Doctor'. No one really questions it."

"That's ridiculous. You do know that right? How ridiculous this all is?" Clara let out a long sigh, "The kids aren't safe. No matter what he says."

"Right now… probably not." Hanna admitted, "But you know him. He'll make sure nothing happens to the kids. Coal Hill is like… some kind of weird home from home for him. He's been coming here since the 60s."

"I know." Clara sighed again, "And I know he'll do his best but… he doesn't really understand that humans are slightly more breakable than he is. He came in through the window to tell me that I wasn't doing my job properly."

"Yep." Hanna shrugged, "That's him."

"He was absolutely convinced that because Danny was a soldier that means he must teach PE and not maths. It was… I didn't- he wouldn't listen at all." Clara looked down, suddenly sad, "And he didn't remember the guy we met at the end of the universe. I told you about him, right?"

Hanna perked up a little, "The guy who looked exactly like Danny? Yeah, you mentioned him. The Doctor didn't make any connection at all?"

"Nope. He said it didn't look anything like him. But his plan is insane. He says he doesn't need me even though there's some Skovox Blitzer thing around the school that he led to the school and tried to send it into the future and it'll be back in three days. At the school. And he thinks I'm dating Adrian."

"Adrian? But he's- He looks like the Doctor used to." Hanna sighed, "He's an idiot." She had put on the oven while they'd been talking, putting in food to reheat for Clara.

"Yes. He is." Clara sighed, "So now he hates Danny, Danny thought I was from space and that the Doctor was my dad so I had to explain the whole time travel thing to him which he's going to break up with me for when he's figured out exactly what's going on and I just-" She slumped, "I think I need something stronger than tea. I told Danny I love him because I was… yelling it at the Doctor."

"Okay, Danny isn't going to break up with you. It's obvious that he's crazy about you." She got Clara's dinner out and put it on the table, "Eat. Sleep. You'll feel better in the morning."

Clara sat down at the table, knowing there was no use arguing with her, "Thanks Hanna."

Hanna smiled, "You're welcome. Now eat. Everything will be okay."

"I've got a plan." Clara announced the next morning as she was getting ready to leave. "At least, the beginning of a plan."

Hanna looked up from her breakfast, "What kind of plan."

"The Doctor's got this watch, right? And it turns people invisible. If I can get Danny to use that then he can see how I am with the Doctor."

"Will that work? How will he know you're not putting on a show because you know he's there?" Hanna pointed out, gesturing with her butter knife.

"Because I won't be. If I did then the Doctor would notice and if he noticed I was acting differently then the whole thing would be a waste." When Hanna didn't look convinced she continued, "It'll be fine. It'll work. I've got to go or I'll be late. See you later!"

She was out of the door before Hanna could form the words to explain how much she thought this was a terrible plan.

"How was parent's evening?" Hanna asked as the door opened.

"Alien invasion halfway through. So better than usual." Clara called back. She seemed in a much better mood than when she'd come home the previous night.

She didn't even sit down as she told Hanna everything that had happened between the Doctor, Danny and the Skovox Blitzer. And even better that the Doctor and Danny seemed to have come to an agreement, even if they would never exactly like each other.

"There is a problem though." She said, "Come on, we've got an adventure."

Hanna frowned, "We've got an adventure and there's a problem? What's going on?"

Clara sighed, "Courtney. She someone convinced the Doctor that he should take her on a trip and I am not dealing with both of them on my own. Come on." She was standing by the door, waiting for Hanna to join her.

Hanna laughed, "Oh this is going to be terrible. Okay. I'm coming." She stood and grabbed her jacket, shrugging it on and finding her shoes. "Let's go save the universe from Courtney Woods."

Author's Note: Why yes, I am indeed an idiot who forgot they still had chapters to upload. Never fear, dear readers! I do in fact exist, I am just very busy and forgetful at the moment. But Rosehanna MacKay will never be left behind! (I'm determined to finish this story even if it kills me!)