Mother's dark love

Rin and Yuri

Blue Exorcist


Rin let out a sigh as he staggered along the sidewalk. The day was scorching hot, and he could feel himself melt.

"Damn it. Way too hot for this stuff." growled Rin who was currently heading over to the gym to train with his sword by Shura.

He wasn't alone however, as his familiar and trusted friend Kuro was currently walking by him. But there was more too it than that. Kuro's gazed seemed to narrow the more Rin walked in the scorching heat. Well Kuro held a deep secret that would stun both Rin and his brother Yukio.

' much you have grown, mom is proud of you~!' Kuro was actually Rin's and Yukio's mother, Yuri Egen, who had been reincarnated as a cat demon after her death by Satan in hopes of her living a life alongside demons just as she had wanted.

Then she ended up guarding a temple where several demons lived in peace, but when humans tried to destroy it she snapped and went in her hellcat form to scare them off, but soon some exorcists showed up, including Shiro, her old friend, who surprisingly was kind to her and the other demons and managed to calm her down and took her as his familiar as the temple was spared.

Later she told him who she really was...making the old man faint in a comical way. So after waking up and catching up to each other, she asked how her sons were and soon Shiro told her how Yukio joined the exorcists and became a prodigy as Rin lived a normal life, even if it was a hard one because of his temper from his demon genes.

And while one part of her was mad at him for almost putting HER sons in danger, she became happy that they were growing up to be such men...especially Rin. And after Shiro died, which caused her to become engulfed in rage, she saw for the first time both of her sons together, and how Rin calmed her down like Shiro had done, showing that Rin inherited her compassion for demons...

Yuri looked at Rin with a contemplative look as she began to list off several of Rin's positive trats.

'Not only does he make the most delicious food, but he's shown compassion for me when I was angry. I'm so glad he stopped me. I don't what I would have done if I hurt my little Rin-chan.' thought Yuri with sadness before she held a serious face. 'I don't even feel bad that he wants to defeat his father. Satan made the mistake of not raising Rin when he was little, and he just shows up and expects Rin to go with him? He's changed, so whatever Rin does to him won't effect me. As long as Rin and Yukio are fine, that's all that matters.' thought Yuri who looked up at Rin with a smile and suddenly noticed his sweaty shirt clinging to him.

'Wow, Rin's chest looks so cozy and strong...' thought Yuri who actually blushed in her cat demon state. She shook her head to try and calm down. 'Control yourself, he's your son.'

Soon they went inside the gym, where they found Shura...who was only in her bikini as it was too hot for even her.

"W-WHAT THE HELL?!" Rin blushed upon noticing his teacher's lack of clothes as Yuri seethed in anger and...jealously?! "W-why are you just wearing that Shura?!"

"Because it's too hot for even someone like me..." She said casually, not noticing Yuri's dark look.


Rin shook his head to try and calm himself and began to follow the schedule Shura had, which was made by Yukio.

Yuri sat on the side, but kept a stern gaze on Shura while they practiced the different forms to hold the sword. Her temper was still high from seeing her flaunt her skin around in that tiny swimsuit.

'That no good hussy! Is she trying to seduce MY Rin-chan?! She better watch what she's...' Yuri's thought instantly became volcanic when she saw Shura walk over to Rin and reached from behind him to help adjust the grip, but she saw Rin's face get flushed from feeling the girls' breasts, causing her to subconsciously begin to transform.

'THAT'S IT!" roared Yuri in her larger form as she rushed towards Shura with her claws scratching up the floor as she ran.

Shura, quickly noticing the demon cat coming at her jumped away and pulled out her sword, getting ready for battle, but she didn't expect Rin to appear between them.

"RIN! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Shura ordered, but Rin just ignored her and focused on Yuri.

"Kuro! What's wrong with you!?" He asked his familiar, who kept looking madly at Shura.

'STAY AWAY FROM MY RIN-CHAN! HE'S MINE! MINE! MINE!' What she said surprised Rin, but before he could think on it he saw Shura going to attack the cat, so he went in front of her to stop her.

"WAIT! Something's wrong with Kuro!"

Shura didn't listen as she swung her sword towards Kuro, who shocked her by ducking under it and slapping her away with her two tails. She managed to regain herself in midair and charged again, this time she stopped due to Rin's blue flames.

"Listen! Something is really wrong with Kuro!" yelled Rin who stood in between the two of them. "Kuro, what's wrong?"

'THE BITCH MUST DIE! I WON'T LET HER TAKE YOU!' yelled Kuro who charged at Shura and used her legs to jump over the flames. Shura dove out of the way as the cat demon hit the wall and held her sword at the ready. She swung it, and it hit Rin's sword who stayed in between them.

"Look. Let me talk to Kuro and find out what's wrong, okay?" suggested Rin who didn't want someone to get hurt.

Shura gave him a stern glare before letting out a huff and let her sword rest away from the two demons.

Rin sighed before looking at Kuro, who looked a bit more calm than before, and asked: "What's wrong with you Kuro? Why did you attack Shura? She was only trying to help me get this lesson..."

Yuri herself just snarled as she tried to burn a hole through Shura's head with her eyes, and wished that she still had Satan's flames at her command but forced herself to calm down upon noticing her son's worried look. '...I don't like her near you like that...' She managed to grumble.

"I see..." Rin said. "Just don't do that again, because if you do then god knows what will the others exorcists do with you...And I wouldn't want anything to happen to you..."

Yuri's eyes widened before she rapidly shook her head while thinking, 'Rin-chan cares for me! He truly is compassionate.' Yuri managed to calm down enough for her to become small against before coming near Rin and brushing against his pant leg.

Rin smiled and knelt down to scratch Yuri behind the ears before turning back to Shura. "Everything's alright now. We can continue."

"Meh, let's do it tomorrow. Just to make sure you got that kitty under control." replied Shura who put her sword back in her summoning tattoos before heading out.

Rin smiled at the short lesson and picked up Yuri, who purred at being in her son's arms.

'His arms feel so safe and warm. Oh, how I wish I could tell Rin-chan who I am, but that might startle him. And what if he doesn't want anything to do with me?' these thoughts made Yuri feel worried, even as Rin and her headed home to get something to eat.

Soon Rin and Yuri returned to their home, and they saw that Yukio still hadn't returned home yet, possibly he was on a mission. So they just relaxed as Rin went to the kitchen to make dinner for him and Kuro with said cat following him in a nervous way.

"Well, here you go Kuro." Rin said giving her the cat food she liked so much, which Yuri happily eated, not minding eating food for cats because she was one. "So...why did you attack Shura?"

Yuri stopped eating at once and stared at her food with a nervous look. Guess it was time to come clean. Yuri climbed onto te table with a serious look directed at Rin.

'I didn't want her near you.' began Yuri. 'Seeing you near any other girls drives me crazy with rage. And before you ask, yes, I'm a girl. But I'm more than that, I'm also your mother.'

Rin dropped the utensils he held after hearing what Yuri just said.

'Years ago, after I died, I was reincarnated as a cat demon. This was because your father thought it would be better because I felt humans and demons could live together. I eventually became the familiar of Shiro, a good friend of mine. Eventually, you found me, and I've watched you become stronger along the way.'

"I see..." Rin couldn't help but be happy of finally meeting his mother after all these years when he and Yukio were alone, with the exception of Shiro and the other church members. "Even so, while I'm happy to finally meet you...why you don't like me near any girl?"

'Because I think that you deserve someone whom can truly understands you...' Yuri said before looking at her son more lovingly. 'After all, what would happen if they found out about you being satan's son? While they MIGHT be still your friends, I doubt they would want to be with you...and I'm afraid you could get hurt for that...'

"So, what girl do you think would be good? One of my classmates?" asked Rin who watched as Yuri jumped onto his lap with a grin.

'I was thinking more along the lines of...,' Yuri was engulfed in a cloud of smoke that dispersed to reveal Yuri in her former human form, except she wore a french maids outfit and still had her two black tails with a pair of black ears on her head. '' replied Yuri who now sat on Rin's lap an cupped his face before leaning and pressing her lips against his.

Then after the kiss finished, Rin looked at his mother with a heavy blush and tried to get away because he felt embarrassed about doing it with hos mother. "W-wait mom! W-we can't-" But another kiss of Yuri made him lose his breath and develop a nose bleed.

"Now, now Rin-chan~!" Yuri grinned as her eyes widened more as she saw her beloved son. "I'll show you why only I need to do this!"

Soon moans were heard around the house as both mother and son became lovers, and several females that heard that blushed.


We currently see Yukio and Mephisto walking towards his and Rin's room. They had gotten complaints of some weird moaning and came down to check it out.

"Rin, what's with all the..." Yukio stopped after opening the door as he and Mephisto were stunned to see Rin currently making out with their own mother. Yukio fainted, from either seeing his mom again, or due to the fact that they were both naked. Mephisto grinned at the great opportunity and began to videotape it. Maybe he should send it to father to see what his reaction would be.