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Nairobi, Kenya

The Seal Team was broken but still intact, no casualties so far. Intelligence had once again underestimated the amount of resistance the team would be facing.

At the moment the men were outnumbered three to one. Their objective, Dr. Daniella Carlos, a doctor from the US, who had been providing medical care for the poor and occasionally providing the CIA with information on the movements of the Sudanese Militia.

The objective was in a three story building on the second floor. Four guards were on the first floor, six on the second, including the chief interrogator, who was responsible for the ongoing torture she had survived the last three days, and three guards were on the top floor. The building was surrounded by Seals taking cover where they could find it in streets and buildings.

In between the Seals and the objective were 30 militia members surrounding the building. The ten Seals had been in a firefight since dawn. Three had been wounded but still fought. There had been 56 men surrounding the building.

The Commander of the team, Lieutenant Commander Jason Connolly knelt in front of a blown out window surveying the situation.

"Where the hell is our back up?" Parks, an operator for six years, asked him.

"Got caught in an ambush on the way in. Choppers can't get in to take out the anti aircraft weapons without causing serious collateral damage. The building will take damage and that puts the objective at risk. Our job is to get her out safe and alive. Otherwise what are we doing here?" Connolly explained.

"It's a good point. What are we doing here? She is one person who is, in my opinion, severely fucked. The CIA had to know when she was taken they wouldn't get her back. Hell, aid workers not working for the CIA get killed here all the time." Parks argued.

"You know what your problem is Parks? You are a glass half empty kind of guy. I think this is doable You need some imagination. We just have to wait until night. Besides she is one of ours. She is an American and we are getting her back, alive. Just relax. I'll be damned if I am letting these back woods desert dwellers to take one of our own and torture and kill one of ours."

"Even if we take out everybody in the streets and move in on the building they are just going to kill her if they think they are going to be overrun."

"Exactly. That's why we have to be sneaky." Jason said with confidence.


"Yeah sneaky. To sneak, be invisible. You know the definition right? You are ruining my good mojo here Parks. Can't you feel it? Death is in the air and we are about to deal it. Go to the other side and check if any of these little fuckers with AKs are trying to flank us. I'm going to need an escape route and can't have us surrounded fighting behind and in front."

"Yes sir."

Parks ran to the other side of the abandoned office building as Connolly put the field scope down. Parks was a good officer. He was just cautious with his men's life. Connolly was as well. That was why he planned to risk his own.

He unwrapped the bandages on his left calf muscle and checked the wound. The bullet had gone clean through but the wound had not closed.

Still it didn't look infected. The problem was mobility. He would need to be fast and parts of the muscle were torn from the bone. Taking a fresh bandage out of his pack and a roll of duct tape he began wrapping his calf tightly, careful not to cut off blood flow but tight enough to ensure if the muscle wouldn't help him, it also wouldn't hamper him anymore than necessary.

Connolly had a plan. He estimated the chances of success were about ten percent but he also felt in his heart that as night fell they would kill the doctor and run. Even outnumbered those men knew the night belonged to the Seals. He would have ten minutes after sundown at most to pull this off.

Connolly knew who he needed to talk to.

"God are you listening?"

"God is listening." A voice replied through the radio. Tyrone Gavin, code name God, as he insisted for this mission, was perched on top of a building a half mile away peering through the scope of a Barrett .50 Caliber rifle. Connolly only let him have the code name because he lost a bet on The Texan's game. Both being from Texas, Ty happened to be a Cowboy's fan. Ty was a big guy, taller than Connolly by three inches and lean but muscular. He was able to handle the weapon with ease, in addition to being a hell of a sniper.

"Go to secure frequency 4. I got a plan."

"Yeah I was afraid of that."

The sun fell below the horizon and the city became eerily quiet. The militants in were no longer cheering on the street at their defense of the building.

"Team stay behind cover but do not stop firing. If you don't have a target find one. Take AKs off bad guys if you need more ammo. Keep the fighting outside and don't stop firing." Connolly ordered.

The Seals began firing into the streets North and South of the building. The enemy despite having the numbers could only fire blindly in the direction they thought the shots were coming from due to the darkness. The problem was the gunshots seemed to be coming from everywhere.

On the East side of the building a few guards ran to help their comrades. Six stayed behind, grateful the Americans did not seem to be advancing on their side.

Until Ty Gavin blew one of the thugs head to a bloody mess.

Connolly ran out of the darkness Berretta 9 Millimeter in his hand. He fired 4 shots, hitting four targets. The other two, still in shock from the brash charge of the black clad American stood in shock until more .50 caliber rounds struck, causing one's head to disappear and one's chest to explode inward.

The shots were lost in the gunfire from the North and South and Connolly made entry into the building alone. Placing his weapon away he pulled a black K Bar knife from his back. He could not afford to fire a gun and alert the guards to his presence inside the building yet.

The first floor was easy. They never heard or saw him move from behind.

By the time he crossed the room his knife was bloody and four bodies lay on the floor with throats cut. Not one had made a sound.

Taking the stairs quietly he took the M 4 rifle slung over his back and prepared for close quarters. Once he reached the second floor, stealth was out the window. He had to move fast, without hesitation. Pick a target, fire, repeat and don't miss.

Connolly slid up the wall next to the opening. Inside, hanging from the ceiling, was the objective. He chanced a look into the opening and saw she was in bad shape. Hands and feet were both broken judging by the angles. She was hanging by her wrists. Her face was swollen and by the way her chest was struggling for breath she would give out and suffocate soon.

She didn't have that long. One of the men was approaching her with a knife.

Connolly didn't speak Sudanese. He didn't need to. The men knew their chances of escaping alive were dwindling by the minute with every enemy his Seals killed outside. They would kill her and leave.

Connolly moved quickly stepping inside the room. He killed two men in the first four seconds. A bullet struck his vest and he took that shooter out, ignoring the pain of the cracked rib, refusing to go down.

The interrogator moved towards the objective knife in his hand.

Connolly stepped in front and blocked the blade an inch from the doctor with his forearm. Turning in a circular motion he broke the man's neck and let him drop to the ground.

Four dead.

Two left. Shit.

He turned to see one of the men had hit the ground. The other stood, rifle pointed at him. If he dove the doctor would be hit.

Connolly fired at the man on the ground, while taking another shot in the vest at close range. He hit the ground on his knees.

The soldier who shot him stood over him. Luckily his rifle was aimed at Connolly's head and not the doctor.

"Could use a little help here God." Connolly whispered.

"Say your prayers all you want American…"

The man's words were cut off by the round bursting through the old cinder block wall and into his ear.

"Thank you Ty." Connolly said, grateful Ty's rifle had an infrared scope and very large, armor piercing bullets.

"Anytime white boy. Now why don't you get the doctor and get out of there. Those boys on the third are about to come calling. I only can make so many blind perfect shots to save your ass."

"Liar." Connolly said while cutting the doctor down and catching her body in his arms.

"Dr. Carlos? My name is Jason Connolly. I'm with Seal Team 8. We are taking you home. I'm going to have to put you down for a moment on the ground. I have a few more people to kill then we are leaving. Stay down and do your best to play dead if I don't make it back. Understand?"

"It won't be hard." she whispered and then grinned causing Connolly to smile. Tough lady to survive this far. A sense of humor may keep her alive. It always worked for him.

Picking up two AKs' from the ground and blocking out the pain in his body, he ran straight up the stairs.

Screaming as he entered the top floor he began to spray bullets. Ty Gavin's .50 Cal rounds burst through the wall simultaneously. In less than three seconds three bodies lay on the floor dying.

Running back to the second, Connolly was pleased to see none of the retreating militia outside had made it to the second floor. As gently as possible, he placed his own vest on the doctor and lifted her in his arms.

"Status report."

"Militia is retreating. A few made it into the building, a few are still on the ground, burrowed under rocks like roaches ready to show when they see something. Ready for us to make our move?" Parks asked.

"Yep. I'm dropping a stun grenade on the first. When it goes off move in. Soon as I run past you cover me, fall back to the Humvees and then we head to extraction point. I'm gonna be running with the good doctor so watch my back guys."

"No worries LT. I got yo ass covered." Gavin told him.

A flash in the night and a black clad man carrying a woman burst from the building. The Seals broke cover and advanced mowing down everyone in their sights. Gavin unleashed his rifle on the militia below.

84 seconds later, the doctor was in the back of a Humvee and a caravan of three vehicles drove off at a high rate of speed, prepared to fight their way out of the city.

Luck was on their side. They met no further resistance.

An hour later the doctor was in the hands of medics on her way to a Navy hospital ship for treatment and debriefing. An hour later the members of Seal Team 8 who were not being treated for injuries, celebrated outside with a case of Budweiser. The commander of the team was in a med tent having the bullet wound in his leg sewn and bandaged by one medic while another wrapped his ribs.

A man Connolly did not know walked in. He recognized his insignias as a Rear Admiral.

"Forgive me if I don't stand sir." Connolly said, lying back on the cot. "but it has been one hell of a night."

"I'm Rear Admiral Andrew Tomlinson. Congratulations on a successful mission LT. You will most likely be awarded the …"

"I'm good on medals Captain. What brings you out to the sticks?"

"You are being called in."

"Where are we heading next sir?"

Ty Gavin, walked in wearing a Lebron James jersey and a long pair of red shorts. He placed his beer on the floor and saluted the Rear Admiral, surprise on his face at seeing a high ranking officer in the field.

"You are heading to the States." Tomlinson informed him.

"The States sir? This wound will be healed in no time. There is no reason for me to leave my team …"

"You are being replaced as team leader by Parks for the time being. Perhaps permanently. That is all I have been told. That and to get you to Washington immediately."

"A Pentagon debriefing sir?" Jason asked, confused.

"From my understanding you are being called in to meet with the man."

"The man?"

"Yes. The President wants to speak to you. He also wants you to tell me, in your opinion, who the best operator in the US armed forces is."

"I am sir." Connolly answered immediately. Gavin rolled his eyes.

"The most humble as well." Ty murmured.

The Rear Admiral laughed.

"I think he meant second best son. Whoever it is will met you at the White House."

"Damn. You goin to the White House? What the fuck did you do now Jay? I mean sir." Gavin corrected glancing at the Rear Admiral.

Connolly shrugged his shoulders.

"No idea, but guess what? You are comin with me. Pack your gear Gavin. Looks like we are headin to the White House."

Outside Cheyenne Wyoming.

Chris Jennings woke up in a cold sweat. The vision he had was so intense it caused an urgency that had his heart racing. Looking at the clock he saw it was only 4:30 AM. Still he wouldn't be able to sleep.

His vision had showed him a battle. A group of vampires and shape shifting wolves engaged in a battle with numerous other vampires. A vampire protecting a brown haired girl from a red headed vampire.

The brown haired girl. He knew her name. He just knew. He knew what had to happen. She was enthralled by the vampire protecting her. He had claimed her as his own. But the enthrallment was broken. A relationship with a shifter had damaged the vampire's hold on her. A friendship. Not romantic but one that had her doubting the desire to become one of the undead.

Instead of becoming a vampire she left. Ran. She was hiding now, from the vampire she left and … the Volturi.

She was the one.

Chris took a breath. Getting dressed for the day he brewed a pot of coffee, prepared a hot cup and stepped out onto the porch.

Looking over the ranch he tried to make plans for the day. On any ordinary ranch the day would begin before sunrise.

This was no ordinary ranch though. This was Wonderland. The United States Department of paranormal research. Chris was a shaman. It was his job to guide his charges, entrusted to him by the US Government, to teach them to control that which made them different. Most of the 16 children here were remote viewers. A few who could speak to the dead. One who possessed slight telekenisis, leading her parents to believe she was haunted and leave her in the hands of the Government.

All came to him as children and were raised here. All were brought here because they frightened their parents.

All except two. The chosen two. Twins to wield the twin swords. Samurai swords, Katana's forged thousands of years before the first known Samurai sword was folded on a blacksmith's stone.

The twins were in foster care when he found them, after a vision much like the one he had tonight. The twin swords could not be wielded by anyone since their discovery ten years before. After a few moments of holding one of the swords it became incredibly heavy. Too heavy for a man to lift. The metal held no elements found on Earth.

The twins were able to wield them as if they were weightless. The swords also imparted gifts. The tiny girls, 5'5, 100 pounds were given incredible strength and speed. The strength and speed to fight vampires. The swords were the only weapons known to Chris that could cut a vampire. When the twins were 17, they underwent paramilitary training that improved their hand to hand and firearm skills. Training that made them deadly against enemies other than vampires. Lycans, shifters, skin walkers.

Still they were human.

9 months ago Summer Drake was killed by a vampire. A vampire from the Volturi. Her twin, Winter, survived, wounding the vampires brother, causing the female vampire, her sister's killer to flee. Winter had not recovered from the loss.

With her sister's death, Winter gained new powers. Powers Chris had not been prepared for. With these new gifts and both their grief, the past few months had been difficult. Chris had brought these girls into this life and he had let them down. He loved them as his own children, like the others on this ranch.

Now he had found another human worthy of wielding Summer's sword. The President had informed him of the discovery of a new element, only given a number at this time, H4X1. A metal that could pierce the skin of vampires. Weapons were being developed, a special operations team was being formed. Help was coming for Winter. But without her twin, Winter was lost. She was not as powerful. Not as strong and fast as she had been. The sword sat in Chris's room waiting for… something. Even though he was a Shaman ain in touch with the Earth and the other world's he could not find the answers he needed.

"Did you have the same dream?" Winter asked.

Chris did his best not to let her know she shocked him. She was so quiet.

"If you are talking about Bella Swan then yes."

"You know her?" Winter asked, surprised.

"I know her name. Somehow I know her name. I don't know where she is."

"She can do it, right? She broke the vampire's enthrallment and ran. She can wield Summer's sword."

Winter was not asking a question.

"She can do more Chris. Just like I can. Only her gift is different than mine." She continued.

Chris had not seen this.

"What gift?"

"Bella can protect us. Protect us all from the powers we didn't know vampires had. She met the vampire who killed my sister in The Volturi throne room and again on the field of battle. The bitch couldn't cause her pain. She broke an enthrallment. The vampire with her couldn't read her mind. She can protect us."

Chris was shocked at this revelation. He had seen none of this in the vision.

"You saw this? Because I didn't."

"No. I was …told maybe? You know how it works as much as I do Chris. Whatever happened to me when Summer died … I just know."

Chris simply nodded. Winter attributed the special skills she had as a connection to a soul from the other side. She thought it might be her sister, staying with her rather than crossing over. Chris had never heard of such a thing and believed her gifts were unlocked by the trauma over her sister's death. Still he did not doubt her belief about Bella Swan.

"I know who she is. I have met her before."

Chris was definitely surprised by this.

"Where? When?"

"In Phoenix. Summer and I lived there until you took us our sophomore year. We went to school with her. She was our friend. We lost track of each other once we came here of course but … you know what our life was like. How we … how others … Bella was nice to us. She wasn't afraid to be seen hanging out with us. She was the only one. She didn't care that we were orphans or poor. She is a good person.

"Can you find her?" Chris asked.

"No. But the sword can. I will take Summer's sword and your truck. I will find her and bring her back here."

Chris nodded his head in agreement.

"It will be her choice." he told Winter.

"Of course."

"You aren't going alone."

"Why not?"

"I'm sorry Winter. We lost your sister. I'll be damned if I am losing you too. You go nowhere alone until she is ready. If she is up to it, that is."

"She will be. Let's go."

Near Los Alamos, New Mexico

Bella awoke once again from a nightmare. Only this nightmare had been different. Since leaving Forks, she had many recurring nightmares.

Edward had not taken her leaving well. He insisted on knowing her location. She promised to tell him only to have Sam Uley spirit her away in the middle of the night while Paul and Jared distracted Edward and his family outside the Cullen Mansion. She had taken a bus with Sam, choosing the destination at random to avoid Alice's visions. Every choice she made had been random. She avoided looking at any landmarks that could give Alice a clue to her whereabouts. Sam accompanied her in hopes that would also block Alice's visions. Only Sam Uley knew where Bella had gone.

She had moved since then. Moved here to the desert. No city, no town. Just a convenience store on the highway where Bella worked. She lived in a small house and pumped her own water. It was a miserable, difficult existence but one she was willing to live.

To remain human. To keep her soul.

Jacob had shown her the importance of that. Seeing him injured by the vampire had opened her eyes. For the first time she saw a newborn vampire. She had seen what she had so longed to become. She looked into its bloodthirsty eyes as it crushed her best friend and knew. She had been a fool.

She watched the Volturi kill the other. The one vampire, so young, she couldn't have been more than fourteen when Victoria turned her … Bella watched Felix and Demetri tear the girl apart. The one newborn who did not appear to be a monster. Just a human caught up in the monstrosity that was Bella's life.

When Edward had tried to talk Bella out of checking on Jacob she knew. She saw him then with new eyes for the first time, as if a fog had been lifted.

The nightmare that woke her wasn't of Edward drinking her blood as he had in the past when he asked. She never could tell him no. To anything.

It wasn't of Aro arriving at her door and tearing her to pieces. It wasn't of Victoria or James or Laurent.

No this nightmare was different.

In this nightmare she saw a battle. Alec and Jane fighting two girls with swords.

Bella knew these girls. Her friends from what seemed a lifetime ago.

Winter and Summer Drake.

Winter wounded Alec from behind, slicing through his shoulder. Nearly at the same moment, Summer dropped to the ground in agony caused by Jane's stare. Bella saw Jane rip Summer's throat out with her teeth. Summer's sword dropped. That sword. Something seemed so familiar about it, even though Bella knew nothing about weapons.

Winter, who always wore her dark hair cut very short as opposed to her sister, screamed when she saw her identical twin fall. Alec held his shoulder together, black venom leaking out as if blood and ran to his sister. Jane and Alec left, despite Winter screaming at them to come back and fight.

Bella walked to her tiny kitchen and reached for the coffee. She hesitated, opened the cabinet and poured a shot of Jack Daniels instead. Walking to the living room she lit a cigarette and turned on the TV, hoping for some sort of reception from her antenna today.

Sitting back and watching a static filled rerun of the Jeffersons, she tried to relax. Her heart still beat rapidly due to the nightmare. She didn't know why it affected her. She had not thought of her old friends since they moved away her sophomore year. Why her subconscious had conjured a vision of the twins wielding swords like two Valkyries battling Jane and Alec, Bella had no idea. Winter and Summer were two of the nicest girls she had ever know. Looking back Bella knew they were the only real friends she had growing up in Phoenix.

They were orphans from the age of five and moved between foster families, never seeming to stay in one place. The other kids at school picked on them constantly causing Bella to intercede on their behalf many times from a young age. Bella was not popular either but the three stuck together and together they were mostly left alone. The three pale shy girls who sat at lunch in the corner and hung out after school in the park, reading classics or listening to music.

Bella had missed them when they left. That was another determining factor in her decision to move to Forks. After Winter and Summer and left, Bella really had no friends to leave behind.

Bella did not have to work today so she decided to have another shot. Drinking was not something she enjoyed but unable to afford anxiety pills, she found it helped calm her at times.

That sword. It seemed to call to her in her dream. To lift it up and continue to fight.

A knock on the door froze Bella before she could take another shot of whiskey.

No one visited Bella. No one knew where she was. She had no friends. Her little rented house was hidden from the highway.

A person?

A vampire?

In the event the visitor was a person, Bella pulled a small handgun Sam Uley had given her before he left, from the kitchen drawer.

In the event it was a vampire, Bella downed her shot.

Cracking the door so she could keep her gun hidden and see who the visitor was, her heart stopped when she saw Winter Drake.

"Winter?" Bella whispered.


Bella opened the door wider and saw a tall man next to Winter. He was dressed in blue jeans and a faded denim shirt, a straw cowboy hat atop his head. He must have been in his forties but his blue eyes appeared older.

"Who is this?" Bella asked, still in shock at seeing her old friend so suddenly after her dream.

"Chris Jennings. Pleasure to meet you Ms. Swan." The man answered and tipped his hat.

"Where is Summer?" Bella asked, already suspecting the answer.

"She is dead Bella. I really need to talk to you." Winter answered.

"How did you find me? What could you … talk to me about what?"

"About this." Winter answered, pulling a sword Bella just noticed had been strapped to her back. Another still hung there on top of her black leather jacket.

"Oh… I see." Bella barely managed to get out.

"Can we come in?" Chris asked.

Bella nodded her head slowly, coming out of the daze she felt at the appearance of the blade that seemed to almost whisper to her.

"Of course, come in."

The three sat, Bella in a worn red chair she had picked up off the side of the road and Winter and Chris in the old couch across from her that had came with this house.

"So what would you like to talk about?" Bella asked, still staring at the blade in Winter's hand.

It was Chris that answered.

"We were wondering if you would be interested in killing vampires?" Bella sat in silence at the strange man's offer. Kill vampires? That wasn't what she did. She hung out with vampires. Fell in some sort of love with a vampire. Let him sip her blood nightly, fortifying herself on iron pills. When a vampire left her she crashed like an addict landing on a strange planet with no drugs. When he returned she risked her life to save him, promising in a den of evil monsters to become one of them in exchange for both their lives.

And then she ran. Bella was a runner now. A survivor. Not a killer. To kill vampires would take …something she didn't seem to have.


Bella lived in fear. Fear of being found, fear of being killed, fear of being a slave to the boy she had thought she loved. Fear of sleep because with sleep came the nightmares. Flashes of her life leading up to what she was now.

A 20 year old scared girl who hid in the desert, smoked way too many cigarettes and drank way to much whiskey. She was thin. She had no muscle tone, no rosy glowing skin. Her eyes were sallow with what seemed to be permanent bags under her eyes. A slight figure that slipped by unnoticed in the world.

"Aren't you tired of being afraid?" Chris asked her, breaking the silence. Bella was instantly alert.

"You can read my mind?" she asked angrily and looked accusingly at her former friend who had somehow tracked her down when so many had failed.

"No. I can read your face. You were enthralled Bella. No human has ever broken that. They either become vampires, slaves or dinner eventually. Somehow you broke that enthrallment but the scars it has left behind are evident on your face. You are frightened. We can help. I can't promise you a long life. I can't promise you a normal life. But I can promise if you come with us, I can show you a life that doesn't require you to live in fear. You may still feel fear, but it won't stop you. Your instincts now tell you to run. They are natural. Human.

I can give you an unnatural life. One where your instincts tell you to fight. Even if it means meeting death. Just as Summer did. I promise you this. You do this and if you die there won't be any scars on your back."

"Jane killed Summer didn't she? Summer had that sword but Jane used her power." Bella stated. She wasn't asking. She knew. She knew her dream had not been a dream at all. It was a memory.

"Yes." Winter confirmed.

"What is that? The sword? It looks Japanese. Like those Samurai guys used to carry. Where did it come from? How can it … your sword Winter. You sliced through Alec's shoulder like he was paper. You shouldn't be able to do that to vampires. They are strong. Fast."

They were death, Bella didn't add. A real physical manifestation of death on Earth. They feasted on life. On blood. Bella knew. She had given enough snacks to Edward.

"Yes I did Bella. But he escaped. I will find him though. I will find him and Jane. I will find and kill them all. But I need your help. These swords are Katana. I have no idea where they came from or how they were forged. All I know is they grant their hosts the spirit and power inside them. I can fight vampires. I am strong. I am fast. And Bella … I am very, very angry. But the swords are the most powerful when both have hosts. Not just anyone can wield one. If an unworthy person holds the sword, it becomes heavy. Too heavy for even a vampire to lift. But you can lift it Bella. You can use it. The two of you … it belonged to Summer. It will belong to you."

"I'm not a fighter Winter. I never was. You know that. We used to hide, remember? Hide in the corners and talk about how nice it would be if we were invisible. No one would notice us. Not that many did but we couldn't be picked on for being different. We couldn't be hurt."

"We are different Bella. We can be hurt. But we can be more. We can fight back."

"What makes you think I can hold that thing? I've been called a lot of things in my life, but worthy? Only a vampire once, told me I was worth it. Looking back on it now I wonder if he meant me as a person or because …"

"Because vampire gifts do not work on you, right Bella?" Chris asked.

Bella nodded.

"I think they wanted me to protect their coven. Aro wants me for the same reason."

"Try it Bella. Try to hold the katana. It won't hurt you. It won't do anything until you accept it. Just try." Winter implored.


"Try damn it! Stop being a coward and pick up the damn sword Bella!' Winter practically screamed standing up.

"Calm down Winter." Chris told her gently, placing a hand on her shoulder and guiding Winter back to her seat.

"Don't come in my house and call me a coward! You have no idea what I have been through, what I have done! How dare you? You don't know shit about me!" Bella yelled back.

"I know you let yourself be tortured because you were tricked into thinking your mother was kidnapped by one of these bastards! I know you cut your arm to save your pussy boyfriend! I know you ran into a den of monsters to save him. I know you weren't a coward when Summer was knocked down by Ricky in fifth grade and you took a baseball bat and hit him in the knees before he could spit on her. You weren't a coward when you left that bastard vampire. What did you leave for? For this? This piece of shit shack in the middle of nowhere? Why? So you can live to be ninety like this? Or drink and smoke yourself to death before you are forty? Why not just save the vampires the trouble and kill yourself if you are too damn scared to live?!"

The two women were now both standing, face to face, inches from each other.

"Pick up the Katana, Bells." Winter whispered. "I need you. Please."

Bella looked down at Winter's hand and saw the blade, handle pointed towards her. The grip appeared to be carved out of bone, it's maker carving it into a long serpent with the dragon's head pointing down.

The pleading in her eyes.

"I need revenge. You need to live. I lost my sister. I need you. Please Bells. Just like on the playground. I was too scared to do anything for Summer then. You weren't. I need you."

Bella reached out and grasped the handle. Wrapping her hand around it she caressed it. It felt so familiar. Winter took her hand away.

The blade was light. Only a small amount of weight, less than a pound.

She waited for the blade to grow heavy. Instead it seemed to become more comfortable in her hand, and she felt a longing for it, just like in her dream. A longing to pick up the blade and kill Jane.

Bella pulled the blade from its black scabbard and held it before her eyes taking in the glint off its very sharp edge.

"Bella before you make any decisions there are some things you need to know…" Chris began. Bella however never took her eyes off Winter.

"I've been making decisions, mostly bad ones, my whole life without knowing what I was getting into. I would hate to break the streak. Besides I'm due for a good decision. My friend needs me." Bella said before Chris could finish.

"I don't know the first thing about sword fighting. I know nothing about fighting at all really." Bella told the two.

"We will teach you. And there are others. This is bigger than just the three of us. The President right now is assembling a task force to assist the two of you. Winter has already undergone military training. You will as well." Chris said.

The President? Bella thought.

"Are you in?" Winter asked.

Bella nodded.

"Say it. Say you will do it. Say you will fight beside me."

"I will fight beside you." Bella said confidently. Winter was right. It was time to stop living in fear.

"That's what I needed to hear." Winter whispered. She pulled her own sword and crossed it with Bella's blade.

A bright light exploded in Bella's vision. Her body went rigid, a feeling of electricity flowing through it. The last thing she felt before blacking out were Chris's arms catching her before she hit the ground